Chapter 1648 – The Dangers In The God Burial Ocean

The expanse of the heavens and the earth that the God Burial Ocean covered was filled with a desolate and chaotic aura that was entirely different to the Ancient God Domain.

This energy was everywhere, yet it was utterly impossible to absorb. It was like the energy that fueled the circulation of the Heaven Dao, and it was indistinct and impossible to capture.

This caused Chen Xi to be shocked in his heart. He realized that once he entered the God Burial Ocean, he’d already left the scope of the Ancient God Domain, and he couldn’t approach the situation before him in the same way as he had in the past.

He became even more careful, and he even slowed down his speed of teleportation.

Just like this, the time for an entire incense stick to burn had passed, and right when Chen Xi thought that he’d made a big deal of out nothing, a shrill and miserable cry suddenly resounded from far away. Moreover, it seemed to be extremely terrifying while amidst this extremely terrifying night.

A wisp of cold lightning flashed within Chen Xi’s eyes, and his gaze swiftly swept over. Yet he noticed that the expanse of ocean in the distance was suffused with the blood of gods, causing the ocean to be dyed red with blood, and there was an enormous shadow that swiftly vanished beneath the ocean water.

Chen Xi frowned when he witnessed this, and he thought to himself. Could it be that numerous terrifying and unknown living beings are hiding beneath the God Burial Ocean?

It was impossible for him to have made a mistake. Someone had obviously lost his or her life here and was killed by that enormous shadow at the bottom of the ocean. However, unfortunately, that shadow had already vanished when Chen Xi glanced over.

Looks like this God Burial Ocean isn’t safe…. Chen Xi took a deep breath while he casually withdrew the Talisman Armament, and he became even more attentive.

He continued forward and didn’t encounter any danger all along the way, but shrill and miserable cries frequently resounded from the surroundings, and it caused the atmosphere beneath the boundless veil of night to become even more ghastly and terrifying.

Chen Xi’s expression became extremely vigilant as well. He didn’t wish for any mishaps to occur before he could even arrive at the Desolate Manku Ruins.


After a long time, the sound of space being tore apart resounded in the sky. An enormous flying beast with a wingspan of 300m soared through the sky, and it caused a gale to arise and ocean water to surge into enormous waves in its wake.

In an instant, it flashed past from above Chen Xi.

Some figures were standing atop the back of that flying beast, and all of them revealed slightly strange expressions when they noticed Chen Xi was travelling on his own.

“Eh, isn’t that the fellow who tried to flirt with Gongye Zhefu’s female companion in Heaven Origin Pavilion?”

“Haha! It really is that frog that wanted to taste the flesh of a swan. I never expected that he would actually come here as well, and he’d even all alone. Could it be that he isn’t afraid that others would rob and kill him?”

“Obviously, idiots like these are usually extremely audacious.”

The flying beast circled in the sky, and it wasn’t in a hurry to leave.

Chen Xi raised his head, and his eyes narrowed as he gazed at these cultivators. Suddenly, he started laughing. Being ridiculed at the Heaven Origin Pavilion that day was something he couldn’t do anything about because there were too many people there after all, and it would be extremely troublesome if some sort of trouble arose because of it.

But now, only experts at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm could step foot into the God Burial Ocean, and it was so vast. Moreover, it was at the heat of night when it was the best to kill, so Chen Xi would naturally not allow himself to suffer injustice. Otherwise, he would truly be too useless and cowardly.


Chen Xi casually slashed with his sword, and a wisp of brilliant sword qi tore through the sky. It was mysterious, extraordinary, and impossible to guard against.

Those cultivators were ridiculing Chen Xi when their figures staggered, and they almost fell of the back of the flying best.

After that, they noticed to their shock that the wings of the flying beast beneath them had been slashed off, causing its feathers to rain down along with streams of blood while it let out a sharp and sorrowful cry.

“Bastard! That fellow actually dared to launch a surprise attack against us!”

“Dammit! He actually injured my Jade-eyed Snow Eagle! I’ll make you pay with your life!”

The faces of those cultivators sank while they exploded with rage. They leaped down from the sky and withdrew various divine artifacts as they charged fiercely at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi didn’t even spare a glance at them before he slashed once more. It was a vast and powerful strand of sword qi that seemed to possess unparalleled might like a torrent of stars.

The Calm Before The Storm!


In merely an instant, the strand of sword qi crushed and blasted apart all of their attacks as if it was crushing through dry leaves, and it seemed to be all-powerful. 

This group of cultivators were extremely strong, and they were top-rate geniuses in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm. Unfortunately, they’d encountered Chen Xi, and they weren’t a match for him at all because the gap between them was too huge.

Even the 13th son of Imperial Monarch Gou Chen, Xun Yangping who possessed the potential of a Spirit God Exalt had been easily beaten up by Chen Xi, let alone them.

“Who… who exactly are you?” All of them were extremely shocked because merely this strike alone allowed them to realize how extraordinary Chen Xi was, and he was completely superior to them in strength.

In the next moment, they weren’t able to speak any longer because Chen Xi’s strand of sword qi shook them to the point of coughing up blood. It was like they’d been struck by a myriad of large mountains, causing their entire bodies to be blasted flying, and then thumps resounded as they fell like dumplings into the God Burial Ocean. 

Chen Xi didn’t feel any pity at all towards such people, and he felt that he should let them understand how misfortune comes from the mouth.

However, Chen Xi didn’t strike a lethal blow as he felt that teaching them a lesson was sufficient. He wasn’t narrow-minded to the point of annihilating them because they ridiculed him.


But to Chen Xi’s surprise, even though he didn’t strike a lethal blow against them, an enormous beast suddenly leaped up from beneath the surface of the ocean, and it actually opened its mouth and swallowed all of them into its stomach.

This ferocious beast was shaped like a Kui Ox, yet it had a pair of blood red pupils and a pair of dragon horns. Moreover, its entire body was covered in pitch black scales that were suffused with an icy cold and metallic glow.

“AH!!!” A wave of shrill cries resounded from within the ferocious beast’s mouth, but they stopped abruptly in no time. Obviously, they’d perished within the beast’s belly.

Chen Xi didn’t feel any pity towards this at all, and he was merely slightly surprised and became slightly vigilant as well. Never had he expected that it would actually be so dangerous beneath the surface of the ocean.


The ferocious beast’s blood red pupils swept towards Chen Xi before its figure flashed, and it shot beneath the surface of the water. Obviously, it wasn’t willing to fight Chen Xi above the ocean.

Looks like the intelligence of these ferocious beasts is obviously extremely high, and it already knows when to fight and when to retreat. Chen Xi’s sharp brows raised while he had a stronger feeling that this ocean was unusual.

All of those cultivators were top-rate Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods, so even if they were injured, it hadn’t injured their quintessence. However, they’d been swallowed by that ferocious beast in one go, and this obviously showed how formidable the ferocious beast’s strength was.

God Burial Ocean, God Burial Ocean… no wonder it was given such a name. Chen Xi pondered and sighed in his heart, and then his figure flashed as he flew up higher into the sky to pull apart the distance between himself and the ocean’s surface.

Not long after that and after he travelled for around 500,000km, Chen Xi felt a bone piercingly cold aura while the air in the surroundings was faintly suffused with the smell of blood.

Chen Xi’s eyes instantly narrowed. He noticed to his shock that the surface of the sea extremely far in the distance had been frozen into a layer of ice. It was of unknown thickness, and it covered an area of a few tens of thousands of kilometers. There were some corpses, beast bones, and fragments of Divine Artifacts piled up on the ice. Moreover, there was a large number of severed limbs frozen within the ice, causing it to seem extremely strange.

This was probably created by a supreme technique of the ice element, and this person’s grasp of the Divine Dao of Water has obviously attained initial-stage…. Chen Xi swiftly deduced in his heart, and he faintly felt that this person strength was absolutely not inferior to his own.


Suddenly, a wave of intense rumbling resounded from beneath the layer of ice, and then it rumbled as it shattered into pieces. After that, an enormous figure that was completely bright golden charged out from beneath it.

It was a ferocious beast that was over 3km long, extremely thick and large, seemed like a dragon yet wasn’t a dragon, seemed like a python yet wasn’t a python, and had four scaled claws at its stomach.

As soon as it charged out, it opened its bloody mouth and suddenly sucked, causing the severed limbs, corpses, and everything else in and on the layer of shattered ice to be swallowed into its mouth.

This seems like… a trap? Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as his figure suddenly flashed, and he dodged towards the distance.


At practically the exact same moment, a wisp of cold light suddenly shot out violently from the space in the distance, and it transformed into an ice crescent that slashed down.


It practically didn’t encounter any obstruction before the head of that terrifying ferocious beast was severed, and its enormous figure shook violently as blood sprayed out like a waterfall from it.

After that, a green robed young man who had a narrow and long face flashed into appearance. He withdrew a jade bottle and pointed its opening at the ferocious beast’s corpse.


He actually took its entire corpse and placed it within the jade bottle.

“Not bad, with this Four-clawed Pythragon’s Corpse as bait, it would be sufficient for me to draw the attention of an Ancestral Root Spiritworm after I enter the Desolate Manku Ruins….” The green robed young man smiled lightly as he placed the jade bottle away carefully, and then his gaze suddenly swept over like a bolt of lightning towards the spot Chen Xi was hiding.

After that, a wisp of a grin curled up onto the corners of his mouth, and he said, “Fellow Daoist, since we’ve met, then why hide yourself? I Kunwu Qing am no villain. Could it be that you think I’d eat you?”

“Perhaps you wouldn’t eat anyone, but you’d definitely trap everyone.” Chen Xi’s tall figure flashed into appearance amidst his indifferent voice.

At the same time, Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. Kunwu Qing? Isn’t that the Spirit Gold Exalt that’s ranked at the 19th position on the Domain Enlightened Chart?

“Oh? What do you mean by that?” Kunwu Qing grinned as he spoke.

“For the sake of drawing that beast out, you killed three Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods and froze their corpse in ice. Such ruthless methods aren’t something that can simply be described as trapping others.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently.

“Hahaha! It was just a few pieces of trash. It should be their honor to be able to be used by me, Kunwu Qing.” Not only was Kunwu Qing not infuriated from being exposed, he started roaring with laughter instead, and his utterly indifferent appearance caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but frown.

Obviously, Kunwu Qing was bloodthirsty by nature, and this wasn’t the first time he’d done something like this.

“I’m just curious. If it was merely for the sake of hunting some ferocious beast, then with your status, why did you have to utilize such despicable methods?” Chen Xi’s brows raised as he spoke.

“Oh, looks like Fellow Daoist isn’t clearly aware of the situation. The ferocious beasts in this ocean are extremely difficult to hunt. Unless one utilizes the blood and flesh of experts at the Godrank Realm as bait, otherwise, they wouldn’t show themselves at all.” Kunwu Qing said slowly, “In this way, I could only utilize such a strategy. Otherwise, how could I possibly be willing to dirty my hands with those pieces of trash?”

When he spoke up to here, a wisp of an unfathomable expression suddenly arose in his eyes, and he stared at Chen Xi as he said, “If I were to choose an opponent, then I would definitely choose someone like Fellow Daoist, and not those pieces of trash.”

A wisp of vigilance instantly arose in Chen Xi’s heart, yet he smiled and said, “It just so happens that after I witnessed all of that, I was feeling of seeking guidance from Fellow Daoist as well.”

Kunwu Qing’s eyes narrowed. He stared at Chen Xi for a long time before he suddenly started laughing, and then he actually flicked his sleeve and left.

“I can’t see through you, so it’s better to not make a move against you. Moreover, even if I’m going to make a move against you, it wouldn’t be too late to do so after we enter the Desolate Manku Ruins. But it’s absolutely not now….” His figure tore through space and left swiftly amidst his roaring laughter.

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