Chapter 1634 – Swallowing Humiliation For The Sake Of Survival

With Xiao Tianlong’s status, no one had expected that he would actually disregard his bearing and dignity in public, and even directly kneel down in a cowardly manner to kowtow and beg Chen Xi.

In an instant, everyone was stunned.

Even Chen Xi was slightly surprised, and then he cursed in his heart. This bastard really is shameless!Unless such circumstances, everyone would probably misunderstand that Chen Xi was too arrogant and forced this fellow to kneel and beg for forgiveness.

After all, even though Xiao Tianlong’s reputation couldn’t compare to Guan Hongyu, Yi Xun, and Xuan Ta’zi, he was a renowned figure of the Violethell Divine Sect’s younger generation. Even though doing this would incur extreme disdain, those people that didn’t know the facts of the matter would probably think that Chen Xi had gone too far.


Xiao Ruoruo slapped Xiao Tianlong forcefully on the back of his head, causing him to stagger and roll on the ground.

“You worthless wretch! You’ve utterly humiliated our Xiao Clan!” Xiao Ruoruo’s revealed a livid expression, and she was angered to the point of flicking her sleeve and leaving.

Xuan Ta’zi was unable to watch any longer, and he grunted coldly before leaving as well.

But it was obvious that Xiao Tianlong couldn’t be bothered about all of this now, and he knelt once more before he started begging bitterly without end.

He simply seemed humble to the extreme, and besides causing others to be surprised and feel disdain, they couldn’t help but wonder exactly what sort of bet had been formed between Chen Xi and Xiao Tianlong because it actually caused Xiao Tianlong to even disregard his dignity.

For a time, the gazes of many people towards Chen Xi had changed slightly, and it carried fear and even a wisp of anger.

Not only did this fellow annihilate the disciples of the Dayi Clan and Spirit Truth Daoist Temple in the Starhunt Meet, he even forced a disciple from the Violethell Divine Sect to kneel down and beg for forgiveness now. He’s simply too haughty!Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown when he faced such a situation. He knew very clearly that many people in the surroundings already had unfavorable opinions of him, and it was especially so for the disciples of the Dayi Clan and Spirit Truth Daoist Temple that were extremely hostile towards him.

Under such circumstances, even if he did give an explanation, there would probably be no one that believed him.

“Senior, since he has already admitted his mistakes, then let’s forgive him this time. He’s still my Senior Brother in the end.” Tie Yunping spoke abruptly while a rather calm expression.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he frowned as he said, “You do remember that this Senior Brother of yours caused you to almost be unable to participate in the Starhunt Meeting.”

“I understand. This is an enmity between me and him. Senior, you’ve already helped me too much, so allow me to deal with this matter.” Tie Yunping spoke in a serious vice.

Chen Xi suddenly understood that this little girl intended to help him share the pressure that came from the surroundings.

“Junior Sister Tie, Senior Brother was wrong, really wrong. I shouldn’t have offended you on that day. I swear that I’ll absolutely not make such a huge mistake in the future.” Xiao Tianlong hurriedly kowtowed and begged Tie Yunping without end upon hearing this.

Such a lowly and humble appearance and attitude caused all the people in the surroundings to be speechless. This fellow can be said to have brought utter ruin and shame upon hi8mself by doing this, and it probably won’t be long before the entire cultivation world in Snow Ink Region hears about this matter.

In this way, even the Violethell Divine Sect that stood behind Xiao Tianlong would feel extremely humiliated by this incident.

However, Xiao Tianlong didn’t care about all of this. His thinking was already in disorder, and he was extremely terrified. Because he was clearly aware that once he fulfilled the terms of the bet, then not only would he have to kneel and apologize, he would even have to cripple his own foundation in the Divine Dao!

In this way, he would be completely reduced to a cripple. At that time, it would be simply worse than death. So, how could he accept that?

Now, even though it was extremely humiliating to kneel and beg for mercy, he felt that it was much better than crippling his own foundation in the Divine Dao!

At the bottom of it all, even though Xiao Tianlong seemed to be worthless and humiliated to the extreme, he’d actually considered and reconsidered before he acted in this way.

“Fuck off!” When he heard this, Chen Xi stopped hesitating, and he lightly spat out two words from between his lips.

“You… you’re forgiving me?” Xiao Tianlong was stunned, and then he was overjoyed. He suddenly kowtowed repeatedly for over 10 times before he stood up and left dejectedly.

All the spectators in the surroundings could only shake their heads and sigh when they witnessed this scene. This Xiao Tianlong is really cowardly, and he’ll probably be reduced to the laughingstock of the entire Snow Ink Region.

On the other hand, they felt even more fearful of Chen Xi. In their eyes, Chen Xi seemed to have risen to a height that represented extreme danger.

He’d first bashed up the disciples of top powers like Yi Xun and Xuan Ta’zi, and then he’d forced Xiao Tianlong to kneel and beg for mercy. They felt that he was simply ferocious to the limit.

“Since this fellow is so domineering, once this grand event comes to an end, then it wouldn’t just be us, and even the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple and Violethell Divine Sect wouldn’t let him off.” Yi Tian witnessed all of this from amidst the crowd in the distance, and he couldn’t help but laugh coldly.

“You’re right. Presently, because of the presence of the Empress, so no one dares to make a move against him here. But once all of this comes to an end, it would be the time to get even with this kid.” Yi Xun rubbed his chin while his eyes were completely icy cold. “Our Dayi Clan has never suffered such a loss, and this enmity… must be avenged!”

Yi Tian seemed to have thought of something, and he opened his mouth with the intention to speak, yet he forcefully restrained himself in the end.

He’d already confirmed now that Chen Xun who stood in the distance was that fellow who’d caused his group to be practically annihilated in the Last Days Domain.

This wasn’t the main point, the main point was that Yi Tian still remembered that Chen Xi possessed two Natural Spirit Treasures, the Copper Coin of Treasure and Overarching Heaven Net!

Nevermind, it’s better if only I know about this. If Second Brother finds out about it, then I probably wouldn’t be able to gain anything after that kid is killed…. Yi Tian’s greed overcame his reason in the end, and he didn’t intend to disclose all of this.

In next to no time, the veil of night descended. Water Cloud Villa was brightly illuminated by lanterns, and they seemed like winding fire dragons that illuminated the heavens and the earth

A banquet was set in the hall within Water Cloud Palace since a long time ago, and it was covered in delicacies, superb wine, and divine fruits.

Empress Yu Che sat at the seat of the host at the center, and all the great figures of Snow Ink Region sat all around her.

After that was the participants that had been attained rankings during the Starhunt Meeting like Chen Xi and the others, and all of those cultivators that had still stayed back after being eliminated.

The hall was bustling extremely with excitement and was filled with guests. The sound of conversation and laughter filled the surroundings, and it was like a grand even of the gods.

On one hand, Empress Yu Che had held this banquet to congratulate those participants that obtained brilliant results in the Starhunt Meeting, and on the other hand, it was to provide a platform for all of these experts of the younger generation in Snow Ink Region to gather and get to know each other.

When one stood at the height where Empress Yu Che stood, one could see even further. She was much more clearly aware that Snow Ink Region would belong to these young people in the future. So, as the Region Lord, the only thing she could do was utilize her influence to provide a place for these young people to display their ability and have an exchange with their peers.

As for the friction and enmity between some of them, it was nothing in Empress Yu Che’s opinion. When there was friction, there would be competition, and since the ancient times until now, the path of cultivation had always eliminated the weak and gave no room for compromise.

“Bring that little girl and Chen Xun over to see me once the banquet ends.” Empress Yu Che swept the hall with her gaze, and then she instructed Yun Qing in a low voice.

“Yes.” Yun Qing nodded, and then he frowned and hesitated before he said, “Empress, that Chen Xun’s identity seems….”

“There’s no need to speak any further, I’m clearly aware of it.” Empress Yu Che interrupted him, and her clear eyes flowed with a strand of an ethereal glow.

Yun Qing was stunned, and then he didn’t speak any further.

“Daoist Brother Chen Xun, allow me to offer a toast to you.” A voice suddenly sounded out by Chen Xi’s ears. When he turned over to look, he saw Guan Hongyu who sat at the back of a nearby table was holding his wine cup up while smiling towards him.

“Fellow Daoist Guan, you’re too kind.” Chen Xi immediately raised his cup before emptying it.

During the banquet, all of them who were the top participants in the Starhunt Meeting were sitting at the same area, and their tables were close together, so it made it easier for them to communicate with each other.

As for those ordinary participants, it was definitely impossible for them to sit here.

When he saw Chen Xi accept the toast so readily, Guan Hongyu couldn’t help but grin once more, and then he asked in a curious manner. “May I ask if your current ability has already ascended into the top 100 of the Domain Enlightened Chart?”

As soon as these words were spoken, Tie Yunping, Su Wan’er, and Feng Jianjie who sat at the side couldn’t help but stop what they were doing before perking their ears up.

Even Xiahou Zhong who had a disposition that was steady like a rock and Xuan Ta’zi, Yu Xun, and the others who were extremely hostile towards Chen Xi were stunned as well. After that, their eyes narrowed while they paid attention to Chen Xi’s answer.

Chen Xi acutely noticed the slight change in the surrounding atmosphere. He thought for a moment, and then he shook his head.

He didn’t say anything besides that. It wasn’t that he was concealing it from them intentionally. The reason was that when he advanced into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm that day, he had indeed caused phenomena of the heavens and the earth to appear, and then his name appeared on the Domain Enlightened Chart as well. However, it was only for a mere instant before it was obstructed by the River Diagram fragments, and even his name was wiped off the chart.

It was precisely because of this unexpected event that Chen Xi couldn’t say anything about it.

When they saw Chen Xi shake his head, Tie Yunping, Su Wan’er, and the others were slightly stunned, whereas, Xuan Ta’zi, Yi Xun, and the others heaved sighs of relief in their hearts.

Perhaps, in their hearts, they were unwilling to see Chen Xi be too dazzling and formidable.

“What a pity. Our Snow Ink Region had countless Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods, yet in these past few years, not a single one of them has appeared on the Domain Enlightened Chart. I have to say that this is a pity.” Guan Hongyu drank the wine in his cup and sighed endlessly with emotion.

“Senior Brother, you said that day that you’ve already attained perfection in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, and you believe it wouldn’t be long before your strength would definitely be able to improve once more. At that time, perhaps it’ll be sufficient for you to be ranked on the Domain Enlightened Chart.” Su Wan’er smiled as she spoke from the side, and her voice carried a trace of pride.

Guan Hongyu couldn’t help but smile, yet he remained silent. Obviously, he’d tacitly approved of what she said.

The others in the vicinity couldn’t help but feel extremely shocked when they heard this. Because if Su Wan’er hadn’t spoken, then they wouldn’t be aware of this matter at all.

For a time, the gazes many people shot towards Guan Hongyu had changed, and there were even many that seized this opportunity to toast Guan Hongyu and flattered him without end.

Guan Hongyu didn’t refuse any of them, and he readily accepted their toasts, causing the atmosphere in the surroundings to become extremely bustling.

However, only the atmosphere around Chen Xi was rather cold. Besides Guan Hongyu and Su Wan’er who spoke briefly with him, the others avoided him like they were avoiding the god of plagues, and none of them engaged in small talk with him.

This was the general trend that these people followed. They felt that Chen Xi was bound to perish after offending those few great powers, thus they weren’t willing to come into contact with him so as to avoid being implicated by him.

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