Chapter 1629 – Thoughts

At the same time, these great figures couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts.

Just as Empress Yu Che had said, after they witnessed how miraculous this Divine Dark Parasol Tree was, all of them had aroused a trace of the intention to take possession of it.

However, Empress Yu Che had bluntly warned them now, she they instantly discarded such thoughts.

It wasn’t that they were fearful of Empress Yu Che’s power and influence, and it was instead because they were utterly unable to subdue the Divine Dark Parasol Tree without Empress Yu Che’s assistance.

At the depths of Taowu Galaxy, the boundless divine radiance dispersed, and everything returned to deathly silence. Only a myriad of stars that were covered in scars were left behind, and all of them had suffered this damage during the battle.

However, all the cultivators didn’t go silent because of this. Conversely, the shock in their hearts couldn’t be suppressed any longer, and they couldn’t help but erupt at this moment, causing all sorts of clamorous discussions to instantly spread all around them.

“It looks like the Empress has succeeded!”

“Yeah, the Skyruin Sword was already a rare and first-rate precious treasure in the world. Now that she possesses the Avīci Hellsword, the Empress’s might will definitely rise a level higher!”

“But everyone, all of you’ve seemed to have forgotten that this is the Starhunt Meeting, and the Hunt Ranking seems to have not appeared tonight….”

“Eh, no wonder I kept having the feeling that something was missing. So, it was the Hunt Rankings.”

“It doesn’t matter even if we’re unable to see it today. The Starhunt Meeting will come to an end at dusk tomorrow. At that time, the final rankings will be announced.”

“Actually, I’m looking forward the most to that Chen Xun’s performance….”

The veil of night was dark, yet it was unlike before. At this moment, Corrupted Spirit Star was clear, translucent, and suffused with traces of dim green light, and it was quiet and peaceful.

There Avīci Corrupted Qi, grey mist, Corrupted Spirits, and the ghastly atmosphere that exerted pressure on the heart had ceased to exist. At this moment, Corrupted Spirit Star was no different than the other stars.

Chen Xi had his hands behind his back as he gazed into the distance. He was like a completely stationary statue, and he’d been maintaining this posture for a very long time.

The Divine Dark Parasol Tree that stood towering before him had already vanished.

Only a little tree that was 30cm tall and completely clear and glistening stood in the empty ground before him. The tree’s veins were luxuriant, and it was suffused with strands of the glow of divinity.

Unlike the Dark Parasol Sapling, it was clearly a mature divine tree. Its branches, leaves, and trunk were strong, and the veins on its leaves were mysterious and clear. Moreover, even its aura wasn’t something the Dark Parasol Sapling could compare to.

Simply speaking, it was like a Divine Dark Parasol Tree that had been shrunk a myriad of times.

Chen Xi’s gaze had been fixed on this seemingly tiny Divine Dark Parasol Tree, and his brows were knit together tightly while he seemed to be thinking about something.

In the end, he sighed lightly in his heart, and then he gestured at that Divine Dark Parasol Tree.


The Divine Dark Parasol Tree transformed into a wisp of green light that instantly appeared on Chen Xi’s palm. It had soft leaves, and it emanated a green and glistening glow of divinity.

After that, it silently surged into Chen Xi’s body. Just like it had in the past, it rooted itself at the central area of the universe within Chen Xi’s body.

After that, its leaves and branches extended out.


A wave of trembling arose, and then its body suddenly rose higher, charger above the clouds, and charged above the starry sky….

On the other hand, its leaves seemed like multiplying weeds, and they ceaselessly extended and enveloped expanse after expanse of the starry sky. It covered every single corner of the universe within his body.


Surging, powerful, thick, pure, and vast Divine Energy suddenly effused out, and it started to nourish the entire universe within his body.

In merely an instant, Chen Xi felt as if his entire body was filled with unlimited energy, and it was surging, powerful, and without end.

However, Chen Xi sighed lightly once more, and he felt slightly helpless and slightly upset.

It felt as if that voice had resounded once more by his ears. “Thank you for taking care of me throughout these years. For the sake of your path towards the Dao, and for the sake of my own path towards the Dao, and I’m bound to have no choice but to leave.”

It was the voice of the Divine Dark Parasol Tree, and it was the first time it communicated with Chen Xi after it completed its transformation. Yet it was a form of farewell.

Yes, just as Chen Xi had expected, after the Dark Parasol Sapling completed its transformation, it possessed its own cultivation and intelligence in the end.

So, it was bound to leave him.

The Divine Dark Parasol Tree was unlike the tiny cauldron. The tiny cauldron resided by Chen Xi’s side in order to avoid calamity, whereas, the Divine Dark Parasol Tree had already completed its transformation successfully, and it possessed its own cultivation. So, if it wanted to improve in its cultivation, then it had to leave Chen Xi. Otherwise, not only would it affect itself, it would affect Chen Xi as well.

This was unrelated to loyalty, and it was merely for the sake of cultivating.

However, when the Divine Dark Parasol Tree left, it merely took its intelligence and cultivation with it, and it left its body with Chen Xi.

Perhaps, it had already taken Chen Xi to be its home, and it had only left for the sake of wandering the world and not to leave Chen Xi forever.

If you want to go, then go. Is there any child in this world that’s willing to stay forever by the side of the parent?

Take care of yourself!

Chen Xi took a deep breath as he gazed up at the night sky, and he cupped his hands towards the distance.

The veil of night grew even deeper, and it was deathly silent and even more peaceful on Corrupted Spirit Star.

Chen Xi walked alone through the wilderness with his hands behind his back, and the gently blowing night breeze caused his clothes to flutter along with his jet black long hair.

Only he remained in this expanse of the heavens and the earth, yet he wasn’t lonely.

Conversely, he really enjoyed this rare moment of peace because he hadn’t experienced peace like this in a very long time.

Since he entered the Last Days Domains, arrived at Snow Ink Region, was hunted by the Violethell Divine Sect, pursued by the Sovereign Sect’s Ye Yan, and participating in the Starhunt Meeting now, he’d practically never stopped for a moment.

After experiencing the horrifying battle from before, he’d finally obtained a short period of peace.

At this moment, Chen Xi had completely let go. He thought of nothing and just walked freely like this, and he felt so satisfied, calm, and comfortable.

But in the end, he suddenly stopped moving, and he awoke from that blank state while a bright glow arose in his eyes.

It was sufficient.

The path towards the Dao was difficult and filled with thorns, storms, and unexpected incidents. So, after a short period of rest, he had to continue on his path in the end.

This was the path of cultivation!

Since he’d chosen to take this path, then he was bound to journey without regret under the stars and moon even if storms arose in his path.

At this moment, Chen Xi had renewed his will to fight. He stopped clinging to the past, stopped fearing the future, and her mental state was calm and revealed an extreme firmness and persistence.


The vital energy within his body circulated silently and seethed without end. His Divine Dao Altar floated above his soul, and it emanated strands of mysterious light. Everything was so orderly and perfect.

On the other hand, his mental state attained a form of transformation, and it became even more composed, firm, and clean.

This was the benefits that came from experience. He’d experienced the test of life and death tonight, and he’d expressions boundless pain and torture. In the end, he obtained blessings from his misfortune, allowing his body to be reconstructed as if he’d attained rebirth, and even his cultivation had risen steadily and faintly showed signs of attaining perfection in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm.

Of course, all of this couldn’t do without the assistance of that mysterious energy from before. Even though Chen Xi wasn’t clearly aware that it was the Divine Polaris Dew that Empress Yu Che had given him, and it was a supreme precious treasure that could only be chanced upon by luck, but he understood that the mysterious energy had definitely played a part in the shocking transformation that he’d experienced.

I’m only a step away from attaining perfection in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm. The next threshold I must surpass is the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm…. Chen Xi sat down on the ground and started to scrutinize himself.

If he considered it accurately, then it had only been a short period of less than half a year since he advanced into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm until now, yet his cultivation had undergone tremendous changes. Now, he was already on the verge of attaining perfection in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, and such speed of improvement could be considered as world shocking in the entire Ancient God Domain.

However, Chen Xi was very clearly aware that even though great fortuitous encounters played a huge role in all of this, it was also because he’d expended a huge amount of painstaking effort. Just like that battle from before, he’d almost lost his life in that battle.

So, Chen Xi couldn’t be said to be very happy because of this.

With my current combat strength, it should be sufficient to even go against Ye Yan while she’s at her prime. However, the might of Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods can’t be estimated, so if I encounter one in the future, it’s best to be careful and cautious. After he sensed his strength thoroughly, Chen Xi roughly determined the level his current cultivation was at.

It was at a level where it was extremely difficult for him to find a match amongst those at the same cultivation rank, and if he surmounted a realm to do battle, then he at least possessed the strength to fight.

However, Chen Xi clearly remembered that even if he possessed the potential of a Spirit God Exalt when he advanced into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, he was still only able to be ranked at the 100th position right at the bottom of the Domain Enlightened Chart!

Now that his cultivation had improved greatly, then perhaps he would be able to be ranked even higher on the chart, yet it would absolutely not be too high.

This meant that he still couldn’t be said to be peerless in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm within the entire Ancient God Domain.

Of course, if it was in Snow Ink Region, then Chen Xi was confident that it was almost impossible for him to find a true match amongst those at the same cultivation as him.

I’ve utterly offended the Dayi Clan and Spirit Truth Daoist Temple during this hunt. Perhaps I should start planning my departure from Snow Ink Region after everything comes to an end tomorrow…. Chen Xi pondered deeply. However, I don’t what that little girl, Tie Yunping’s, final ranking is. If she’s the first, then I’ll naturally be able to seek for guidance from Empress Yu Che in some matters. But if she isn’t… then I can only rely on myself to strive for it.

Chen Xi’s initial objective for coming here was to obtain some information about Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace through Empress Yu Che.

Now that the Starhunt Meeting was about to come to an end, he would naturally not forget this matter.

Early in the morning on the next day, Chen Xi flicked his sleeve, causing Tie Yunping’s figure to soundlessly appear by his side. She raised her eyes to glance towards the surroundings, and she couldn’t help but be slightly stunned. “Where are we?”’

Tie Yunping was slightly unsure. The sky was azure blue and cloudless, and there was actually not a single trace of grey and corrupted qi. It didn’t seem like the Corrupted Spirit Star she knew at all.

Chen Xi smiled as he explained everything that occurred last night in a simple manner, and then he said, “Come, the it’ll all come to an end at dusk today. Let’s make the best use of this last period of time and hunt some ferocious beasts.”

“Oh.” Tie Yunping nodded unconsciously while her head was still slightly muddled.

Even though Chen Xi had spoke like it was simple, she still felt slight disbelief in her heart when she heard that the Avīci Hellsword had been subdued. It was like she’d taken a nap, and when she opened her eyes once more, the entire world had changed.

Most importantly, she acutely noticed that the aura of this senior before her had actually become even more unfathomable. Even though he was still calm and indifferent as before, he caused her to unconsciously arouse a trace of reverence towards him.

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