Chapter 1635 – A Descendant of Imperial Monarch Gou Chen

Even though the atmosphere was cold, Chen Xi was happy and content instead. It was the first time he had the opportunity to taste the high class delicacies of the Ancient God Domain. It contained a superb collection of ingredients, and every single ingredient was a precious divine ingredient. Even the wine was difficult to find in the outside world.

In the three dimensions, such a feast was simply like the divine feast of a Taotie, and it was utterly impossible to find.

However, when Chen Xi tasted the taste and technique of these delicacies, he felt that it was just passable, and it was even to the extent that he felt it could absolutely be better if he’d done the cooking.

After all, he was a rather legendary grandmaster spirit chef as well!

The Firemoon Universe is the central core of Snow Ink Region, and the produce and trade here would definitely be extremely booming. It’s just a slight pity that with formidable enemies eyeing me with hostility all around, I probably wouldn’t have the chance to go around this universe…. Chen Xi suddenly sighed in his heart. He intended to look for some divine materials to refine the Talisman Armament once more in order to improve its might and quality. However, now it would seem like it would at least be impossible to accomplish in Snow Ink Region.

Artificial Spirit Treasures were roughly divided into low-rank, mid-rank, and high-rank divine artifacts, and every single rank was further divided into three grades.

For example, first to third grade Artificial Spirit Treasures were generally knows as low-rank divine artifacts, and they could be utilized by World Enlightened True Gods.

Artificial Spirit Treasures from the fourth to sixth grade were mid-rank divine artifacts, and they were treasures prepared for Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods.

Thus, Artificial Spirit Treasures from the seventh to ninth grade were high-rank divine artifacts, and they were treasures prepared for Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods.

The Talisman Armament wasn’t a Natural Spirit Treasure, and its current might was barely a bit stronger than low-rank divine artifacts, yet it was inferior to a fourth-grade mid-rank divine artifact.

In others words, Chen Xi had stepped foot into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm since a long time ago, and he was even close to perfection in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, yet the might of the Talisman Armament in his possession was still at the standard for the World Enlightened True God Realm. So, it was naturally far from being able to satisfy Chen Xi’s requirements in combat.

So, if he didn’t get a different sword, then improving the might of the Talisman Armament was the important matter at hand.

Unfortunately, because of the situation he faced, Chen Xi didn’t have the chance to stay in Snow Ink Region at all. So, he could only let nature take its course.

Fortunately, besides the Talisman Armament, he still had other precious treasures, so it wouldn’t come to the extent of causing him to be unable to cope with the battles he faced in the future.

Nevermind, I’ve obtained a huge amount of Beast Cores during the Starhunt Meeting, and they can be exchanged for a huge amount of wealth. At that time, I would at least have no need to worry about money when I purchase the divine materials I need. Chen Xi pondered silently and planned what he would do next.

After an unknown period of time, a melodious and harmonious cry suddenly arrived from outside Water Cloud Palace.

Along with this cry, strands of fragrance that gladdened the heart appeared. The fragrance caused one’s heart to calm down, and it was like smelling the fragrance of the Dao and was indescribably wonderful.

This scene instantly caused the bustling atmosphere in the hall to quiet down, and many people stopped what they were doing and looked out of the hall in succession.

Even those great figures were no exception. However, their expressions carried surprise and bewilderment. Obviously, they hadn’t figured out what was going on.

Only Empress Yu Che that sat at the central seat of the host had a rare moment of narrowing her deep and clear eyes, and one could faintly notice a strand of green light that seemed like a cold bolt of lightning suddenly arising from the depths of her eyes!

“Empress, it seems to be….” A strand of bright light suddenly arose from Yun Qing’s gaze, and he seemed to have guessed something, causing his aged and indifferent face to be suffused with a trace of shock.

“Prepare to welcome our guests.” Empress Yu spoke in a light voice.

The fragrance was indistinct, and the cry was like the sound of nature. It caused the hall, the heavens, the earth, and everything to seem to have become tranquil at this instant.

Everyone within the hall stopped speaking while they revealed a wisp of surprise and bewilderment on their faces. Even though this commotion wasn’t huge, it could be considered to be shocking.

Who exactly has arrived?

Right amidst the gazes of everyone, a treasures carriage swiftly arrived in the pitch black night sky outside the hall.

It was like a wisp of fiery light that tore through the night sky, and it was dazzling and resplendent.

It was a treasured carriage that was covered beneath a canopy[1], gilded with gold, imposing, and elegant. It was guarded by 36 gorgeous divine clouds from all around, and they emanated those strands of fragrance that was like the fragrance of the Dao. There were four divine, mighty, and huge Fire Qilins pulling the carriage from the front, and all of them possessed surging divine might and emanated a strand of oppressing and imposing aura.

It was the Cloud Fragrance Carriage!

The pupils of many people constricted while a wisp of shock appeared on their faces because they’d recognized the origins of this treasured carried.

This treasured carriage was unique in the entire Ancient God Domain, and it belonged to Imperial Monarch Gou Chen who was the Region Lord of South Pole Region . In a single day, it was capable of traversing 10 regions and thousands of universes!

Could it be that Imperial Monarch Gou Chen has arrived?

Everyone was shocked and filled with disbelief. Because South Pole Region was near to the central Imperial Region, and it was boundlessly vast and far surpassed Snow Ink Region.

Especially Imperial Monarch Gou Chen, he was renowned throughout the world, and he was equally famous as North Light Region’s Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu and Obsidian Region’s Imperial Monarch Zi Wei. He was a world shocking figure that was rather legendary amongst the numerous Region Lords of the Ancient God Domain.

Chen Xi didn’t know anything about this at all, thus he couldn’t be considered to be surprised, and it was even to the extent that he was too busy to divert his attention to pay attention to all of this. He was still deducing with concentration about exactly how many times of precious materials he should find in order to allow the might of the Talisman Armament to undergo a complete transformation.

In next to no time, everyone within the hall heaved sighs of relief int heir hearts. In their fields of vision, the Cloud Fragrance Carriage arrived outside of the hall, and then a young man in a silver robe walked down from the treasured carriage while accompanied by an old man.

Obviously, it wasn’t Imperial Monarch Gou Chen that had arrived here this time!

However, everyone still didn’t dare act disrespectfully. Because since these people were able to come here in the Cloud Fragrance Carriage, their identities would absolutely not be simple.

The young man wore a marten coat and a silver robe, and he had a proud expression on his face. His skin had strands of strange light cold lightning shaped markings while his bones surged with arrogance that couldn’t be concealed, and he was haughty and domineering.

When one looked at him from afar, one could discern that he wasn’t ordinary at all, and he was a peerless genius that possessed the ability and natural talent to look down upon all.

However, the old man by his side seemed to be extremely ordinary instead. The old man wore grey clothes, a black hat, and had an ordinary appearance. His skinny figure was slightly hunched as he followed closely by the young man’s side.

However, all the great figures in the surroundings were shocked in their hearts because even with their ability, they were actually unable to see through the old man!

This pair of young and old had arrived in the Cloud Fragrance Carriage. One was dazzling while the other was unfathomable, and it caused the atmosphere in the surroundings to become deathly silent.

Right amidst this silence, the silver robed young man had his hands behind his back as he walked with large strides into the hall. Every single stride he took caused a tempest to surge, and the glow of lightning erupted beneath his feet, causing it to be an extremely terrifying sight.

“Xun Yangping from South Pole Region’s Skydrop Palace greets Empress Yu Che.” The young man arrived directly before the central seat in the hall before he stopped, and then he cupped his hands lightly and smiled brightly as he spoke.

Even if he was facing Empress Yu Che, a strand of undisguised pride and arrogance still flowed within him.

South Pole Region.

Skydrop Palace.

Surnamed Xun!

When they heard these words, all the people in the surroundings felt suffocated. This fellow is really a descendant of Imperial Monarch Gou Chen!

Because Skydrop palace was where Imperial Monarch Gou Chen cultivated. Most importantly, everyone in the world was clearly aware that Imperial Monarch Gou Chen’s name was Xun Liankuang!

Since this silver robed young man called himself Xun Yangping, how could they be unable to guess his identity?

At this moment, even Chen Xi couldn’t help but raise his head in surprise, and he glanced at Xun Yangping’s figure before he shook his head and lowered his head to continue deducing.

No matter how shocking Xun Yangping’s identity was, Xun Yangping was merely a Domain Enlightened Spirit God in the end, and there was no relationship between them at all. So, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to Xun Yangping.

There were so many people with extraordinary identities in the world. So, could it be that one should pay attention to every single one of them? That was too much of a waste of time, and it was meaningless as well.

“Oh, when I met your father at the South Pole Region all those years ago, you’d just started tottering around and learning to walk. Now, you’re already so old.” Empress Yu Che spoke while her clear eyes were calm as water, and her voice was indifferent as well.

She’d recognized the young man. He was Imperial Monarch Gou Chen’s 13th child, and he possessed a domineering and arrogant disposition. Moreover, he was extremely renowned in South Pole Region during the recent years.

When he heard Empress Yu Che speak like a senior to him and even mention the time when he was tottering around and learning to walk, Xun Yangping’s face couldn’t help but stiffen, and then he roared with laughter. “I never expected that Empress still remembers me.”

His voice shook the hall and rumbled like a thunderclap, and it caused all the people in the surroundings to frown. This fellow is really arrogant. Even if he’s a descendant of Imperial Monarch Gou Chen, he’s only a junior in the end when facing Empress Yu Che.

“I wonder what important business Young Master Xun has in my Snow Ink Region?” Empress Yu Che seemed to not mind at all, and she spoke indifferently.

“I can’t be considered to be important business at all, and I just travelled here by chance before I heard that the Starhunt Meeting had come to an end. So, I was unable to restrain my curiosity and came here to meet my Fellow Daoists.” Xun Yangping smiled lightheartedly. “Empress wouldn’t blame me for coming unannounced right?”

So, he was just passing by….

The others in the surroundings couldn’t help but sigh with emotion when they heard this. This descendant of Imperial Monarch Gou Chen is really showy. He made such a commotion just when he entered Water Cloud Palace, and in this entire world, it probably only be him who would dare to act in this way.

“I naturally welcome a guest that has come from afar.” Empress Yu Che suddenly stood up and swept the hall with her gaze. “Everyone, allow me to make the introductions for all of you. This is the 13th child of South Pole Region’s Region Lord, Imperial Monarch Gou Chen. He has cultivated for only around 600 plus years now, yet he has already attained the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm in cultivation. He’s an extremely rare and outstanding genius.”

All the people in the surroundings came to an understanding when they heard this.

“Empress is too kind. This Young Master is deeply engrossed in cultivation, and I’d only left to roam the various regions for the sake of finding even more opportunities to spar with and have exchanges with my peers.” Xun Yangping paused for a moment and said, “Now, I heard that the most outstanding geniuses in Snow Ink Region are gathered in this hall. So, I wonder if you’ll allow this Young Master to seize this opportunity to seek guidance from all of you?”

As he finished speaking, his figure straightened while his entire body surged with light golden lightning shaped markings. He was arrogant and haughty as his gaze swept out like bolts of lightning and swept past everyone.

He really as come with ill intent!All of their hearts shook upon hearing this because Xun Yangping had actually come here for the sake of challenging the top-rate disciples at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm.

In an instant, the atmosphere suddenly became deathly silent and nervous.

This fellow really doesn’t have anything better to do. Chen Xi frowned as he muttered in his heart because Xun Yangping’s loud shout had caused him to be unable to concentrate on his deduction.

“Unfortunately, the Starhunt Meeting has already come to an end….” Empress Yu Che seemed to be slightly surprised, but she spoke calmly right after that.

However, she was interrupted by Xun Yangping’s roaring laughter before she could even finish speaking. “Isn’t this the best opportunity to have a spar? Wouldn’t a banquet that’s without combat to liven things up be a bit too boring?”

At this moment, Empress Yu Che revealed a rare frowning expression, and a wisp of coldness surged into her clear eyes. She seemed as if she’d been infuriated by Xun Yangping’s rude attitude!

1. Google ‘华盖’ for pictures

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