Chapter 1650 – The Grace Of That Strike

This strand of Sword Insight was truly too terrifying!

It was powerful like the ages, distant like the Heaven Dao, and primitive like the source of the Dao. As soon as it appeared, it caused Chen Xi’s soul to shiver and feel extremely oppressed.

Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but tremble. He was a Spirit God Exalt, and his cultivation in the Sword Dao had attained the Sword Emperor Realm. He stood superior above most of his peers, and he was practically able to look down upon them all. Yet now, he actually felt so powerless before this strand of Sword Insight, and he was like a piece of duckweed floating in the ocean and was extremely tiny.

Exactly what sort of height in the Sword Dao would allow something to possess such might? Chen Xi finally confirmed that an even higher realm in the Sword Dao existed above the Sword Emperor Realm, and even more formidable profundities in the Sword Dao existed!

After all, it was merely a diagram of a damaged bloodied sword, yet the strand of Sword Insight it was branded with was capable of attaining such an astonishing level. Obviously, the owner of that damaged sword had a cultivation in the Sword Dao that had attained an inconceivable level.


But in next to no time, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to think about it. The River Diagram fragment fluctuated ceaselessly, causing the diagram to grow clearer and clearer, and that Sword Insight grew more and more stronger…. 

Chen Xi felt his mind drone and shake while numerous strange and mysterious scenes flashed through his mind, and then suddenly surged into his heart….

In the boundless universe that was pitch black and deathly silent, a tall figure stood at the center of the universe, and an iron sword was pierced into the area before his feet.

Before Chen Xi could see the appearance of that figure clearly, the scene changed abruptly. Numerous figures with monstrous divine might appeared.

There was a Fiendgods that had three heads, six arms, and held Chains of Order as he roared through the heavens and the earth and shattered the universe.

There was a golden figure of uncountable height that controlled the sun and moon, and his entire body emanated a myriad of strands of light that illuminated the universe.

There was a Daoists whose body flowed with the Taichi Diagram of Chaos and arrived on a celestial gourd. He resided in the sky as he spoke the profound truth that resounded through the sky.

There was a Barbaric God with the face of a man and the body of a beast who arrived on a divine serpent. His figure was like a mountain, and his arms were covered in lightning….

There was a spirit that rode on a monstrous ocean of blood and possessed supreme wisdom, and it took the form of all things….

Numerous magnificent scenes and multiple terrifying figures that possessed boundless divine might appeared, and this scene caused Chen Xi’s soul to shake, his Dao Heart to tremble, and he himself was on the verge of being suffocated.

Any one of those figures was inconceivably formidable and wasn’t someone a Domain Enlightened Spirit God or Universe Enlightened Ancestral God could compare to. It was even to the extent that their auras were even more formidable than Empress Yu Che!

They were like numerous grand overlords that controlled the universe, and they were capable of looking down on the ages!

At this instant, even though he was merely witnessing these scenes, the strands of terrifying auras they emanated shook Chen Xi to the point his Dao Heart almost collapsed.

Fortunately, these scenes merely appeared for an instant.


In the next moment, the scene changed once more. A strand of sword qi swept through the universe. It was like the river of time, and it slashed down.

After that….

The Fiendgod that had three heads, six arms, and controlled the Chains of Order was killed!

The golden figure of uncountable height that controlled the sun and moon was killed!

The Daoist that spoke the profound truth and arrived on a celestial gourd was killed!

The Barbaric God that possessed the face of a man and the body of a beast….

The spirit that possessed supreme wisdom and took the form of all things….

All of those figures that possessed monstrous divine might didn’t even have the time to react or defend themselves before they were all slaughtered before this sword qi!

The universe, space, landscape, Order of the Heaven Dao…. Everything was slashed apart and annihilated by this strand of sword qi!

What sort of supreme divine might was this?

How peerless was this sword strike?

It was beyond imagination!

It was like no words in the world could describe its might because its might was completely beyond all imagination.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi didn’t even have enough time to witness this scene clearly before his entire body seemed as if it had been struck by lightning. He felt a piercing pain from his eyes, and his entire body couldn’t help but start shivering.


The scene changed once more. It was still that expanse of the universe. It was pitch black and deathly silent, yet only that figure remained, and… the iron sword that remained pierced before his feet.

The iron sword was already damaged, its edge was covered in blood, and it seemed to have gone extremely dim.

“In my life, I persisted on severing all Daos and slaughtering all enemies, and I finally saw the Ultimate Path. My path isn’t a lonely one, my path isn’t a lonely one!” Suddenly, that figure roared with laughter. The figure’s laughter shook the universe, and it was excited, helpless, sorrowful, and carried a feeling of release….

In the end, his figure suddenly collapsed into pieces, and then transformed into specks of light that vanished.

Only that damaged iron sword still remained, and it trembled and wailed in the pitch black and deathly silent universe….


Chen Xi felt his mind shake, and then he’d awakened completely from those strange scenes. His countenance was already pale while his entire body was drenched by cold sweat, and the space between his brows still carried a wisp of shock that couldn’t be eliminated.

That figure…. Could it be the owner of the damaged sword?

What’s the Ultimate Path?

He clearly attained victory at the end of that battle, so why did he suddenly vanish in the end? Did he leave? Or… did he perish? 

Numerous questions surged into Chen Xi’s heart, and it caused him to be stunned for a long time.

In the end, he could only roughly confirm that the diagram of the bloodied damaged sword which appeared from the River Diagram fragments was the iron sword in that figure’s hands.

He didn’t know anything else besides that.

Perhaps, in the future, when he attained the height that figure had attained, he would understand all of this. But it absolutely wouldn’t be now.

After a long time, Chen Xi suddenly realized something. Why did the River Diagram fragments act unexpectedly like this as soon as I stepped foot into the Desolate Manku Ruins?

The diagram of the bloodied damaged sword, the Desolate Manku Ruins, the River Diagram fragments…. Could it be that there’s really some sort of link between them?

For no rhyme of reason, Chen Xi recalled the obscure ancient characters that represented ‘desolate’ and ‘ruins’ which had appeared on the River Diagram fragments.


Suddenly, that familiar feeling arose once more in Chen Xi’s heart, and it seemed like something that was somewhere within the Desolate Manku Ruins seemed to be summoning him from afar.

The reason it felt familiar was because he’d inadvertently arrived before the God Burial Ocean on the first day that he’d entered Phoenix Perch City, and he’d sensed this same summons that day.

However, unlike the last time, even though he was still only able to sense it faintly, it was much clearer than before.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi instantly determined that this summon came from the north of the Desolate Manku Ruins! 

However, when he intended to confirm all of this, he noticed that feeling had vanished once more, and it was entirely out of his control.

What exactly is going on?

Chen Xi couldn’t help but try to sense the diagram of the bloodied damaged sword in his sea of consciousness.


Right when his consciousness touched the diagram, the latter suddenly glowed, and then the entire diagram abruptly transformed into a wisp of surging energy that surged into Chen Xi’s consciousness.

Countless comprehensions in the Sword Dao surged ceaselessly like tidewater, and the impact from this caused Chen Xi’s mind to be on the verge of exploding. Because these comprehensions were truly too enormous, and it caused even his current strength to seem to be on the verge of being unable to endure it.

In next to no time, all of these comprehensions suddenly stopped, and then they transformed into the diagram of an iron sword that was branded within Chen Xi’s consciousness.

It was obviously a form of inheritance, and it contained comprehensions in the Sword Dao that were unimaginably enormous. Now, all of it was stored within Chen Xi’s consciousness!

Chen Xi was surprised and felt slight disbelief. However, when he utilized his consciousness to sense this inheritance, he noticed that it was actually real!

Because the desolate, distant, and primitive Sword Insight within the inheritance was so powerful and dense. Moreover, it even contained extremely enormous experiences and comprehensions, causing Chen Xi’s mind and heart to almost become immersed within it to the point of being unable to free himself from it.

Moreover, when Chen Xi sensed the River Diagram fragments once more, he noticed that the diagram of the bloodied damaged sword had vanished from it.

All of this proved that he’d truly obtained the Sword Dao Inheritance contained within the diagram now!

I never expected that I would obtain such a fortuitous encounter as soon as I arrived within the Desolate Manku Ruins. Even if I leave right now, it’s sufficient for me to leave without any regrets! Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly excited. After he attained the Sword Emperor Realm in the Sword Dao, he’d really entered into a sluggish period where his Sword Dao was unable to improve any longer. There were numerous reasons for this, but the most important reason was he lacked knowledge and inheritances related to the realm above the Sword Emperor Realm.

Now, he’d actually coincidentally obtained the inheritance within the diagram of the bloodied damaged sword, so the intensity of the pleasant surprise it gave Chen Xi was obvious.

After all, just moments ago, he’d personally witnessed those world shocking scenes, and he’d witnessed the might of that sword strike which couldn’t be described with any words!

The strength of an inheritance in the Sword Dao that could severe all Daos and annihilate all enemies was obvious.

If he didn’t have an important task to accomplish and had to stop Gongye Zhefu from succeeding, Chen Xi truly wished for nothing more than to enter into closed door cultivation right now and cultivate properly for a while.

Even though I don’t possess sufficient time to comprehend it, I can’t waste the time I have all along the way, and I’ll comprehend as much as I can…. Chen Xi took a deep breath and pondered deeply for a long time. He was very clearly aware of how formidable his opponent’s strength would be this time, and there were more than one of such opponents. 

Even though Chen Xi wasn’t afraid, he knew that he didn’t possess absolute confidence of being victorious against his opponents. Thus, he intended to make the best use of his time to improve his combat strength as much as he could.

Not to mention that since he possessed the inheritance of the iron sword, he could comprehend it for practical use and utilize his opponents as his whetstones to temper his own strength.

Once he figured out all of this, Chen Xi immediately stopped hesitating and took action.


His figure flashed and directly arrived at the side of the precipice. He carefully gathered the divine herb that grew in the crack between he rocks, and then he sized it up briefly before putting it away with satisfaction.

This divine herd was extraordinary indeed. It contained surging Chaotic Dao Qi, and every single inch of its leaves were covered in mysterious markings of the Dao. It surpassed anything he’d seen in the past, and its value was immeasurable.

Yet there were actually three such divine herbs on the wall of this precipice. This obviously showed how many fortuitous encounters existed in the Desolate Manku Ruins, and it was no wonder that it was able to draw over numerous peerless geniuses from the Ancient God Domain.

Even if they gave up on the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root, merely these divine herbs and divine treasures were sufficient to make all cultivators fight to the death.

For example, Chen Xi had noticed three rare divine herbs right after he arrived at the Desolate Manku Ruins. This wasn’t merely because of luck, and the crux was that the Desolate Manku Ruins was filled with unimaginable fortune.


Chen Xi’s figure flashed once more, and he casually gathered the second divine herb.

However, right when he intended to gather the last divine herb, his heart suddenly jerked, and he instinctively stopped what he was doing before his figure swiftly dodged towards the side.


A dark green whip tore through space, and with a light wrapping and pulling motion, the divine herb was completely uprooted.

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