Chapter 1626 – Taichi Diagram

At this moment, even if it was the cultivators that were scattered on the various stars, they clearly noticed brilliant green light charging out from the deepest depths of Taowu Galaxy. The light was verdant, clear, and it suffused the entire starry sky.

At practically the exact same moment, a wisp of grey and hazy sword qi swept out swiftly and rivalled it!

Such a scene was extremely shocking. It was like a divine miracle from the ancient time, and it was so grand and dazzling as it appeared in the universe.

Moreover, when Empress Yu Che withdrew the Skyruin Sword and emanated a myriad of clear colored sword radiance that whistled through the heavens, the situation instantly became even more chaotic.

They could clearly notice that countless stars in the deepest depths of Taowu Galaxy were trembling violently at this moment, and they were all affected by this world shocking battle.

No one had expected that such great commotion would actually occur during this last night before the Starhunt Meeting came to an end!

No one paid any attention to the Hunt Ranking now, and all of their hearts and minds had been drawn over and shocked by this scene before them.


Violent rumbling resounded by his ear, and it shook his soul while terrifying and piercingly cold torrents of air ceaselessly assaulted him. It caused Chen Xi to seem like a piece of duckweed that was amidst tempestuous waves, and he was on the verge of being drowned.

At this moment, exerting his entire strength was merely able to prevent himself from being struck down, and counterattacking had become something he could only dream of.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi suspected that if the Dark Parasol Sapling hadn’t drawn the Avīci Hellsword’s entire attention, he would have probably been obliterated a long time ago.

It was simply inconceivable that the number one ferocious weapon born from the Chaos of Snow Ink Region was capable of creating such terrifying destructive force.

I wonder what sort of terrifying force the number one precious treasure born from within the Chaos of the three dimensions, Pangu’s Axe, possesses…. At this moment, Chen Xi thought of the three dimensions for no reason, and he recalled Pangu’s Axe before he thought of the Overarching Heaven Net and Copper Coin of Treasurefall that he carried within him.

They were similarly Natural Spirit Treasures, but the gap between their strengths was clearly displayed at this moment.

Sometimes, Chen Xi even wondered why all sorts of Natural Spirit Treasures would be born from within the chaos?

Could it possibly be that there’s some sort of consciousness that’s superior to the quintessence of Chaos within the quintessence of Chaos itself?

Could it be that this consciousness could be called the creator of all things?

These questions seemed to be very simple, but if one considered them carefully, then the more one thought about it, the more terrifying it was. Especially when Chen Xi had already attained a certain height in his path towards the Dao. However, every time he pondered about this question, it still caused him to feel a form of indescribable terror and shock.

He was unable to deduce any clues, so he was unable to figure it out, and everything that couldn’t be figures out was usually revered and feared.

The unknown was terrifying!

But right after that, Chen Xi returned completely to his senses, and his expression was slightly unsightly.

He knew that at that instant from before, a trace of a flaw had appeared on his Dao Heart because of terror, and it caused some distracting thoughts to appear in his mind. If he hadn’t awakened from it, then the consequences would be unimaginable!

After all, he was amidst a terrifying and fierce battle right now. Even if he didn’t have the strength to resist at all, but once even a trace of an accident occurs, then he would be unable to avoid losing his life.

This won’t do. If this continues, then I’ll be forced to receive a beating passively. Moreover, if the Dark Parasol Sapling is defeated, then I wouldn’t be able to escape calamity as well…. Chen Xi took a deep breath while a wisp of a resolute expression filled the space between his brows. He’s completely recovered his calm, and he’d started to look for an opportunity to make a move.

In the sky, grey and hazy sword qi raged horizontally and vertically. It minced the numerous strands of verdant divine chains emanated by the Dark Parasol Sapling, causing rumbling that was like thunderclaps to resound while a rain of light descended.

Originally, the Dark Parasol Sapling would definitely be unable to resist such terrifying attacks with its current strength, but with the addition of the Skyruin Sword, it was able to accomplish this in the end.

The current situation had evolved into one where the Skyruin Sword and Dark Parasol Sapling had joined forced to deal with the Avīci Hellsword.

Moreover, the Avīci Hellsword faintly showed signs of being suppressed.

It was precisely because of this that Chen Xi was able to survive and escape danger amidst this intense battle.

However, this sort of situation was extremely dangerous. Once the Dark Parasol Sapling or Skyruin Sword suffered defeat, then it would bring calamity upon him!

Because even though he seemed to be able to protect himself amidst this situation, he’d long since become inseparable with the Dark Parasol Sapling. All of this predetermined that he would be utterly unable to avoid getting involved.


Specks of light rained down throughout the surroundings. The torrents of destruction caused by this battle between three supreme divine treasures swept towards the surroundings without end, and it tore the heavens and the earth apart before throwing it into chaos.

At this moment, Chen Xi had become completely indifferent towards all of this since a long time ago. His entire attention was concentrated on carefully observing every single minute change in the situation of the battle.

Moreover, in his mind, he was madly deducing all the emergency measures he could take, and he was doing all of this so he could take control of his own fate!

It was fine even if he was merely able to grasp a trace of it, because in this way, he could guarantee that his life wouldn’t be under the control of this battle any longer.

The battle grew more and more intense. It shook the sky and the universe, and the sword qi emanated by the Avīci Hellsword was ceaselessly slashed into pieces before spraying down like a rain of light.

In the same way, the attacks executed by the Skyruin Sword and Dark Parasol Sapling were ceaselessly blasted into the surroundings amidst these collisions as well.

If the situation continued to develop in this way, then the entire Corrupted Spirit Star might fall and be completely crushed into powder by this battle!

Suddenly, Chen Xi’s eyes that were pitch black like an abyss erupted with a strand of cold light, and his imposing aura suddenly changed.

He’d already thought of a superb plan, but it was extremely dangerous, and it might even cause him to fall into a hopeless situation. However, at this moment, he couldn’t be bothered about all of that.


His entire body rumbled as boundless divine radiance surged out from within him, and they transformed into a myriad of mysterious talismans that coiled around his body, causing him to reveal a supreme, terrifying, and peerless aura.


The Talisman Armament in his hand let out a clear howl before it moved along with his wrist, and it swiftly drew a completely round diagram in space.

After that, the myriad of mysterious talismans around his body seemed like they’d found an outlet, and they surged into the completely round mark he made with the sword.

Thus, Yin and Yang were formed before they converged together, and then light and darkness appeared before fusing together. Four supreme Divine Dao Laws had converged within the perfectly round mark at this moment, and it was a flawless Taichi Diagram!

This was the Laws of Taichi, and it was one of the supreme Grand Daos that Chen Xi had comprehended and grasped a long time ago. It was a combination of the Grand Dao Laws of Yin, Yang, Light, and Darkness. At this moment, Chen Xi had directly executed it and converged it within this perfectly round mark he made with the sword.

However, this wasn’t the end!

In the next moment, Chen Xi executed the Roc Divine Technique, and he utilized the Devour Dao to pour it into the Taichi Diagram.


The Taichi Diagram suddenly lit up and rumbled as it circulated. Black and white flowed while Yin and Yang interchanged, and it emanated an indescribable devouring energy.

This expanse of space warped, collapse, and transformed into a torrent of shattered pieces, and it circulated madly along with the Taichi Diagram.

“Quicker!” Chen Xi suddenly shouted loudly.

The Taichi Diagram circulated in an even more terrifying manner. It was like a black hole in the starry sky, and according to Chen Xi’s will, it started to madly devour the shattered specks of divine light that drifted through the heavens and the earth.

Those shattered specks of divine light consisted of the shattered sword qi from the Avīci Hellsword, and the energy of the Dark Parasol Sapling and Skyruin Sword that had been shattered during the battle….

Yet at this moment, all of these forces that had swept throughout the surroundings in a chaotic manner were being drawn over by the energy of devour emanated by the Taichi Diagram, and they surged over uncontrollably.


In a mere instant, the violent torrent was ceaselessly devoured into the Taichi Diagram, and because these energies were too violent, they even conflicted violently with each other. Now that they were absorbed into the Taichi Diagram, they instantly caused the Taichi Diagram to start trembling intensely while faintly showing signs of collapse.

Chen Xi seemed as if he’d guessed this would happen. He suddenly gritted his teeth, concentrated, and then completely opened up the universe within his body and drew the violent energy into his body.

In an instant, his countenance turned pale while the veins on his entire body bulged up like worms. He seemed as if he’d swallowed 10 azure dragons alive and was on the verge of exploding.

However, he didn’t stop all of this. A wisp of an insane expression flashed between his brows as he completely relaxed all the energy within his body and stopped resisting, and he allowed the violent energy to surge into his body without facing any resistance at all.


Indescribable pain!

It was like a myriad of swords were stabbing his heart, and it was also like sliced inch by inch with a dull knife. It caused Chen Xi’s handsome face to distort, and he almost gnashed his teeth into pieces.

If his Dao Heart wasn’t extraordinarily firm, he would have probably been unable to endure all of this and given up a long time ago.

After all, these violent energies had come from three supreme divine treasures. Even if it was merely the energy that came from the collisions between them, it wasn’t something that Chen Xi could resist and deal with now.

This was the reason why he’d utilized all his ability to create the Taichi Diagram. It was for the sake of relying on the energy of Taichi to disperse to the greatest extent the terrifying impact and destructive force contained within these violent energies.

Otherwise, if he devoured it directly, then it would be no different than courting death.


The violent energy tore Chen Xi’s flesh, blood, and skin apart. It shattered his meridians and apertures, and then finally transformed into a monstrous torrent that surged into the universe within his body and started to rampage madly within it.

The stars that densely covered the universe within his body were originally formed from Divine Dao Laws and were extremely hard to the point of being comparable to divine iron and rock. However, at this moment, they were like pierced of paper that were easily crushed into pieces by the violent energies.

If this continued, then it wouldn’t be long before the entire universe within his body would be shattered, causing Chen Xi to completely lose his foundation in the Divine Dao and be reduced to a cripple.

At this moment, Chen Xi who’d fallen into boundless and intense pain had no choice but to separate a trace of his consciousness to anxiously pay close attention to all of this.

Since the moment he started to create the Taichi Diagram to devouring the violent energy within his body, everything was within Chen Xi’s expectations. But if the events that occurred next were to deviate from the outcome of his deductions….


Fortunately, the process of waiting for the outcome only lasted for a mere instant, so it didn’t cause him to be filled with anxiety. When the violent energy was on the verge of encountering the core of the universe within his body, a strand of extremely thick energy suddenly surged out, and it transformed into an extraordinarily verdant fluctuation. The fluctuation rumbled and swept over before enveloping the violent energy….

It was the quintessence energy that the Dark Parasol Sapling had left in the universe within his body, and at this moment, it was like a shark that had smelt blood. It suppressed the violent energy before starting to absorb it at full force!

It worked! Chen Xi’s heart that was in his throat had completely relaxed when he saw this, and he seemed as if he’d walked through the border between life and death. His entire body was drenched by cold sweat, and a wisp of terror that was impossible to eliminate still remained in his heart.

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