Chapter 1656 – An instant

The atmosphere in the surroundings became strange, and the gazes everyone shot at Chen Xi carried a wisp of doubt and suspicion.

Shentu Yanran had never expected that after she explained it so clearly, not only had the situation not made a turn for the better, it grew even worse.

This caused her to feel even more displeased, and her extremely beautiful face carried a wisp of a cold expression.

“Miss Yanran don’t mind them. Everyone just has the future operations of the group in mind, and thus they doubt the strength possessed by this Fellow Daoist Chen Xi.” Suddenly, Yuqiu Jing that had been constantly watching coldly from the sidelines spoke, and every single word he spoke carried a strand of an arrogant demeanor.

“Brother Yuqiu is right.”

“Right. This operation is no trifling matter after all. We’ve never heard of this Fellow Daoist Chen Xi in the past, so we can’t avoid feeling slightly worried about whether he’s capable.”

The others spoke successively.

It wasn’t appropriate for Shentu Yanran to flare up once more when they spoke like this, and she said, “In the future, all of you’ll understand how formidable Young Master Chen Xi is.”

“Why wait until the future. That fellow, Le Wuhen, hasn’t arrived yet. So, let’s seize this opportunity and get someone to spar with Fellow Daoist Chen Xi. Wouldn’t it be even better if we used strength to prove everything?” Someone made such a suggestion, and it instantly obtained the agreement of many others.

Shentu Yanran frowned, and she sighed in her heart. I was still unable to prevent the matter from developing to such an extent.

She didn’t know if she should praise these fellows for their courage, or if she should feel sorrowful because they have eyes yet fail to see.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. From the beginning until the end, he hadn’t spoken a single word, and he just watched all of this. When he heard this suggestion, a wisp of a faint arc suddenly suffused the corners of his mouth.

Looks like strength is everything no matter where it is!

Of course, Chen Xi was clearly aware that if his reputation was sufficiently resounding, then they would definitely not dare act so disrespectfully.

In other words, these fellows dared to question him repeatedly because he was from Snow Ink Region and not the Imperial Region. Coupled with the fact that he didn’t possess a resounding reputation while his name hadn’t appeared on the Domain Enlightened Chart, so they dared to act so presumptuously towards him.

Moreover, Shentu Yanran had been constantly standing up for him from the side, and it caused them to feel even more disgruntled. Thus, it caused the situation to develop to such an extent.

Chen Xi understood all of this, yet he was unable to accept it. What’s so great about being from the Imperial Region? On what basis should I be doubted by them?

This was a form of disdain, rejection, and disrespect to him!

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, what do you think?” said Yuqiu Jing because he wanted to see exactly what ability Chen Xi possessed.

“When Miss Yanran asked me to work together with her, I actually refused her at the beginning.” Chen Xi remained silent for a moment before he spoke. “However, it’s useless to speak about all of that now. Since everyone doubts my strength, then….”

When he spoke up to here, he suddenly smiled, and he glanced at all of them and said indifferently, “Then let’s fight. Allow me to see exactly what sort of qualifications all of you who’re from the Imperial Region possess to doubt me!”

His words were spoken in an indifferent and composed manner, yet it carried a form of oppressive arrogance. It wasn’t just a reply to their doubt, it was even a counterattack!

All of you doubt my ability?

I similarly doubt all of you as well!

Chen Xi had a restrained and steady bearing, and he seemed to be indifferent, extraordinary, and standing aloof from the world. However, he was extremely proud in his bones, so how could he possibly shrink back at this moment.

However, when these words entered into the ears of the others, it seemed to be especially jarring, and it caused them to feel uncomfortable in their hearts.

“Haha! What courage! Let me see if you’re making an empty show of strength, or do you really possess such ability!” Suddenly, a sound of cold laughter resounded.


Along with this voice, a young man that wore a violet robe and had an impressive looking figure strode through space and arrived swiftly before Chen Xi.

The young man had an aloof bearing, and his body was emanated crimson red divine flames. He seemed to be in high spirits as he gazed at Chen Xi, and he seemed rather striking.

“Kid, I’m called Cao Zhen, and I’m from Profound Heaven Mountain in the Imperial Region. I’m unable to control myself once I attack, so you have to be careful. If you’re unable to withstand my attack, then it’s best for you to admit defeat as soon as possible, so as to avoid Miss Yanran thinking that I bullied you on purpose!” As soon as he stood out, he spoke proudly, and his eyes locked onto Chen Xi like cold bolts of lightning while the space between his brows surged with extremely oppressive killing intent.

“Oh,” said Chen Xi, and then he didn’t speak any further. Chen Xi revealed an indifferent and calm expression, but in the eyes of Cao Zhen, it had become a form of contempt and disdain.


Cao Zhen grunted coldly before his figure flashed, and his entire body seethed with a myriad of strands of crimson red flames. The flames actually transformed into a divine wheel of flames, and it carried the surging glow of fire as it crushed down at Chen Xi.

The eyes of everyone else narrowed before they simultaneously revealed excited expressions.

Cao Zhen had executed a terrifying technique with a single flash of his body, and the Divine Energy in his body seemed to have transformed into a scorching sun that illuminated the nine heavens. It was truly shocking.

“The supreme technique of Profound Heaven Mountain Sun Illumination!” Someone exclaimed with shock as he’d realized that Cao Zhen had utilized a lethal technique as soon as the battle began. Obviously, Cao Zhen intended to crush Chen Xi in one go and put Chen Xi in his place.

Many of them were clearly aware that even though Cao Zhen wasn’t a Spirit God Exalt, he’d remained in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm for numerous years, and his combat strength far exceeded his peers.

“Isn’t Cao Zhen thinking too highly of that kid by executing this technique as soon as the battle began? That fellow Cao Zhen is making a big deal out of nothing.” There were also many that felt indifferent, and they felt that Cao Zhen was taking that kid from Snow Ink Region too seriously.

“Not bad. He’s a Spirit God Exalt after all, so adopting such a strategy is quite steady, and Cao Zhen isn’t being careless. Now, we just have to see how long that kid can resist Cao Zhen, and it would be enough if he’s able to fight Cao Zhen equally.” Yuqiu Jing smiled lightly while he sent a voice transmission to Shentu Yanran, yet he’d utterly not noticed that her starry eyes revealed a wisp of pity and seemed to be unable to bear to watch.

It took a long time to describe, yet everything occurred in an instant. All of this were reactions that had occurred in an instant when they witnessed Cao Zhen’s attack.


At this moment, that sun glowed brilliantly while flames surged through it, causing even space to melt before it. Its might was terrifying to the extreme.

It was even to the extent that the expressions of many changed slightly at this instant because they noticed that Cao Zhen’s attack was even more formidable than they’d expected!

Cao Zhen’s intention was to utilize a swift and powerful strike as soon as he attacked, and trample on Chen Xi’s dignity.

Because only in this way would it be sufficiently shocking.

Moreover, only this would be able to reveal his absolute strength and allow him to trample on Chen Xi’s dignity.

Similarly, only this would be able to prove to everyone and prove to Shentu Yanran that even if this fellow who’d come from a place like Snow Ink Region was a Spirit God Exalt, he was utterly worthless!

Of course, a trace of worry that even he hadn’t noticed had emerged from the depths of his heart. What if he’s really as formidable as Miss Yanran said, what should I do then?

So, he’d attacked with his entire strength, and he’d utilized his strongest technique.

Amidst numerous shocked gazes, an extremely furious, shocked, and disgruntled sharp cry resounded abruptly!

Only now did everyone else notice that it had actually come from Cao Zhen!


The perfectly round sun seemed as like a biscuit that had been split into two by a sharp blade, and it collapsed to the sides while divine radiance shot out from it.

A wisp of sword qi that seemed brilliant like a bolt of lightning appeared before Cao Zhen.

It was Chen Xi’s sword qi, and it had instantly slashed the scorching sun apart before carrying a fierce sharp glow as it shot towards Cao Zhen.

This wisp of sword qi was even brighter than a bolt of lightning, swifter than a gale, and it was fierce, swift, and astounding to the limit.


Cao Zhen withdrew a blade to block the sword qi, yet the sword qi forcefully blasted that blade away, and his palm that held the blade was even torn apart, causing blood to spray while the bones within were faintly visible.

The force from the sword qi instantly arrived at his wrist before surging throughout his body, and then his entire body was struck to the point he had no choice but to retreat.




Cao Zhen’s pupils had dilated to the extreme while he let out a sharp cry that was filled with panic, terror, and pain, and a strand of blood shot out from the corner of his mouth.

What’s going on?

What sort of Sword Dao is this?

Why does it possess such terrifying destructive force?

Cao Zhen didn’t have the time to ponder on all these questions because his heart and mind were instantly filled with terror, and he let out a shrill cry as he dodged backwards desperately.

His retreat was swift, yet that sword qi’s advance was swifter.

It seemed as if it had eyes of its own. It tore through space, penetrated mountains, and was filled with an invincible and all-powerful aura. It carried an aura that struck directly at the heart.

Cao Zhen instantly felt despair while his countenance turned ghastly pale. This strand of sword qi was more terrifying and horrifying than a shadow that followed behind one because this strand of sword qi would reap his life away!

“I admit defeat!” He practically instinctively cried out with terror, and his eyes were filled with fear and frustrations. He didn’t understand what had happened at all. He didn’t understand why he’d lost so quickly, or why he’d lost so completely.


The wisp of sword qi stopped abruptly at a position that was exactly an inch away from Cao Zhen’s neck. The sharp aura emanated by the sword qi caused Cao Zhen to feel pain from the skin on his neck, and a drop of scarlet red blood flowed out from his skin.

This caused Cao Zhen to simply feel as if he’d just walked pass death’s door, and he was completely muddled while his heart was filled with horror.

The atmosphere in the surroundings was deathly silent.

All of them weren’t able to recover from their shock, and they’d been dumbstruck by this scene.

It was too swift!

All of this had practically been completed in an instant. From the moment Cao Zhen attacked to the moment he cried out to admit his defeat, all of this had occurred in the blink of an eye.

It was precisely because it was too fast and because none of them had expected such an outcome, so this scene seemed to be exceptionally shocking.


Amidst this deathly silent atmosphere, that wisp of sword qi vanished swiftly like a wisp of flowing light.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to glance at the surroundings, and then he looked at Cao Zhen and said, “Fellow Daoist, you wouldn’t think that I bullied you on purpose, right?”

This was Chen Xi’s reply to what Cao Zhen had said earlier.

The atmosphere in the surroundings became even quieter. All of them were filled with disbelief because they thought that since Cao Zhen had utilized his entire strength, then even if Chen Xi didn’t lose immediately, Chen Xi would at least fall into a defensive state. Thus, they were anticipating such a scene excitedly, yet never had they imagined that it would actually be Cao Zhen who suffered a crushing defeat in the end.

Moreover, he’d been utterly defeated with a single strike.

Amongst the people present in the surroundings, it was probably only Shentu Yanran who’d guessed this outcome. Because she’d already revealed a wisp of pity and seemed unable to bear to watch when the battle had begun.


Because she knew that Chen Xi wasn’t simple!

Pei Wen had lost to him while Kunwu Qing didn’t dare to rashly enter into battle with him. Moreover, she, Shentu Yanran, thought so highly of him, so how could he possibly be an ordinary figure?

At this moment, Shentu Yanran actually faintly felt a trace of delight in her heart.

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