Chapter 1631 – Lacking Self-respect

When she saw Xuan Ta’zi’s expression, Xiao Ruoruo was clearly aware that this was already Xuan Ta’zi’s limit, and she couldn’t ask for more.

She immediately gritted her said and agreed, “Alright, then it’s settled!”

“Big Sister, you… even you’re disregarding my fate?” Xiao Tianlong cried out with a slightly furious voice.


Xiao Ruoruo couldn’t restrain herself any long, and she slapped him forcefully on the face before she berated. “Shut your mouth! Looks at how you’re acting right now!”

Xiao Tianlong’s face swelled up from this slap, and his mind was slightly muddled. However, his thinking cleared up slightly, and he understood that his Big Sister would definitely not disregard him.

“Everyone, if all of you’re interested in dealing with that fellow, Chen Xun, then you can cooperate with my Dayi Clan.” A voice suddenly resounded from the side. Along with this voice, the Dayi Clan’s Second Young Master, Yi Xun, and the Third Young Master, Yi Tian, appeared before them.

Xiao Tianlong was stunned when he heard this, and then a wave of wild joy arose in his heart. He was just about to agree when Xuan Ta’zi glared coldly at him, and it terrified him to the point of forcefully swallowing back his words.

“Sorry, we don’t have such plans for now.” Xuan Ta’zi spoke indifferently and directly refused.

Yi Xun smiled and remained indifferent towards this. He nodded and said, “Since it’s like that, then we won’t force you.”

As he spoke, he led his younger brother Yi Tian along as he turned around and left.

“Big Sister, that kid eliminated the entire Dayi Clan as well. Why don’t why join forces we them to deal with that kid?” Xiao Tianlong was puzzled, yet he didn’t dare ask Xuan Ta’zi.

“It’s just dealing with that Chen Xun. Does my Spirit Truth Daoist Temple need to join forces with the Dayi Clan?” Xuan Ta’zi’s voice was flat yet it carried an arrogant and prideful tone.

“Right, right.” Xiao Tianlong hurriedly smiled apologetically.

“Junior Sister Xiao, let’s go. We’ll go see the seniors of the sect.” Xuan Ta’zi directly disregarded Xiao Tianlong, and he turned around and left.

Dammit! What’s there to be angry about!? Xiao Tianlong cursed in his heart while his expression flicked between a livid and ashen expression. In the end, he’d still followed them dejectedly.

“The first? That’s a slight surprise.” Chen Xi stood with his hands behind his back on the open field. He couldn’t help but feel a slight wave of surprise when he saw the rankings, and then he started smiling.

On one hand, he was happy for Tie Yunping, and on the other hand, it was because once Tie Yunping obtained the first, he didn’t have to look for any opportunity before he could meet Empress Yu Che.

This was the true reason that Chen Xi felt gratified.

“The first…. I actually obtained the first in the Starhunt Meeting…. This… this… this…. This isn’t a dream, right?” Tie Yunping was already excited to the point of speaking incoherently. Her delicate figure was trembling slightly, and her eyes still carried disbelief as she gazed at the Hunt Ranking.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but grin because he’d never expected that the little girl would have such a huge reaction.

Actually, it was because he’d obtained the first on countless occasions during his path through the Darchu Dynasty, Primeval Battlefield, Dark Reverie, Immortal Dimension, Dao Emperor Academy…. He’d become accustomed to all of this since a long time ago, so he naturally wouldn’t be excited like Tie Yunping.

“Senior, thank you so much!” As she spoke, she suddenly started to choke with sobs, and her eyes became moist.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he patted her on the shoulder and said, “This is something you deserve. Your future path is still far, so you must not slack off.”

Tie Yunping took a deep breath, and then she nodded forcefully. “Thank you for the lesson, Senior.”

Lesson? Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile bitterly. Looks like this little girl’s too blindly respectful to me. This isn’t good.


In the sky, a wave of fluctuations arose from the Hunt Ranking, and then it vanished like ripples.

After that, a strand of strange energy suddenly descended to the hunting area, and it enveloped every single person.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

In the next moment, the Divine Slips in the possession of everyone including Chen Xi shattered into pieces, and they transformed into spatial energy that carried them out of the hunting area.

At this point, the Starhunt Meeting that had continued for two months had finally come to an end.

Everyone was clearly aware that it wouldn’t be long before everything related to Chen Xun and Tie Yunping would spread through Snow Ink Region like a gale, and it would shock the world and be known to all.

Water Cloud Palace

Along with a strand of spatial fluctuations, all the 107 participants, their group leaders, and their Godslave that had persisted until the end of the Starhunt Meeting appeared before Water Cloud Palace.

It’s over! All the participants couldn’t help but heave sighs of relief when they saw this, and their expressions carried a wisp of excitement and anticipation. Because it was the moment to claim their prizes next.

At this moment, Yun Qing was already standing before Water Cloud Palace. He glanced at all of them, and then he said indifferently, “The Empress requests all of your presence.”

As he spoke, the entrance to Water Cloud Palace opened abruptly, and Yun Qing walked in first.

The expressions of Chen Xi and the others became serious, and they didn’t dare allow their thoughts to continue running wild and walked into Water Cloud Palace in succession.

Water Cloud Palace was extremely spacious, grand, and magnificent. Its pillars were inscribed with diagrams, and it was enshrouded with divine mist. It was filled with a solemn and dignified aura.

At this moment, Empress Yu Che sat on the seat at the center in her fiery red dress that was embroidered with phoenixes. Her graceful and slender figure was covered in divine radiance as she sat there, her eyes seemed deep like the starry sky in the universe, and she emanated a boundlessly dignified aura.

All the great figures from Snow Ink Region sat successively at her sides. All of them had solemn expressions, steady bearings, and vividly displayed the dignified aura of Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods.

The atmosphere in the hall caused the hearts of others to tremble involuntarily, and no one dared to make noise or be disrespectful.

“Greetings Empress!” After they entered the hall, Chen Xi and the others bowed to Empress Yu Che.

“It’s fine.” Empress Yu Che waved her hand and said, “Even though quite a few unexpected events occurred during the Starhunt Meeting this time, it ended satisfactorily in the end. Since all of you were able to become eminent from a few thousands of participants, all of you can be considered to be outstanding geniuses, and it’s worthy of praise.”

Her voice was chilly and low. Even though it was calm, yet it carried a force that struck directly at the heart.

As soon as she finished speaking, Yun Qing clapped his hands. A group of beautiful attendants immediately entered in succession, and they respectively held a jade tray, whereas, a light violet jade bottle lay atop the jade tray.

When they saw this scene, the eyes of many participants were suffused with burning desire. They’d practically instantly guessed that the jade bottles definitely contained the Spiritsoul Pills that the exalt in the Pill Dao from the Imperial Region, Master Qing, had refined!

It was a rare divine pill that could assist World Enlightened True Gods to attain Divine Altar Spirit Light and break through into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm!

Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods like Chen Xi were naturally not really interested in it. However, when they saw Empress Yu Che produce over 100 Spiritsoul Pills at the same time, they still couldn’t avoid feeling astounded. It’s probably only Empress Yu Che who can accomplish such extravagance, right?

“Alright, the participants ranked at the top three and their respective group leaders, stay here for a while longer. As for the other participants, please leave and get some rest first. The Empress will hold a banquet at night to congratulate all of you.” Yun Qing spoke with a voice that rumbled and resounded throughout Water Cloud Palace.

Most of the participants immediately bowed respectfully before turning around and leaving. So, Tie Yunping, Chen Xi, Su Wan’er, Guan Hongyu, and a yellow clothed young man and his group leader were left in the hall.

The young man was the participant positioned at the third rank during the Starhunt Meeting this time, and he was called Feng Jianjie, and he was from one of the top powers in Snow Ink Region, Kingway Sword Sect. He had a handsome appearance, red lips, white teeth, yet didn’t have any extremely striking features.

The person that was truly striking was the group leader by Feng Jianjie’s side instead. This person wore grey clothes, had long hair that hung loosely above his shoulders, a fierce appeared, a strong figure, and a bearing that was steady like iron and immovable like a mountain. He emanated a fierce, firm, and arrogant imposing aura that assaulted the faces of others.

His name was Xiahou Zhong, and he was the leading figure in the Kingway Sword Sect’s younger generation. Even though his reputation was inferior to Guan Hongyu, Xuan Ta’zi, and Yi Xun, he was one that kept the lowest profile amongst all of them, and he seemed to be rather mysterious and unfathomable.


in an instant, the gazes of everyone in the hall converged on these six people. If one distinguished it carefully, then it wouldn’t be difficult to notice that practically most of the people were sizing Chen Xi up with their gazes.

On the other hand, the rest of the gazes had converged onto Guan Hongyu and Xiahou Zhong. As for Tie Yunping, Su Wan’er, and Feng Jianjie that had obtained the first three positions, no one paid much attention to them instead.

This was extremely normal. Because all the great figures present here were clearly aware that it wasn’t these participating disciples but the group leaders by their sides that had contributed the most during the Starhunt Meeting!

Moreover, Chen Xi’s performance during the Starhunt Meeting was undoubtedly like the performance of a dark horse, and it was dazzling to the point it was impossible to overlook.

However, there were some gazes towards Chen Xi that were hostile. For example, the gazes of the Dayi Clan’s Elder Yi Wen, and the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple’s Elder Miao Ya carried a trace of faint anger and detest as they gazed at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi was extremely calm when facing all of this, and he acted indifferently and directly disregarded all of these gazes.

Tie Yunping on the other hand felt slightly uncomfortable. She’d grown up in poverty since a young age, so she’d never experienced something so grand. So, she couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable in her heart, causing her to unconsciously clench her fists tightly while her figure stiffened like a rock.


Suddenly, the Yi Wen’s gaze swept towards Tie Yunping, and he couldn’t help but laugh with ridicule. “Fellow Daoists, please take a look. The number on in the Starhunt Meeting this time is actually nervous to the point she’s finding it difficult to breathe. If news of this were to spread, it would definitely be a huge joke.”

His voice carried a wisp of faint ridicule in it.

All the great figures in the surroundings couldn’t help but smile, and some even chuckled along with him, causing the solemn atmosphere in the hall to instantly vanish without a trace.

However, when these sounds entered into Tie Yunping’s ears, it caused her expression to change. She was slightly panicked because she’d never expected that those great figures in the surroundings would actually make a fool out of her during such a solemn event. For a time, her pretty face couldn’t help but flush red, and she became even more nervous.

Perhaps she could be fearless towards ferocious beasts that were even more formidable than her, but she couldn’t help but arouse a feeling of respect when facing all these great figures at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, and she’d unconsciously acted extremely modestly. That was why she was so panicked and uncomfortable when facing such a situation.

Chen Xi instantly frowned, and he glanced at Yi Wen and laughed with ridicule as well. “Sure enough, there are always old fellows in this world that have no self-respect. I didn’t believe it in the past, but I have no choice but to believe it now.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the surroundings became silent.

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