Chapter 1632 – Confrontation

The atmosphere in the hall instantly became deathly silent, and it was oppressive to the point of being suffocating.

Lacking self-respect?

Under the gaze of Empress Yu Che, the Region Lord of Snow Ink Region, and all the other great figures of Snow Ink Region, Chen Xi had actually spoke bluntly to strike back against the Dayi Clan’s Elder Yi Wen. Moreover, Chen Xi’s words were ruthless and bluntly ridiculing, so it caused all of them to be stunned.

Because no one had expected that a young man at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm would actually dare to speak so fearlessly during such a situation.

In an instant, the gazes of many great figures towards Chen Xi carried a slightly complicated expression, and there seemed to be both surprise and pity in their gazes.

Guan Hongyu was stunned, and he sighed with emotion in his heart. A courageous, lofty, and unyielding character, and he even attained such accomplishments. This fellow really is extraordinary.

Xiahou Zhong that kept a low profile and had a firm disposition couldn’t help but glance at Chen Xi, and then he withdrew his gaze and remained silent.

Empress Yu Che who sat at the central seat of the host remained just as she was before this. Her deep clear eyes remained without the slightest ripple, and it caused others to be unable to see through her thoughts.

Yun Qing who was by Empress Yu Che’s side frowned instead, and then his frown relaxed.

At this moment, tempestuous waves had arisen in Tie Yunping’s heart, and she was shocked and grateful to the extreme. She’d never expected that Chen Xi would actually not hesitate to offend a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God at this moment in order to stand up for her.

For a time, all the people in the hall had various thoughts and emotions in their hearts, and the surroundings in the hall was perfectly silent.


Suddenly, Yi Wen seemed to be unable to control himself any longer, and he slapped his palm onto the table before him, causing bits of wood to shoot towards the surroundings while a band resounded through the hall.

“How audacious!” Yi Wen flared up with rage, and he was utterly infuriated. He’d actually been called an old fellow that lacked self-respect in front of so many people, and this was simply an offence to his dignity!

Most importantly, after all the participating disciples of the Dayi Clan had been eliminated by Chen Xi, he’d already been extremely displeased with the latter. So, at this moment, when Chen Xi offended and humiliated him in public, how could he possibly restrain himself any longer?

When a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God flared up with rage, the world changed!

At this moment, when Yi Wen became enraged, a terrifying aura that was like the heavenly wrath of the Heaven Dao suddenly locked onto Chen Xi, and it simply seemed as if he intended to crush and kill Chen Xi on the spot.

If it was any ordinary Domain Enlightened Spirit God, that Domain Enlightened Spirit God would probably be horrified by this terrifying pressure to the point of falling to the ground on his knees!

The expressions of everyone within the hall changed. Does Yi Wen intend to disregard his status and punish this kid?

But to their surprise, Chen Xi actually remained completely indifferent towards Yi Wen’s terrifying pressure. His tall figure was like a mountain that remained unmoving, and his expression as calm and indifferent to the point not even his eyelids twitched.

It seemed… as if all of this was unable to harm him at all!

Reality was indeed so. At this moment, Chen Xi didn’t even utilize the Daoseal Mark to deal with all of this, and he merely relied on his own cultivation to endure this pressure.

At the same time, he sneered in his heart. Looks like I overestimated this old fellow. Such might is extremely inferior when compared to the Sovereign Sect’s Ye Yan….

While he thought like this, Chen Xi’s expression became even calmer and composed, and on the other hand, Yi Wen’s expression had become even more livid and gloomy.

This scene caused all the great figures in the surroundings to be extremely shocked. This kid is extraordinary!

They were clearly aware that Yi Wen had stepped foot into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm since countless years ago, and his cultivation was amongst the top between all of them. However, this kid was able to avoid being affected by the assault of Yi Wen’s aura, and this was slightly shocking.

It was even to the extent that probably no one amongst the Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods of Snow Ink Region could accomplish this!

“Arrogant kid, you actually dare to act presumptuously in this hall and offend me? Could it be that you think I don’t dare to punish you?” Yi Wen spoke in a low voice while his eyes emanated killing intent. He suddenly swept out his palm, and it carried a strand of terrifying divine radiance as it smashed fiercely towards Chen Xi.


Space exploded into pieces. This palm strike was filled with the might of an Ancestral God. So, how could such might be ordinary?

In an instant, the expressions of everyone in the hall changed. This Yi Wen actually made a move for real!

Tie Yunping was even on the verge of letting out a shrill cry from shock. Because if Chen Xi was punished because of her, then she would absolutely feel guilty for her entire lifetime.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while a piercingly cold and sharp glow suffused them. This old fellow really thinks I’m like a ‘ripe persimmon’ that he can squash at will?

The vital energy throughout Chen Xi’s body circulated silently while Divine Energy accumulated in his palm. He’d decided that since this old bastard wanted to make a fool of himself, then he would fulfil this old bastard’s wish!

When he saw Chen Xi standing on the spot without moving and seeming to be stiff with fear, a wisp of disdain couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of Yi Wen’s mouth, and the killing intent in his eyes grew even stronger. He wanted everyone to witness the consequences of daring to offend him, Yi Wen!

However, right when his attack was about to smash onto Chen Xi, a chilly and pleasant voice resounded abruptly. “Quarrelling and fighting! What will everyone think!? This is the Water Cloud Palace!”

Along with this voice, an otherworldly wisp of clear divine light arrived abruptly before Yi Wen’s attack could descend, and it blocked before Chen Xi.


Yi Wen’s attack was easily dispersed.

The hearts of everyone else in the surroundings shook. They were shocked by how profound Empress Yu Che’s ability was because it had simply arrived at a state that was unfathomable to them.

“Empress…. You….” Yi Wen was shocked and furious, and he was even slightly disgruntled and displeased.

At practically the exact same time, Chen Xi withdrew the energy he’d accumulated in his palm, and he sighed in his heart. He’s originally intended to make a fool of this old bastard, yet Empress Yu Che interfered and stopped him, causing him to feel slightly depressed.

It wasn’t that Chen Xi was arrogant, but his cultivation had improved greatly, and it couldn’t be compared to the past at all. Coupled with the fact that he’d determined Yi Wen’s strength was even inferior to the Sovereign Sect’s Ye Yan, Chen Xi would naturally not fear fighting Yi Wen.

It was even to the extent that he burned slightly with eagerness. He wanted to utilize this battle to confirm exactly what state his combat strength had arrived at.

Yet now… he was unable to accomplish all of this.

“What? Fellow Daoist Yi Wen, do you have any objections towards my actions?” Empress Yu Che that sat at the central seat of the host spoke in a light voice. Her clear eyes were calm while her voice was faint and indistinct. For no rhyme or reason, a solemn, divine, and terrifying aura that felt like the aura of an emperor had suddenly suffused the entire hall, and it caused the hearts of everyone to tremble and palpitate without end.

Yi Wen’s expression changed as well, and it flickered between a livid and ashen expression. In the end, he glared hatefully at Chen Xi, and then he sat back at his seat with an extremely gloomy expression.

This was Empress Yu Che’s power and influence. As the supreme ruler of the 3,000 universes in Snow Ink Region, no one had dared to offend her majesty until now.

All of the other sighed with emotion in their hearts about how lucky Chen Xi was because they felt that if Empress Yu Che hadn’t interfered, then Chen Xi would definitely have perished on the spot.

They were unaware that Chen Xi didn’t want Empress Yu Che to interfere at all….

“Everyone, I have no choice but to remind all of you. This is Water Cloud Palace, and it’s the moment where the rewards are distributed to the top three participants. I hope such an incident doesn’t occur again. Otherwise, it’s equivalent to provoking my Empress’ majesty!” The old man, Yun Qing, spoke indifferently, and he warned all the great figures in the surroundings.

This caused Yi Wen’s expression to become unsightly once more, and if it wasn’t out of consideration for the honor of his Dayi Clan, he would truly wish for nothing more than to flick his sleeve and leave.

But even then, he’d decided in his heart that he would definitely capture that kid after all of this ended, and then he would fiercely humiliate and trample upon the kid in order to vent the hatred in his heart.

Many people in the surroundings were able to guess Yi Wen’s thoughts, and Chen Xi was naturally able to as well. However, he didn’t care at all. Because after all of this came to an end, he would directly leave Snow Ink Region, so how could he possibly pay any attention to all of this.

Moreover, even if Yi Wen really pursued him, it wasn’t a threat to Chen Xi at all.

The true source of Chen Xi’s fear wasn’t Yi Wen nor was it those disciples like Yi Xun, and it was merely the Dayi Clan that stood behind them instead.

This disturbance came to an end.

In next to no time, Yun Qing brought over the rewards that would be distributed to the top three participants.

The reward for the third ranked participant was an incomplete secret diagram. It was like a piece of damaged beat skin, and it was ancient and suffused with a mysterious aura of Chaos. It was extremely extraordinary.

After Feng Jianjie received the secret diagram, he passed it to Xiahou Zhong who stood by his side, and he said, “Senior Brother, you deserve this.”

Xiahou Zhong didn’t refuse, and he nodded before putting it away.

According to Yun Qing, the secret diagram was related to a fortuitous encounter, and if one was able to locate it, then one would definitely obtain unexpected gains.

But it was only an incomplete secret diagram in the end, and its clues were limited. Coupled with the fact that the benefits from it were uncertain, it was slightly inferior in comparison to the other two rewards.

The reward for the second ranked participant was a Natural Spirit Treasure, the Blood Rose!

This treasure was born from within the Chaos of Snow Ink Region, and it was like a bloomed rose. Its petals were sharp like blades and revealed a sharp arc, and there was a total of 72 petals on it. These petals were scarlet red like blood, overlapped each other in layers, and were enshrouded with strands of a shocking natural chaotic glow.

When utilized in battle, it could condense a world of blood roses that trapped one’s enemies within it. It was extremely profound, and its offensive ability was beyond imagination.

It was something Empress Yu Che had found by chance within an ancient ruin, yet she’d utilized it as a gift now and bestowed it upon Su Wan’er.

For a time, many great figures in the surroundings couldn’t help but revealed a wisp of admiration. It was a Natural Spirit Treasure! Every single one of them were unique. Not to mention how formidable the might they possessed was, but merely their value wasn’t something that Artificial Spirit Treasures could compare to!

Su Wan’er intended to give the Blood Rose to Guan Hongyu, yet Guan Hongyu had refused. This treasure was beautiful, exquisite, and delicate. Obviously, it was extremely suitable to be used by a woman.

Guan Hongyu’s display drew a great deal of gazes of admiration from the surroundings because it was really rare for someone to still be able to maintain this sort of bearing and broad-mindedness while facing such a precious treasure.

On the other hand, the reward for the first ranked disciple was to obtain guidance from Empress Yu Che herself. When Yun Qing announced that this reward belonged to Tie Yunping, even if they were already aware of the outcome, all the great figures in the surroundings still couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts.

It wasn’t that they looked down upon Tie Yunping, and it was instead because they felt it was a waste for such a superb opportunity to fall into the hands of a little girl who was only at the World Enlightened True God Realm.

What sort of figure was Empress Yu Che? How many people in the world were able to listen to her personally guiding them?

Even if she was unable to obtain any benefit from this guidance, but this guidance alone was equivalent to forming goodwill with Empress Yu Che! So, when Tie Yunping left to roam the world and temper herself, would anyone dare to offend her?

This was like asking for guidance from a master. Even though they weren’t master and disciple in name, the relationship of master and disciple existed between them!

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