Chapter 1640 – Questioning

The Copper Coin of Treasurefall!

The Overarching Heaven Net!

When they heard these names, the atmosphere in the hall instantly froze and turned deathly silence. Even the air seemed as if it had frozen.

Everyone including those great figures opened their eyes wide and seemed to be in disbelief.

This wasn’t just extraordinary; it was simply astounding!

These two Natural Spirit Treasures were absolutely not unfamiliar to all the great figures here. One of them was from the Sovereign Sect’s Master, and the other was from Oracle Mountain’s Master, Fuxi. Both of them were rather renowned in the Ancient God Domain.

Most importantly, the Sovereign Sect and Oracle Mountain were mortal enemies. Since their sects had been established countless years ago, they’d always been enemies that were like fire and water.

According to what Yi Tian said, this Chen Xun that stood before them actually possessed a precious treasure respectively from the Sovereign Sect and Oracle Mountain, so this was simply beyond their imaginations.

A portion of the cultivators in the younger generation didn’t know all of this. However, when they witnessed the change in the atmosphere and the surprise that appeared on the expressions of those great figures, they instantly understood that this matter was extraordinary indeed!

For a time, all of their gazes towards Chen Xi had changed, and their gazes carried a surprised and doubtful expression.

Could it be that this fellow is really from the lower dimensions? And he isn’t a cultivator that was born from the Ancient God Domain?

If it’s true, then it would be simply inconceivable.

In their minds, all those that came from the lower dimensions were extremely weak. They were Godslave and were extremely lowly.

This was a form of nonacceptance that came from status, and it was unrelated to cultivation!

At this moment, Chen Xi’s handsome face seemed to be calm as it was before this, yet a wisp of icy cold killing intent had arising in the depths of his black eyes.

He was very clearly aware of the consequences that would entail if their greed was aroused. So, since he’d participated in the Starhunt Meeting until now, he’d never utilized the Copper Coin of Treasurefall and Overarching Heaven Net.

But never had he imagined that Yi Tian would expose all of this at the last minute and expose his secrets! So, how could Chen Xi not be furious?

Most importantly, once it was exposed, then it would be equivalent to exposing his identity, and according to the face that the Sovereign Sect’s forces were scattered everywhere, he believed it wouldn’t be long before they would come looking for him!

“Yi Tian! Do you dare to be responsible for what you say?” Suddenly, Su Wan’er spoke furiously and broke the silence in the hall.

She felt that all of this was truly absurd. Just moments ago, Chen Xi had turned the situation around and helped the younger generation of Snow Ink Region deal with the danger they faced, yet now, not only did Yi Tian not feel grateful and seek to repay Chen Xi, he was trying to bite Chen Xi like a mad dog! This caused her to feel very displeased.

Many people thought similarly to Su Wan’er, so when they heard this, they glanced with slight displeasure at Yi Tian.

The elder from the Dayi Clan, Yi Wen, frowned, and he said in a low voice. “Tian’er, what exactly is going on?”

When Yi Tian heard this, he seemed as if he’d suffered an extraordinary injustice, and he cried out. “I swear to the heavens that I’m absolutely not lying!”

He paused for a moment, and then he suddenly gritted his teeth and gazed at Chen Xi with a resentful expression. “Moreover, everyone doing know that it was precisely this fellow that annihilated numerous clansmen of my Dayi Clan in the Last Days Domain. Even my Ninth Uncle that had always been taking care of me such a young age had perished at this kid’s hands! Under such circumstances, how could I possibly mistake his identity?”

His voice was fierce and filled with resentment as it surged through the hall.

All of this was like a tremendous explosion that shook the hearts of many people in the hall, causing their hearts to be shaken and unable to remain calm.

So, there was enmity between this Chen Xun and the Dayi Clan since the beginning. No wonder that he eliminated all the disciples of the Dayi Clan during the Starhunt Meeting.

When they thought in this way, all of their gazes towards Chen Xi carried a wisp of doubt. Could it be that all of this is true?

“Chen Xi, is all of this true?” Yi Wen had a gloomy expression while he gazed aggressively at Chen Xi.

“Little Fellow, you should give an explanation for all of this.”

“Hmph! I knew this kid’s origins were suspicious. Now it would seem like it really is true!”

At this moment, Miao Ya from the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple that was extremely hostile towards Chen Xi and a few other great figures spoke in rather hostile tones.

On the other hand, the situation Chen Xi was currently in seemed like he was condemned by all and surrounded by enemies.

“Everyone, are all of you convicting a criminal?” Tie Yunping spoke abruptly, and her pretty face was covered in rage.

“I’d like to ask all of you as well. Why did Senior Chen Xun and I have to be treated coldly and rejected after we obtained the first in the Starhunt Meeting?”

Her words were forcefully, and they were questions that were filled with rage.

Everyone’s expressions froze.

“Now, Senior Chen Xi defeated that Xun Yangping, and he helped all of you resolve the danger that you faced, allowing the younger generation of Snow Ink Region to maintain its reputation. However, why do all of you have to treat him in this way after he has done all of this?”

At this moment, Tie Yunping was ready to risk everything. She felt all of this as if she’d suffered it herself, and she was utterly infuriated.

In the end, she swept everyone in the hall with her gaze, and she said, “Why?”

For a time, Tie Yunping’s furious, sad, and distressed voice resounded within the entire hall.

All of them were speechless. Never had they imagined that this little girl would actually be unable to maintain her composure. It was even to the extent that they felt slightly displeased because they’d never been questioned in public like this? Especially when the person who questioned them was a lowly little girl!

“Little Girl, we have no intention to convict Chen Xun, so speaking in this way is going slightly too far.” A great figure spoke in a low voice, and his words carried a criticizing and warning tone.

The others nodded successively.

Tie Yunping felt even more furious when she heard this, and she was just about to speak when Chen Xi smiled and restrained her from speaking further.

After that, he glanced at all of them with an indifferent gaze and said, “After speaking so much about all of this. I only want to ask all of you a single thing. Does any of this have anything to do with all of you?”

The meaning behind his words was — Does my origins concern all of you at all? Is it all of your business whether I possess those two Natural Spirit Treasures?

Is it?

All of their faces froze, and they were questioned to the point of being speechless, and they were at a loss for what to say.

Only Yi Tian was angered to the point his eyes almost split apart when he saw Chen Xi stubbornly refusing to admit all of this, and he cried out loudly. “Chen Xun, you don’t dare to admit what you’ve done? You’re simply despicable to the extreme!”

Chen Xi’s expression instantly turned icy cold while killing intent arose in his eyes, and he said, “If you continue slandering me, then don’t blame me for being merciless!”


A strand of terrifying pressure smashed over. It terrified Yi Tian to the point his heart trembled, and his expression changed abruptly. He couldn’t help but take two steps back.

But right after that, a wisp of extreme humiliation surged out from his heart. I was actually terrified to the point of retreating in public!

“Hmph! How dare you act presumptuously!?” Yi Wen took a step forward and grunted coldly. “How could all of this be unrelated to you? If it was really you who killed so many clansmen of my Dayi Clan, then do you think you have a chance to escape with your life today?”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and he said with a smile, “Where’s your proof? You’re blaming all of this on me just because of something a single clansman of yours said? Your Dayi Clan really is domineering.”

“Proof?” Yi Wen laughed coldly and said, “So long as you cooperate obediently and return to the Dayi Clan with me, then we can prove whether you’re innocent. Do you dare?”

A wisp of undisguised and dense disdain suffused the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth, and he said, “Haha. On what basis should I cooperate obediently with your Dayi Clan? Do you really think I’m easy to bully?”

As he spoke, his imposing aura suddenly changed, and it became powerful and oppressive. “Isn’t it just because I eliminate your Dayi Clan’s disciples during the Starhunt Meeting? Old Bastard, if you’re disgruntled, then why don’t we have a fight, and we’ll see whether I, Chen Xun, and afraid!”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was shocked.

Isn’t this Chen Xun a bit too overbearing, he actually dared to go against the Dayi Clan in public. Is this something that a Domain Enlightened Spirit God dares to do?

When he heard Chen Xi call him an old bastard, Yi Wen instantly started laughing from extreme rage, and his hair fluttered from rage as he said, “What a sharp tongues little kid! Since you’ve challenged me, then I would seem too useless if I don’t agree!”


As he spoke, he took a stride forward, and the aura of an Ancestral God rumbled from his body. It was like a great god of demons had awakened, and his imposing aura shook the surroundings and was extremely terrifying.

A wisp of a cold arc appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth, and he was completely unafraid.

Right when this battle was about to erupt, a chilly and pleasant voice suddenly resounded. “What nonsense!”

It was merely two words, yet it was like a gale that swept through the hall, and it caused everyone’s hearts to trembled while they felt suffocating pressure envelop them.

On the other hand, Chen Xi and Yi Wen who were originally in confrontation felt suffocated while the vital energy in their bodies suffered absolute suppression, causing them to be unable to even take a step forward!

After that, under the shocked gazes of everyone, Empress Yu Che placed her hands behind her back and strode over to stand between Chen Xi and Yi Wen, and the gaze within her clear eyes was like a bolt of lightning that emanated green divine radiance.

Her fiery red dress that was embroidered with phoenixes fluttered while her slender and graceful figure seemed even more otherworldly. She was like a true empress that possessed an oppressive and powerful might.

“Don’t mention this matter again.” She glanced at Chen Xi before looking at Yi Wen. Obviously, she was warning Yi Wen not to go too far.

“All of you can leave. It’s time for this banquet to come to an end. Chen Xun and Tie Yunping, come with me.” Empress Yu Che turned around and left amidst her chilly and low voice.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, yet he agreed in the end.

When he saw that Chen Xi and Empress Yu Che were about to vanish from the hall, Yi Wen seemed to struggle before he suddenly said, “Empress, but….”

Empress Yu Che suddenly stopped moving. She didn’t even look back and merely flicked her sleeve in a casual manner.


A shapeless force suddenly swept out, and it actually instantly blasted a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God like Yi Wen flying. He let out a shrill cry as he crashed to the ground, and his entire body twitched. He was actually unable to stand up again!

Everyone was shocked, and all of them gasped. Because this was too terrifying! A Universe Enlightened Ancestral God had actually been crushed in an instant!

Chen Xi was extremely shocked as well. Exactly what sort of inconceivable height has Empress Yu Che’s cultivation attained?

“I told you not to mention this matter again, yet you refused to listen. Since it’s like that, then you can stay back. Perhaps I’ll consider allowing you to leave when the Patriarch of the Dayi Clan takes the initiative to come her and apologize, and if your Dayi Clan waits for me to go look for it myself… then the consequences won’t be so simple.” Empress Yu Che’s chilly and low voice resounded in the hall, and she seemed as if she’d done an extremely ordinary thing.

However, when everyone in the surroundings looked at Yi Wen who was still struggling and letting out shrill cries on the ground and coupled with the words of warning from Empress Yu Che, all of their hearts felt cold and a chill ran down their spines.

— End of Book Sixteen —

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