Chapter 1659 – True Heart Sutra

When he first laid eyes on Jia Nan, Chen Xi was clearly aware that this was absolutely an extremely formidable opponent. Perhaps Le Wuhen and the others weren’t afraid of Jia Nan, but Chen Xi had no choice but to take him seriously.

This was purely a form of intuition.

Of course, Chen Xi naturally didn’t desire to encounter Jia Nan while accomplishing his objective in the Desolate Manku Ruins.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, the Soulsever Bottle Gourd stopped shaking, and it gradually returned to a stable and silent state.

However, when Chen Xi’s gaze shot towards the outside world, he noticed that it was an expanse of grey and haziness that entered into his field of vision. Obviously, they’d already passed the Chaos Beast Boundary.

However, the Soulsever Bottle Gourd’s speed had suddenly reduced sharply, and it seemed as if it had fallen into a swamp and was extremely slow and sluggish.

“Everyone, we’ve already arrived within the Desolate Manku Qi, and it’ll take at least one month before we’re able to arrive at the Ancestral Root Grounds. This is already the fastest speed that the Soulsever Bottle Guard can travel at. After all, the Desolate Manku Qi isn’t ordinary at all. Not to mention a Natural Spirit Treasure, even if we rely on our own strengths to fly, we’d still suffer extremely great restraint.” Le Wuhen explained. “However, fortunately, there’s no danger within the area enveloped by the Desolate Manku Qi. So, everyone can seize this opportunity to meditate for a while. Because you won’t have another chance once we arrive at the Ancestral Root Grounds.”

Everyone nodded to display their understanding upon hearing this.

A month of time? I can rely on this opportunity to comprehend the inheritance from that iron sword…. Chen Xi was stunned, and then he immediately made a decision and stood up.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, where’s you going?” Yuqiu Jing spoke with surprise.

“I’m going to cultivate.” Chen Xi spoke casually.

“Cultivate?” Yuqiu Jing spoke with amusement. “It’s only a month of time. It would pass in an instant while meditating on the spot here. So, it there would probably be insufficient time for you to cultivate, right?”

The others felt slightly amused as well. It’s only a single month of time, can you even accomplish anything in that period of time? Could it be that this fellow thinks he can obtain another breakthrough within a month of time?

Chen Xi smiled and paid no attention to all of this as he turned around and left.

“This fellow really is a weirdo.” Someone couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw Chen Xi leave.

“Miss Yanran, how exactly did you get to know this Chen Xi? This fellow’s origins feel very strange to me.” There was also someone that seized this opportunity to ask about Chen Xi’s origins.

These words obtained the agreement of many, and all of them shot their gazes towards Shentu Yanran.

Earlier, they questioned and rejected Chen Xi because they felt his strength was insufficient and he lacked a reputation. After Chen Xi defeated Cao Zhen and proved his strength, they were unwilling to allow Chen Xi to suppress their morale, so even though they didn’t speak of it in the open, their attitude towards Chen Xi hadn’t changed for the better at all.

Shentu Yanran had discerned this with a single glance, and a trace of detest surged abruptly from her heart. All of these conceited fellows think extremely highly of themselves, and they look down upon the cultivators of the other regions. I wonder where they got such a sense of superiority.

If they didn’t have the protection of the powers that stood behind them, then they would have probably been taught countless lessons by now, right?

“I’m going to cultivate in meditation as well.” Before Shentu Yanran could speak, Zhuanyu Shui who usually kept silent had suddenly spoken, and then he directly stood up and left.

Everyone couldn’t help but be stunned, and they were unable to determine the exact reason for Zhuanyu Shui’s actions.

Perhaps he can’t bear the sight of these fellows as well? Shentu Yanran seemed to be lost in thought. At the same time, she stood up swiftly and said, “I intend to meditate by myself as well. Please make yourselves at home.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she’d walked off slowly as well.

When they witnessed this, everyone had roughly guessed the reason behind all of this, and all of their expressions turned slightly gloomy.

Is it all because of that kid?

A cold light flashed in Yuqiu Jing’s eyes, and he was extremely infuriated in his heart, yet he smiled and said, “Alright, let’s continue drinking.”

“Right, come! Come! Come! Let’s drink!” Le Wuhen seemed to have not noticed the changes in the atmosphere at all, and he roared lightheartedly with laughter before raising the wine jug and drinking to his heart’s content.

This fellow is feigning ignorance again. Yuqiu Jing glanced at Le Wuhen, and then his expression remained unchanged as he raised his wine cup and took a light sip.

In the room.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged and paid no further attention to the trifling matters of the outside world. He instantly severed all the distracting thoughts in his heart, and he started to inspect and observe himself.


In his sea of consciousness, his thoughts were like an ocean that surged without end.

Amongst this surging ocean was Chen Xi’s memories, wisdom, comprehension, and experience. They were crystalline, translucent, and filled with divine radiance.

The Divine Dao Altar formed from nine Divine Altar Spirit Lights resided in his soul, and it seemed like an eternal altar that blazed with undying Soul Divine Flames.

In next to no time, as Chen Xi explored it with concentration, an enormous inheritance brand floated up into appearance within Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness, and it was captured by him.


In merely an instant, countless profundities of the inheritance surged like a torrent, and it rumbled as it surged into Chen Xi’s mind.

These profundities seemed like words, yet they were obscure and mysterious. They seemed like the tune of the Dao yet were ancient, awe-inspiring, ethereal, and extremely profound.

In the end, they transformed into a technique that appeared within Chen Xi’s mind.

The name of this technique was the Supreme True Freedom Heart Sutra, and its alternate name was the True Heart Sutra!

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and it felt slightly unexpected to him. It’s clearly an inheritance from the diagram of the bloodied damaged sword, yet why would a cultivation technique for Heart Energy appear from within it?

This was a Heart Energy cultivation technique indeed.

Chen Xi firmly believed his judgment because a long time ago while he was at the Talisman Dimension, he’d been lucky enough to obtain the Immeasurable Virtue Technique from the Grand Deduction Tower, and it was similarly a book on cultivating Heart Energy.

It was precisely because of this that he’d seen through the secrets of the True Heart Sutra with a single glance.

Chen Xi forcefully restrained the bewilderment in his heart, and he started to sense the profundities within it.

After a long time, he suddenly opened his eyes and let out a long breath of air, and his heart was already filled with enlightenment and clarity.

It was a Heart Energy cultivation technique indeed. If the Immeasurable Virtue Technique was a technique to cultivate at the Heart Qi, Heart Core, Heart Soul, and Heart Infant Realms, then the True Heart Sutra was a technique for the realms above the Heart Infant Realm!

This was the greatest reason for Chen Xi’s shock.

Because in the past, he’d thought that the limit of Heart Energy was at the Heart Infant Realm. But obviously, the facts before him displayed that his understanding was wrong.

The True Heart Sutra was divided into nine forgings and every single forging was a different realm.

Each forging was a level, and it was capable of creating a Heart Universe within the Dao Heart.

After nine forgings, one would be at the ninth level, and it meant that one had established nine Heart Universes in the Dao Heart!

In the end, these nine Heart Universes would merge into one, and attaining such a state could be considered to be attaining perfection in the True Heart Sutra. Once one attained this state, one could obtain the truth of the past, comprehend one’s true self, and understand true freedom!

The more he comprehended it, the more shocked Chen Xi felt, and his understanding of Heart Energy grew more and more deeper.

Simply speaking, the Heart Energy Realm, the realm of cultivation in Heart Energy that he was currently at was like an infant, whereas, cultivating the True Heart Sutra was like providing this Heart Infant with a cultivation technique to grow up swiftly!

On the other hand, those nine forgings were nine levels to improve the Heart Infant.

With this technique in my possession, it wouldn’t just be a simple improvement of Heart Energy…. Chen Xi was very clearly aware of how unbelievable to effects of Heart Energy were.

Not only was it capable of improving one’s ability to persist in drawn out battles, it also carried immeasurable benefits to the tempering of one’s cultivation and the comprehension of the Dao.

Presently, Chen Xi felt even more shocked by the second half of the True Heart Sutra. Shockingly, it was branded with a technique to control the Sword Dao with Heart Energy!

Controlling the Sword Dao with Heart Energy. In the past, Chen Xi had never thought about such a thing, thus besides feeling shocked, it instantly caused him to feel enlightened as if a new world had been revealed before his eyes.

He didn’t delay at all and started to comprehend it carefully. Along with the passage of time, his gaze gradually grew brighter, and his eyes carried shock, pleasant surprise, and disbelief.

In the end, he took a deep breath and muttered. No wonder the Sword Dao of the iron sword’s owner was so shocking. It turns out that if one intends to improve in the Sword Emperor Realm, then one has to start from heart Energy….

According to this technique, the Sword Emperor Realm was divided into nine levels, and it was called the nine levels of the Sword Emperor Realm! Every single level was a complete transformation in the Sword Dao, and it would allow the might of one’s Sword Dao to undergo a tremendous transformation.

This technique to control the Sword Dao with Heart Energy could be called the Mysterious Sword of the Heart. Chen Xi clicked his tongue with admiration because this sword technique seemed to supplement and act in cooperation with the nine levels of the True Heart Sutra.

In other words, when one attained the first forging, one could utilize the might of the first level of the Sword Emperor Realm; if one attained the second forging, then one could utilize the might of the second level of the Sword Emperor Realm; and so on and so forth.

So, once he attained all nine forgings, he would be able to utilize the might of the ninth level of the Sword Emperor Realm!

The realm above the ninth level of the Sword Emperor Realm was called the Ultimate Path of the Sword, and it was a true eternal and boundless path of the sword of one’s true self.

The owner of the iron sword had broken through from the ninth level of the Sword Emperor Realm and stepped foot onto the Ultimate Path of the Sword, and it was precisely because of it that he was able to slaughter all gods and demons that stood before him!

After a long time, Chen Xi’s heart gradually recovered its calm.

The True Heart Sutra, the Mysterious Sword of the Heart, the nine levels of the Sword Emperor Realm…. I’ve already been stuck at the Heart Infant Realm for a long time now. If I’m able to break through, then perhaps my combat strength will be able to improve along with it. Chen Xi pondered silently for a long time, and then he didn’t hesitate to try cultivating it.


After a short moment, the Heart Infant that had always been sitting cross-legged with its eyes closed within his Dao Heart had suddenly opened his eyes. Its eyes were clear, pitch black, and flowed with a mysterious glow.

The appearance of this Heart Infant was exactly similar to Chen Xi, and it was just the size of an infant. At this moment, its hands were held up in the air and had formed a mysterious seal.


Along with the formation of this seal, strands of seemingly material and crystalline light suddenly effused out from the Heart Infant, and it enshrouded it, seethed around it, and seemed grand and holy.

It was Heart Energy. At this moment, the Heart Infant was cultivating the True Heart Sutra’s technique for the first forging according to Chen XI’s command.

Swish! Swish!

The effects were beyond expectation, and it could even be said to be slightly shocking. In merely the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi clearly sensed that the Heart Energy he possessed was being mobilized and guided like tidewater to circulate endlessly within the Heart Infant, and it formed a perfect circulation.

This energy was truly too profound, and it existed within the Dao Heart and circulated within the Heart Infant. It seemed to exist in the tiny area within the Dao Heart, yet it was actually boundlessly vast.

Yet now, a strand of energy that was even vaster than an ocean was circulating within Chen Xi’s tiny Dao Heart, and it actually faintly formed the shape of a universe!

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