Chapter 1641 – The Desolate Manku Ruins

Book Seventeen - Past and Present

Up until this moment, Chen Xi finally understood how terrifying the power and authority of the overlord of Snow Ink Region was.

For example, Yi Wen was an elder of a top power, the Dayi Clan, and it possessed monstrous authority. However, it was instantly crushed by Empress Yu Che because of a single sentence, and she even asked the Dayi Clan’s Patriarch to come apologize to her. This obviously showed how lofty and dignified Empress Yu Che was.

It wasn’t just Chen Xi, even all of those great figures and disciples were shocked, and they didn’t dare speak another word because they were deeply afraid of offending Empress Yu Che.

Just like this, Chen Xi and Tie Yunping followed behind Empress Yu Che, and they left the hall amidst an expanse of complicated gazes.

“Elder Yi Wen!” At this moment, the members of the Dayi Clan finally dared to come forward, and they intended to lift up Yi Wen who sat weakly on the ground.

However, they were stopped before they could come close.

“From this moment onwards, if the Patriarch of the Dayi Clan doesn’t come apologize to the Empress, then this Fellow Daoist can only stay here.” It was Yun Qing that stopped them. His aged face was completely emotionless, and he spoke indifferently before he flicked his sleeve and took Yi Wen away. From the beginning until the end, there was actually no one that dared to stop him.

All the disciples of the Dayi Clan had unsightly expressions that changed indeterminately.

Yi Tian was even stunned and was on the verge of crying yet found himself to have no tears. He’d never ever imagined that the matter would develop to such an extent.


I’ve clearly exposed that fellow’s identity, yet why has it come to no effect in the end, and it even caused elder Yi Wen to be taken into their custody?

It’s even to the extent that Empress Yu Che was offended, and it caused the Patriarch to be implicated as well?Why exactly has all of this happened?

Yi Wen was unable to figure it out, and he was frustrated and helpless.

When everyone else in the hall witnessed this scene, they couldn’t help but feel slightly worried because they’d already discerned that Empress Yu Che was obviously siding with Chen Xun!

Why exactly did Empress Yu Che not hesitate to offend the Dayi Clan and insist on acting in this way? Who exactly is that Chen Xun, and why is he worthy of Empress Yu Che acting in this way?

All of them were unable to figure it out.

But no matter what, they felt that Chen Xi’s origins had become even more mysterious. No one was able to discern whether he’d really come from the lower dimensions, or if he actually possessed the Copper Coin of Treasurefall and Overarching Heaven Net.

However, they’d confirmed that Chen Xi’s origins were extraordinary. He didn’t just possess the potential of a Spirit God Exalt, he’d even helped Tie Yunping attain the first in the Starhunt Meeting on his own. Moreover, he’d even defeated the son of Imperial Monarch Gou Chen, Xun Yangping.

Such a figure was never simple.

Waves of glistening light flowed on the clear lake. Divine birds fluttered about in the distant sky, and they emanated a string of clear and resounding cries that sounded like the sound of nature.

There was a flat platform at the center of the lake, and it was enshrouded with divine mist. There were numerous bright golden divine lotuses planted in its vicinity, and they swayed amidst the wind and emanated strands of faint fragrance that refreshed the heart and mind.

This was a Secret Realm, and it was the place Empress Yu Che cultivated in meditation.

At this moment, Chen Xi sat cross-legged before the table here. There was a cup of steaming hot divine tea on the table, and the fragrance from it assaulted his nose.

The tea was obviously a rare divine treasure, and merely taking a whiff of it caused Chen Xi’s soul to feel a wave of comfort. Moreover, every single pore on his body opened up while his vital energy circulated in a lively manner. It was extremely profound.

Empress Yu Che sat cross-legged before another table. At this moment, she’d removed the phoenix crown on her head, causing her dense jet black hair to hang down loosely like a waterfall that flowed to her shoulder. It caused her bearing to carry a graceful and modest feeling and slightly reduced the proud and chilly aura she had.

Only her red veil was still concealing her appearance, causing others to be unable to lay eyes upon her true appearance, and only a pair of eyes that were clear and deep like lakes remained for all to see.

However, even then, she still possessed a unique and mysterious sense of beauty, and it stirred the heart. She seemed almost picturesque, and her beauty didn’t seem like something that should exist in this world.

Sometimes, Chen Xi felt curious if he would be able to lay eyes upon her true appearance if he utilized the Eye of Divine Truth. This thought caused his heart to palpitate with eagerness and excitement, yet he didn’t dare act in this way. Otherwise, if it was noticed by Empress Yu Che, then it would absolutely no different than courting death.

“There is no lack of people that’re skilled in the Talisman Dao within the Ancient God Domain, yet merely a few are capable of attaining a certain level of accomplishment in it.” Suddenly, Empress Yu Che raised her clear eyes, and she gazed at Chen Xi. “Moreover, those that could utilize the Talisman Dao in battle and erupt with such might like you had in a battle between someone at the same cultivation realm, such people can be counted with my fingers.”

Chen Xi was stunned, he picked up the teacup on the table and took a sip, yet he didn’t say anything.

“Coupled with what that little fellow from the Dayi Clan said, I’ve roughly guessed your background.” Empress Yu Che’s clear eyes were suddenly suffused with a wisp of seemingly ethereal and strange glow. “Little Fellow, do you admit it?”

Chen Xi put down the teacup in his hand and said, “Empress is truly discerning and wise. I’m indeed from the Oracle Mountain. I concealed it earlier because I wasn’t willing to create unnecessary trouble. I hope Empress can forgive me.”

His answer was frank and completely unhesitant, and it caused Empress Yu Che to be stunned. She couldn’t help but smile as she said, “I thought that you would refuse to admit it no matter what just like what you did in the Water Cloud Palace earlier.”

Chen Xi shrugged and smiled bitterly. “If I did act in that way, Empress would probably feel displeased, right?”

Empress Yu Che nodded. “Yes. If you dared to act in that way, then I would dare to immediately hand you over to the Dayi Clan.”

Chen Xi’s face froze.

A wisp of rare amusement appeared in Empress Yu Che’s clear eyes, and it disappeared in an instant before she said, “Actually, I’d roughly guessed your origins a long time ago when the Starhunt Meeting was still being carried out, and it was even to the extent that some disciples of the Sovereign Sect had come looking for me because they intended to seek my assistance to capture someone.”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart while his eyes suddenly narrowed. The Sovereign Sect really is everywhere, and it’s like a haunting spirit that just refuses to leave!“However, I didn’t agree.” Empress Yu Che said indifferently, “It wasn’t only because of you, and it was also for the sake of maintaining the order in the Starhunt Meeting. No matter who intends to break my rules, that person has to think twice about the consequences of infuriating me.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but glance at Empress Yu Che with surprise. He was clearly aware in his heart that she’d imperceptibly helped him deal with this danger that came from the Sovereign Sect.

Actually, Chen Xi had long since been aware that from the moment the Sovereign Sect’s Ye Yan escaped, he was bound to face the threat that the Sovereign Sect posed sooner or later.

So, he didn’t doubt Empress Yu Che at all. Because with her status, there was utterly no need to deceive him.

“No matter what, I have to thank Empress for your protection.” Chen Xi cupped his hands and spoke in a serious manner.

Empress Yu Che waved her hand, and then she changed the topic and said, “Since you helped that little girl obtain the first position in the Starhunt Meeting this time, I have to give you a reward. Tell me, do you have any questions in respect of cultivating? You can mention them all, and if I’m able to answer you, then I definitely won’t disappoint you.”

Chen Xi pondered briefly, and then he said, “I haven’t encountered any barriers in my cultivation for now. Although I do have something that has been troubling me, and I want to rely on Empress to obtain the answer.”

“Speak,” said Empress Yu Che.

“I want to know exactly where Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace resides.” Chen Xi took a deep breath before he slowly asked this question, and his gaze carried a wisp of anticipation.

Empress Yu Chen was stunned when she heard this, and then she fell into silence.

After a long time, she seemed to be at a loss for whether to laugh or cry, and she teased. “You’re from Oracle Mountain, yet you don’t know where it resides. If I hadn’t confirmed your identity, I would wonder whether you’re a true heir of Oracle Mountain.”

Chen Xi was instantly slightly embarrassed, and he said, “My senior brothers and senior sisters were in too much of a hurry when they left the three dimensions, and they didn’t tell me all of this.”

Empress Yu Che nodded to display her understanding, and then she suddenly said, “I know the answer, and it’s very simple if you want me to tell you. But you have to agree to a condition of mine.”

Chen Xi was stunned. I have to agree to a condition of hers?

“After all, I only promised to guide you in your cultivation, and I never agreed to answer any other questions.” Empress Yu Che had a slight grin on her face, and she seemed to be very happy to see Chen Xi suffer. She felt that this little fellow was too calm and composed, and it seemed as if even the sky collapsing would be unable to shake his heart and soul. This sort of composure caused her to be unable to avoid feeling extremely surprised.

“May I ask Empress if you can tell me the condition first and allow me to think about it?” Chen Xi frowned as he spoke.

“Of course. Actually, even if you didn’t agree, I would still tell you what this condition is.” Empress Yu Che readily agreed.

She raised her clear eyes and looked into the distance. What she’d thought of was unknown, but her gaze couldn’t help but reveal a trace of coldness that vanished in an instant, and then she recovered her composure.

At the same time, her pleasant, clear, and low voice drifted out from this flat platform. “Just not long ago, a shocking piece of news spread throughout the Central Imperial Region. New Ancestral Dao Roots have been born in the Desolate Manku Ruins. Moreover, its quality has even attained the shocking level of the ninth-grade of the Emperor Rank, and it caused all the great powers to be stirred.

“According to my knowledge, the Spirit God Exalts fostered by many great powers in the Imperial Region have already set out and headed to the Desolate Manku Ruins, and they intend to seize that ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root. Supposedly, even the peerless figures in the top 10 of the Domain Enlightened Chart are participating in this matter.

“The condition I want you to agree to is actually very simple. I want you to participate in this. It doesn’t matter if you’re able to seize this Ancestral Dao Root. The most important thing is that you absolutely can’t allow that little fellow from the Gongye Clan to obtain it.”

When she mentioned the Gongye Clan, a wisp of hatred silently appeared in Empress Yu Che’s voice, and it was piercingly cold like ice and caused one’s heart to feel cold.

Chen Xi acutely noticed this, and he couldn’t help but raise his brows. He guessed that there was probably some enmity between Empress Yu Che and the Gongye Clan.

“Actually, even if we disregard all of this. With the potential of a Spirit God Exalt that you possess, then you must make a trip to the Desolate Manku Ruins in order to charge into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm. Because only the Desolate Manku Ruins possesses the Ancestral Dao Root that you require.” Empress Yu Che glanced at Chen Xi, and her voice had already returned to normal.

The Ancestral Dao Root was the foundation to establish the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm. Just like the Soul Divine Flame that was lit ablaze at the World Enlightened True God Realm and the Divine Dao Altar established at the World Enlightened True Gods Realm. The Ancestral Dao Root was one of the signs of a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God.

Chen Xi was very clearly aware of this, and what truly shocked him was that when he heard the words Desolate Manku Ruins, he felt as if he’d been struck by lightning. He instantly recalled that row of obscure and mysterious words that had appeared on the River Diagram fragments.

Shockingly, the characters ‘荒’ and ‘墟’ that respectively referred to the words ‘desolate’ and ‘ruins’ were amongst them!

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