Chapter 1652 – He Just Refuses To Go Away

With a single swing of the sword, the heavens and the earth fell into deathly silence. The Grand Dao collapsed into nothingness, and only a strand of a sword howl resounded like the roar of a dragon.

This sword strike was too terrifying. It wasn’t just simply at the Sword Emperor Realm, and it even contained a trace of a desolate, ancient, and primitive aura.

Even though this trace of aura was extremely tiny, it instantly improved the might of this strike by more than two times!


Sword howls resounded through the heavens and the earth like a tide.

This strand of sword qi didn’t just possess peerless might, it was extremely swift as well. Space couldn’t stop it, and time couldn’t leave any marks on it.

In merely an instant, all the attacks that crushed over from all directions were easily slashed apart, collapsed, and destroyed!

It could be said to be capable of startling the universe!

If they hadn’t witnessed it with their own two eyes, it was unimaginable that the might of a single sword strike could actually be astounding to such a level.

Clamorous voices of shock, shrill cries, explosions from divine artifacts shattering, cracks from techniques collapsing….

In an instant, the entire battlefield was in chaos. Some were astounded, some were fleeing in panic, some were heavily injured, some coughed up blood while crashing to the ground, some cried loudly with rage, some revealed terrified expressions.

This was the destruction caused by Chen Xi’s sword strike.

However, this wasn’t the end of it. 

Because after it crushed all of those attacks, this wisp of sword qi hadn’t dispersed, and it didn’t lose momentum at all as it slashed down towards Pei Wen!

“Dammit!” The expression on Pei Wen’s handsome face changed abruptly at this moment as well. He’d never imagined that such a situation of defeat would appear when the battle had just begun.

Moreover, he’d never imagined that this fellow whose origins he was unable to determine would actually possess such a terrifying cultivation in the Sword Dao, and it had completely exceeded his expectations.

However, it was already too late to feel regret now.


He practically instinctively withdrew a shield that was enshrouded by golden radiance and held it up in front of himself.

It was an ancient shield that was branded with countless dense and obscure talisman markings. It was filled with an extremely thick aura of divinity, and it was obviously an exceptional divine artifact.


However, this shield was like a piece of paper before this wisp of sword qi. Divine radiance erupted as countless cracks split open on the surface of the shield, and then it exploded with a bang and transformed into a rain of light.

Pei Wen felt like he’d been struck by a mountain. His entire body was blasted flying while he coughed up blood without end.

At this point, the might of this sword strike had finally come to an end!

On the other hand, as soon as the battle had begun, Chen Xi had heavily injured a Spirit God Exalt and 8 top-rate experts in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm. Such might could simply be described as unprecedented and world shocking.

At this moment, Chen Xi didn’t feel well as well. This sword strike greatly exhausted his Divine Energy, but because he possessed the Divine Dark Parasol Tree, it didn’t come to the extent of causing Chen Xi to be on the verge of falling into a dangerous state.

The true exhaustion he faced was in terms of Heart Energy. Merely this strike alone had almost exhausted all of Chen Xi’s Heart Energy, causing a wisp of exhaustion that was impossible to conceal to surge into his entire body.

Even though it wasn’t to the extent of causing injury or danger to his life, if he continued battling, then it would definitely cause him to feel exhausted to the extreme. In the end, he would fall to a state of having insufficient Heart Energy and being unable to continue in the battle.

Moreover, Chen Xi’s cultivation in Heart Energy had long since attained the Heart Infant Realm when he attained the Immortal King Realm, and it far exceeded his peers.

However, merely this sword strike alone had almost exhausted all his Heart Energy, and this obviously showed how abnormal this sword strike was.

Fortunately, its might was extremely shocking as well. At the very least, this strike alone had crushed all of his enemies’ attacks and caused them to suffer heavy injuries.

Such a situation had undoubtedly allowed Chen Xi to occupy a position of absolute advantage once more!

What sort of sword technique was that?”

“You…. You…. Who exactly are you?” 

All of those cultivators were shocked and furious, and they seemed as if they’d seen a ghost. The gazes they shot at Chen Xi even carried a wisp of terror.

They’d truly been terrified by that strike from before. Never had they imagined that in a situation where they had the advantage in numbers, they would actually be crushed by a single opponent.


Chen Xi didn’t say a single word. His figure flashed as he slashed with his sword, and he reaped a bloody head.

He truly didn’t have the mood to waste his breath on them. Since the battle had already begun and enmity had been formed, then it was impossible to turn the situation around. 

Since it couldn’t be turned around, then he naturally had to make the best use of his time and annihilate his enemies!

On the other hand, Chen Xi had never showed mercy to his enemies!

Not to mention that these fellows hadn’t just tried to seize his divine herb in an unreasonable manner, they even spoke insolently and intended to kill him just because they entered into an argument.

Under such circumstances, how could Chen Xi have the mood to waste his breath on them? It was even to the extent that he couldn’t be bothered to ridicule and mock them.


“Shit! This fellow intends to kill us all to keep us quiet!”

“What a ruthless little bastard! Do you know who we are? Doing this will definitely bring calamity to you!”

When they saw that Chen Xi remained silent as he instantly reaped one of their companion’s life, it instantly caused their expressions to change, and they felt terrified and furious to the extreme.

They tried to threaten Chen Xi to make him stop.

However, Chen Xi actually remained completely indifferent, and he flashed forwards once more before killing once more without any hesitation.

He slashed once more with his sword.

It shot through space in a mysterious and tricky manner before vanishing into thin air. In the next moment, it appeared before a cultivator, and then it tore him into two at the chest. Blood sprayed violently while he didn’t even have the chance to let out a shrill cry before death.

“Bastard!” Pei Wen’s expression was extremely gloomy while the vertical eye at the center of his brows surged with a gorgeous bloody glow that launched a surprise attack against Chen Xi from the side.

Chen Xi chopped horizontally with the Talisman Armament like he was swinging a divine mountain.


He actually forcefully blasted Pei Wen flying again, causing countless bones within Pei Wen’s body to crack apart, and it hurt Pei Wen to the point his handsome face twisted and revealed a hideous expression.

After all, Pei Wen was a Spirit God Exalt, and he was ranked at the 53rd position on the Domain Enlightened Chart!

Even though he wasn’t the top ranked Spirit God Exalt, he could be considered to be one of the top amongst the top, a peak existence.

Yet now, he was actually powerless to obstruct Chen Xi’s divine might!

Actually it was normal. Early on, on that very day he advanced into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, he’d terrified Ye Yan who was a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God to the point of fleeing.

Later on, when he went against the Avīci Hellsword on Corrupted Spirit Star, he’d unexpected obtained the assistance of Empress Yu Che’s Divine Polaris Dew, allowing him to reconstruct and temper a new divine body. Moreover, his cultivation had risen by leaps and bounds at that time, and he was only a step away from attaining perfection in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm. So, he was more than two times stronger than when he fought Ye Yan that day.

Coupled with the fact that the might of the Talisman Armament had undergone a tremendous transformation as well and the inheritance he obtained from the diagram of the bloodied damaged sword, Chen Xi’s combat strength couldn’t be compared to his combat strength of the past.

Even if he still hadn’t comprehended the inheritance from the diagram of the bloodied damaged sword, and he was merely able to execute a trace of a faint desolate, ancient, and primitive aura based on memory alone, its might was absolutely not something that just anyone could resist.

At the very least, Pei Wen was unable to resist it!

On the first time, Pei Wen had utilized the divine shield to resist it, yet not to mention that the shield had been destroyed, even he himself was blasted flying.

If the first time could be attributed to luck, then being blasted away the second time was absolutely not because of luck at all.

Moreover, this strike caused countless bones within his body to break while blood flowed from his five apertures. Obviously, he was heavily injured, so it was impossible to be that Chen Xi had gotten lucky.

All of this was like the last straw that overwhelmed the camel, and it terrified all the other cultivators to the point they completely collapsed and had no further will to fight.


“This kid is impossible to defeat!”


They practically didn’t hesitate to flee towards the surroundings, and they simply seemed as if they wished for nothing more than to be born with two more legs.

Chen Xi didn’t stop all of these fellows, and his gaze had always been locked upon Pei Wen. If he was going to kill, then he definitely had to kill the important figure!

At this moment, Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent and calm. He arrived before Pei Wen with the Talisman Armament in hand, and he was like a peerless sword god of death that was matchlessly ferocious.

Pei Wen realized that he was in danger, and he suddenly struggled up and said, “Fellow Daoist, wait a moment. There isn’t any deep enmity between us. If you intend to be ruthless like this, then it will only cause future troubles for you.” 

As he spoke, a glass lantern shaped like a lotus flower floated up into appearance on his palm. The flame of the lantern emanated strands of light that seemed like ribbons, and it emanated chaotic qi as well, causing it to seem extremely mysterious.

Chen Xi’s eyes suddenly narrowed at the instant he laid eyes upon this lantern, and he sensed a trace of danger. So, he immediately stopped moving forward.

“This is my Pei Clan’s Ancestral Treasure, and it’s called the God Refinement Blaze Lantern. If I fight desperately, then it’ll only cause destruction to both of us, and it would be disadvantageous for the both of us.” Pei Wen heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Chen Xi stop, and he said swiftly, “If you let me off this time, then I’ll owe you a favor, alright?”

“No.” Chen Xi shook his head resolutely.

Pei Wen’s pupils constricted, and he frowned as he said, “Could it be that Fellow Daoist really wants to fight until both of us are dead?”

“I’ll let you go if you hand over the treasure in your hand, what do you think?” Chen Xi replied with a question.

“How absurd!” Pei Wen was furious, and he seemed as if he’d heard an extremely absurd joke. “This is my Pei Clan’s Ancestral Treasure. How could I give it to an outsider like you!?”

“Exactly. We’re already enemies now, so how could I possibly allow you to live?” Chen Xi spoke indifferently.

Pei Wen’s expression turned completely gloomy. “So, in this way, Fellow Daoist really intends to fight until both of us perish?” 

Chen Xi said, “You think too highly of yourself. It’s only a treasure. No matter how formidable its might is, it’s limited in the end, and you’re already heavily injured. So, how can you possibly fight desperately against me with the hopes of taking me down with you?” 

Pei Wen seemed as if he’d been struck at his weak point, and his entire figure stiffened while he roared furiously. “Why didn’t you attack immediately just now? Were you intentionally playing games with me!?”

“Because….” Chen Xi’s eyes were suddenly suffused with a wisp of coldness, and he looked towards the space at the side and said in a low voice, “Fellow Daoist, if you still don’t show yourself, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Pei Wen was horrified. There’s actually someone hiding in the vicinity?

“Haha! I really didn’t misjudge you. Fellow Daoist really has concealed your strength deeply.” Along with a wave of roaring laughter, Kunwu Qing strode out from space with large strides.

It was unknown whether he did it intentionally or not, but the spot he stood at just happened to show faint signs of standing before Pei Wen.

This caused Chen Xi to frown, and he said coldly, “What? You want to help him escape this predicament?”

“I’m not helping him escape this predicament. Fellow Daoist can’t kill him out of consideration for your future safety.” Kunwu Qing spoke with a serious expression. “Fellow Daoist, you’re probably unaware but Pei Wen’s Grandfather, Pei Yun, is renowned for being protective in the Imperial Region. If you kill his grandson in a moment of anger, do you think this would be advisable?”

Pei Wen seemed to know Kunwu Qing, and he was instantly extremely pleasantly surprised when he noticed Kunwu Qing was actually trying to save him, and he gazed at Chen Xi and said, “Fellow Daoist Kunwu is right. If you let me off this time, then it’ll absolutely be best for all of us.”

“But what if I don’t agree?” Chen Xi’s black pupils were filled with a chilly expression. This Kunwu Qing really refuses to go away. He appears everywhere I go.

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