Chapter 1644 – A Storm Gathers

Phoenix Perch City.

This ancient city that was constructed above the sky and at the peak of the clouds was extremely vast. It was completely suffused in a light golden color, and it was magnificent and grand.

This was the place where cultivators resided during explorations, and it was the one and only city at the easternmost border of the Ancient God Domain.

The God Burial Ocean lay further east, and it wasn’t within the scope of the Ancient God Domain any longer.

Because the God Burial Ocean was unlike any other ordinary ocean. It stretched practically boundlessly into the unknown, and it was an Unknown Region!

It wasn’t exaggerated to say that it was an ocean that was even vaster than a universe, and it was even to the extent that one could find numerous dazzling stars within its ocean water.

It was even to the extent that there were rumors that said it wasn’t just the corpses of gods that were buried within the God Burial Ocean, and there were countless universes buried within it as well!

This obviously showed how vast the God Burial Ocean was. It was absolutely beyond imagination. It was precisely because of this that the territory of the Ancient God Domain stopped abruptly at this point, and it was unable to expand any further.

The reason was that the God Burial Ocean had stopped it here.

In the recent period of time, along with the news of the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root spreading, the Desolate Manku Ruins that resided at a certain spot within the God Burial Ocean had once again become the center of attention of all.

On the other hand, Phoenix Perch City that lay at the banks of the God Burial Ocean had suddenly become bustling because of this piece of news.

There were cultivators that travelled over here from various different regions every single day, and they were waiting for the moment the Desolate Manku Ruins re-emerged into the world. They were waiting for their opportunity to fight for the Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root!

“Young Master Chen Xi, the God Burial Ocean will enter a dormant period in half a month from now. At that time, it’ll be exactly the best time to head to the Desolate Manku Ruins. So, during this period of time, all the cultivators that intend to head to the Desolate Manku Ruins can only stay in Phoenix Perch City and wait.” Yun Qing kept the Ink Unicorn Carriage away, and then he led Chen Xi towards Phoenix Perch City. Moreover, he described the situation here as he walked.

Chen Xi listened silently, and his gaze frequently sized up the surroundings.

This city in the sky was completely different from similar cities he’d seen in the past. It was vast and grand. No matter if it was the streets or the buildings, they were filled with an ancient aura. It was the marks of time, the passage of history.

Practically all the people on the streets were cultivators. There were humans, and there were formidable living beings of all shapes and sizes that came from other races.

But the most common were Godslaves!

Batch after batch of shabbily clothed Godslaves who had haggard and apathetic expressions were placed within numerous vessels and transported here. After that, they were escorted away by some experts at the Godrank Realm who were already waiting there, and they were sent to various different slave camps throughout the city.

Merely throughout this period that he walked into the city with Yun Qing, he’d seen no less than over a hundred vessels, and countless Godslaves were escorted here. Such a scene was extremely shocking.

“All of these Godslaves are from the lower dimensions, and they were captured by the powers of the various universes in the Ancient God Domain. After that, they were restrained and escorted here by force. The purpose of this is for the sake of making these Godslaves head to the Unknown Region to explore new territories and resources.” Yun Qing said indifferently, “Normally, most of these Godslaves will lose their lives in the Unknown Regions. Even if some are lucky enough to survive, they’ll mostly be reduced to slaves that can only work to their death for a great power.”

Chen Xi frowned while an uncomfortable feeling faintly arose in his heart.

He was very clearly aware that if he didn’t possess sufficient strength at that time, then he would have probably been captured by the Dayi Clan upon entering the Last Days Domain and would be reduced to a Godslave.

So, when he witnessed such a scene and head Yun Qing’s explanation, Chen Xi had rather complicated feelings that included a heavy feeling and feelings of detest.

However, Chen Xi was clearly aware that such situations were occurring in practically every corner of the Ancient God Domain, and to those living beings of the Ancient God Domain, they’d long since become accustomed to such scenes. So, it was utterly impossible for him to change anything by himself.

Just like Yun Qing who stood before him. Wasn’t Yun Qing a Godslave by Empress Yu Che’s side as well?

Perhaps the only difference between Yun Qing and those Godslaves that were sent to Phoenix Perch City was that their fates were completely different.

If I’m able to possess the strength to control the situation within the entire Ancient God Domain one day… then perhaps such matters wouldn’t occur in the future? Chen Xi took a deep breath, and he restrained the complicated feelings in his heart and stopped thinking about it. Because it was useless no matter how much he thought about it now.

After that, Chen Xi lost all interest to tour and enjoy Phoenix Perch City, and both of them directly arrived at a place called ‘Heaven Origin Pavilion’ under Yun Qing’s lead. They booked two abodes before they got together at the hall on the first floor and ordered some food and drink, and then they started chatting idly.

Heaven Origin Pavilion was the largest restaurant in Phoenix Perch City. Supposedly, its owner was an extraordinary power in the Imperial Region, thus no one had dared to cause trouble here throughout the years of its existence.

At this moment, the hall on the first floor was filled with guests. All of them were cultivators that wore luxurious clothes and had extraordinary bearings.

Because it was impossible for those who could enjoy themselves here to be ordinary figures as merely the prices here weren’t something that ordinary cultivators could afford.

The hall on the first floor was extremely clamorous because the guests on practically every table were discussing the Desolate Manku Ruins.

“The situation is slightly bad. According to my knowledge, another three Spirit God Exalts have arrived from the Imperial Region on just today alone. The Yu Clan’s Yuqiu Jing. The Kunwu Clan’s Kunwu Qing, and the Zhuanyu Clan’s Zhuanyu Shui. They’re respectively ranked at the 16th, 19th, and 23rd position on the Domain Enlightened Chart!”

“Indeed. If we include the nine Spirit God Exalts that arrived a few days ago, an entire 12 Spirit God Exalts have gathered in Phoenix Perch City. How could such an unprecedentedly rare scene occur in the past?”

“Alas, all of you’re only talking about those Spirit God Exalts that have shown themselves, and we don’t know how many Spirit God Exalts are in the shadows!”

“I truly feel so helpless. Peerless geniuses that’re usually rarely seen have converged successively in Phoenix Perch City lately. In this way, it’s obvious how brutal the competition would be. So, it’ll probably be extremely difficult for us to obtain even some benefits from the Desolate Manku Ruins.”

“It’s all because of the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root. I wonder which damnable bastard exposed the news about it, causing the cultivators in Phoenix Perch City to increase with each passing day. If this continues, then the situation would become more and more disadvantageous to ordinary Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods like us.”

“Indeed. The most damnable part is that the God Burial Ocean will only enter a dormant period after another half a month of time. If it wasn’t for that, I would have set out and headed to the Desolate Manku Ruins since along time ago. How could I have possibly been waiting helplessly and anxiously here.”

“Haha! I forgot to tell you that according to my knowledge the Gongye Clan’s Gongye Zhefu will be arriving today as well!”

“What? Gongye Zhefu is really coming?”

“Gongye Zhefu….”

When Gongye Zhefu’s name was mentioned, the sounds of discussion on the first floor instantly became clamorous, and there was no lack of voices of surprise and shock.

Chen Xi heard all of this clearly, and he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart. Merely Xun Yangping was capable of causing all of those cultivators from Snow Ink Region to be so shocked on that day. If they witnessed such a scene, exactly what would they feel?

Yes, there were too many Spirit God Exalts gathered in Phoenix Perch City now! It was beyond imagination, and it would probably cause an extraordinary uproar no matter where it occurred in the Ancient God Domain.

After all, it was Spirit God Exalts that were one in a million and extremely rare in the world. Every single one of them was a dazzling and matchless genius.

Presently, all of these extremely dazzling geniuses had gathered here successively, so it was impossible for it to not cause an uproar.

On the other hand, this displayed exactly how attractive the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root was because even Spirit God Exalts were unable to refuse its temptation.

Yuqiu Jing, Kunwu Qing, Zhuanyu Shui…. Chen Xi silently pondered on the information related to them in his heart.

In Chen Xi’s opinion, only experts that similarly possessed the potential of a Spirit God Exalt could make him take them seriously.

For example, these three names respectively represented the experts that were ranked at the 16th, 19th, and 23rd position on the Domain Enlightened Chart.

Merely based on their rankings alone, it was obvious how formidable their strengths were, and they were outstanding geniuses even amongst Spirit God Exalts.

The jade slip Empress Yu Che gave Chen Xi had some information related to these three people recorded in it.

It could be said that all three of them were from ancient clans in the Imperial Region, and all of their backgrounds were extremely shocking.

When one competed with such figures, one even had no choice but to consider the consequences of offending them and whether the powers that stood behind such figures would turn hostile towards one.

“The Imperial Region is the most prosperous core region of the entire Ancient God Domain, and there are countless ancient powers within it. Even though the Yu Clan, Kunwu Clan, and Zhuanyu Clan can’t compare to those ancient powers, they’re considered first-rate existences. Every single one of their clans has existed for over 10 million years now, and they can be said to be colossi.” As if he’d seen through Chen Xi’s thoughts, Yun Qing explained via voice transmission. “However, you don’t have to worry about all of this. You only have to obstruct that Gongye Zhefu this time.”

Yun Qing paused for a moment and continued. “Not to mention that with your background, you don’t have to fear these powers at all.”

The meaning behind his words was that Chen Xi was an heir of Oracle Mountain, so Chen Xi didn’t have to consider the consequences of offending them at all.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned, and then he seemed to be lost in thought. Because merely these words allowed him to have a better understanding of the forces of Oracle Mountain in the Ancient God Domain.

Meanwhile, a wave of clamorous noises suddenly arose from outside Heaven Origin Pavilion, and then a man and a woman walked side by side into the 1st level.

The man was rather tall, and he had violet pupils, silver hair, and a peerlessly handsome appearance. He wore a black robe, and his skin was fair like jade. As he strode in, he naturally emanated an oppressive and sharp aura that was extremely terrifying.

When they saw the appearance of this man, the clamorous hall instantly became deathly silent while the faces of everyone revealed a wisp of shock.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but glance over as well. Unfortunately, he didn’t know the man, and it was an entirely unfamiliar face to him.

However, when his gaze flashed past the man and descended onto the woman by the man’s side, his gaze instantly froze on the spot, and then his pupils constricted abruptly while his entire body stiffened.

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