Chapter 1651 – Dao Refining Blood Eye

Suddenly suffering a surprise attack caused Chen Xi to instinctively take an extremely safe course of action — dodging. 

However, when he noticed this person’s target was actually to seize the divine herb he was about to gather, Chen Xi’s expression instantly turned gloomy.


Chen Xi flicked his hand lightly, and a wisp of sword qi slashed out.


Divine light shot into the surroundings as the dark green whip shook abruptly, and it was forcefully blasted away. 

After that, Chen Xi grabbed the divine herb back.

“Eh? You actually dared to fight back?” A surprised voice resounded from afar, and then a figure appeared from within space.

It was a young man that was robust like a mountain and held a dark green whip in his hand. His skin seemed like they were made of rocks and were suffused with thick golden divine radiance. When looked at from afar, he was like a divine mountain and seemed extremely ferocious.

His stared coldly at Chen Xi with a gaze that seemed like a bolt of lightning, and then he said unreasonably, “Kid, hand that divine herb over!”

Chen Xi almost thought that he’d misheard the young man. This fellow is actually trying to seize what’s mine in such a bold and audacious manner. He really is arrogant.

Chen Xi’s brows couldn’t help but raise as he said, “Are you sure you’re talking to me?”

The robust young man said with displeasure, “What nonsense! Is there anyone else here besides you? Quickly hand that divine herb over. Otherwise, I’ll definitely slaughter you.”

Chen Xi started laughing from extreme rage. “Then let me see how you slaughter me!”


Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to hold back any longer, and he slapped his palm forward. It transformed into a palm that covered the heavens, and it seethed with divine radiance. It even crushed space into pieces as it shot forward, and it carried peerless might.

“You’re courting death!” The robust young man erupted with rage, and a crack resounded as swung the dark green whip down with force.

This dark green whip was obviously not an ordinary treasure. It was branded with numerous obscure marks of the Dao, and even though it wasn’t a Natural Spirit Treasure, it possessed the might of at least a sixth-grade mid-rank Divine Artifact.

Coupled with the young man’s extraordinary cultivation, it actually carried awe-inspiring divine might as it struck down, and it seemed to be on the verge of whipping this expanse of the heavens and the earth into an expanse of ruins.


However, it was precisely such an attack that wasn’t just unable to resist the strength of Chen Xi’s palm strike, the whip was even struck to the point of collapsing inch by inch. Divine light crumbled from it as it trembled violently like the twitching corpse of a snake.

“You…. Could it be that you’re a Spirit God Exalt? How could this be possible!?” The robust young man cried out while he suddenly intended to retreat.

However, he was a step too late, and the palm that covered the struck smashed onto his body, causing him to seem like a toad that had been slapped away. He let out a shrill cry as his entire body was smashed forcefully onto the ground, causing blood to spray from both his mouth and nose while the landscape in an area of 500km was shattered into powder by the aftershock of this collision.

This obviously showed how terrifying this strike from Chen Xi was. It didn’t just crush the dark green whip in one go, even the robust young man was unable to resist this attack!

“You dare to try robbing and killing with just that little bit of strength?” Chen Xi strode over while his cold eyes were filled with disdain.

“Bastard!” The robust young man roared furiously as he suddenly stood up, yet he didn’t attack Chen Xi but roared loudly instead. “Everyone, are all of you still not going to show yourselves and annihilate this kid?”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

His voice had just started resounding through the air and hadn’t finished when a wave of violent fluctuations suddenly arose from the space extremely far away, and then numerous figures appeared successively. 

There was a total of eight people, and the person in the lead was a young man in multicolored clothes. He had a handsome appearance, a cold and proud bearing, and there was a vertical eye at the center between his brows. The eye was blood red, ethereal, and flowed with strands of terrifying light. His entire figure emanated a cold and evil aura.

Obviously, he was a Spirit God Exalt because his aura was much more formidable than the others by his side, and he revealed a peerless aura as he stood there casually.

“So, he had help. No wonder he dared to act so arrogantly.” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, yet he didn’t make a move impatiently.

When he noticed this, the robust young man swiftly flashed over to the side of the young man in multicolored clothes.

Chen Xi didn’t stop the young man, and he just watched them calmly. Chen Xi had roughly guessed that these fellows were obviously in the same group, and they’d aroused ill intent upon noticing that he was all alone.

“Fellow Daoist, your strength seems pretty good, and I’m not willing to make things difficult for you. Hand that divine herb back, then perhaps we can become allies and roam the Desolate Manku Ruins together.” The young man in multicolored clothes spoke slowly with a feminine and low voice.

“Become allies?” The robust young man was instantly infuriated and said, “Daoist Brother Pei Wen, could it be that you didn’t see how I was almost killed by that kid just now?”

Pei Wen didn’t even spare him a glance as he said indifferently, “Lu Feng, do you remember what I said when we formed an alliance that day?”

“Of course I do.” The robust young man who was called Lu Feng nodded, and he had an extremely gloomy expression yet didn’t speak any further.

Because when they formed an alliance, they’d reached an agreement that they’d follow Pei Wen’s orders at all times while they were roaming the Desolate Manku Ruins.

On the other hand, at this moment, Chen Xi finally guessed the identity of the young man in multicolored clothes. Pei Wen, a descendent of a great power in the Imperial Region, the Pei Clan, and he was a Spirit God Exalt that was ranked at the 53rd position on the Domain Enlightened Chart!

The information Yun Qing prepared for Chen Xi had even specially mentioned that Pei Wen possessed extraordinary natural talent, and the vertical eye at the center of his brows was the Dao Refining Blood Eye that he was born with. It was capable of refining all Daos for Pei Wen’s own use, and it was extremely inconceivable.

It was precisely because he possessed the assistance of such a rare and unique talent that he was able to leap into the ranks of Spirit God Exalts and possess a far-famed reputation.

“Fellow Daoist, what do you think of this condition?” Pei Wen spoke once more with a feminine and indifferent voice, and his gaze was arrogant as if he was giving alms to Chen Xi.

“Haha. Firstly, this divine herb was something that I saw first, so how can you speak about returning it?” Chen Xi sneered. “Secondly, just based of your behavior alone, it’s impossible for me to work together with you.”

He really was infuriated because these fellows had tried to seize something that belonged to him as soon as they made an appearance. Moreover, they even seemed to assume superior positions and tried to order him about. They were truly too arrogant.

“Senior Brother Pei Wen, do you understand now? This fellow obviously refuses to submit. Since it’s like that, then why should we hold back?” The robust young man, Lu Feng, frowned as he spoke.

“Exactly. Since we can’t work together, then he’s an opponent. Not to mention that he injured Fellow Daoist Lu Feng just now, so we absolutely can’t forgive him.” 

The others spoke successively as well, and all of them seemed to take Chen Xi as an enemy that they had to kill.

Chen Xi frowned from the sight of such arrogant attitudes, and he was both infuriated and amused in his heart. Looks like these bastards are fellows that have become accustomed to being overbearing and arrogant in the past. I really wonder how they survived until now.

“Fellow Daoist, can you tell me about your background?” Finally, Pei Wen spoke once more, and his gaze swept towards Chen Xi like a bolt of lightning.

The reason he still hadn’t made a move until now wasn’t because he was afraid, and it was because he wasn’t able to figure out Chen Xi’s background. As a Spirit God Exalt, he was fairly knowledgeable about the other Spirit God Exalts in the top 100 of the Domain Enlightened Chart, and he hadn’t seen a figure like Chen Xi amongst them.

“No.” Chen Xi refused without the slightest hesitation.

“Alas. What a good opportunity it was, yet you didn’t cherish it. You just had to go against me. Why did you have to torture yourself like this?” Pei Wei suddenly revealed a ghastly smile. “Nevermind. Since it’s like this, then don’t blame me for showing no mercy. Attack!”


His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when the blood red eye at the center of his brows suddenly emanated a strand of bloody light, and it transformed into the shape of a bolt of lightning before it rumbled and struck ferociously at Chen Xi.

This strand of light was extremely terrifying. It tore space into pieces, and it was unbelievably swift.


However, right at this moment, Chen Xi’s figure vanished on the spot. In the next moment, he’d arrived before Pei Wen, and he suddenly smashed his fist towards Pei Wen.

Early on when he refused Pei Wen, Chen Xi was already prepared to meet them in battle. He knew that this battle couldn’t be avoided. So, at this moment, he would naturally not wait for death to arrive and deal with the battle in a passive manner.


A wisp of sharp divine radiance was condensed on his fist. It didn’t seem like a fist but like a sharp blade instead. It was murderous, fierce, swift, and filled with an invincible imposing aura.

Hmm? Pei Wen’s pupils constricted slightly. What swift reaction speed! 

But right after that, a wisp of a cold and grim expression suffused the corners of his mouth. The vertical eye at the center of his brows suddenly started to revolve, and then an extremely gorgeous wisp of blood red light arose. 

Swish! Swish! Swish!

It roiled and actually completely refined and absorbed the strength contained within Chen Xi’s punch.

This was the might of the Dao Refining Blood Eye. It was capable of refining and absorbing all Divine Dao Laws, and it could be said to be world shocking.

What a strange energy! Chen Xi was shocked inwardly.

At practically the exact same moment, Pei Wen suddenly raised his hand and grabbed at Chen Xi’s throat.


Chen Xi’s figure flashed abruptly while he made a grabbing motion with his hand. An expanse of divine radiance floated up into appearance at the center of his palm, and it seemed like he’d created a divine kingdom that emanated a strand of terrifying devouring energy in the palm of his hand. 

This was the Roc Divine Technique. It contained the profundities of Devour, and it possessed boundless might.

When the two collided, rumbling that shook the heavens and the earth resounded while divine radiance erupted towards the surroundings. With the two of them at the center, the space within an area of 5,000 kilometers suddenly fell into disorder, collapsed, crumbled, and was obliterated.

This scene was extremely shocking. It was a head-on collision between two Spirit God Exalts, and the might created by this collision caused the others in the surroundings to not dare interfere at all.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

The might of this single strike caused Pei Wen’s figure to be shaken to the point that he took three steps back in midair. This caused Pei Wei to be unable to avoid feeling infuriated, and he shouted in a grim voice. “What a kid! I really underestimated you! Now it’s time for your death to arrive!”

Amidst his furious roar, his figure suddenly flashed, and a myriad of strands of bloody glows strangely arose from his entire body, shot violently through the heavens and the earth, and threw the surroundings into disorder.

“Die!” A surging bloody glow arose from the center of his brows, and then swishing sounds resounded as numerous blood colored bolts of lightning shot out violently.

When looked at from afar, he seemed like a Fiendgod that moved with an ocean of blood around him and lightning erupted from his eye, and he seemed to possess boundless and terrifying might.


“Attack together!”

At practically the exact same moment, Pei Wen’s companions moved out as well. They surrounded Chen Xi from all directions, and they withdrew various divine artifacts as they approached menacingly. 

The situation instantly became precarious! 

This was a group of top-rate existences in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, and there was even a Spirit God Exalt amongst them. At this moment, when they attacked together, the might they revealed was so formidable that it caused this expanse of the heavens and the earth to fall into an atmosphere of great terror and chaos.

Fortunately, the Desolate Manku Ruins was unlike the Ancient God Domain. The Heaven Dao Laws here were filled with a desolate and chaotic aura, and it seemed to be extremely solid. Thus, the destruction caused by the battle was constrained by it, and it prevented the heavens and the earth here from being obliterated.

At this instant, a wisp of piercingly cold killing intent suddenly flashed in the eyes of Chen Xi who was in a tight encirclement, and then numerous strange scenes floated into appearance within his mind in an instant.

In the end, all of these scenes froze before transforming into a wisp of sword qi that swept through the universe and crushed all gods.


On the other hand, at this moment, the simple and ordinary looking Talisman Armament in his Chen Xi’s hand suddenly let out a sword howl that resounded through the heavens, and then it carried countless obscure Divine Talisman diagrams as it slashed.

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