Chapter 1654 – Divine Blood Desolation Bell

This butterfly was only the size of a fingernail, completely grey in color, and devoid of any aura of vitality. It was like a leaf that was extremely inconspicuous.

However, when Chen Xi saw it, his pupils suddenly constricted.

After all, with his cultivation, his entire body flowed with Divine Energy, and his body had long since become impermeable to all techniques and untainted by all things. It was clear like glass.

Not to mention a leaf, even if a flying sword were to shoot towards him, the vital energy in his body would circulate automatically and resist the attack.

Yet now, this butterfly was stuck to his body. However, he’d actually not noticed it at all, and this was extremely unusual.

“This butterfly is called the Spiritcloak Butterfly, and it’s an ancient variant. In the entire Ancient God Domain, only the Kunwu Clan is capable of fostering one.” Shentu Yanran spoke while her eyes were suffused with the glow of wisdom. She said in a low voice, “Its only function is to track an enemy. Not to mention you, even a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God would be utterly unable to notice it once it has attached itself to the body.”

A wisp of a cold expression instantly flashed in Chen Xi’s eyes when he heard this. He finally understood why Kunwu Qing was able to constantly appear before him.

“Looks like Kunwu Qing attaches great importance to you.” Shentu Yanran seemed to be lost in thought.

“He originally intended to work together with me and roam the Desolate Manku Ruins together. However, I refused him.” Chen Xi took a deep breath while he stared at the Spiritcloak Butterfly in Shentu Yanran’s fair fingers, and he was slightly unable to figure out why Kunwu Qing had to act in such a way towards him when he’d already refused Kunwu Qing.

“I guessed so.” Shentu Yanran’s moist and plump lips were suffused with a wisp of ridicule, and her starry eyes even revealed undisguised detest.

“Fortunately, you refused. Kunwu Qing is infamous even in the entire Imperial Region. Up until now, no one that worked together with him was able to avoid being entrapped and tricked by him. Some had even lost their lives because of this while others had their families ruined. All of the consequences of working together with him were horrifying. If the Kunwu Clan didn’t possess formidable forces in the Imperial Region, then trash like Kunwu Qing would have probably died countless times since a long time ago.”

After he heard all of this, Chen Xi finally came to an understanding. No wonder Kunwu Qing intended to work together with me. It turns out that everyone else is clearly aware of his character, and he can only try to make an unfamiliar face like me work together with him.

“That fellow really is weird. He really is the perfect example of one who would allow his friends to die in order to save himself.” Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

“You’re right. Even though Pei Wen was saved by him, according to my deduction, Pei Wen would suffer sooner or later because of Kunwu Qing.” Shentu Yanran puckered her lips and smiled lightly. Her starry eyes glistened, and they revealed a different type of shocking beauty.

As she spoke, she twisted her fair and slender fingers lightly, and then a strand of blazing and fierce white colored divine flame floated up into appearance.


The Starcloak Butterfly that was completely devoid of any aura of vitality let out a sharp cry, and it flapped its wings with the intention of flying away. However, it was too late, and it was instantly incinerated into nothingness by the white colored divine flame.

“Now, all latent troubles are resolved. Let’s go.” Shentu Yanran smiled as she glanced at Chen Xi, and then she continued teleporting forward.

“Miss Yanran, why exactly did you come looking for me?” Chen Xi caught up to her and couldn’t restrain himself from asking this question.

“Let’s talk as we travel.” Shentu Yanran blinked and grinned as she said, “Young Master Chen Xi, could it be that you don’t even possess that little bit of patience? Or perhaps you really don’t like travelling with Yanran?”

Since she’d spoken like this, Chen Xi could only accept the situation he was in.

The boundless mountains continued on without end.

There was a gorge that was filled with jagged rocks of grotesque shapes amongst the mountains.

Pei Wen cupped his hands and said, “Thank you, Fellow Daoist Kunwu for acting righteously and lending me a hand. When we return to the Imperial Region in the future, I’ll definitely repay Fellow Daoist Kunwu’s kindness with generous gifts.”

Kunwu Qing chuckled and said, “Brother Pei Wen, there’s no need for that. The reason I saved you is because I intend to work together with you in the Desolate Manku Ruins.”

Pei Wen’s expression changed slightly, and he seemed to have thought of something, causing him to force out a smile as he said, “Fellow Daoist Kunwu, I have other important affairs to attend to, so I’m afraid I’ll….”

Kunwu Qing immediately interrupted him and said, “Brother Pei Wen, don’t be in a hurry to refuse me and listen to me first. Presently, I’ve hunted and killed 108 ferocious beasts from the God Burial Ocean, and I’ve completely preserved their souls and blood. You ought to be clearly aware what this means, right?” 

As he spoke, he glanced deeply at Pei Wen.

Pei Wen was shocked in his heart and said, “You…. You….”

Kunwu Qing smiled as he nodded, and he said frankly, “Yes, a few days ago, I heard by chance that Brother Pei Wen brought an extraordinary treasure to the Desolate Manku Ruins with you. Supposedly, it’s capable of completely taming an Ancestral Root Spirit Worm. Thus, I’d thought of working together with Fellow Daoist, and these 108 ferocious beasts are the sincerity I’m willing to show to form this cooperative relationship.”

Pei Wen’s expression changed indeterminately, and he said with a gloomy expression, “So, in this way, Fellow Daoist Kunwu had planned all of this before you rescued me?”

Kunwu Qing smiled as he said, “I did this for the sake of being able to work even more closely together with Brother Pei Wen. Otherwise, wouldn’t my efforts have been wasted for nothing?”

Pei Wen’s eyes flickered with a cold glow, and he said, “I suddenly feel slightly suspicious that the battle between me and that kid was something you caused from the shadows. Otherwise, how could such a coincidence exist in the world?” 

Kunwu Qing’s face sank, and he frowned as he said, “Brother Pei Wen, you can’t make such irresponsible remarks. Even though my reputation is slightly bad, I would absolutely not capable of doing such a thing.”

Pei Wen sized Kunwu Qing up with a suspicious gaze for a short moment. In the end, he said, “I hope you’re telling the truth. Otherwise, I would rather die that agree to work together with you.”

Kunwu Qing instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this, and then he roared with laughter and said, “Brother Pei Wen, don’t worry. Wouldn’t I have worked for nothing if I lose the help of the Divine Blood Desolation Bell in your possession? It’s beneficial for both of us to work together, and with us cooperating with each other, why should we worry about being unable to accomplish our goals?”

Pei Wen grunted and said, “Don’t get happy too early. If I find out that you have malicious intent, then I’ll immediately stop this cooperation, and there’ll be absolutely no room for negotiation.

Kunwu Qing said in a serious manner, “Of course.”

He was laughing coldly without end in his heart, and he’d even aroused a wisp of killing intent. He wanted to seize this opportunity to kill Pei Wen, and then seize the Divine Blood Desolation Bell in Pei Wen’s possession. However, he restrained this impulse in the end.

Pei Wen couldn’t be allowed to die.

The Divine Blood Desolation Bell was a precious treasure of the Pei Clan, and it was unlike other divine artifacts in the world. In order to utilize it, one had to utilize a type of mysterious and obscure chant at the same time, and this sort of chant was something that only a few people in the Pei Clan could possess. 

It was even to the extent that even if others were to know the chant, they would definitely be unable to utilize it. Thus, Kunwu Qing didn’t dare to take the risk.


Right at this moment, a fine sound of cracking suddenly sounded out from Kunwu Qing, and it caused his expression to change abruptly. He stretched out his hand and took out a grey colored cocoon that had already shattered into pieces.

Looks like that kid has already noticed the Spiritcloak Butterfly…. Kunwu Qing frowned while his gaze flickered without end.

He’d been unable to see through Chen Xi since the beginning because Chen Xi was too mysterious. Since the first time he saw Chen Xi, he had a feeling of intuition that Chen Xi was extraordinary and absolutely couldn’t be underestimated.

This sort of feeling was very inexplicable, but Kunwu Qing was very clearly aware that it was precisely by relying on this sort of unique intuition that he possessed, he’d been able to escape safely and turn calamities into blessings when he encountered danger throughout the years.

So, since the moment he saw Chen Xi, Chen Xi had aroused his interest. Thus, he silently attached an extremely precious Spiritcloak Butterfly on Chen Xi with the intent of getting an understanding of Chen Xi’s ability.

It was precisely with such thoughts in his heart that he’d even intentionally played some tricks from the shadows and led Pei Wen’s group towards Chen Xi as soon as he’d arrived in the Desolate Manku Ruins, and then he silently caused this battle to occur.

Through this incident, he wasn’t just able to obtain knowledge about Chen Xi’s terrifying combat strength, he was even able to help Pei Wen indirectly, causing Pei Wen to owe him a favor and allow him to complete the plan he’d formulated beforehand.

This plan was to rely on Pei Wei’s Divine Blood Desolation Bell and the souls and blood of 108 ferocious beasts in his possession to bait and tame an Ancestral Root Spirit Worm!

That was Kunwu Qing’s entire plan.

Since the moment he entered the God Burial Ocean, he’d been constantly carrying it out, and now, everything seemed to be going extremely smoothly, causing Kunwu Qing himself to be unable to help but feel slightly complacent in his heart.

However, at this moment, as he gazed at the shattered cocoon in his hand that confirmed the Spiritcloak Butterfly on Chen Xi’s body had perished, a wisp of a bad premonition suddenly arose in Kunwu Qing’s heart, and it was like the situation was faintly showing signs of escaping his control.

“Fellow Daoist Kunwu?” Pei Wen frowned.

“It’s nothing. I just thought of some things. Let’s go, the entrance to the Ancestral Root Grounds has probably already opened.” Kunwu Qing suddenly returned to his senses from his deep thought, and he took a deep breath before he spoke with a smile on his face.

“Oh.” Pei Wen’s gaze flickered before he nodded.

“Work together?” At the other side, Chen Xi and Shentu Yanran were flying side by side amidst the roiling ocean of clouds in the sky, and Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly surprised when he found out that Shentu Yanran actually wanted to work together with him.

“Exactly. Young Master can feel free to speak about any questions you have.” Shentu Yanran smiled as she spoke. Her dress fluttered with the wind, causing her to seem graceful and lively like a celestial maiden that was striding through the waves.

“Why me?” Chen Xi didn’t hold back at all and asked frankly.

“It’s very simple. It’s because your strength is sufficiently formidable, and we just happen to lack some dependable allies.” Shentu Yanran replied in an extremely frank manner. Through this time of coming into contact with Chen Xi, she’d already obtained an understanding of Chen Xi’s temper and knew that Chen Xi didn’t like to beat around the bush.

We? Chen Xi acutely noticed this term, and his brows raised as he said, “There are others?”

“Exactly. Besides you and me, there are three more Spirit God Exalts in our group, and some top-rate Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods that possess shocking combat strengths.” Shentu Yanran explained patiently. “The Desolate Manku Ruins is extremely dangerous, but it isn’t to the extent of being difficult to survive. However, the Ancestral Root Grounds is different. Even figures like Luo Shaonong, Jia Nan, and Gongye Zhefu, would absolutely not dare to act alone there.”

The Ancestral Root Grounds was an area in the Desolate Manku Ruins. According to rumor, the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root had been born there.

Chen Xi was clearly aware about this. However, he’d utterly never imagined that the Ancestral Root Grounds would actually be described as so terrifying.

At this moment, he fell into deep through, and he was considering whether he should work together with Shentu Yanran and the others.

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