Chapter 1638 – Absolute Suppression

Everyone in the surroundings almost suspected that there was something wrong with their ears. Xun Yangping is actually boasting about allowing all the others that are disgruntled to go against him together?

That’s simply too fucking arrogant!

It was even to the extent that they wondered how Imperial Monarch Gou Chen could have had such a son. Because Xun Yangping did as he pleased and acted in an unbridled manner. Moreover, his level of arrogance could be said to be world shocking.

But this had also indirectly displayed how haughty Xun Yangping was, and he didn’t take anyone within the hall seriously.

This was a form of provocation, and it was an extraordinary humiliation as well!

“I’ll be leaving if you continue to waste time.” A wisp of an arc arose on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth when he faced this scene, and his eyes were deep. He remained just as before, his vital energy was restrained, indifferent, and extraordinary.

Xun Yangping feigned surprise as he glanced at Chen Xi and said, “You actually said that this Young Master is wasting time? Haha! You really are anxious to be bashed up.”

His words were offensive, arrogant, and haughty, and it felt like he was an eagle that was looking down at an ant.

“Idiotic bastard! I gave you a chance, yet you don’t know how to cherish it, then die!” Xun Yangping roared with laughter. His long hair fluttered as he took a stride forward, and his right arm shook as he directly slapped it towards Chen Xi.

He’d successively defeated numerous disciples in the hall, and he’d successively defeated three top-rate existences like Xuan Ta’zi, Yi Xun, and Guan Hongyu, so he’d stopped taking everyone within the hall seriously since a long time ago

At this moment, when he struck this strike, he simply revealed a bearing of supremacy over the world, and he intended to crush Chen Xi and end this battle as soon as possible.


Chen Xi’s figure flashed while his entire body emanated strands of mysterious talisman markings, and he seemed to be ethereal as he easily avoided this attack.


Xun Yangping chuckled as he took another stride forward, and his hands seemed as if they were pushing the sun and the moon as they carried a myriad of strands of lightning and crushed down once more at Chen Xi.

Space collapsed while lightning rumbled, and it transformed into a violent and chaotic flow of lightning that filled this area, causing Chen Xi to be unable to dodge it.

Such a style was simply simple and direct, and he intended to defeat Chen Xi with absolute strength.


Chen Xi’s figure was like a Roc flying through the northern ocean. With a sudden swing, he actually pushed aside the myriad of strands of violent lightning and easily dodge once more.

“Hmph! Could it be that you only know how to dodge? If you’re afraid, then fuck off right now. I don’t have the patience to waste my time on a pussy like you!” Xun Yangping grunted coldly.

All the others in the hall gnashed their teeth with hatred. This fellow isn’t just arrogant, he has a fucking terrible mouth.

“Hah.” Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving while a wisp of a chilly smile curled up on the corners of his mouth. Since he’d started cultivating until now, he’d always been cursed at for being too domineering and overbearing, yet there had never been anyone that dared to call him a push.

Right at this moment, a myriad of strands of brilliant talisman markings suddenly surged out explosively from his body, and they seethed around his body while the ability within his entire body exploded forth.

His entire body was instantly enveloped by a strand of powerful divine light. He was like a scorching sun that soared in the sky, and he was dazzling and blazing to the limit.

At this moment, everyone within the hall felt suffocated and extremely dazed. This imposing aura was too powerful. It was supreme like a peerless sovereign, and when compared to Chen Xi’s indifferent and calm appearance from before, it was completely different as if he was a completely different person!

Because at this moment, talisman markings flowed around Chen Xi’s body while divine radiance enshrouded him. From head to toe, every single inch of his skin was glowing brilliantly and magnificently, and his Divine Dao Laws were like a material ocean that surged and burned!

“Hmm?” The pupils of many great figures constricted abruptly while their expressions changed. At this instant, they actually felt a form of pressure even with their cultivations at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm!

This was extremely unusual!

“The potential of a Spirit Gold Exalt….” The eyelids of that skinny old man by Xun Yangping’s side suddenly twitched while his muddy eyes erupted with a strand of shocking light.

Empress Yu Che’s red dress fluttered while a wisp of faint surprise appeared on the corners of her mouth that was covered by the red veil. She seemed to have never imagined that Chen Xi would actually be able to erupt with such might at this moment.


It took a long time to describe yet only an instant had passed. Chen Xi suddenly took a step forward while the myriad of dense talisman markings around him erupted. They were like numerous ancient divine formations that swiftly swept out and enveloped this area, and even Xun Yangping was enveloped beneath them.

“Eh….” At this moment, Xun Yangping was extremely shocked, and he felt extraordinarily threatened.

He practically instinctively let out a long howl, and his tall figure flickered through footwork that mimicked the position of the stars. He teleported as he executed various supreme techniques, causing Divine Energy to surge and transform into a violent river of lightning, and he intended to break through this envelopment and crush Chen Xi.

However, to his horror, his techniques were collapsed and dispersed as soon as they collided with the myriad of talisman markings. All of his techniques were drowned by the talisman markings and were completely useless.

Under the circumstances that it was a head-on collision, he was actually unable to shake Chen Xi at all!

Xun Yangping’s eyes opened wide, and he seemed to be slightly unable to believe his eyes. After that, he suddenly let out a loud roar while the light bolden lightning markings on his entire body glowed brightly, causing him to seem like an overlord of lightning. His arms suddenly swung out a myriad of lightning whips that whipped down forcefully at Chen Xi.

This was a supreme technique passed down from Imperial Monarch Gou Chen, and it was called Myriad Lightning Whip. It could whip a myriad of living beings, and it was extremely domineering and powerful.

But in the end, this sort of counterattack was actually crushed once again!

This time, Chen Xi was furious, and he stopped concealing his strength and utilized his best techniques. So, when he erupted with full force, it instantly took Xun Yangping by surprise.

“How could this be possible!?” Xun Yangping roared furiously. He’d achieved success at a young age and possessed extraordinary natural talent, and he’d established nine Divine Altar Spirit Lights in one go a long time ago, allowing him to possess the potential of a Spirit God Exalt. From that moment onwards, he’d practically never met his match amongst his peers of the same cultivation realm.

This caused his father, Imperial Monarch Gou Chen, to dote on him even more, causing his disposition to become even more unbridled and arrogant. However, never had he imagined that he would actually suffer a setback in Snow Ink Region. So, the rage he felt in his heart was easily imaginable.

“I never expected that you were actually a Spirit God Exalt as well!” Even though Xun Yangping was extremely arrogant, since he was able to attain his current accomplishments, he was naturally not an idiot. He quickly realized that Chen Xi was actually just like him, and Chen Xi was a rare Spirit God Exalt as well.

However, this was nothing. He was unable to accept that Chen Xi’s combat strength actually faintly showed signs of suppressing him.

“A Spirit God Exalt! This fellow actually possesses the potential of a Spirit God Exalt!” Everyone within the hall was extremely shocked, and all of their hearts were unable to calm down.

At this moment, they finally understood why Chen Xi could crush all of those top-rate figures like Xuan Ta’zi and Yi Xun during the Starhunt Meeting!

He was a Spirit God Exalt!

Very few Spirit God Exalts were born within the 1,000 plus regions and countless universes in the Ancient God Domain!

Once peerless geniuses like them made an appearance, they would be taken away by the ancient sects in the Imperial Region, and it was practically impossible to see a Spirit God Exalt.

Yet now, there were two Spirit God Exalts in battle before them. So, how could they not be shocked?

Especially Guan Hongyu, Yi Xun, Xuan Ta’zi, and the great figures of the sects that stood behind them. At this moment, all of them had extremely complicated and indescribable feelings in their hearts.


In the battlefield, Chen Xi charged over explosively while utilizing the Roc Divine Technique, causing this expanse of the heavens and the earth to be filled with powerful Divine Energy to the point it collapsed.

Xun Yangping’s pupils dilated while not a trace of underestimation or disregard could be found within his heart. He converged his entire strength as he roared furiously and fought with all his might to resist Chen Xi because he was unable to accept such a situation!


Divine light swept out in a disorderly manner while the Grand Dao rumbled in a deafening manner.

The terrifying impacting force of the Roc Divine Technique was practically all powerful as it forcefully suppressed Xun Yangping no matter how he struggled, and he couldn’t only passively resist Chen Xi’s attacks.

“Dammit! Dammit!!” Xun Yangping roared furiously without end because such a feeling was simply too horrible. The battle had only just begun, yet he’d already been forcefully suppressed, and this was something that he’d never encountered in the past.


At this moment, Chen Xi’s dense jet black hair fluttered while his tall figure was like an immovable divine mountain. With a single strike of his fist, space exploded into pieces while a myriad of Divine Dao Laws rumbled, and he was domineering and overbearing to the extreme.

As expected, this punch directly broke through Xun Yangping’s defense, and it shook the latter to the point he took seven heavy steps back. Moreover, every single one of these steps caused the ground to split apart while the entire hall trembled violently.

On the other hand, his expression was ceaselessly changing as he moved back. When he finally stood still, his face couldn’t help but turn pale while a trace of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

This obviously showed how terrifying the impact of this punch was. If it was an ordinary expert, that expert would have probably been blasted into bits by it.

Even the hearts of everyone within the hall trembled when they witnessed this scene. Because he was too formidable, and their scalps couldn’t help but go numb from this scene. But right after that, after they recovered from their initial shock, all of them heaved sighs of relief and felt a sense of relief and excitement in their hearts.

Because Xun Yangping was truly too arrogant and conceited just now, and he’d successively humiliated and looked down upon all of them from Snow Ink Region, causing them to be aggrieved int heir hearts. Now that Chen Xi displayed invincible might, it naturally caused them to feel extremely satisfied.

“Bastard!!” Xun Yangping roared fiercely, and his voice contained boundless rage and even carried aggrieved and disgruntled emotions. Moreover, the long hair on his head stood on end, and his eyes almost split apart from rage.

He was truly infuriated because he who was the dignified 13th son of Imperial Monarch Gou Chen and a Spirit God Exalt that looked down proudly at the world had been suppressed to such an extent now. This sort of feeling was something he’d never experienced in his lifetime!


He suddenly withdrew that 1.2m long sabre, and it carried a myriad of strands of lightning as it rumbled and swept over.

Obviously, this was a Natural Spirit Treasure that possessed extraordinarily great might, and it contained the quintessence energies of lightning. So, its murderous aura carried a terrifyingly forceful might of destruction.

Now, as soon as it was utilized by Xun Yangping, it actually broke through the shackles of Chen Xi’s suppression, and he was impossible to be suppressed any longer.

This caused Chen Xi’s brows to raise. He knew he couldn’t go head-on against this sabre because it would be undoubtedly like going against something that obviously had the advantage, and it would allow Xun Yangping to grasp the initiative in the battle once more.


In the next moment, the seemingly ordinary Talisman Armament suddenly appeared in Chen Xi’s fair and slender palm, and then he slashed with it!

The sword qi emanated from the sword strangely vanished into thin air before the eyes of everyone, and in the next moment, it suddenly appeared and slashed down from Xun Yangping’s side.

This sword strike was extremely mysterious and sudden, causing it to be impossible to guard against. Xun Yangping was pretty extraordinary because he was actually able to dodge away at the critical moment.

However, the hair on his left was grazed by the sword qi, causing them to fall off. Moreover, a terrifying mark was left behind on his face, causing blood to effuse out from there.

“Dammit!” Xun Yangping was horrified to the point a chill ran down his spine, and then his face turned livid while a howl that sounded like a wild beast erupted from his chest.

If he hadn’t dodged this strike in time, then it would have almost taken his life, and all of them caused Xun Yangping to be on the verge of going mad.

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