Chapter 1653 – Shentu Yanran

Pei Wen’s face sank when he heard Chen Xi. He was truly furious to the extreme because he’d never met such an impenetrably thickheaded fellow.

Kunwu Qing smiled in a composed manner instead, and he glanced deeply at Pei Wen before he said, “Then… I can only object.”

The meaning behind his words was that he intended to help Pei Wen until the end.

His attitude had utterly infuriated Chen Xi. Because of this fellow’s sudden interference, a battle that was about to be concluded had been disturbed, and there was probably no one that could accept this.

“So, you intend to become utter enemies with me?” Chen Xi spoke in a low voice.

“That’ll depend on Fellow Daoist.” Kunwu Qing smiled in a lighthearted manner, and he was completely unafraid. 

Chen Xi fell into silence while his grip on the Talisman Armament tightened gradually, and the space between his brows was silently filled with a wisp of killing intent that gradually grew denser….

The atmosphere became oppressive and tense at this moment.

A storm would descend at any moment! 

At this moment, the smile on Kunwu Qing’s face was gradually restrained, and the gaze he shot at Chen Xi carried a wisp of cautiousness.

He’d clearly witnessed the scene where Chen Xi crushed his enemies with a single sword strike, and he didn’t dare take Chen Xi to be an ordinary figure since a long time ago.

It was even to the extent that he took Chen Xi to be one of his top enemies. The reason for this was extremely simple. Chen Xi was too mysterious, and Chen Xi’s origins were extremely questionable because Chen Xi’s name didn’t seem to exist amongst the top 100 positions on the Domain Enlightened Chart.

This was extremely unusual! 

After all, the force of the Godrank Chart covered every single inch of the Heaven Dao in the Ancient God Domain, and it existed everywhere. Once any Spirit God Exalt’s strength attained a certain height, that Spirit God Exalt would be given a position on the Domain Enlightened Spirit Chart and become known to the world.

But it just so happened that this kid before him was even able to easily defeat Pei Wen that was ranked at the 53rd position, yet he seemed to have not appeared on the Domain Enlightened Chart at all. So, this was extremely unusual.

When something was unusual, then there was definitely a secret behind it!

Under such circumstances, how could Kunwu Qing dare to underestimate Chen Xi?

Of course, even though he didn’t dare underestimate Chen Xi, if they really entered into battle, then he wouldn’t be afraid as well. At any rate, he was a Spirit God Exalt ranked at the 19th position, so he was naturally confident in his own ability.

“Hmph! I’ll remember everything that happened today. I hope both of you don’t appear before me again!” In the end, Chen Xi took a deep breath and spoke coldly.

“Hahaha! Fellow Daoist really is an extraordinary figure that perceives the advantages and disadvantages of things well and knows how to maneuver himself. If I didn’t have important matters to attend to, then I would really love to have a good drink with Fellow Daoist.” Kunwu Qing roared with laughter because he’d clearly discerned that Chen Xi had already given up on targeting Pei Wen.

At this moment, Pei Wen heaved a sigh of relief as well, and he revealed a wisp of happiness on his face.

The extremely tense atmosphere in the surroundings was dispersed as well at this moment, and it vanished without a trace.

However, Chen Xi, Kunwu Qing, and Pei Wen were clearly aware that if Chen Xi made another decision, then it would be an extremely intense battle that occurred at this moment.

“Farewell.” When he noticed that Chen Xi seemed to be unwilling to speak any further, Kunwu Qing smiled as cupped his hands, and then he swiftly teleported away along with Pei Wen.

“That damnable bastard!” A wisp of detest instantly suffused Chen Xi’s face as he watched them vanish into the distance. Since the first time he’d seen Kunwu Qing, he really detested Kunwu Qing’s villainous methods of killing other Fellow Daoists for his own gain. Now, Kunwu Qing had interfered in this battle and disturbed Chen Xi’s plans, so Chen Xi felt extreme detest towards him.

Chen Xi had decided in his heart that he would look for an opportunity to take revenge for this matter!

But right after that, Chen Xi shook his head and sighed lightly without end in his heart. If I possessed absolute strength that could suppress him, then how could I possibly have to wait until next time? How could I have possibly stopped the battle just now?

The key was that when Chen Xi thought about it, it was fine if he was merely going against Kunwu Qing alone. However, if Pei Wen was included, then the outcome was slightly difficult to predict.

For safety’s sake, in the end, Chen Xi had made a decision that caused himself to feel slightly displeased.

After all, he’d just stepped foot into the Desolate Manku Ruins, and his objective was to stop Gongye Zhefu from obtaining the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root. So, he wasn’t willing to cause trouble for himself at this moment.

Nevermind. He won’t be leaving the Desolate Manku Ruins for some time. I’ll have the chance to get even with him in the future! Chen Xi took a deep breath and stopped thinking about it.

Clap! Clap! Clap! 

However, right at this moment, a wave of clapping suddenly sounded out from afar, and then a strand of light blue divine radiance arose before it drew out a slender figure.

It was a woman with a fair and beautiful appearance that wore a light blue dress. Her long hair was coiled into a bun, her red lips were moist and plump, and her entire body was suffused with an oppressive yet lively aura.

As soon as she made an appearance, her glistening and beautiful eyes looked at Chen Xi, and she clapped as she said, “Fellow Daoist, what great ability, disposition and courage.”

She didn’t hide her praise at all, and it was completely sincere and natural, causing others to feel extremely comfortable when they heard it.

Chen Xi’s heart shook. Another one!

He noticed with a single glance that the aura which suffused this woman’s body was perfect and translucent. She wasn’t inferior to Kunwu Qing at all. Obviously, she was a Spirit God Exalt that possessed shocking strength.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but become vigilant in his heart. Merely the commotion of that brief battle drew experts over successively. I must be careful in the future.

“I’m from the Shentu Clan in the Imperial Region, and I’m called Shentu Yanran.” The woman introduced herself in a composed and dignified manner, and her voice was pleasant and melodious, causing others to be unable to help but have a good impression of her.

Shentu Yanran! 

Chen Xi suddenly recalled that she was a renowned Spirit God Exalt that was ranked at the 13th position on the Domain Enlightened Chart!

The jade slip that Empress Yu Che provided him had specially indicated that Shentu Yanran possessed peerless wisdom, and since a young age, she’d been cultivating in an ancient power in the Imperial Region that remained secluded from the world. Moreover, her cultivation was deep like an ocean and unfathomable like an abyss.

Amongst the peerless geniuses of the Imperial Region, Shentu Yanran could be considered to be an existence that was dazzling like a goddess, and there was a large group of loyal fans gathered around her.

According to Empress Yu Che, this woman possessed extraordinary ability and was extremely skilled in drawing others to her side. She possessed the bearing of a leader that was rare amongst ordinary people.

However, Chen Xi was puzzled. Why has she come looking for me?

Even though he thought like this, Chen Xi still said, “So, it’s Miss Yanran. I’m Chen Xi, from Snow Ink Region.”

Chen Xi? When she heard this name, Shentu Yanran was obviously stunned. She’d clearly not heard of this name at all, and she couldn’t help but seem to be lost in thought as she gazed at Chen Xi. She smiled and said, “So, it’s Fellow Daoist Chen Xi. I heard that a Starhunt Meeting was held in Snow Ink Region recently, and an extremely dazzling figure appeared there. He even defeated Imperial Monarch Gou Chen’s 13th son, Xun Yangping during the banquet held by Empress Yu Che.” 

She paused for a moment, and then her glistening eyes stared at Chen Xi as she said, “That dazzling figure is Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, right?”

When he heard these words that sounded like praise, Chen Xi was shocked instead. Isn’t this woman’s ability a bit too extraordinary? She actually knows everything about what happened in Snow Ink Region. She really can be said to possess extraordinary ability and knowledge!

No wonder everyone says that she possesses wisdoms that’s vast as an ocean and the potential to be a leader of all. It’s obvious just from this. 

“Miss Yanran, you flatter me. That was me.” Chen Xi spoke in a neither humble nor arrogant manner.

“Young Master Chen Xi, if you don’t mind, then how about going for a walk with me? I just happen to have something to discuss with Young Master.” Shentu Yanran smiled lightly while her melodious voice resounded. She invited Chen Xi with a warm attitude, and it caused others to feel as if they were bathing beneath the breeze of spring. It was even to the extent that it caused others to feel slightly unable to bear to refuse her.

However, Chen Xi remained indifferent and refused her immediately. “Sorry, but I have other matters to attend to, and I’m truly unable to attend to anything else. I hope Miss Yanran doesn’t mind.”

He didn’t want to come into extended periods of contact with her because this woman’s thoughts were unfathomable like the ocean, and he was unable to understand it as well.

“Then I’ll follow by Young Master’s side. If Yanran is able to help with anything, then Young Master can feel free to ask.” As she spoke, Shentu Yanran strode over to Chen Xi’s side and smiled cheerfully at Chen Xi. It was like a flower that bloomed right after the rain, and it was beautiful and resplendent.

Chen Xi instantly sighed in his heart. This woman obviously doesn’t intend to stop just like that.

As it was said, one can’t bear to refuse someone that was acting in a pleasant manner. Not to mention that she’d revealed a warm attitude since the beginning and hadn’t revealed even a trace of hostility, so Chen Xi truly couldn’t refuse her at this moment.

He immediately said, “Miss Yanran, may I know what you came looking for me for? Please speak frankly. If I’m able to accomplish it, then I definitely won’t refuse.”

Shentu Yanran suddenly frowned, and she sighed lightly. “Fellow Daoist, a battle just occurred here. Could it be that you aren’t worried that others would come over and disturb us?”

Every single word she spoke was pleasant and gentle, and it actually seemed extremely flirty.

Chen Xi’s face instantly froze slightly. What does she mean by that? What does she mean by disturb? She makes it seem like I’m having a rendezvous with her….

“Let’s go.” Chen Xi decided immediately. He was clearly aware that if he continued saying something, then he would seem too rude.

Shentu Yanran smiled lightly, and she seemed to be rather delighted by Chen Xi’s answer. She stretched out her fair and slender hand before pointing north. She said, “Let’s go that way. This way it wouldn’t cause any delay.”

As for what would be delayed, she didn’t say at all.

On the other hand, when Chen Xi saw that she chose the north, he instantly didn’t have anything to say because he wanted to head north as well.

The reason was very simple as well. It was because of the River Diagram fragments. The faint strand of summoning he sensed from it had come precisely from the north of the Desolate Manku Ruins.

Without any hesitation, both of them arose into midair and instantly teleported away from where they stood.

However, while they travelled, Shentu Yanran suddenly turned her head and said, “Young Master Chen Xi, would you mind if I help you with something small?”

Chen Xi’s brows raised as he said, “What do you mean?”

Shentu Yanran smiled and stretched her fingers out lightly towards Chen Xi’s back.

Her moist and plump red lips carried a smile while her beautiful face was completely warm. There was nothing unusual about her right now, and even her actions were extremely gentle.

However, Chen Xi’s body instantly tensed up. Even though he didn’t refuse, he was already extremely vigilant. Once Shentu Yanran revealed even a slight trace of hostility, he would immediately react to it.

After all, there was no connection or relationship between him and her. So, no matter how nice her attitude was, he didn’t dare trust her completely.

Fortunately, all the unusual events that Chen Xi was worried about didn’t occur.

In merely an instant, Shentu Yanran had already withdrawn her fingers. However, there was an extremely inconspicuous butterfly that was an inch in size and completely grey between her fingers.

Obviously, she’d removed it from the clothes on Chen Xi’s back!

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