Chapter 1637 – How Could I Dare To Refuse?

Xun Yangping swept everyone with his gaze, and he revealed an arrogant expression while making no efforts to conceal his disdain. When he saw no one accepted his challenge after such a long time, he suddenly sighed and shook his head with disappointment. “I originally thought that the top Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm experts of Snow Ink Region were gathered here, but now that I’ve met them, haha….”

He hadn’t finished speaking, but that ‘laughter’ was so ear piercing, and coupled with his arrogant and disdainful expression, it caused everyone in the hall to almost go mad with rage.

How arrogant!Truly too arrogant!Even Chen Xi was slightly unable to continue watching, and a rare trace of battle intent had been aroused in his heart. This obviously showed how arrogant this fellow, Xun Yangping, was.

“I’ll seek advise from your extraordinary ability!”

“I’ll do it!”

At practically the exact same moment, two figures charged out simultaneously, and they flashed into the combat area. Shockingly, it was Guan Hongyu and Yi Xun.

Obviously, both of them hadn’t discussed this beforehand, and both of them couldn’t help but be stunned when they saw the other had actually charged out just like themselves.

“Let me do it.” Guan Hongyu glanced at Yi Xun.

“Hmph! You should allow me to do it instead.” Yi Xun grunted coldly, and his gaze was like a blade as he stared fixedly at Xun Yangping.

The spectators in the surroundings couldn’t help but cheer for their courage. Even if they hadn’t entered into battle yet, but their courage to fearlessly challenge Xun Yangping was extraordinary.

All the great figures couldn’t help but nod to themselves when they saw this. It was really not easy for the two of them to stand up and step forward bravely under such circumstances.

However, Xun Yangping smiled with disdain at this moment. He stretched out his finger in a provocative manner to Guan Hongyu and Yi Xun, and then he said, “You, and you. Since you’re impatiently looking for a beating, then come at me together and save this Young Master some time.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone in the surroundings was utterly infuriated, and they truly wished for nothing more than to tear this fellow’s mouth apart because he was simply arrogant to the extreme.

The faces of Guan Hongyu and Yi Xun sank while their sense of dignity and self-respect suffered an extraordinary humiliation. Since they’d started cultivating until now, they’d very rarely experienced such a feeling.

“That bastard!” It was even to the extent that one of the great figures couldn’t restrain himself from cursing, and it obviously showed how angry he was.


Suddenly, the skinny old man that followed by Xun Yangping’s side suddenly raised his eyes, and a wisp of cold lightning flashed through his muddy eyes as he glanced at that great figure.

In an instant, that great figure’s expression changed while a wisp of uncontrollable terror arose in his heart. Moreover, the hairs on his entire body stood on end.

“Qing Nu, if you dare to launch an attack, then don’t blame me for showing no mercy!” Empress Yu Che clear eyes glanced coldly at Qing Nu while she sent a voice transmission.

The eyes of that skinny old man narrowed while he instantly recovered his appearance from before. Obviously, he was rather fearful of Empress Yu Che.

All of this had occurred in an instant, and only very few people noticed it while most people within the hall were still paying attention to the situation in the battlefield.

“You withdraw yourself!” Guan Hongyu revealed a cold expression that was rarely seen on him, and he was unwilling to join forces with Yi Xun.

“If someone’s going to withdraw, then it should be you!” Yi Xun refused to budge. Both of them were the best geniuses in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm within Snow Ink Region, and both of them were extremely proud to the bone. So, they were unwilling to allow the other to gain even the slightest advantage.

“Hmph! That’s enough of bullshit!” Xun Yangping instantly felt impatient. The light golden lightning shaped markings on his entire body rumbled and glowed brilliantly, causing him to seem like a lightning sun that charged towards them.


His mighty and tall figure shattered space as he swept his fist over, and it was like a myriad of mountains crushing down towards Guan Hongyu.

At the same time, he swung his left arm, and it was like a surging river of stars that surged with violent lightning. It struck directly at Yi Xun who stood at the side.

At this instant, he’d actually executed two supreme techniques at the same time, and he’d attacked both Guan Hongyu and Yi Xun!

How confident and arrogant did one have to be to dare act in such a way?

The expressions of all the spectators changed abruptly.

In Guan Hongyu and Yi Xun’s opinions, Xun Yangping’s actions were even a form of humiliation. It caused both of them to be utterly infuriated, and they didn’t hesitate to attack in unison.


Guan Hongyu pressed his fingers together. They seemed crystalline, were suffused with five colored divine radiance, and flowed with the Divine Dao Laws of the five elements. It condensed into an expanse of magnificent clouds that smashed down towards Xun Yangping’s attack.

Beng! Beng! Beng!

Yi Xun held a simple longbow made from a beast bone. He knocked an arrow and drew the bowstring. In an instant, over a thousand extremely dazzling divine arrows shot out violently, and they tore through space as they whistled over.

When the Dao of Archery was utilized at such a close distance, its might was simply terrifying to the extreme. It caused all the spectators in the surroundings to dodge successively as they were worried about being affected by these attacks.

At this instant, Empress Yu Che even flicked her crimson red sleeve and withdrew a bowl shaped divine artifact, and it transformed into a light barrier that enveloped this expanse of the battlefield. If he didn’t act in this way, then even the restrictions would be unable to resist the aftershocks of the battle within the battlefield.


Space exploded apart, divine radiance shattered, expanse after expanse of Divine Dao Laws collapsed into pieces, blazing light surged, and Divine Energy shot out like a chaotic torrent.

In an instant, a myriad of supreme and terrifying techniques had collided between them as they fought ceaselessly.


A bronze spear appeared in Guan Hongyu’s hand, causing his imposing aura to change abruptly, and he seemed like a ferocious heavenly god that intended to slaughter the world.

At the same time, Xun Yangping grunted coldly, and a 1.2m long sabre appeared in his hand. Lightning shot from its surface, and it was covered in strands of blazing bolts of lightning, causing it to seem extremely violent.

Everyone felt excited in their hearts when they witnessed this scene. This fellow has finally been forced to withdraw his weapon!


The battle grew even more intense. The sabre lights, spear images, and divine arrows collided in the battlefield, causing divine light to spray into the surroundings, and those with slightly weaker strengths were even unable to witness the situation in the battlefield.

At the same time, the tune of the Dao rumbled here, and it formed a terrifying combat ripple that shattered through space as it swept out without end. It shook the restrictions and the bowl shaped divine artifact in the surroundings to the point of droning and trembling without end.

This obviously showed how terrifying the collision between them was, and if it occurred in the outside world the countless cities, mountains, and lakes would have been destroyed and crushed into powder.

“Hmph! Your joint forces are actually nothing great. How truly disappointing!” Suddenly, Xun Yangping’s loud shout resounded from within the battlefield, and it was like an explosion that caused the eardrums of everyone to buzz.


After that, everyone noticed to their astonishment that Xun Yangping slashed with the lightning sabre in his hand, and he actually forcefully blasted away the spear in Guan Hongyu’s hand.

After that, Xun Yangping’s figure charged forcefully at Guan Hongyu. Guan Hongyu seemed as if he’d been struck by a myriad of mountains, and the bones in his entire body collapsed in an instant, causing blood to spray from both of mouth and nose while his figure was blasted flying.


At practically the exact same moment, an arrow tore through the sky and arrived before Xun Yangping.


However, it was suddenly grabbed by Xun Yangping, and by rely solely on the strength in his palm, he crushed the arrow into powder.

“Fuck off!” Xun Yangping turned around like a peerless Fiendgod that had descended into the world, and the sabre in his hand carried the glow of a myriad of bolts of lightning as it tore through space and smashed down at Yi Xun.


The simple beast bone longbow broke at the center while Yi Xun let out a shrill cry. The skin on his entire body was charred black and cracked apart piece by piece, causing his entire body to seem like a piece of charred wood, and he was directly blasted out of the battlefield.

All of this had occurred too quickly, and it caused everyone to be unable to react to it before Guan Hongyu and Yi Xun had been defeated at the same time. It was an extremely horrifying scene.

“Your joint forces weren’t anything great. Both of you’re really too weak.” Xun Yangping roared with laughter while his long hair fluttered, and lightning surged out explosively from the lightning sabre in his hand, causing him to seem peerlessly domineering and arrogant.

All the spectators were stunned. Earlier, all of them hoped that Guan Hongyu and Yi Xun would be able to jointly turn the situation around. Yet who would have expected that they’d actually lose, and they’d lost so horribly?

Could it be that fellow is truly invincible?

All of them felt despaired, and they were unable to accept this situation.

Especially those great figures, all of them had livid expressions that were extremely unsightly.

Right amidst this deathly silence, Xun Yangping who stood proudly in the battlefield raised his head. His eyes were dazzling like the sun as he swept everyone with his gaze, and a wisp of dense disdain curled up onto the corners of his mouth. “These are the geniuses in your eyes? They’re nothing great. Does anyone else think they’re more formidable than these two fellows? Step forward for this Young Master!”

It was an expanse of deathly silence that he received in reply.

At this moment, it was a rare moment where there were no clamorous or furious voices, and all of them were struck by this cruel reality to the point slightly losing hope.

Even the best geniuses like Xuan Ta’zi, Yi Xun, and Guan Hongyu had been defeated, so could anyone defeat this extremely arrogant fellow?

“Brother Chen Xun, it’s already at a time like this, are you still able to endure it?” Suddenly, Guan Hongyu who lay heavily injured on the ground spoke in a hoarse voice, and he looked towards a side of the hall.

Chen Xun?

When they heard this name, all of them who’d lost hope were slightly stunned, and then a wisp of bright light surged abruptly into their eyes. Right, how could I have forgotten about this fellow!?

For a time, many people gazed towards the same direction in succession. There was a ancient wood table there, and a thin figure was seated cross-legged behind the table. He had a handsome appearance and a calm bearing. It was exactly Chen Xi.

When he saw everyone look at him, Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. The reason he’d exercised forbearance and hadn’t made an appearance until now wasn’t because he was afraid of Xun Yangping, nor was it because he was putting on an act of being unfathomable and superior. It was merely because he really didn’t want to get involved in this matter.

After all, he wasn’t from Snow Ink Region. Moreover, no matter if it was when he was outside this hall or while he was within it, Tie Yunping and him had been constantly rejected and treated coldly by everyone in the surroundings. So, how could he have the mood to stand up for them?

Even though he really couldn’t bear the sight of Xun Yangping, he was still rather happy when he saw Yi Xun and those other fellows being beaten to such a miserable state.

However, when Guan Hongyu named him at this moment, and he was being stared at by everyone. Chen Xi instantly knew that he was probably unable to continue staying out of this matter….

“Chen Xun, if you’re able to defeat him, then I guarantee that no one within Snow Ink Region will dare to look for trouble with you at all.” Suddenly, a pleasant and low voice sounded out by Chen Xi’s ear, causing him to be stunned. He raised his head and glanced at Empress Yu Che who sat in the distance. Her clear eyes were staring at him at this moment, and her gaze faintly carried a wisp of anticipation.

When he noticed this, Chen Xi instantly made a decision, and he said via voice transmission, “That day on Corrupted Spirit Star, Empress had already helped junior deal with a moment of danger. Since Empress has requested this of me now, then how could I dare to refuse?”

As he spoke via voice transmission, he stood up and strode forward. He suddenly arrived in the battlefield, and his gaze glanced indifferently at Xun Yangping that stood before him as he said, “Didn’t you want to fight? I’ll accompany you.”

His voice was calm and indifferent, and he didn’t make a show of strength at all, yet it carried a force that calmed the heart.

When all the others in the surroundings saw Chen Xi had finally made an appearance, besides feeling excited in their hearts, they couldn’t help but feel slightly complicated feelings. They’d roughly thought about how they’d rejected Chen Xi and treated Chen Xi coldly earlier.

A wisp of bright light arose in Empress Yu Che’s clear eyes when she saw this. This little fellow isn’t bad. Helping him with the Divine Polaris Dew that day wasn’t done in vain.

“Haha! How haughty of you. Do you know that detest people like you the most? You try to show off and put on an act too much!” Xun Yangping was extremely haughty as he sized Chen Xi up, and then his voice carried a wisp of disdain. “Do you need to call a few people to assist you?”

As he spoke, he swept the surroundings with his gaze and said, “Or perhaps if anyone in the surroundings is disgruntled, you can fight me together. This Young Master doesn’t have the patience to continue playing with all of you any longer.”

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