Chapter 1639 – Suffering A Crushing Defeat


Xun Yangping who fell into violet rage suddenly stomped on the ground, and he charged forward once more. His entire body flowed with the glow of lightning, and the sabre within his hand transformed into a ‘purgatory of lightning’ that was peerlessly violent and filled with the might to destroy the world.

Chen Xi didn’t go head on against him. The might of his Talisman Armament was limited while Xun Yangping’s sabre was a Natural Spirit Treasure. So, if they collided, then it would definitely be disadvantageous for Chen Xi.


His figure flashed as he executed the Vorpal Strike once more, and it shot out at a strange angle.


Xun Yangping defended against it with all his strength, yet he was actually unable to dodge, and he was struck once more by this sword strike. An extremely long injury was torn open on his chest, causing his skin and flesh to split apart while blood sprayed.

He let out a shrill cry from the intense pain, and he almost staggered to the ground. This caused him to go even madder, and his eyes turned bloodshot and were practically crimson red.

Unfortunately, he was powerless to counterattack under Chen Xi’s absolute suppression, and he could only resist passively, causing him to seem inferior in comparison and fall into a dangerous situation.

This caused everyone within the hall to be shocked. Earlier, Xun Yangping was extraordinarily haughty and domineering, and no one could bear the brunt of his attacks. Moreover, his combat strength was formidable to the point it instilled despair in their hearts.

Yet now, in this battle between him and Chen Xi, he was actually like a trapped beast that had fallen into a hopeless situation, and he’d been utterly suppressed and in an extremely sorry state. He’d completely lost that haughty and unrestrained bearing of supremacy!

This obviously showed how heaven defying Chen Xi’s combat strength was, and when compared to Chen Xi, Xun Yangping was simply dwarfed in comparison and was nothing worth mentioning!

Even those great figures opened their eyes wide and were filled with disbelief. They’d known that Chen Xi’s strength in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm was extraordinary, yet they’d never imagined it had already become formidable to such an extent.

Xun Yangping is Imperial Monarch Gou Chen’s son, and he’s a rare genius that possesses the potential of a Spirit God Exalt!

However, this Chen Xun is able to suppress Xun Yangping. So, doesn’t this mean that Chen Xun’s combat strength has already attained an unbelievable and unprecedented height?

Yet why have we never heard of such a figure? Could it be that it’s because he didn’t grow up in Snow Ink Region?

All the great figures found it impossible to calm their hearts, and they felt that Chen Xun’s origins seemed even more mysterious and extraordinary.

In the battlefield, Xun Yangping was completely suppressed. Even though the sabre in his hand was sharp, Chen Xi constantly avoided going head-on against him, and Chen Xi ceaselessly executed the Vorpal Strike that was the most mysterious attack he possessed.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Those numerous strands of strange sword qi were impossible to lock onto, so Xun Yangping was powerless to withstand them. In the following period of time, he’d simple become a living punching bag that was ceaselessly swept by strand after strand of sword qi, causing the injuries on his body to increase without end. Fresh blood gurgled from his body and drenched his clothed, and he seemed to be in an extremely sorry and miserable state.

Such a blow had simply arrived at his limits, and it angered Xun Yangping to the point he almost fainted. He was bashed up and suppressed like this in public, and this caused a type of unprecedented feeling of humiliation to arise in his heart.

On the other hand, all the spectators in the hall had already been stunned by this scene. They’d never see such a ferocious figure like Chen Xi who was utterly overbearing and domineering when facing a Spirit God Exalt like Xun Yangping. Such visual impact even caused them to be unable to help but feel pity for Xun Yangping.

Actually, Chen Xi could be said to have held back. Otherwise, with his extraordinary cultivation in the Sword Dao, Xun Yangping would have already perished a long time ago.


Xun Yangping was injured once more, and it angered him to the point his face twisted, and he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

At this moment, he’d been bashed up to the point of feeling helpless. He glanced at Chen Xi with a slightly terrified expression, and he bit his teeth and roared. “Who exactly are you? I’m already at the 76th position on the Domain Enlightened Chart. Could it be that you’re even more formidable than I am?”

The Domain Enlightened Chart!

The 76th position!

Everyone in the surroundings gasped when they heard this. Never had they imagined that this domineering fellow who Chen Xi had bashed up to such an extent actually possessed such a formidable strength.

If they knew this earlier, then Guan Hongyu, Xuan Ta’zi, Yi Xun, and the others wouldn’t have fought him, and they’d directly admitted their inferiority instead.

Because such a position was too heaven defying. The entire Ancient God Domain was extraordinarily huge, and it possessed countless Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm experts, whereas, Xun Yangping was actually able to occupy the 76th position, so this obviously showed how abnormal his combat strength was.

Guan Hongyu could be considered to be a top-rate genius in the 3,000 universes of Snow Ink Region, yet he still wasn’t able to be ranked on the Domain Enlightened Chart until now. This obviously showed how shocking Xun Yangping’s ranking was.

But what truly shocked them was that if it was like that, then exactly how high was Chen Xun who’d completely suppressed Xun Yangping?

“Didn’t that fellow say he wasn’t on the Domain Enlightened Chart? Looks like he really was lying.” Su Wan’er muttered.

The others felt the same way as well because they clearly remembered that Guan Hongyu had asked Chen Xi if he’d ascended onto the Domain Enlightened Chart during the banquet, and the latter had shaken his head.

However, when they witnessed this battle, how could they not know that Chen Xi had intentionally held back?

For a time, they felt a wave of complicated feelings in their hearts. Since this fellow possessed such strength, then why did he keep such a low profile?

Because if they knew about this earlier, then would they have rejected Chen Xi and treated Chen Xi coldly at all times?

Chen Xi glanced at Xun Yangping, and he frowned as he said, “Who I am isn’t important. What’s important it… whether you intend to continue?”

Xun Yangping’s expression changed indeterminately. At this moment, his entire body was bathed in blood, and he seemed to be in an extremely miserable and sorry state. He was truly beaten up by Chen Xi to the point there was a lingering fear in his heart.

“Young Master, that’s enough.” Suddenly, the skinny old man spoke. He arrived by Xun Yangping’s side while his muddy eyes glanced at Chen Xi, and his gaze carried a wisp of a strangely complicated expression. “It isn’t a humiliation to lose at the hands of this Young Master.”

Xun Yangping was stunned.

Everyone in the surroundings were stunned as well.

What does he mean by that?

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly stunned, and then his eyes narrowed as he faintly guessed something.

Before the others could recover from their shock, the old man had already turned around and cupped his hands towards Empress Yu Che who resided in the distance. “Sorry for troubling you, I hope Empress can forgive us. I’ll take the Young Master and leave right now. Farewell.”

As he spoke, he flicked his sleeve, and he disregarded Xun Yangping’s refusal as he brought Xun Yangping along and swiftly vanished on the spot.

Such a sudden departure caused everyone in the hall to be slightly surprised. However, when they thought about it, they helplessly noticed that they were utterly unable to stop the old man and Xun Yangping.

After all, Xun Yangping was a descendant of Imperial Monarch Gou Chen, and he had that old man who possessed an unfathomable strength by his side. So, he wasn’t someone they could compare to.

In next to no time, everyone within the hall couldn’t help but shoot their gazes towards Chen Xi, and their gazes carried admiration, fear, and even complicated emotions.

They were very clearly aware that if Chen Xi wasn’t present here, then the younger generation of Snow Ink Region would have been completely crushed today and trampled on by Xun Yangping. If news of this were to spread, then it wouldn’t just be the few of them that lost face because of it.

The reputation of the entire cultivation world within Snow Ink Region would probably suffer a blow.

It could be said that Chen Xi had helped them safe face this time, and all of them had to be grateful for this.

But it just so happened that many of them had rejected Chen Xi and treated him extremely coldly. It was even to the extent that the powers like the Dayi Clan and Spirit Truth Daoist Temple hated Chen Xi to the bone, and it was slightly difficult for them to feel grateful to Chen Xi.

So, the emotions in their hearts felt exceptionally complicated when they faced Chen Xi at this moment.

Chen Xi didn’t feel proud at all when facing this.

In terms of strength, after he was coincidentally able to improve his strength greatly on Corrupted Spirit Star, he was even confident in his ability to surmount a realm and go against the Sovereign Sect’s Ye Yan who was at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

Even though Xun Yangping was formidable, Xun Yangping was still a Domain Enlightened Spirit God in the end. So, defeating him was within Chen Xi’s expectations.

The only thing that slightly surprised Chen Xi was Xun Yangping’s position on the Domain Enlightened Chart.

He still remembered that when he advanced into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, he was at the 100th position. Now, less than half a year had passed by, yet his combat strength was sufficient to defeat Xun Yangping who was at the 76th position. It had indeed caused Chen Xi to feel slightly surprised.

“Chen Xun, you did well this time. With your achievements in combat today, no one in the entire Snow Ink Region will dare to underestimate you again.” Empress Yu Che spoke and broke the silence in the surroundings. Her clear, pleasant, and low voice carried a wisp of undisguised praise.

“Not to mention that if you didn’t turn that desperate situation around today, then today’s banquet would have probably been completely spoiled by that little fellow from the Xun Clan. In this way, it would bring shame to me as well. Come, allow me to toast you.”

As she spoke, she raised her fair hand, and she picked up two wine cups. She passed one to Chen Xi through the air, and then she held up the other from afar and made a gesture before emptying it.

At this instant, her red veil was raised up slightly to reveal a glimpse of her snow white chin and a full, red, and moist red lip that was curled in a beautiful arc. Even though it was only a flash, yet it revealed soul-stirring beauty, and it was extremely breathtaking.

“Empress, you’re too kind.” Chen Xi received the wine up, and then he cupped his hands before emptying it.

When they saw this, everyone in the surroundings felt both shocked and envious. They were clearly aware that if anyone dared to cause trouble for Chen Xi from now onwards, then Empress Yu Che would probably be the first to object.

After all, merely a few people that were rare like phoenix feathers and Qilin horns were able to receive such favor from Empress Yu Che.

No one noticed that the expression of Yi Tian who resided at a corner of the hall was extremely unsightly at this moment, and his expression changed indeterminately while intense conflict seemed to be carried out in his heart.

He was unable to accept such a situation. In his plans, the moment Chen Xi left this place would be the moment his Dayi Clan got even with Chen Xi. After that, he could seize that opportunity to seize the Copper Coin of Treasurefall and Overarching Heaven Net from Chen Xi’s corpse.

But who would have imagined that the situation had actually developed to such an extent!

Yi Tian even dared to swear that even if he knelt down and begged his clansmen to make a move against Chen Xi now, it would definitely be bluntly rejected.

Dammit! Why has this happened?’

Could it be that I can only watch as this fellow escapes from right before my eyes?

I’m unwilling to accept this!!

In the end, Yi Tian suddenly gritted his teeth and stood out, and then he pointed at Chen Xi who stood in the distance and said in a loud voice, “Everyone, this fellow isn’t a cultivator from our Snow Ink Region, and he’s a slave that ascended through the Last Days Domain from the lower dimensions!”

His voice rumbled through the hall, and it caused everyone to be shocked. The atmosphere turned perfectly silent to the point a falling needle could be heard.

He ascended from the lower dimensions?

Everyone felt doubtful, and they were slightly unable to believe all of this. After all, Chen Xi’s combat strength was too heaven defying, and he possessed the potential of a Spirit God Exalt. So, how could he possibly be from the lower dimensions?

On the other hand, when Chen Xi heard this, a wisp of fierce killing intent suddenly flashed in the depths of his eyes. This fellow really refuses to give up!

When he noticed that everyone didn’t believe him, Yi Tian was slightly anxious, and he said once more, “Not to mention this kid’s questionable origins, he even possesses two Natural Spirit Treasures, the Copper Coin of Treasurefall and Overarching Heaven Net. How could they possibly be treasures that an ordinary person can possess?”

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