Chapter 1625 – Shocking Change In The Dark Parasol Sapling

The boundless wilderness was suffused with dense black mist.

Wave after wave of sharp and ear piercing savage cries frequently resounded from within the black mist. It was the roars of the Corrupted Spirits, and it sounded like the howls of devil and was extremely terrifying.

Chen Xi held the Talisman Armament in one hand while he held Tie Yunping’s hand with the other, and he moved through the black mist and amidst the Corrupted Spirits like a soundless ray of light.

They travelled all the way east, and they slaughtered all along their way.

Everywhere they passed, the corpses of Corrupted Spirits crashed successively to the ground before transforming into powder. They could be said to be sweeping through all obstacles as if they were sweeping through dried leaves.

However, all along the way, Chen Xi’s expression gradually became solemn, and as his eyes opened and closed, they were filled with vigilance and flowed with cold light.

They’d already entered the area 15,000km away that Guan Hongyu had spoke of, and they’d entered into the Avīci Hellsword’s territory.

This expanse of territory was covered by a layer of ghastly killing intent that was seemingly material, and it was oppressive to the heart and soul.

The number of Corrupted Spirits here started to decline sharply as well, and they directly became scarce and almost impossible to find.

The heavens and the earth were only filled by strands of thick Avīci Corrupted Qi that seemed like black divine flames, and it was deathly silent, mysterious, and terrifying.

With Chen Xi’s current strength, he still felt a strand of heavy pressure at this moment, and a trace of a premonition of danger had even silently covered his heart.

He puckered his lips while his handsome face was covered in a unswerving determination. In the end, he disregarded Tie Yunping’s refusal and temporarily placed her within one of the divine artifacts in his possession.

After that, he continued forward on his own.

No Corrupted Spirits could be found any longer within this territory that belonged to the Avīci Hellsword, so if Tie Yunping still followed by his side, then she would burden him instead.

Not to mention that the amount of Corrupted Spirits they killed on the way here was already sufficient, and it would be extremely easy for Tie Yunping to ascend into the top 10.

All along the way, the Dark Parasol Sapling in the universe within his body had been ceaselessly absorbing the Avīci Corrupted Qi, and as he moved further and further towards the east, the amount of Avīci Corrupted Qi grew more in more in volume.

To Chen Xi’s relief, the Dark Parasol Sapling’s speed of transformation had clearly increased. If it was said that it was only a little sapling with a strong stem and verdant leaves, then at this moment, it was luxuriantly covered in branches and leaves, and it faintly showed signs of towering into the clouds.

The benefits from this was that throughout the slaughters all along the way, he’d practically possessed an endless fountain of Divine Energy, and he didn’t have to rely on Divine Crystals any longer.

Coupled with his cultivation in the Dao Heart that had attained the Heart Infant Realm, he was already entirely capable of fighting without end.

This was practically no different to the state he was at in the three dimensions.

His formidable Dao Heart provided him with extraordinary endurance in battle, whereas, the assistance from the Dark Parasol Sapling allowing Chen Xi to possess endless energy to do battle.

With the assistance of them both, Chen Xi wasn’t afraid of a stalemate or battle of attrition at all.

For example, when an expert like Guan Hongyu faced the endless siege of the army of Corrupted Spirits, he was pressured to the point his physical strength had been severely exhausted, and he was almost eliminated.

The reason was that Guan Hongyu lacked the energy to sustain a drawn out battle, and Chen Xi obviously didn’t have to worry about that.

However, this wasn’t the final outcome of the Dark Parasol Sapling’s transformation, so Chen Xi hadn’t stopped moving forward.

The Dark Parasol Sapling was only a sapling, and it would only reach the height of its might when it truly became a Divine Dark Parasol Tree!

During the primeval times, the Divine Dark Parasol Tree that stood within the Chaos and connected the Immortal Dimension to the Mortal Dimension was a peerless overlord. It possessed boundless divine might that terrified the universe, and it was an existence comparable to the Ant Exalt, the Chaotic Divine Lotus, Fuxi, Nuwa, and the Sovereign Sect’s Master!

As the quintessence left behind by the Divine Dark Parasol Tree, once the Dark Parasol Sapling completed its transformation successfully, then it was obvious how monstrous its ability would be.

The atmosphere was deathly silent while the oppressive and ghastly killing intent grew more and more stronger, and it caused the nerves in Chen Xi’s entire body to tense up.

His expression was solemn while his gaze was vigilant, and he was like a fully drawn bow that was prepared to deal with danger at any moment.

He didn’t stop moving and continued forward.

In this boundless world of black color, he seemed like the only person left here, and he moved alone while seeming to be so tiny.

Suddenly, Chen Xi stopped moving, and he raised his head to gaze at the sky.

According to his estimations of the time, the veil of night would creep out after 15 minutes from now.

But this time, Chen Xi didn’t intend to go into hiding again. Because the Starhunt Meeting would end at dusk tomorrow, and at that time, it would be impossible for him to stay here even if he wanted to.

This meant that if the Dark Parasol Sapling couldn’t complete its transformation tonight, then might not have another chance!

Chen Xi was completely unaware that just like him, Empress Yu Che had taken tonight to be the last chance she had to subdue the Avīci Hellsword.

Both of them had different objectives, yet they seemed to be faintly linked together in a strange way.

If the Dark Parasol Sapling wanted to complete its transformation, then it couldn’t do without absorbing Avīci Corrupted Qi, and the Avīci Corrupted Qi came from the Avīci Hellsword.

So, based on this, the critical factor that Chen Xi had been searching for all along the way was similarly closely related to the Avīci Hellsword.

15 minutes later, an ink black veil of night silently swept over.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed before he gritted his teeth in the end. He intended to completely suppress the aura of the Dark Parasol Sapling just like he’d done in the past.

But right at this instant, a strand of peerless exuberant fluctuations of divinity rumbled and erupted from within his body, and it caused Chen Xi’s entire body to stiffen.


After that, the Dark Parasol Sapling actually charged out from within his body, and he was actually unable to suppress it even when he utilized all his strength!


In the next moment, an expanse of profound and verdant divine light suddenly shot into the sky. It was extremely verdant, and it illuminated the sky while the figure of the Dark Parasol Sapling could be faintly discerned within it.

However, at this moment, its leaves were large like mats, and the veins of the leaves revealed mysterious and obscure markings of the Dao and surging with Chaotic Qi. On the other hand, its stem was strong like an azure dragon. It towered into the sky and bore deep within the ground, and it seemed to reveal the magnificent scene of ‘supported the heavens while standing on the ground’.

When looked at from afar, the Dark Parasol Sapling that stood beneath the grey and hazy night sky seemed like the pillar that held up the entire sky!

At this moment, it seemed like a towering divine tree that towered through the ages and looked down proudly upon the universe.

Swish! Swish!

As soon as it appeared, the veins on its leaves emanated numerous strands of extremely verdant chains of Divinity, and they swiftly extended and swept towards the surroundings.

It seemed like a divine net that covered the sky. Everywhere it passed, the Avīci Corrupted Qi that floated through the heavens and the earth were restrained, refined, and absorbed completely. They transformed into the Dark Parasol Sapling’s nourishment.

This scene was extremely grand, yet it caused tempestuous waves to arise in Chen Xi’s heart. What has this happened?

The Dark Parasol Sapling leaving his body uncontrollably had caused him to arouse a feeling that it had escaped his control, and this feeling caused him to faintly feel a trace of uneasiness in his heart.

But right after that, Chen Xi acutely noticed that even though the Dark Parasol Sapling had left his body and started to absorb the Avīci Corrupted Qi in the heavens and the earth on its own, its quintessence was still rooted in the universe within Chen Xi’s body. Moreover, they didn’t seem like separate entities and were like a single whole instead.

This allowed Chen Xi to heave a sigh of relief. He instantly understood that since the moment he obtained the Dark Parasol Sapling in the Dark Reverie, this miraculous treasure had taken him to be its home just like how blood dissolved in water. They were bound to be impossible to be separated.

But in next to no time, Chen Xi’s expression changed abruptly. Because at this instant, he sensed a strand of peerlessly terrifying and icy cold killing intent rumble and whistle over like a storm from afar.

This expanse of the heavens and the earth starting to become gloomy, murderous, cold, and started to be filled with a terrifying force of sin and evil.

The Avīci Hellsword!

This time, the Hunt Rankings in the night sky hadn’t even appeared, yet it had actually been alarmed and emanated monstrous divine might.

Chen Xi cried out in his heart. Shit!

He instinctively circulated the Divine Energy in his entire body, causing his entire body to glow while he suddenly soared into the sky, and he stood before the Dark Parasol Sapling with sword in hand.


In the darkness extremely far away, surging black mist arose like smoke, and then a grey and hazy image of a divine sword floated up into appearance before emanating a pressure that caused the heavens and the earth to dim down.

It really is it!

Even if they were an uncountable distance apart, Chen Xi had recognized it with a single glance. It was exactly the Avīci Hellsword, the number one ferocious weapon that was born in the Chaos of Snow Ink Region. It converged evil, terror, and sin, and its might was extremely horrifying and astounding.


The hairs on Chen Xi’s entire body stood on end. Merely its aura caused him to feel suffocated, and he couldn’t help but be slightly shocked. If I go head-on against it like this, then it’ll probably be insufficient even if I have nine lives, right?


However, to Chen Xi’s surprise, the Dark Parasol Sapling actually took the initiative to attack at this moment. It emanated a verdant divine chain that fluttered madly like a divine whip, and it tore through space as it enveloped down towards the distance.


At practically the exact same moment, the Avīci Hellsword suddenly let out a hoarse and muddy sword howl, and then emanated a grey and hazy strand of sword qi.

In an instant, the world was split into two. One half was filled with terrifying and evil sword qi while the other hand was enveloped by extremely verdant divine light. This scene was shocking and inconceivable.

After that, a rumble resounded as these two completely different ‘worlds’ collided with each other. Sword qi raged while divine light surged as it swept out towards the surroundings amidst a wave of rumbling.

Chen Xi felt his eardrums almost split apart while his Dao Heart trembled. Not to mention help, Chen Xi was merely able to protect himself while utilizing all his strength.

The collision between such forces was truly too shocking, and even if an Universe Enlightened Ancestral God was here, that Universe Enlightened Ancestral God would probably have no choice but to retreat and not dare bear the brunt of these forces!


“The Divine Dark Parasol Tree!”

“I never expected that I’d actually witness such a divine object of the heavens and the earth appearing once more after so many years have passed. No wonder that the Avīci Hellsword would be so restless….”

“I understand now, this is the favorable turn that the great figure in the Imperial Region mentioned! Yun Qing, there’s no time to lose, stand on guard for me!”


In the starry sky, when the Dark Parasol Sapling appeared out of thin air and caused the Avīci Hellsword to make an appearance beforehand, it was instantly noticed by Empress Yu Che and Yun Qing that were constantly paying attention to the situation there.

For a time, both of their eyes surged with bright divine radiance, and boundless resolution surged within the excitement their revealed.

Without practically any hesitation, Empress Yu Che immediately acted. Unlike in the past, her red dress fluttered before her slender and graceful figure directly flashed to arrive high above in the air, and then she withdrew the Skyruin Sword.


She slashed the sword towards the Avīci Hellsword.

This scene caused all the other great figures in the surroundings to be shocked. Because the veil of night had just arrived and the Hunt Rankings hadn’t even appeared, so they wondered why the Empress would make a move in advance!

After that, they noticed that right at the instant when Empress Yu Che attacked, a strand of dazzling green light had suddenly erupted from the deepest depths of Taowu Galaxy, and it illuminated the universe.

After that, another muddy and hoarse sword howl resounded and shook the universe.

Such a scene was too grand and magnificent, and it caused all of those great figures to be stunned. Because they’d never imagined that such an unimaginable scene would occur tonight.

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