Chapter 1633 – Show Mercy

“Great fortune shines upon this little girl. She really possesses shocking karmic luck!” Some great figures sighed with emotion in their hearts.

She was only a young woman with mediocre natural talent, yet she was able to obtain Chen Xi’s assistance all along the way, and in the end, she obtained the honor of being the first in the Starhunt Meeting. Now, she was even about to receive guidance from Empress Yu Che herself, so how could they not sigh with emotion?

This was the might of Karmic Luck. It always allowed one to inadvertently undergo tremendous changes before changing the course of one’s life in the end.

However, Tie Yunping’s reaction had exceeded the expectations of most of these great figures. Just like Feng Jianjie and Su Wan’er, she intended to give the reward for the first to Chen Xi.

However, unlike the two of them, she actually wasn’t wiling to accept Chen Xi’s refusal, and she said that she didn’t want the reward if Chen Xi didn’t accept it.

This scene caused all the great figures in the surroundings to be extremely astounded, and many people even started to admire Tie Yunping. This little girl doesn’t covet fame and knows how to repay the kindness of others. It’s truly rare.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel slightly helpless when facing such a situation. Up until this point in his cultivation, Chen Xi had long since possessed hiss own method of cultivation, so how could he have any need for the guidance of others?

Not to mention that the path of cultivation in Oracle Mountain was unlike the path of cultivation in the outside world. The Talisman Dao was at the core of their cultivation, so very few people in the world possessed the ability to provide him with guidance.

However, he couldn’t speak these words. Because once he did, then it would absolutely cause everything to think that he was arrogant, and it might even cause Empress Yu Che to be displeased.

What should I do? Chen Xi couldn’t have a slight headache as he gazed at the young woman’s stubborn and firm gaze.

“How presumptuous! What do the both of you think the rewards provided by the Empress are?” The old man, Yun Qing, frowned as he spoke, and he was slightly displeased.

Some of the great figures in the surroundings took pleasure in their misfortune upon witnessing this scene.

Especially the Dayi Clan’s Yi Wen and the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple’s Miao Ya, they wished for nothing more than for Yun Qing to strip Chen Xi and Tie Yunping of this reward, so that both of them wouldn’t be able to obtain it.

However, something unexpected occurred. Empress Yu Che spoke abruptly. “Since it’s like that, then the both of you can share this reward.”

Everyone was stunned. That’s possible as well?

In an instant, all of their eyes couldn’t help but turn slightly red. Originally, only Tie Yunping was supposed to obtain this reward, yet now, this Chen Xun will obtain it as well. This is absolutely preposterous!

When they heard this, Yi Wen and Miao Ya were depressed to the point they almost spat out blood. Never had they imagined that the situation would develop to such an extent. Isn’t the Empress… a bit too biased!?

On the other hand, Chen Xi was slightly stunned as well. After that he pulled on Tie Yunping’s hand, and they bowed simultaneously to Empress Yu Che. “Thank you, Empress, for your kindness!”

“Alright, all six of you can leave for now. Remember to attend the banquet tonight.” Empress Yu Che waved her hand.

Chen Xi, Tie Yunping, Guan Hongyu, Su Wan’er, Feng Jianjie, and Xiahou Zhong immediately cupped their hands in unison, and then they withdrew themselves from Water Cloud Palace.

Water Cloud Villa was outside Water Cloud Palace, and that was precisely the place where all of them had gathered before they participated in the Starhunt Meeting that day.

However, at this moment, the amount of people here had reduced greatly.

Most of the participating disciples that were eliminated from the Starhunt Meeting had already left dejectedly, and they weren’t willing to stay in this place that saddened their hearts any longer.

Of course, there was also a small portion of participants that stayed here. Like Yi Xun and Yi Tian’s group from the Dayi Clan, Xuan Ta’zi and Xiao Ruoruo’s group from the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple, Xiao Tianlong and Lu Yan’s group from Violethell Divine Sect….

There was around two to three hundred of such participants, and besides them, there were another 100 plus participants including Chen Xi’s group that had successfully persisted until the end of the Starhunt Meeting.

At this moment, all of them were gathered in Water Cloud Villa, and they were either engaging in idle chatter, tasting tea, or cultivating in meditation. But no one had left anymore.

Because it wouldn’t be long before the grand banquet held by Empress Yu Che would begin tonight. Under such circumstances, no one was willing to leave.

“Look! Senior Brother Guan and the others have returned.”

“Congratulations Senior Brother Guan, congratulations Junior Sister Wan’er.”

When Guan Hongyu and Su Wan’er left the hall, they were instantly surrounded by a group of people that started to chat fervently and endlessly with them.

It wasn’t just the disciples of Jadesky Divine Sect that were amongst this group, and there were disciples of other powers as well. This obviously showed how great Guan Hongyu’s influence was amongst the younger generation of Snow Ink Region.

Even the Kingway Sword Sect’s Feng Jianjie and Xiahou Zhong were surrounded by a group of people at this moment, and the scene was extremely bustling.

Only the appearance of Chen Xi and Tie Yunping instantly received a cold welcome, and it seemed as if no one showed any interest towards them. Everyone gazed at them with rather complicated gazes that carried, fear, rejection, detest, hostility, and so on and so forth.

Logically speaking, after they received the honor of the first, they should receive a great deal of praise, but the situation that appeared before them could only be said to be slightly embarrassing.

At the bottom of it all, it was because both Chen Xi and Tie Yunping didn’t have the slightest reputation before the Starhunt Meeting, so no one knew them at all.

But most importantly, everyone was clearly aware that Chen Xi had successively offended the disciples of two top powers, the Dayi Clan and the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple, during the Starhunt Meeting.

Under such circumstances, would anyone dare to get close to them?

They didn’t want to be indirectly hated by the disciples of those two top powers because of this.

Chen Xi didn’t care about all of this. He led Tie Yunping through the crowd and casually found a quiet corner before sitting on the ground.

Tie Yunping didn’t care at all as well. She hugged her knees as she sat by Chen Xi’s side, and she said in a low voice, “Senior, you said that you would leave Snow Ink Region after the Starhunt Meeting ends. At that time… can you bring me along?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he smiled bitterly and shrugged. “The crux of the matter is even I don’t know where exactly I’ll be heading.”

Tie Yunping raised her pretty face and said in a serious manner, “Senior, no matter where you go, if it’s a dragon’s laid or a cold and remote place, so long as I can cultivate by your side, then it doesn’t matter to me.” Her words were sincere and carried a wisp of deep anticipation.

Chen Xi nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t just leave you to your own devices. After all, it’s because of me that the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple and Dayi Clan are hostile towards you.”

Tie Yunping said anxiously, “Senior, it’s I who dragged you into this. If you think I’m a burden, then I’ll….’

“That’s enough.” Chen Xi felt helpless as he interrupted her, and he said, “Let’s decide based on the situation after I’ve planned my journey, alright?”

Tie Yunping was stunned. She was slightly disappointed in her heart, yet she still nodded.

Chen Xi knew that she was low in spirits, yet he didn’t console her. He had too many enemies, and the things he carried on his shoulder were too numerous. So, under the circumstances that he was unable to guarantee his own absolute safety, how could he bear to allow this little girl, Tie Yunping, to follow by his side?

Suddenly, the crowd ahead of them moved restlessly, and then a group of people headed directly towards Chen Xi.

Shockingly, it was the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple’s Elder Miao Ya who was in the lead, and Xuan Ta’zi, Xiao Ruoruo, Xiao Tianlong, and Lu Yan were following by his side.

Their mighty group walked towards Chen Xi, and it instantly drew the attention of many gazes.

“Could it be that the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple intends to get even with Chen Xun right now?”

“Who knows? After all, the banquet is about to begin, so it’s obviously slightly inadvisable to look for trouble with Chen Xun right now.”

The crowd discussed animatedly. They were clearly aware that the miserable elimination of all the disciples from the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple was Chen Xi’s doing. So, if it was them who were in this position, they would be unable to swallow this enmity as well.

Chen Xi’s brows raised. Even though he was unwilling, he still stood up in the end because he didn’t like others to look down at him while they spoke.

“Little Fellow, there’s no need to get anxious. I came to look for you this time merely for the sake of asking you to show mercy and getting rid of a bet.” Miao Ya stopped when he arrived before Chen Xi. He had his hands behind his back as he spoke indifferently, and he seemed to consider himself to be a senior.

“Exactly. So long as you dissolve the bet between you and my younger brother, then we can write-off the enmity between us.” Xiao Ruoruo spoke swiftly as well.

A bet?

Everyone in the surroundings felt bewildered, yet they were even more curious. Exactly what sort of bet did this Chen Xun make with Xiao Ruoruo’s younger brother until she actually didn’t hesitate to ask Elder Miao Ya to help persuade Chen Xun?

Chen Xi took a glance at Xiao Tianlong who stood at the side, and he instantly understood everything. He said, “Since a bet has been made, then how can there be any reason to dissolve it? Not to mention that even if I do so, could it be that your Spirit Truth Daoist Temple will really not come looking for trouble with me?”

Miao Ya frowned, and he was slightly displeased. He was originally unwilling to come, but he was unable to resist the ceaseless requests of Xuan Ta’zi and Xiao Ruoruo, so he could only come over and do this. But never had he imagined that this little fellow before him would actually be so unyielding.

His face sank, and he said, “So in this way, you intend to resist until the end?” His voice already carried a wisp of a threatening tone.

Chen Xi started laughing, and he looked directly at Miao Ya as he said, “What do you mean by resist? From the beginning until the end, it’s only your Spirit Truth Daoist Temple that has been acting like sore losers. It was a fair competition, yet when the disciples of your Spirit Truth Daoist Temple were eliminated, you intend to blame me for it? So, if others are eliminated by your Spirit Truth Daoist Temple, then should they ask your Spirit Truth Daoist Temple for an explanation as well? What sort of principle is this? Or are there even any principles behind it?”

As soon as these words were spoken, it resonated with many people in the surroundings. All of them had been eliminated since a long time ago, so they naturally felt indignant on Chen Xi’s behalf when they saw this.

Miao Ya’s expression instantly turned gloomy. Never had he expected that the little fellow before him wouldn’t speak about the bet and just so happened to speak about this matter. He’s simply detestable to the extreme!Especially when they were in public and he couldn’t directly make a move against Chen Xi when the banquet was about to begin. This simply felt worst than eating a fly!

“Hmph! Very good! You really are courageous. I hope you can maintain this courage when we meet again!” Miao Ya’s eyes narrowed as he stared at Chen Xi for a long time. In the end, he spoke these words before he flicked his sleeve and left.

All the spectators in the surroundings couldn’t help but exchange glances when they saw this, and even Xuan Ta’zi and Xiao Ruoruo were stunned. Never had they expected that not only had the matter failed to be accomplished, it had infuriated their Martial Uncle Miao Ya instead.

On the other hand, the others in the vicinity were extremely astounded in their hearts. This Chen Xun really is unyielding! He even refuses to give Miao Ya face.


Suddenly, Xiao Tianlong knelt on the ground, and he kowtowed endlessly to Chen Xi while he begged piteously. “I was wrong, I was really wrong. Daoist Brother Chen Xi, please be magnanimous and forgive me this time….”

Everyone in the surroundings were instantly dumbstruck.

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