Chapter 1647 – He Did It On Purpose

Absolute suppression of their cultivation!

It was the first time Chen Xi had heard about something like this, and he couldn’t help but ask curiously. “So, in this way, the higher one’s cultivation was, the greater the suppression one suffered would be?”

Yun Qing nodded. “Exactly. Do you know why this ocean is called the God Burial Ocean? Because there was been no lack of extraordinary figures that have come here throughout the annals of time with the intention of overcoming this restriction with their own strength, yet they perished in the end.”

Chen Xi was horrified. Only now did he understand the meaning of the name God Burial Ocean.

“Possessing a cultivation below the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm won’t work as well because even if one is able to step foot into the ocean, one wouldn’t be able to resist its dangers. So, only Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm experts are able to arrive safely at the Desolate Manku Ruins.”

As he spoke, a wave of clamorous noise suddenly resounded from afar.

After that, a violet phoenix that was enveloped by violet flames tore through the sky, and it fluttered down from afar.

The wings of the violet phoenix were like drooping clouds that covered the heavens and the earth. It seemed gorgeous and noble, and its entire body was suffused by violet colored divine flames that caused space to be dyed violet. 

A handsome young man with violet pupils and silver hair stood proudly on the back of the violet phoenix. His clothes fluttered while his entire body emanated an oppressive and sharp aura, and he was exactly the peerless genius of the Imperial Region’s Gongye Clan, Gongye Zhefu.

Zhen Liuqing who wore a black dress, had a clear and pretty appearance, and revealed a composed and tranquil bearing stood by Gongye Zhefu’s side, and this caused Gongye Zhefu to seem even more noble and extraordinary.

When they noticed these two people arriving on the violet phoenix, all the others in the surroundings couldn’t help but feel astounded, and they felt shocked, envious, and a form of heavy pressure.

After all, amongst all the Spirit God Exalts that had arrived now, Gongye Zhefu was definitely the strongest, so it was impossible for them to not feel pressured when facing him.

On the other hand, at the instant Chen Xi saw Zhen Liuqing, a wisp of a sour feeling couldn’t help but arise in his heart. After that, he moved his gaze away and refused to look over any longer.

Sometimes, it was utterly impossible to completely abandon one’s feelings.

Yun Qing noticed all of this, and he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. He was truly slightly worried about how Chen Xi would face a situation where Gongye Zhefu utilized Zhen Liuqing to threaten Chen Xi in a battle.

After he arrived on the violet phoenix, it was unknown whether it was intentional or not but Gongye Zhefu had directly led Zhen Liuqing towards the area Chen Xi stood at.

This caused Yun Qing to be unable to help but frown, and he faintly felt that this fellow had probably done this intentionally!

The facts proved that Yun Qing wasn’t wrong. Because in the next moment, Gongye Zhefu wrapped his arm around Zhen Liuqing’s waist and strode over towards Chen Xi.

Zhen Liuqing had obviously noticed Chen Xi, causing her ink black brows to knit together while she seemed to refuse to head in Chen Xi’s direction. However, she seemed to be incapable of resistance, and she was brought over by Gongye Zhefu. This caused her brows to knit together even more tightly, and then she glanced at Gongye Zhefu yet didn’t say anything in the end.

The people in the vicinity were clearly slightly puzzled, and they successively opened up a path for Gongye Zhefu.

This caused it to be impossible for Chen Xi to not notice all of this. He turned around and noticed Gongye Zhefu and Zhen Liuqing were approaching, and then a wisp of a piercingly cold expression suddenly flashed in the depths of his eyes. What’s this fellow trying to do? Is he coming over here intentionally to humiliate me?

However, Gongye Zhefu suddenly stopped moving when they were three meters away from Chen Xi, and then he grinned to Chen Xi before starting to chat with Zhen Liuqing.

They chatted happily as if there was no one else in the surroundings. Moreover, he even frequently patted Zhen Liuqing on the shoulder in an intimate manner, causing him to feel rather affectionate.

“That bastard really did it on purpose….” Chen Xi watched all of this with a cold and indifferent expression. The most painful thing to him was that from the beginning until the end, Zhen Liuqing actually didn’t reveal even a trace of displeasure, and it was entirely impossible to discern exactly what she was thinking.

“Do you want to move somewhere else?” Yun Qing glanced at Chen Xi with slight worry.

Chen Xi shook his head, and then he suddenly grinned and said, “There’s no need. Let me see how long he can keep this up.” 

His smile was brilliant, yet it didn’t contain any fluctuations of emotion at all. It caused Yun Qing’s heart to suddenly jerk, and he knew that Gongye Zhefu’s actions had utterly infuriated Chen Xi.

Right at this moment, an extremely resounding and clear cry resounded. It surged through the heavens and the earth, and it caused the souls of everyone to tremble.

This clear cry was too resounding, and it seemed to carry some sort of charm and was filled with a wild and arrogant aura.

The clamorous atmosphere in the surroundings suddenly went silent at this moment, and even Gongye Zhefu was shocked, causing him to suddenly raise his eyes towards the distance.

Under the gazes of everyone present, eight beautiful and graceful young women dressed in silk and satin held a gorgeous palanquin up as they flashed over swiftly from afar.

A young man lay within the gorgeous palanquin. He had a lazy bearing, his long hair hung loosely on his shoulders, and the clothes before his chest were wide open. His angular face was handsome to the extreme, and he carried a wisp of a seemingly evil aura. Moreover, he had a wine jug in his hand and was drinking from it. 

Besides that, a Divine Beast, Vermillion Bird, that was extremely gorgeous and extraordinary stood on his shoulder, and that clear cry from before had obviously come from it.

“Luo Shaonong from the Imperial Region’s Luo Clan!” Someone exclaimed with shock, and then an uproar erupted in the surroundings. Everyone revealed a wisp of disbelief, and they seemed to have never expected that he would actually come here.

Luo Shaonong!

An existence that was ranked at the 3rd position on the Domain Enlightened Chart!

This meant that amongst all the Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods within the 1,000 plus regions and countless universes in the Ancient God Domain, then besides when compared against the mere two people that were ranked above him, he could be said to be invincible!

“This fellow… is surprising as always.” Gongye Zhefu’s violet pupils flowed with cold bolts of lightning.

At this moment, even Chen Xi couldn’t help but glance over, and his heart shook. He acutely noticed that Luo Shaonong’s aura was so formidable that he’d almost never seen someone with such a formidable aura, and it caused even Chen Xi to feel a trace of pressure.

This caused Chen Xi to sigh with emotion. There really are a bunch of freaks in the world. When compared to him, that Xun Yangping is simply nothing worth mentioning.

“Eh, isn’t that the Buddhist Sect’s Jia Nan?” Suddenly, someone exclaimed with surprise.

It was like a stone that caused a thousand ripples on the surface of a lake. Everyone noticed to their astonishment that a monk was suddenly standing at a spot extremely far away.

He wore a moon white monk’s robe made of rough cloth, and he wore straw sandals while holding a cane made out of withered wood. He had an ordinary expression that wasn’t conspicuous at all, and only his bearing was tranquil like a calm well or rock on a precipice, towering and steady. If one didn’t look carefully, it was extremely easy to overlook him.

Compared to how Luo Shaonong made an appearance, Jia Nan simply kept an extremely low profile, and he was only noticed at this moment.

However, no one dared to look down upon him because he was an existence that was ranked at the 7th position on the Domain Enlightened Chart!

He was an entire two ranks higher than Gongye Zhefu!

In an instant, everyone in the surroundings recognized these peerless geniuses of legend, and they instantly stole the limelight away from Gongye Zhefu, causing the gazes of everyone to move towards them.

It wasn’t that they looked down upon Gongye Zhefu, and it was instead because they’d never imagined that these two geniuses would actually arrive here at this moment.

Looks like the information Empress Yu Che obtained wasn’t wrong, and Luo Shaonong and Jia Nan have already arrived successively…. Chen Xi’s reaction seemed to be much calmer. He didn’t really care much about the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root when he came here this time, and coupled with the incident between him and Zhen Liuqing, his thoughts had been completely moved onto Gongye Zhefu. So, all of his thoughts revolved around how he should stop Gongye Zhefu.

The sky was gradually darkening, and when the veil of sky enveloped down completely and covered the sky, the God Burial Ocean in the distance finally fell into a dormant state. IT was deathly silent without wind or waves, and it was even to the extent that there wasn’t even a trace of a ripple. It was suffused with a strange silence, and it was mysterious and horrifying.

However, this scene caused the spirits of all the cultivators here to be refreshed, and they grew restless.

“We can finally take action!”

“Quickly move out! If we’re a step too late, then there probably wont even be any scraps left.”

“Let’s go!”

Amidst a wave of clamorous noise, numerous multicolored streaks tore through space and illuminated the sky, and they whistled through space as they charged towards the depths of the God Burial Ocean.

For a time, this entire expanse of the heavens and the earth was filled by multicolored streaks while countless cultivators departed, and they covered the heavens and the earth. It was a rather magnificent scene.

However, even though they were swift, they couldn’t compare to Luo Shaonong, Jia Nan, and Gongye Zhefu. The three of them had practically set out at the first possible moment, and they vanished above the boundless ocean in an instant.

“You must be careful. The Desolate Manku Ruins is extremely dangerous, and it’s completely different from the Ancient God Domain. If you encounter any danger, then you must remember to prioritize your safety.” Yun Qing instructed once more with a solemn expression.

Chen Xi nodded to display his understanding.

“Go on, I’ll wait here for your return. Take care of yourself,” said Yun Qing.


Chen Xi cupped his hands, and then his figure flashed and immediately tore through the sky towards the God Burial Ocean in the distance.

In merely an instant, he vanished without a trace.

“Since the ancient times, heroes have become prisoners of love. Little Fellow, you must not allow yourself to tumble because of her….” Yun Qing watched Chen Xi’s figure vanish, and he couldn’t help but mutter to himself.

Beneath the veil of night, the God Burial Ocean was like a deathly silent and gloomy mirror that seemed extremely mysterious.

One could frequently see strands of bright light charging out from the surface of the ocean before illuminating the night sky. It was the starlight emanated by the numerous stars that remained beneath the surface of the ocean, and they revealed a form of gorgeous and lucent beauty while being immersed beneath the ocean water.

The God Burial Ocean was extremely large and seemingly boundless.

After teleporting for 10 minutes of time, it was very hard for Chen Xi to see a single figure in his vicinity, and it felt as if only he remained here.

This was extremely common. Once they entered the God Burial Ocean, it meant that the competition between them had already begun. So, unless it was people with good relationships, otherwise, no one would be willing to casually form a group with another.

Chen Xi was naturally no exception.

As expected, the Heaven Dao Laws here have obviously become much thinner, and the heavens and the earth carry a strand of a seemingly chaotic and desolate energy. Perhaps it’s precisely because of this energy that expert at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm and above don’t dare to step foot into this ocean? Chen Xi investigated the surroundings as he teleported, and he acutely noticed that everything within the God Burial Ocean really was quite different from the Ancient God Domain. 

The reason for this was that seemingly chaotic and desolate energy. It was thick, mysterious, and everywhere. It enveloped every single inch of the God Burial Ocean.

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