Chapter 1630 – The Final Results

This was already the last day of the Starhunt Meeting.

On this day, Chen Xi didn’t slack off at all. After he brought Tie Yunping out of Corrupted Spirit Star, he flew all the way towards the other stars.

Compared to Corrupted Spirit Star, the number of ferocious beasts distributed around the other stars was obviously much fewer, and most of them had been cleared away by the other participants, causing it to be even more difficult to find any ferocious beasts.

Under such circumstances, it was practically impossible to hunt and kill a large number of ferocious beasts in a short period of less than a day.

It was even to the extent that many participants had stopped their hunts, and they’d started to concentrate on recuperating and waiting patiently for the moment of the Starhunt Meeting’s end to arrive.

However, Chen Xi didn’t give up just like that. He brought Tie Yunping along as he teleported ceaselessly through star after star, and he was able to rely on his enormous will to frequently locate some lone ferocious beasts.

Even though it exhausted an extremely great amount of time and energy while they were very few in number, it was better than nothing. A small but steady stream flowed far and accumulated, so it was a type of gain in the end.

It was precisely such a mentality that Chen Xi held. When they stopped hunting at dusk, Chen Xi counted and noticed that they’d actually hunted and killed over 100 more Spirit God Realm ferocious beasts all along the way, and it had completely exceeded his expectations.

This was what the saying ‘many a little makes a mickle’ meant. It seemed like they were negligible gains, yet once they were accumulated, they seemed to be extremely abundant instead.

A wisp of red light surged out from the horizon, and it revealed a trace of desolation.

Chen Xi’s tall figure stood side by side with Tie Yunping in the open field, and they gazed towards the horizon in unison while revealing calm expressions.

They’d already done their best during the Starhunt Meeting, and now, it was time to find out the outcome.

They couldn’t be said to be excited or filled with anticipation. They were just waiting for the end, and they were waiting to place a full stop for this journey.

At this moment, it wasn’t just Chen Xi and Tie Yunping, all the participants that had persisted until the end of the Starhunt Meeting, all the great figures that sat upright in the starry sky, and all the cultivators that were scattered throughout the various stars were looking at the sky in unison.

Dusk had already arrived, and the outcome for this unprecedentedly grand Starhunt Meeting was about to be decided as it came to an end.

Everyone was filled with anticipation, and they anticipated the final rankings on the Hunt Ranking.

“Who do all of you think will be able to obtain the first position and stand proudly at the top?” Discussions like this had occurred at practically every single place of this universe.

“It’s naturally Su Wan’er!” This was the answer that most people gave to this question, and they answered without any hesitation and were filled with confidence. Because Guan Hongyu was by Su Wan’er’s side, and because she’d always been occupying the first position since the Starhunt Meeting had begun this time. She’d never been surpassed!

This was the reason why all of them firmly believed that Su Wan’er would be able to maintain her position at the first position.

“Su Wan’er? That might not necessarily be the case. With the held of that Chen Xun, Tie Yunping possessed the ability to charge into the first position since a long time ago.”

Many others had different opinions, and they felt that Tie Yunping might be still be able to create a miracle while under Chen Xi’s lead.

There was a reason why they dared to make such an inference. Because in these past few days, Tie Yunping’s position had been rising too quickly. It had practically been rising at an unbelievable speed every single day.

Coupled with the fact that she had the assistance of a ferocious figure like Chen Xun, they’d long since taken her to be a dark horse that could kill her way into the top 10 and even compete for the first position with Su Wan’er.

Regretfully, because of the shocking battle that had occurred last night, a rare occasion where the Hunt Rankings didn’t appear had arisen, and it caused all of them to be unable to learn of the exact results obtained by all the participants.

This caused all of their inferences to be thrown off slightly.

As for Xiao Ruoruo and Yi Tian, these two renowned figures that had been constantly occupying the positions of second and third until a few days ago, not a single person paid any attention to them now.

The reason was extremely simple. They’d already been eliminated before the Starhunt Meeting could end, so they didn’t even have any results. So, how could anyone pay attention to them?

In short, at the moment before the final rankings were revealed. The two people the crowd discussed and argued about the most were Su Wan’er and Tie Yunping.

Because the first and the second would definitely be born from the two of them!

This sort of arguments and discussions hadn’t occurred between those great figures that sat upright in the starry sky.

Because they’d firmly believed since a long time ago that Su Wan’er would be able to obtain the first. On one hand, it was because Su Wan’er had always been occupying the first position, and her results were extremely dazzling.

On the other hand, it was because in their opinion, no matter how swiftly Tie Yunping’s rankings rose, there was still quite a great distance between Tie Yunping and Su Wan’er, and it was utterly impossible for Tie Yunping to surpass Su Wan’er in the period of these last two days.

However, they’d inadvertently overlooked a detail. All of their judgments right now were established on the results displayed on the Hunt Rankings two days ago, and they hadn’t considered everything that had occurred yesterday and today.

Perhaps, they’d noticed it, yet they didn’t feel that something which could turn the situation around would occur in these last two days of time.

Empress Yu Che remained silent before these discussions, and no one was able to find out what she thought, nor did anyone notice that when she heard these discussions, a wisp of a faint and incomprehensible arc had appeared on the corners of her mouth that was covered by the red veil.


Right at this moment when the sky had become the center of all attention, a strand of brilliant golden light had suddenly lit up in the sky, and then it swept out like tidewater.

At this instant, the gazes of everyone looked over simultaneously towards the location of the first position.

After a wave of golden light flickered, a name gradually became clear at the position of the first….

Tie Yunping!

When this name entered into their fields of vision, all of them were utterly stunned like clay statues, and their hearts couldn’t help but surge with tempestuous waves.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the surroundings was deathly silent. However, the hearts of everyone had been shocked to the point of being impossible to calm down.

At this moment, there was no need for words.


The teacup in the hand of Jadesky Divine Sect’s Grand Elder Mo Zhan shattered into pieces, yet he didn’t notice it at all, and his gaze stared fixedly at the first position while the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but tremble.


A great figure suddenly spat out a mouthful of wine while his face flushed red from suffocation, and he seemed to be in a rather sorry state.

The other great figures revealed all sorts of expressions as well.

For example, when the Elder from the Dayi Clan, Yi Wen, and the Elder from Spirit Truth Daoist Temple, Miao Ya, saw this name, it seemed to have caused them to recall something infuriating, and their expressions instantly became extremely livid.

“Tie Yunping!” Finally, a voice tore apart the deathly silence, and then a wave of clamorous voices that shook the sky rumbled through every single area in this expanse of the universe.

“It’s actually her?”

“How could this be possible? Su Wan’er was actually surpassed by a little girl from the Violethell Divine Sect!”

“My god! This isn’t a joke, right?”

“Ha! Haha! Hahaha! I was right! It really is Tie Yunping! I knew that something unexpected would occur in the final rankings with that Chen Xun helping her!”

At this moment, when they saw that Tie Yunping had really obtained the first position, even those people that originally thought Tie Yunping would be able to attain the first position couldn’t help but be slightly shocked.

After all, even they didn’t dare confirm the guesses they’d made before this, yet now, it had really come true!

The universe was instantly seething with excitement while clamorous noises of discussions were everywhere. Some were shocked for Tie Yunping, and others felt sorry for Su Wan’er.

“How…. How this have happened?” On a star in the hunting area, Guan Hongyu was slightly stunned. When he saw that it was Tie Yunping who was at the first position and not Su Wan’er who stood by his side, he found it slightly difficult to believe.

“Senior Brother, when we were rescued by Chen Xun on Corrupted Spirit Star that day, I’d vaguely guessed that this might happen. But I never expected that it would really happen.” Su Wan’er tried hard to seem calm, yet her heart was coiled by a wisp of bitterness that couldn’t be eliminated.

“Yeah, I guessed it as well. But when I truly face this situation, I keep having a slight feeling of disbelief.” Guan Hongyu sighed lightly, and he had a somewhat complicated expression.

Aqua Radiance City, Water Cloud Villa. All the participants that were unfortunately eliminated from the Starhunt Meeting had been teleported here after they left the hunting area.

“Big Sister, Big Sister, what should I do? The Starhunt Meeting has already ended, and I… I’ve completely lost!” At this moment, Xiao Tianlong was in utter panic and terribly upset. He held on tightly to Xiao Ruoruo’s sleeve while he sounded as if he was almost in tears, and he was unable to maintain his composure any longer.

Early on when he was eliminated from the Starhunt Meeting, he’d known that he’d lost the bet that he’d made with Chen Xi, yet he still carried a trace of hope in his heart. He hoped that Chen Xun would be eliminated as well. Because in this way, then it would be considered as a draw.

But never had he imagined that not only had Chen Xun not been eliminated, he’d helped Tie Yunping attained the first in the Starhunt Meeting! How could he accept this?

At this moment, it felt like a sledgehammer had slammed down on his heart. His entire mind was on the verge of collapse, and he didn’t have the courage to face the consequences of losing in the bet.

When they saw Xiao Tianlong in such a state, Xiao Ruoruo, Xuan Ta’zi, and Lu Yan had livid expressions as well, and their minds were in chaos.

Such an outcome was something… they’d never expected as well!

“Based on the current situation, we can only ask the Seniors of the sect to stand out on our behalf, and it couldn’t be any better if they were able to help get rid of the bet.” Xuan Ta’zi took a deep breath while he spoke with a gloomy expression. This suggestion caused him to feel extremely humiliated and aggrieved, but he had no other choice because he had no choice but to accept the situation that they were in.

“Right! Right! Right! Big Brother Xuan Ta’zi is right!” Xiao Tianlong seemed as if he’d grabbed onto that life-saving straw, and he hurriedly nodded while he didn’t feel a trace of humiliation at all.

His reaction caused Xuan Ta’zi to frown and feel extremely furious. This bastard really is worthless. He doesn’t have a sense of honor at all!

“Senior Brother, what should we do if the seniors of the sect fail?” Xiao Ruoruo spoke hurriedly, and she was slightly unable to bear her younger brother’s worthless appearance as well.

“Then…” A cold glow flashed in Xuan Ta’zi’s eyes. “We’ll kill him!”

Xiao Tianlong was stunned, and then he spoke anxiously. “But if we do that, we’ll still be unable to get rid of the bet.”

Xuan Ta’zi couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath any longer. Why did you have to act in that way at that time? As an outsider, I’ve already fulfilled my duty by helping you to such an extent.

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