Chapter 1636 – Insufferably Arrogant

Empress Yu Che’s brows knit together, and she seemed to be slightly displeased.

Before Empress Yu Che could provide any reaction to this, a disciple was unable to restrain himself, and he said, “Fellow Daoist, do you the established rules? This is Snow Ink Region, and it isn’t your South Pole Region.” It was a young man in a luxurious violet robe that spoke these words, and he was slightly unable to bear the sight of Xun Yangping’s arrogance.

Logically speaking, these words hadn’t gone too far, yet a wisp of a sharp arc instantly arose on Xun Yangping’s mouth when he heard this, and he revealed a mouthful of snow white teeth.

“If you’re disgruntled, then come up here for a battle, and if you don’t dare, then shut up obediently. Don’t just talk like a woman!” These words seemed to be extremely arrogant. Moreover, it had even infuriated many female cultivators in the surroundings, and it was even to the extent that Empress Yu Che was unlucky enough to be implicated as well.

This obviously showed how unbridled Xun Yangping was.

The face of the young man in the luxurious violet robe instantly flushed red, and he said coldly, “I have manners unlike someone, and I refuse to break the rules.”

“The rules? Manners? I’m sorry, this Young Master doesn’t believe in all of that, and I only believe in my own strength!” Xun Yangping shouted loudly while light golden lightning shaped markings flowed throughout his body, and it shattered and warped the space around him.

As he spoke, he suddenly grabbed with his hand.


Divine light arose while the glow of lightning surged, and his Divine Energy shot out like an ocean as he actually grabbed onto the young man’s wrist from afar.


The young man’s arm was actually forcefully broken off, causing blood to spray as he let out a miserable and shrill cry.

Everyone in the hall became agitated and extremely infuriated. This fellow is too arrogant. He actually launched an attack just because of a verbal disagreement. He’s simply lawless!

There were also many people that were astounded in their hearts. That young man was a disciple of the Bloodmoon Divine Sect, and he was ranked at the 27th position during the Starhunt Meeting. He was an extremely dazzling genius as well, yet he was actually unable to resist a single strike at all.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while a wisp of surprise flashed through them, and then his expression immediately returned to normal.

“A piece of trash like you dares to criticize this Young Master?” Xun Yangping smiled even more brilliantly, yet he didn’t stop there, and he suddenly waved his hand and slapped it down.

If this strike were to hit, then it would definitely shatter that young man’s head!

“That’s enough!” Right at this moment, Empress Yu Che spat out two words with an extremely cold voice. At practically the exact same moment, a strand of green light flickered and soundlessly dispersed Xun Yangping’s attack.

“Haha! Empress, you’re displeased that I was too ruthless?” Xun Yangping had a completely indifferent appearance, and he grinned as he spoke.

Everyone in the surroundings felt even more furious when they heard this. This fellow is simply too arrogant and too haughty!

“Qing Nu, is this the way how Imperial Monarch Gou Chen asked you to take care of his 13th Young Master?” Empress Yu Che directly disregarded Xun Yangping, and her eyes were cold as she gazed at the old man by Xun Yangping’s side.

“I’m only responsible for the 13th Young Master’s safety, and I’m unable to interfere in anything else.” At this moment, the old man’s figure was still hunched, and his aged face that was covered in wrinkles didn’t reveal even a trace of emotion. Moreover, his tone was even weak and sickly.

But it was very obvious that since Empress Yu Che knew his identity, he was obviously not an ordinary figure.

This answer caused Empress Yu Che to be unable to help but frown once more, and she was really slightly infuriated this time.

“Empress, it’s only a spar. If all the Fellow Daoists here admit that their strengths are far inferior to my own, then I have nothing to say, and I’ll leave immediately. Moreover, I won’t ever take another step into Snow Ink Region. What do you think?” Xun Yangping placed his hands behind his back as he spoke slowly while revealing an arrogant and powerful imposing aura.

Merely this single sentence had completely infuriated everyone in the surroundings. This fellow hasn’t just come with ill intent. He has obviously come to humiliate all of us!

Even Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart. This fellow really is arrogant. But he possesses the qualifications to be arrogant. After all, his father is Imperial Monarch Gou Chen while his own combat strength is extraordinary as well. Moreover, he even has an old servant that possesses an unfathomable strength following by his side. If anyone else were to dare act so arrogantly, that person would have probably died countless times over.

“Empress, I’m willing to meet this Fellow Daoist from the South Pole Region in battle!”

“Even though I’m not the best, I’m not afraid of battle.”

“Hmph! How audacious! You dare to look down upon the Fellow Daoists of my Snow Ink Region? We absolutely won’t endure such contempt and injustice!”

In an instant, it seemed like an uproar had broken out in the hall. All the disciples in the surroundings stood up furiously, and they intended to challenge Xun Yangping.

“Haha! Most of you aren’t a match for me, so I don’t want to be said to have bullied the weak.” When facing such a scene, Xun Yangping crossed his hands before his chest, and not only was he not surprised, he started sneering and was even more disdainful.

At this moment, even the expressions of those great figures had turned gloomy. This kid is simply too arrogant and haughty!“Nevermind. Since you insist, then do as you wish.” Empress Yu Che knew she couldn’t do anything to stop it now, so she immediately waved her hand.

An empty expanse of ground was instantly opened up at the center of the hall, and then Empress Yu Che personally set up a divine restriction to mark the combat area so as to avoid it from affecting the others in the surroundings.

Xun Yangping immediately roared with laughter when he saw this, and his figure flashed onto the empty space. The light golden markings shaped like bolts of lightning emanated surging divine radiance, and it caused his imposing aura to seem even more powerful.

“I’ll have a go against you!” A young man was unable to restrain himself, and he flashed over.

Xun Yangping’s figure was tall, his gaze was like bolts of lightning, and he glanced at that person and said with disdain. “Trash that can’t even withstand a single strike. You don’t have the qualifications to fight me!”

As he spoke, he raised his right hand, causing an enormous glow of lightning to arise, and it formed into a violent lightning dragon that swept fiercely at that young man.


The lightning dragon roared while its enormous body seethed with flashes of lightning. It covered the heavens and the earth as it rumbled and smashed down forcefully towards that young man. The lightning dragon hadn’t even come close to the young man when he was already blasted flying, and his entire body was burned black. He ceaselessly howled miserable in a shrill voice, and he was heavily injured and on the verge of death.

All the others were astounded. Because that young man was a first-rate existence, yet he was actually unable to withstand a single strike and was defeated like worthless trash.

For a time, many people that felt they were inferior to the young man started hesitating, and they didn’t dare move forward.

This scene caused the eyelids of all the great figures to twitch without end. They had no choice but to admit that even if Xun Yangping was arrogant to the extreme, his strength was formidable to the extreme as well, and he was a peak existence amongst top-rate Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods.

“That’s the consequence for overestimating your ability!” Xun Yangping became even more arrogant when he saw this, and his dense hair fluttered while strands of lightning shot out from them, causing it to be an extremely terrifying sight.

Chen Xi frowned. Not only is this fellow arrogant, he’s extremely ruthless as well. That strike from before almost took that young man’s life.

“Hmph! Let me see exactly who’s overestimating his ability!” Right at this moment, a cold grunt suddenly resounded, and then Xuan Ta’zi straightened his clothes before arriving swiftly at the empty space.


Without any hesitation, he withdrew a white jade sword, and then slashed with a swing of his hand. Sword Insight surged like tempestuous waves and overlapped in layers, and it was filled with the supreme profound aura of the Daoist Sect.


Xun Yangping’s eyes lit up before he suddenly smashed his fist forward. His fist and the sword qi collided, and it sounded like metal weapons colliding. It was sharp and ear piercing while divine radiance rumbled from the point of collision.

“Your strength isn’t anything great. You’ve only condensed seven Divine Altar Spirit Lights, yet you dare to flaunt your ability before me? Aren’t you afraid of bringing shame to yourself!?” Xun Yangping laughed with ridiculed

This fellow was absolutely an expert at arousing hatred because a single sentence from him was capable of infuriating others to death.

Divine Altar Spirit Light represented the amount of spirit light that was born from one’s Divine Dao Altar when one advanced into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, and it was divided into the colors of crimson, orange, yellow, pine green, dark blue, indigo, violet, black, and white.

Being able to condense seven Divine Altar Spirit Lights was already a sign of possessing rare natural talent and ability, yet now, it seemed to be a humiliation in Xun Yangping’s opinion. How could this not be infuriating?

“How arrogant!” Xuan Ta’zi was infuriated. Since he’d started cultivating until now, never had anyone dared to humiliate and underestimate him like that.

“What? You’re not convinced of your weakness?” I can crush a group of trash like you by myself.” Xun Yangping sneered, and he seemed to be extremely haughty.


Xuan Ta’zi didn’t speak anymore. He attacked once more with sword in hand. The sword was crystalline, and it seethed with surging mysterious markings and profound light of the Daoist Sect.

Everyone else was furious as well because even Xuan Ta’zi was said to be so useless, so what about them?

Xun Yangping remained barehanded while his entire body erupted with numerous strands of lightning that seemed like shackles. They transformed into blazing divine glows that shattered space as they charged in a direct manner, and they carried a violent impetus like that of a huge unstoppable army that was pressing down upon its enemy.

For a time, divine radiance erupted here while the tune of the Dao rumbled. Two figures intersected each other in an extremely violent collision. If Empress Yu Che hadn’t set up the Divine Restrictions, then Water Cloud Palace would probably have been instantly destroyed.

“Is that all you’ve got? How boring!” Suddenly, numerous lightning flowers arose from Xun Yangping’s body. They were translucent and crystalline, and every single petal was covered in the Laws of Lightning while they emanated an extremely terrifying aura.

After that, these lightning flowers instantly bloomed, and they emanated strands of bright golden lightning.


Xuan Ta’zi was caught off guard and could only raise his sword to block this attack. However, he was struck by it to the point his sword trembled while the vital blood within his entire body roiled, and his defense had almost been crushed. Obviously, he’d fallen into a disadvantageous position.


Suddenly, all of these lightning flowers exploded, and they transformed into a boundless torrent of lightning that blasted Xuan Ta’zi to the point he staggered back while coughing up blood repeatedly. In the end, he was unable to hold on any longer, and his figure was blasted flying.


Blood sprayed while his entire body was covered in injuries. He fell to the ground and was actually heavily injured to the point he was unable to stand up.

“If I didn’t hold back, then merely that strike from before would have undoubtedly killed you.” Xun Yangping stood proudly on the spot while his entire body flowed with the glow of lightning, and he seemed even more ferocious and terrifying.

This caused everyone in the surroundings to be astounded, and their expressions turned grim in succession. He’s too formidable. This fellow is simply like a freak that controls lightning and is invincible. Even a figure like Xuan Ta’zi lost miserably.

This fellow probably possesses the potential to become an Exalt amongst Spirit Gods…. Chen Xi had watched all of this from the side, and a wisp of surprise couldn’t help but arise within his black eyes.

It wasn’t just Chen Xi, all the other great figures in the surroundings had guessed this, and their faces were covered in a layer of coldness.

Even Xuan Ta’zi had been miserably defeated too quickly, so they wondered whether Guan Hongyu would even be a match for Xun Yangping.

On the other hand, Empress Yu Che frowned as well. Her clear eyes surged with divine light, and what she was thinking was unknown.

“Haha! Is there no one else? Didn’t all of you boast about challenging this Young Master just now? Why have all of you gone quiet now?” Xun Yangping swept everyone with his gaze, and the countenance of all the disciples that he glanced at turned livid and pale. Even though they were extremely aggrieved and furious in their hearts, not a single one of them dared to accept his challenge.

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