Chapter 1627 – Divine Polaris Dew

In Chen Xi’s deductions earlier, the Dark Parasol Sapling’s transformation was the core of everything.

For the sake of accomplishing this, he had to allow the Dark Parasol Sapling to absorb sufficient amounts of Avīci Corrupted Qi to be its nutrients.

However, according to the situation from before, the Dark Parasol Sapling, Skyruin Sword, and Avīci Hellsword were in intense combat, and it was utterly impossible for the Dark Parasol Sapling to have a chance to absorb the Avīci Corrupted Qi.

So, Chen Xi could only make a move himself.

Thus, he’d utilized all of his ability to create the Taichi Diagram and ceaselessly devoured the various energies that flowed through the heavens and the earth, and then he utilized the universe within his body as a bridge to draw the energy into his body.

In this way, the quintessence energy that the Dark Parasol Sapling had left within his body could indirectly refine and absorb this energy.

At the same time, the energy refined and absorbed by the Dark Parasol Sapling would assist its own transformation. In the end, the Taichi Diagram, Chen Xi, and the Dark Parasol Sapling formed a perfect cycle between the three of them.

However, such actions were extremely dangerous. The crux was that the energy devoured by the Taichi Diagram was too violent, and Chen Xi’s own strength was too weak in comparison. So, once he was unable to resist the impact of this violent energy, then it wouldn’t just simply end in a failure, and it would even cause Chen Xi to lose his life.

Fortunately, after experiencing boundless pain and torture, Chen Xi had finally succeeded at this moment.

Presently, the Taichi Diagram was circulating madly, and it was still ceaselessly devouring the various energies that flowed through the heavens and the earth.

After that, it utilized Chen Xi’s body as a bridge to allow these energies to surge into the universe within Chen Xi’s body, and then it was ceaselessly refined and absorbed by the quintessence energy of the Dark Parasol Sapling.

In this way, the universe within his body that was on the verge of destruction had stabilized temporarily, and it wasn’t in such a dangerous state as it was moment before this.

However, Chen Xi didn’t dare be careless in the slightest. Because all of this was merely the beginning, and it wasn’t the end!

Just like this very moment, the intense pain throughout his body was still present, and he suffered the impact and torture of the violent energy at all times.

Unless the Dark Parasol Sapling completed its transformation, otherwise, he could only continue enduring such a state.

In the sky, the Dark Parasol Sapling had spread out its branches and leaves, and they emanated a myriad of strands of hazy green light. These strands of light transformed into numerous divine chains that swept towards the surroundings with boundless divine might.

After it obtained Chen Xi’s assistance, its might had obviously improved greatly, and every vein on its leaves emanated a bright glow of divinity that was mysterious and dazzling.

This scene seemed to have infuriated the Avīci Hellsword, causing its attacks to grow even more violent and destructive. A myriad of strands of grey and hazy sword qi that seemed as if they’d come from hell itself collided and fought endlessly with the green chains.

On the other hand, the Skyruin Sword emanated sword lights that shot violently into the nine heavens under Empress Yu Che’s control. It cooperated with the Dark Parasol Sapling to blast apart all the Avīci Hellsword’s attacks, and they even faintly showed signs of starting to suppress the Avīci Hellsword!



Three types of supreme forces fought in this expanse of the heavens and the earth, and as the aftershocks from their collisions swept out, it was peerlessly dazzling as it arose from the depths of Taowu Galaxy.

All the cultivators that witnessed this scene were shocked. Up until now, not only did the battle show no signs of ending, it was growing in intensity. The terrifying might revealed in the battle caused their minds to shake while chills ran down their spines.

It was too terrifying!

They even firmly believed that if a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God were to be swept into the battle, then the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God would probably not even possess the strength to resist.

“Looks like the Avīci Hellsword will definitely be subdued tonight!” In the starry sky, one of the great figures sighed with emotion.

“Success or failure will be decided tonight. But based on the current situation, the Empress has obviously gained an advantageous position.”

“However, have all of you discerned what that green colored divine glow is? Why did it suddenly appear tonight?”

“That’s a divine tree. According to my observation, it seems to be the Divine Dark Parasol Tree of legend!”

“The Divine Dark Parasol Tree? Hasn’t it gone extinct during the primeval times?”

“There are numerous regions and millions of universes in the Ancient God Domain. Can anyone guarantee that such a divine tree would have been obliterated forever?”

“Moreover, not to mention all of this, I’m truly curious about where this Divine Dark Parasol Tree came from?”

All the great figures from Snow Ink Region discussed animatedly, yet none of them were able to deduce the origins of the Divine Dark Parasol Tree.

It was even to the extent that they suspected the Divine Dark Parasol Tree might be an ally that Empress Yu Che had invited.

Of course, they could only guess in their hearts. Because once they spoke about things that were related to Empress Yu Che’s secrets, then it would be an offence.

“Yun Qing, prepare yourselves.” Empress Yu Che who was controlling the Skyruin Sword to fight the Avīci Hellsword suddenly spoke via voice transmission, and not only did her voice lack even a trace of happiness, it was slightly solemn instead.

Yun Qing couldn’t help but be slightly stunned because of this. The current situation is clearly extremely advantageous to us, so why does the Empress still carry such a solemn expression?

“The Avīci Hellsword is about to counterattack, and its next attacks will definitely be extremely terrifying. If we’re able to resist these attacks, then it would be unable to escape at all, and if we’re unable to resist them….” When she spoke up to here, Empress Yu Che puckered her lips and went silent, but Yun Qing had completely understood the meaning behind her words.

Yun Qing didn’t dare hesitate, and he circulated his entire cultivation and accumulated strength while waiting to take action.

Right at this instant, a strand of clear divine light suddenly flashed past Empress Yu Che’s beautiful eyes, and she lightly spat out a few words from between her lips. “It’s about to begin!”

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Suddenly, a string of extremely dense sword howls resounded by Chen Xi’s ear. They were hoarse, evil, and even carried a strand of rage.

Is the Avīci Hellsword going to fight desperately? Chen Xi was horrified, and even his soul trembled.

At practically the exact same moment, the Dark Parasol Sapling and Skyruin Sword surged respectively with divine radiance and they emanated terrifying attacks. Green divine chains and fierce sword qi intersected together as they rumbled and swept out.

For a time, this expanse of the heavens and the earth was collapsing and falling. Terrifying aftershocks swept out and caused the entire Corrupted Spirit Star to shake violently without end.


Chen Xi was unable to endure such terrifying pressure any longer, and he coughed up blood while his body started to tremble violently.

On the other hand, the Taichi Diagram before him shook and wailed violently at this moment, and it was on the verge of collapse.

“Dammit!” Chen Xi gritted his teeth and suddenly roared loudly. He converged all the energy within his entire body, and it poured all of it into the Taichi Diagram.

At this moment, he couldn’t be bothered about his injuries and pain. All he knew was that once the Taichi Diagram was destroyed, then the Dark Parasol Sapling’s transformation would come to an end, and he would be bound to be unable to escape calamity.

Om! Om!

After it obtained the assistance of Chen Xi’s Divine Energy, the Taichi Diagram safely stabilized itself.

However, the Avīci Hellsword was fighting like a trapped beast, and it utilized all its ability, causing the energy that filled this expanse of the heavens and the earth to become even more violent. After all of this energy was devoured by the Taichi Diagram, it directly affected Chen Xi’s body.


It was like a myriad of large mountains had collided forcefully with his body. Chen Xi felt the bones in his entire body shatter into pieces at this instant, and even his tendons and veins twisted together and shattered.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

After that, the skin all over his body split apart inch by inch, causing blood to spray into the air.

When looked at from afar, Chen Xi simply seemed as if he was made from blood. His skin and flesh had split open, his bones were faintly visible, and there wasn’t a single inch on his body that was whole. He was in an extremely horrifying and miserable state.

If such a situation continued, then it wouldn’t be long before his entire body would be torn into pieces by the violent energy.


In the universe within his body, the quintessence energy of the Dark Parasol Sapling seemed to have realized that the situation was bad, and it emanated a strand of bright green Divine Energy and started to help Chen Xi repair his injured body.

After that, a strange scene appeared, Chen Xi’s mutilated figure had just been repaired before it was torn apart once more by the violent energy, and it cycled like this just like how plants ceaselessly grew and withered.

However, this was simply more painful that death to Chen Xi. He was torn apart, repaired, torn apart, repaired…. This pain and torture from this ceaseless cycle caused him to be on the verge of collapse.

If it was a person with a weak will in his place, then person’s soul and Dao Heart would have probably collapsed a long time ago from this torture before perishing on the spot.

But even then, Chen Xi was still in an extremely dangerous situation. Because his figure was utterly unable to endure such destruction, so when he arrived at the limit of his endurance, his body would split apart before he perished on the spot.

Chen Xi was already tortured to the point his consciousness was blurry. Since he’d started cultivating until now, he’d experienced all sorts of pain, but he’d never ever experienced a situation like the one he was experiencing right now!

Especially because he had no other way out, and he could only rely on his own will to bitterly hold on by force.

“Yun Qing, hand me the Divine Polaris Dew!” In the starry sky, Empress Yu Che seemed to have witnessed all of this, and she suddenly gritted her teeth while a wisp of resolution flashed in her clear eyes.

“Empress, this is….” Yun Qing was shocked and slightly hesitant. The Divine Polaris Dew was a precious treasure that could only be chanced upon by luck. It was something Empress Yu Che had taken great pains to gather, and it was priceless. Its effects were so miraculous that it could allow a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God that was heavily injured and on the verge of death to instantly recover to his or her peak state, and it didn’t carry any side effects or drawbacks as well!

“Hand it to me!” Empress Yu Che’s voice carried an indisputable tone.

Yun Qing opened his mouth, yet he let out a long sigh in the end. He stretched out his hand as he withdrew a thumb sized and completely snow white jade bottle.

“What a lucky kid.” Yun Qing rubbed the jade bottle with slight reluctance. In the end, he swung his hand, and with a swish, the jade bottled transformed into a strand of white light as it tore through space towards Chen Xi.

His soul was trembling.

His consciousness was blurry.

At this moment, Chen Xi seemed to have fallen into an expanse of darkness, and he was on the verge of being drowned by it. It was even to the extent not a single strand of his perception was paying attention to the ongoing battle.

This was a sign of being on the verge of collapse. Chen Xi was very clearly aware that once he was drowned beneath the darkness, then it would mean death. But he was powerless to change all of this.

All he could do was utilize the last trace of his consciousness that remained and try hard to protect his Soul Divine Flame from being extinguished….

He’s already become numbed to the intense pain, and it was as if his body didn’t belong to him….

What should I do?Could it be that I’m unable to escape calamity this time?

Chen Xi was unwilling!

If there’s really no other way, then I can only make a last desperate effort and abandon…. Hmm? Right when he was about to make some sort of decision, he suddenly sensed a strand of cool, refreshing, and gentle energy surge into his body.

It was like the spring breeze and rain that gave life to the world and poured onto the dried up and cracked ground. It provided every single inch of split flesh, shattered tendons, and collapsed meridians and apertures in his entire body with a strand of extremely exuberant vitality.

This strand of energy was pure, miraculous, and contained boundless vitality. It surged throughout his body like tidewater, allowing Chen Xi to instantly escape from the hell of pain he was suffering, and it was comfortable to the point it felt like he was soaking in a hot spring.

In merely a few breaths of time, the injuries throughout his body had recovered completely. It wasn’t just that, that strand of energy had completely reconstructed the meridians, apertures, tendons, bones, and skin throughout his body, causing them to become even tougher and suffused with strands of pure divinity.

On the other hand, the vitality within his body had instantly exceeded its previous peak as well, and it was seething to the extreme. At this instant, even his cultivation had actually improved explosively by a great deal!

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