Chapter 1628 – Coming To An End

Divine light enshrouded him while the aura of the Dao seethed within him. At this moment, Chen Xi’s figure seemed as if it was within a furnace, and it was ceaselessly tempered and improved by a strand of mysterious energy.

This energy was extremely terrifying. It was like the quintessence of the Dao within the Chaos, and it improved the divine body Chen Xi possessed by an entire level.

At this moment, his skin glistened like jade, his tendons and bones were like thoroughly tempered divine steel, and even the meridians and apertures in his body seemed as if they’d been carved from the most precious divine gems in the world. They were branded with the markings of the Grand Dao, and they were suffused with a profound divine aura.


Vital energy that seethed like lava carried surging Divine Energy as it ceaselessly circulated within his body. Every single cycle consumed 10% of the mysterious energy that had surged into his body, and his own cultivation improved slightly along with this!

Such a speed of improvement was simply astounding. The path towards the Divine Dao was extraordinarily difficult. Ordinary Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods entered into closed door cultivation for a thousand or even ten thousand years yet might not necessarily be able to allow their cultivations to improve in the slightest.

But at this moment, Chen Xi’s cultivation had risen steadily in a short period of a few breath of time, and he was improving by leaps and bounds. If such a scene was witnessed by other cultivators, then their jaws would definitely hit the ground from shock.

Chen Xi’s consciousness had awakened from the pain and darkness, and at the first possible moment, he noticed the shocking changes that were occurring to him. Even with his composure, he couldn’t help but feel a wave of shock and disbelief at this moment.

What’s going on?

Where did that mysterious energy come from?

Chen Xi took a deep breath and tried hard to calm himself while his gaze had already shot towards the sky in the distance.

The intense battle was still in progress, and the Taichi Diagram was still spinning madly and ceaselessly devouring the violent energy that had shattered throughout the heavens and the earth.

However, at this moment, after this violent energy entered Chen Xi’s body, it was unable to cause much pain to Chen Xi now.

All of this was because of his divine body that had undergone such shocking changes, and his cultivation that was improving without end….

On the other hand, in the sky, no matter if it was the Dark Parasol Sapling or the Skyruin Sword, both of them had already exerted their full strengths and were forcefully suppressing the Avīci Hellsword that was fighting desperately, causing it to lose the ferocity is had earlier.

Om! Om! Om!

The Avīci Hellsword even started to wail. It seemed like an insect that had fallen into the net of a spider, and it was being ceaselessly restrained and was on the verge of being captured.

Chen Xi gazed at the Skyruin Sword with narrowed eyes, and then a flash of enlightenment appeared in his heart. He’d faintly guessed exactly who’d given him that mysterious energy from before.

However, he wasn’t able to guess what that mysterious energy was because throughout his life as a cultivator, he’d never seen such a miraculous energy. It was actually capable of reconstructing the vitality of his dying body in such a short period of time, and even allowed him to undergo shocking changes that were akin to rebirth.

Chen Xi withdrew his gaze and stopped thinking about all of this. He concentrated his full attention onto the Taichi Diagram before him instead.

This was a type of cycle that linked Chen Xi and the Dark Parasol Sapling, and its final objective was to help the Dark Parasol Sapling complete its transformation!


Violent energy struck Chen Xi’s body without end, but the circumstances had changed, and they were already unable to cause any harm to Chen Xi now.

Conversely, it was precisely the impact of this violent energy that caused the speed of refinement and absorption of the mysterious energy within Chen Xi’s body to increase, and it even indirectly aroused Chen Xi’s potential. So, the transformation of his divine body and cultivation was speeding up without end.

All of this was heading towards an advantageous direction….


After 10 minutes passed, a world shaking collision suddenly occurred in the sky.

The Avīci Hellsword that was about to be forced into a hopeless situation let out a hoarse and dim wail, and it actually turned around swiftly and intended to flee.

“Now!” At practically the exact same moment, Empress Yu Che that had been accumulating strength while waiting for an opportunity had suddenly circulated her strength, and she poured all of it into the Skyruin Sword.


An expanse of clear colored sword qi descended from the universe, and it completely covered Corrupted Spirit Star while emanated blazing and dazzling divine light.

This strike was so grand that it could be called world shocking, and it caused all the cultivators that were watching this battle to be fiercely shocked and gasp without end.

“Is it about to end?” All the great figures in the starry sky stood up in succession while their hearts and minds shook without end. The Avīci Hellsword was the number one ferocious weapon that was born in the Chaos of Snow Ink Region, and it was about to be subdued tonight. No one could sit still at such a moment.


On Corrupted Spirit Star, the myriad of swords of sword qi shook and exploded in unison, and an aftershock that carried obliterating might swept out.

While facing such fierce and swift attacks, the Avīci Hellsword fought desperately yet was powerless to struggle free in the end, and it was quickly drowned beneath the attacks of the Skyruin Sword.

I’ve succeeded! Empress Yu Che’s eyes suddenly surged with a wisp of excitement and happiness that was impossible to conceal.

For the sake of obtaining this number one ferocious weapon of legend, she’d waited countless years, and she’d finally accomplished her wish tonight. So, the happiness in her heart was obvious.

“Congratulations Empress!” Yun Qing cupped his hands from the side, and his aged face carried a gratified and excited expression as well.

The other great figures seemed as if they’d awakened from a dream as well, and they cupped their hands successively and congratulated Empress Yu Che without end. For a time, the starry sky was filled with the voices of people congratulating Empress Yu Che, and it seemed to be extremely bustling.

Has the Empress succeeded?

All the cultivators scattered throughout the other stars were slightly unsure. Because in their fields of vision, they could only see that the deepest depths of Taowu Galaxy was filled with an expanse of boundless divine radiance that was dazzling and resplendent. They were unable to clearly see what was happening behind the divine radiance.

However, they were able to roughly determine that the Avīci Hellsword had probably been subdued this time. Because at this moment, there were no more fluctuation of battle sweeping out.

On the other hand, Chen Xi had noticed all of this at practically the first possible moment, and he witnessed all of it clearly.

Yet, the Avīci Hellsword had been subdued at this moment.

However, it was meaningless to Chen Xi, and he couldn’t be said to feel regretful. Because he’d never coveted the Avīci Hellsword since the beginning.


Amidst the surging divine radiance, the Dark Parasol Sapling’s figure stood towering into the sky. Its leaves flowed with extremely verdant divine radiance, and its aura grew even stronger.

The battle had ended, yet the Dark Parasol Sapling’s transformation hadn’t. It had started to seize this opportunity to spread out its branches and leaves to envelop the surroundings, and then it enveloped all the surging pieces of Avīci Corrupting Qi in the heavens and the earth.

Chen Xi stopped his efforts, and the Taichi Diagram gradually vanished.

At this moment, there was no need for him to help any longer. Because the success of the Dark Parasol Sapling depended entirely on its own self.

However, Chen Xi didn’t relax. He placed his hands behind his back as he stared at the Dark Parasol Sapling in the distance, and his black eyes that were deep like the starry sky surged with an expression of contemplation.

The transformation of the Dark Parasol Sapling tonight had faintly showed signs of escaping his control, and this caused Chen Xi to suddenly realize something that he hadn’t contemplated in the past.

The Divine Dark Parasol Tree during the primeval times was a great figure that possessed peerless might. It possessed intelligence, and even possessed a combat strength that terrified the world.

So, when then Dark Parasol Sapling completed its transformation successfully in the end, then would it possess its own consciousness and cultivation like it had in the past?

Chen Xi’s brows gradually knit together without him being aware of it.

He instinctively aroused a strand of rejection towards things that exceeded his control, but in the end, he shook his head, sighed lightly in his heart, and thought no further.

The Dark Parasol Sapling had already helped him too much. If something unforeseen really did happen after it completed its transformation this time, then he would let it do as it pleased.


A wave of terrifying energy fluctuations shot into the sky. At this moment, the Dark Parasol Sapling glowed brightly in midair. It was like an extremely verdant sun that was brilliant and vast, and it illuminated the night sky and eliminated all the Avīci Corrupted Qi that covered Corrupted Spirit Star!

After that, its towering figure that was originally slightly blurry had started to become clearer. Its trunk, leaves, veins, roots…. Everything surged with a thick aura of divinity that shook the surroundings.

At this moment, it seemed to have become a divine tree that reached the nine heavens and was fused with the ground. Its leaves were verdant and luxuriant, and it covered the sky!

When looked at from afar, it seemed like one was watching a peerless god revealing its might and shaking the surroundings at this moment.

Chen Xi puckered his lips when he saw this. There was a feeling of gratification, excitement, happiness, and a trace of a complicated feeling that even he was unable to explain.

He stood on the spot and stared blankly at it, and he just stared at it like that.

He’d completely not noticed that the mysterious energy within his body had already been completely refined and absorbed, and the transformation of his own body and cultivation had come to an end as well.

“Another Divine Dark Parasol Tree has transformed and matured….” In the starry sky, Empress Yu Che muttered while her tone carried a wisp of race admiration.

At this point, the Starhunt Meeting could be said to be filled with numerous variables. There were fortuitous encounters while there was killing intent as well, and there were also some things that had exceeded the expectations of all.

In Empress Yu Che’s opinion, Chen Xi’s appearance was unexpected, but it wasn’t enough to shock her.

However, she was finally unable to avoid feeling shocked when the Divine Dark Parasol Tree appeared. After that, she realized that the fortuitous encounter she sought was similarly a fortuitous encounter for the Divine Dark Parasol Tree!

She’d subdued the Avīci Hellsword while the Divine Dark Parasol Sapling had obtained the ability to complete its transformation, and this was something that Empress Yu Che hadn’t expected before this.

Wait! Suddenly, her ink black brows knit together while her clear eyes stared towards Corrupted Spirit Star that stood in the distance, and then a wisp of a mysterious arc curled up onto the corners of her mouth that was covered beneath the red veil.

All of these fortuitous encounters are related to that little fellow…. However, everything is preordained. He has already obtained the Divine Polaris Dew and reconstructed his divine body, so I can be considered to have repaid him. Empress Yu Che was very clearly aware that the Divine Dark Parasol Tree was definitely related to ‘Chen Xun’, and it was similarly impossible for her to have subdued the Avīci Hellsword without the assistance of the Divine Dark Parasol Tree. Thus, throughout this entire ‘fortuitous encounter’, the Divine Dark Parasol Tree, Chen Xi, and her could be said to have taken what they needed and were satisfied with their gains.

However, at this moment, when she recalled the guidance provided to her by that great figure from the Imperial Region, Empress Yu Che couldn’t help but be slightly shocked.

Could it be that person had… deduced everything that would occur today?

“Empress, the Divine Dark Parasol Sapling seemed to be unowned. With your current might, why don’t you seize this opportunity to subdue it as well?” Suddenly, a great figure spoke, and it drew the attention of all the others, causing them to shoot their gazes towards Empress Yu Che in unison.

“I don’t have such ability.” Empress Yu Che glanced at them. “I advise all of you to not set your sights on it. Such a divine treasure isn’t something that all of you can covet!”

All of their expressions froze, and they couldn’t help but feel slightly embarrassed because Empress Yu Che had directly exposed their thoughts.

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