Chapter 1642 – Two Conditions

During the process of fusing the River Diagram fragments, rows of obscure and mysterious ancient characters had appeared on its surface on more than one occasion.

On the other hand, with Chen Xi’s ability, he’d merely recognized nine of those ancient characters until now, and they were respectively ‘荒’, ‘神’, ‘墟’, ‘古’, ‘帝’, ‘域’, ‘纪’, ‘主’, and ‘极’.

During the Starhunt Meeting, he’d occasionally heard the name Central Imperial Region, and he faintly felt that the ancient characters that appeared on the River Diagram fragment might be related to it. Because the characters ‘帝’ and ‘域’ referred to the words ‘imperial’ and ‘region’.

However, when he found out about the Desolate Manku Ruins from Empress Yu Che at this moment, he was instantly struck with a feeling that the clues provided by the River Diagram fragments were related to this Desolate Manku Ruins.

This wasn’t a random guess that was without any reason, and it came from a strong form of intuition.

If he analyzed it carefully, it wasn’t difficult to notice that no matter if it was the Central Imperial Region or the Desolate Manku Ruins, both of them were extraordinary areas in the Ancient God Domain.

The former was the central area of the 1,000 plus regions within the Ancient God Domain, and there were countless extraordinary powers and unimaginably ancient sects there. Ordinary cultivators were utterly unable to arrive there.

Even thought Chen Xi didn’t know anything about the latter, after he heard Empress Yu Che, he’d faintly understood that perhaps it wasn’t so famous as the Central Imperial Region, yet it was absolutely an extraordinary place.

After all, it was able to produce Ancestral Dao Roots, and it was able to draw over numerous Spirit God Exalts from the Imperial Region. So, it was absolutely not ordinary.

It was precisely based on such an understanding that Chen Xi had instantly connected all of this with the mysterious ancient characters that appeared on the River Diagram fragments.

Could it be that there’s some sort of link between all of this?

Chen Xi’s thought flowed swiftly.

“What’s your decision?” Empress Yu Che couldn’t help but feel slight wonder when Chen Xi didn’t kept silence for so long. As far as she was concerned, even if he intended to refuse, there was no need to consider for so long.

Chen Xi suddenly returned to his senses from his deep contemplation, and he briefly arranged his thoughts, yet he noticed he didn’t have any thoughts about it at all. So, he instantly smiled bitterly and said, “Why did you choose me?”

“There are numerous reasons. For example, if you want to advance into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, then you must make a trip to the Desolate Manku Ruins. Another reason is that if you want to find out where Oracle Mountain resides, then you must rely on this opportunity to enter the Central Imperial Region.” Empress Yu Che spoke slowly. “Not to mention that dealing with that little fellow from the Gongye Clan is extremely beneficial to you.”

Chen Xi instantly raised his brows. “Who exactly is that fellow from the Gongye Clan?”

He agreed with the first two reasons. After all, he was already clearly aware that if he who possessed the potential of a Spirit God Exalt wanted to advance into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, then he did indeed have to head to the Desolate Manku Ruins.

Because only the Desolate Manku Ruins could produce Ancestral Dao Roots that were suitable for Spirit God Exalts.

Moreover, if Chen Xi wanted to obtain an answer about how to head to Oracle Mountain from Empress Yu Che, then he could only accept this condition.

So, under such circumstances, Chen Xi had actually started to accept all of this. Otherwise, he would be concerned about exactly who that fellow from the Gongye Clan was.

“Gongye Zhefu.” Empress Yu Che spoke indifferently. “This little fellow is the most outstanding genius of the Gongye Clan in the recent years, and he has ascended onto the 9th position on the Domain Enlightened Chart. He’s a renowned figure in the entire Imperial Region.”

She paused for a moment and continued. “Gongye Zhefu’s objective in the Desolate Manku Ruins is the same as the other Spirit God Exalts, and it’s to seize that newly born ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root. Moreover, based on his current ability, his hopes of success are extremely great.

Gongye Zhefu!

The most outstanding genius in the Gongye Clan’s younger generation and ranked at the 9th position on the Domain Enlightened Chart!Merely listening to these words allowed Chen Xi to be clearly aware of exactly how extraordinary this extremely dazzling and peerless genius was.

When compared to him, that 13th son of Imperial Emperor Gou Chen, Xun Yangping, instantly dimmed in comparison.

After all, one of them was ranked at the 9th position on the Domain Enlightened Chart while the other was only at the 76th position, and the gap between their strengths was obvious.

Chen Xi smiled bitterly again when he heard this. This Empress Yu Che really thinks highly of me. She actually wants me to deal with such a freak.

Even though he only had to stop Gongye Zhefu from seizing the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root, Chen Xi was very clearly aware that this requirement wasn’t much easier than killing Gongye Zhefu.

“No, this condition is too dangerous. Unless Empress agrees to a condition of my own.” Chen Xi took a deep breath, and he pondered deeply for a moment and said, “No, two conditions.”

“Speak.” Empress Yu Che didn’t hesitate at all. “Not to mention two conditions. So long as I can accomplish it, then I’ll agree to everything.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned, and then he instantly understood that he had to agree to her request.

For a time, he swiftly pondered in his mind, and then he said, “I need a large batch of divine materials to refine a treasure. That’s the first condition.”

“Alright. No problem.” Empress Yu Che agreed readily. It was only some divine materials, and it was nothing to someone of her status.

“The second condition is to allow that little girl, Tie Yunping, to cultivate by your side.” When he noticed how readily she agreed, he didn’t hesitate any longer and swiftly spoke of his second condition.

Empress Yu Che couldn’t help but glance at Chen Xi with slight surprise, and she said, “I never expected that you would be rather doting towards her. Do you know that her natural talent in cultivation isn’t good, and even if she follows by my side, it’ll be impossible for her to undergo a tremendous change in a short period of time.”

Chen Xi smiled and said, “I understand, but I attach more importance towards her willpower and disposition. One day, she’d definitely shock the world.”

Empress Yu Che seemed to be lost in thought, and she said, “You’re not wrong. Alright, I agree.”

Chen Xi cupped his hands and said, “Then thank you, Empress.”

“Do you have any other conditions?” Empress Yu Che said, “Truthfully speaking, these two conditions aren’t really difficult to me, and it makes me feel bad.”

Chen Xi shook his head. “Perhaps it’s as easy as lifting your hand to you, but it’s already an extraordinary great kindness to me.”

A wisp of admiration couldn’t help but suffuse Empress Yu Che’s eyes. He’s free from arrogance and impetuousness, is neither humble nor pushy, knows where to stop, and understands honor and disgrace. This little fellow’s character is extremely rare. Only Oracle Mountain can foster such an heir.

“There’s no time to lose. I’ll go prepare the divine materials for you right now, and you can seize this opportunity to make sufficient preparations. I’ll ask Yun Qing to send you to the Desolate Manku Ruins one month from now.” After she gave him these instructions, Empress Yu Che stood up, and she asked for a list of the divine materials he required before leaving swiftly.

“Senior, are you… really leaving?” Within a quiet abode, Tie Yunping spoke in a low voice, and her pretty face revealed reluctance and a sense of loss.

“I’ve already promised Empress Yu Che, and this trip will be filled with danger, so it’s unsuitable to bring you along with me.” Chen Xi was slightly unable to bear doing this. Actually, he felt slight admiration towards Tie Yunping, and he saw a shadow of himself during his youth in her. She was persistent and reserved just like him.

“Don’t worry, cultivating by Empress Yu Che’s side would absolutely be better than cultivating by my side. Once you’ve become accomplished in your cultivation, you can come see me at any time.”

“Yes, I’ll listen to Senior.” Tie Yunping took a deep breath, and she restrained the various feelings in her heart as she nodded and spoke.

Chen Xi smiled. “Then it’s settled. I’ll be going to prepare myself. You rest at ease here and cultivate. There’ll be absolutely no one that dares to come looking for trouble with you while you stay here.”

As he spoke, Chen Xi turned around and left.

“Senior…. I’ll definitely become strong one day. At that time, you don’t have to leave me behind like this….” As she watched Chen Xi’s tall figure vanish outside the abode, Tie Yunping was instantly unable to control her emotions, and she muttered involuntarily while her eyes were already moist with tears.

During these days of living together with Chen Xi, she’d long since taken Chen Xi to be a senior and someone dear to her. She’d learned too much under Chen Xi’s guidance, and she’d felt care, concern, and protection that she’d never felt in the past. This was simply like a dream to someone like her who’d been born impoverished and had no one to rely on since a young age.

Yet now, she seemed to have to awaken from this dream in the end….

Dragonscale Coldsteel, Ink-jade Chaotic Herb, Qifuse Herb, Jadelight Release Rock….

On that very night, Empress Yu Che sent her subordinates to prepare all the divine materials Chen Xi required. There was a total of 372 materials, and even single one of them were extremely rare and precious divine materials of shocking value.

It was even to the extent that based on their price on the market, the total value of these divine materials even surpassed the value of a good quality Natural Spirit Treasure!

Yet at this moment, this superb collection of divine materials were piled up into a hill before Chen Xi, and he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. As the Region Lord of the entire Snow Ink Region, Empress Yu Che’s efficiency really is terrifying.

If he were to purchase these materials himself, then it would probably be impossible for him to gather all of these divine materials within a single day.


Without any hesitation, Chen Xi withdrew the Talisman Armament, and just like in the past, he started to refine the divine materials….

The method to refine a Talisman Armament was a special secret technique that remained only within Oracle Mountain, and it was completely different from most treasures in the world.

Because it didn’t just possess extraordinary might, it possessed the ability to improve without bounds. Merely this aspect was something that other treasures were absolutely unable to compare to.

But at the same time, refining a Talisman Armament and improving its quality consumed a huge amount of divine materials, and this sort of consumption was even a few times greater than other treasures.

Just like this very moment, if all of these divine materials were utilized to refine an Artificial Spirit Treasure, then it could even be refined into seven or eight mid-rank Divine Artifacts.

However, when utilized to refine the Talisman Armament, these divine materials were merely able to improve the Talisman Armament’s might to be slightly superior to a sixth-grade mid-rank Divine Artifact, and it would be slightly inferior to a seventh-grade high-rank Divine Artifact.

However, the results that Chen Xi received in exchange for paying such a price was extremely shocking as well. At the very least, the Talisman Armament’s might could occupy a position of absolute advantage amongst mid-rank Divine Artifacts.

Moreover, mid-rank Divine Artifacts were at the exact quality that Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods could control perfectly, and if its quality grew any higher, then it would be slightly strenuous to utilize.

Chen Xi was very indifferent towards all of this, and he didn’t think too much about it. His only understanding towards all of this was that once he succeeded in refining the Talisman Armament this time, then it would be sufficient to bring forth his entire strength, and he would at least be around 30% stronger!

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