Chapter 1658 – The Path To Discover One’s True Self

As soon as Yuqiu Jing finished speaking, the gazes of many seemed to have faintly shot towards Chen Xi.

The atmosphere became slightly delicate.

Obviously, many people had taken Yuqiu Jing’s words to be a form of warning to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi naturally discerned this as well. His expression remained tranquil, yet he felt slightly curious in his heart.

Since the moment he’d seen Yuqiu Jing until now, this fellow seemed to have been constantly targeting him.

No matter if it was instigating those cultivators to probe his strength or utilizing his origins to doubt him, Yuqiu Jing’s attitude seemed to be impartial and moderate, yet Chen Xi acutely noticed a trace of hostile amidst it.

Chen Xi was unable to figure out the reason, but he’d started to become vigilant towards this person.

“Alright. Since the discussion is over, then let’s set out. I really can’t wait to head to the Ancestral Root Grounds.” Le Wuhen flicked his sleeve.


A simple and completely bright golden divine gourd appeared. It revolved as it soared into the sky, and then it emanated a myriad of strands of light golden divine radiance.

The Soulsever Bottle Gourd!

It was a Natural Spirit Treasure passed down by the ancestors of the Le Clan. The bottle gourd innately possessed a strand of the quintessence energy of Chaos, and it possessed unfathomable might. It was capable of transforming into invisible divine blades that could silently sever the soul of a god. It was extremely ferocious and domineering.

The eyes of everyone lit up when they saw this treasure, and many people even revealed a wisp of envy. Even if it was in the Imperial Region, Natural Spirit Treasures like this were extremely rare.

Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart as well. This is why resources and reserves are so terrifying, and this can only be matched by other great powers.

If he wasn’t wrong, then the two bronze short spears that Le Wuhen carried on his back were a pair of peerlessly formidable Natural Spirit Treasures as well!

“Everyone, let’s go. I’ll serve as the vanguard this time and open up a smooth path for everyone!” Le Wuhen roared with laughter as his figure flashed, and he brought everyone along with him into the sky before swiftly entering the Soulsever Bottle Gourd.


In the next moment, space fluctuated violently as the Soulsever Bottle Gourd suddenly emanated a strange sound of rumbling, and then it suddenly tore through the clouds and travelled through space.

The Soulsever Bottle Gourd had a world of its own within it, and it was densely covered in mountains and rivers. Moreover, there were even grand and gorgeous buildings built within it that vividly displayed the wonders of the Divine Dao.

“Fellow Daoists, please do as you please. There are fine wine of the four seasons and various delicacies here. Those who don’t like noise can cultivate in quiet in one of the rooms at the side. According to my father, cultivating within the Soulsever Bottle Gourd is much better than cultivating in an ordinary paradise of cultivation. If all of you don’t believe me, then you can give it a try. Hahaha!” Le Wuhen led everyone to a garden before he pointed towards the surroundings and smiled as he introduced the world within the bottle gourd.

The garden was filled with luxuriant divine plants, covered in clusters of immortal herbs, and numerous glossy tables that were polished out of divine jade were scattered around the garden. There were all sorts of fine wine, delicacies, fruits, and snacks on the tables, and all of them were multicolored, enshrouded with divine radiance, and extremely scrumptious.

“Young Master Wuhen really knows how to enjoy himself.” Everyone sighed with praise when they witnessed this scene. They were very clearly aware that Le Wuhen had a generous and carefree disposition, and he didn’t care about trivial formalities. However, he placed great importance upon enjoyment, and no matter when it was or where it was, he wouldn’t forget to prepare some things to amuse himself and enjoy.

In next to no time, everyone had sat on the ground. Some were chatting with each other, some were drinking wine, and the atmosphere was rather harmonious.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, you seem like you aren’t interested in that ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root at all?” It was a mystery whether it was a coincidence or not, but Le Wuhen sat by Chen Xi’s side, and he couldn’t help but speak with curiosity when he noticed Chen Xi was just drinking by himself without speaking at all. However, the words Le Wuhen spoke were thought provoking instead.

“I’m naturally interested in it. However, I don’t dare claim that I’ll definitely be able to seize it. After all, there are so many experts like Young Master Wuhen, so I truly don’t feel quite confident.” Chen Xi shook his head and smiled.

His wasn’t really crazy about obtaining this treasure. If it was possible, he would naturally try his best to strive to obtain it. However, the precondition was that he first obstructed Gongye Zhefu.

This was Chen Xi’s way of doing things. Since he’d promised Empress Yu Che, then he would naturally not do it in a perfunctory manner.

“Hah! Expert? The Ancestral Root Grounds is beyond ordinary. It isn’t just a matter of strength, and it requires a certain amount of fortune as well. If one’s luck hasn’t arrived, then no matter how strong one is, it would still be in vain.” Le Wuhen roared lightheartedly with laughter.

Chen Xi smiled and said, “Fortune is still something that requires strength to seize.”

Le Wuhen deeply agreed, and he sighed with emotion. “Indeed, every step in this path of cultivation is difficult. Especially to Spirit God Exalts like us. It’s actually much more difficult for us to continuously advance and fight for supremacy. This is why I’ve come to the Desolate Manku Ruins.”

He drank a mouthful of wine and continued. “Even if I’m unable to succeed in the end, it would be not bad if I’m able to obtain a seventh-grade Monarch Rank or eighth-grade King Rank Ancestral Root.”

Presently, Chen Xi was already clearly aware that Ancestral Dao Roots were divided into nine grades according to their quality. The first three grades could be said to be ordinary Ancestral Dao Roots. Even though they’re still relatively rare, they can still be found in the various regions of the Ancient God Domain.

Ancestral Dao Roots at the next three grades, four to six, could already be considered to be top-rate, and only the best powers in the various regions were able to find paradises that produced such treasures.

For example, obtaining a top-rate Ancestral Dao Root could already be considered to be an extraordinary fortuitous encounter to an ordinary cultivator.

On the other hand, Ancestral Dao Roots above the sixth-grade were considered to be rare even in the 1,000 plus regions of the Ancient God Domain, and they could only be chanced upon by luck. It was even to the extent that ordinary cultivators didn’t dare covet it at all.

Because Ancestral Dao Roots of such quality were truly too rare. Every single one of them would definitely be seized by the various large and ancient powers.

The Ancestral Dao Roots of such quality were roughly divided into the seventh-grade Monarch Rank, the eighth-grade King Rank, and the ninth-grade Emperor Rank!

Monarch, King, and Emperor!

Three completely different terms, and they represented three completely different Ancestral Dao Roots. Each of them was rarer than the other, and they were absolutely precious treasures that even existences like Spirit God Exalts dreamt off.

Yet now, when the Desolate Manku Ruins opened, there was a rumor that a new ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root had been born within it. So, it naturally caused countless people to covet it.

Most importantly, the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root wasn’t the only Ancestral Dao Root within the Ancestral Root Grounds!

“Haha! Brother Wuhen, you’re joking again. In terms of strength, our alliance is utterly not inferior to anyone else. Under such circumstances, why would we worry about being unable to seize that Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root?” Right at this moment, Yuqiu Jing suddenly laughed as he spoke. Obviously, he’d heard the conversation between Chen Xi and Le Wuhen.

Le Wuhen smiled lightheartedly and said, “Not necessarily. All five of us Spirit God Exalts have a chance to obtain it this time, and it’s fine so long as we do our best and act within our limits.”

Yuqiu Jing opened his mouth and wanted to say something. Suddenly, the heavens and the earth shook, and it caused everyone to be shocked and stop what they were doing.

They were currently within the Soulsever Bottle Gourd, yet they actually suffered such a quake.

Could it be that something has occurred in the outside world?


Le Wuhen suddenly stood up before he flicked his sleeve. Suddenly, the sky seemed as if it turned translucent, and then the scenes in the outside world were reflected on it.

After that, everyone noticed that there were actually countless dangers arising in the outside world. The sky was pitch black like night, and it surged violently while flickering with lightning.

The shadows of countless terrifying and enormous beasts whistled through the heavens and the earth. They were roaring furiously, and they trampled on space to the point it shattered into pieces. It was an extremely terrifying scene.

Moreover, they could frequently notice the Grand Dao collapsing, monsters dancing about in the sky, blood spraying through the sky, disorder, and various other terrifying scenes, and these scenes filled every single inch of space in the heavens and the earth.

Such a scene simply caused them to suspect that the end of the world was arriving, and it shook their souls.

“No wonder, we’ve already entered into the Chaos Beast Boundary. Everyone, there’s no need to worry. Absolutely no mishaps will occur with the Soulsever Bottle Gourd protecting us.” Le Wuhen heaved a sigh of relief and spoke with a relaxed expression.

The expressions of everyone else relaxed as well, and they paid no further attention to this. Obviously, they were clearly aware of everything about the Chaos Beast Boundary since a long time ago.

Chen Xi was slightly terrified instead. He was very clearly aware that if he relied on his own ability, then it would probably be extremely difficult for him to pass through this area.

This was the Desolate Manku Ruins. At the same time that it was filled with numerous fortuitous encounters, all sorts of killing intent and dangers were lying in wait as well.

For example, the Chaos Beast Boundary before them was a place of great danger in the Desolate Manku Ruins. Not to mention an ordinary Spirit God Exalt, even a top-rate Spirit God Exalt wouldn’t dare step foot into this area alone.

However, if one intended to enter the Ancestral Root Grounds, then one had to pass through this area. This obviously showed that the Ancestral Root Grounds wasn’t a place that just anyone could arrive at.

Fortunately, Chen Xi didn’t have to worry about this now.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Soulsever Bottle Gourd trembled violently, and it vibrated intensely. Obviously, it had suffered a terrifying impact, and this caused the hearts of everyone to be filled once more with a wave of fear.

“Hmm? What’s that?”

“It’s the Buddhist Sect’s Jia Nan!”

Suddenly, someone exclaimed with surprise, and it drew the gazes of everyone over to look towards the outside world.

A young man who wore a moon white monk’s robe and straw sandals held a cane made out of withered wood as he walked through the veil of night.

His expression was calm and tranquil, and he revealed a wisp of a composed aura that was firm like a rock. The lightning and thunder were unable to shake his spirit at all, and the beasts and shadows of monsters were unable to obstruct his footsteps at all.

He walked just like that through this expanse of danger, and he walked through the terrifying expanse of the heavens and the earth that seemed like the end of the world had descended upon it. His figure was tiny, yet it gave others the feeling that it was immovable.

In merely the time of a few breaths, his figure had vanished in the boundless night sky in the distance.

Everyone felt speechless while a wisp of surprise and even shock had surged into their hearts.

“How formidable!” Someone couldn’t help but sigh with emotion and break the silence in the surroundings.

“That’s the strength of the existence at the 7th position on the Domain Enlightened Chart. I truly wonder exactly how formidable Luo Shaonong who’s ranked at the 3rd position is.”

For a time, everyone’s hearts felt slightly heavy because the stronger their opponents were, the more brutal the competition they faced would be.

“That’s the aura of the Imperial Region’s Buddhist Sect. Jia Nan cultivates in the path of ‘knowing one’s self, persisting in one’s self, and attaining the extremes in one’s self’. He’s bound to endure and traverse everything by himself. This means that he’ll be all alone here, and he wouldn’t have any help.” Le Wuhen spoke with a light smile on his face, and he said with a burning gaze. “In this way, we have no need to fear him.”

Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow when he heard this. A single person, a single path, a path to discover one’s true self by one’s self! How could competing with such a formidable figure be that easy?

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