Chapter 1624 – Lifting A Finger

The sky was grey and hazy while numerous pitch black figures whistled through the heavens and the earth like swift bolts of lightning. Moreover, they crushed through space and caused boundless disorder.

These pitch black figures were all Corrupted Spirits. Their entire bodies were covered by dense black colored Avīci Corrupted Qi, and they seemed like lifeless demonic things that had come from within purgatory itself. They roared madly with savage expressions, and they were extremely shocking.


Guan Hongyu slashed his sword towards them. Sword qi shot out like a ray of light from his sword, and it forcefully repulsed over 10 Corrupted Spirits that were leading the charge.

At this moment, his clothes were dyed red with blood while his long hair hung loosely above his shoulders, and the refined expression between his brows had been replaced by a wisp of a piercingly cold and murderous aura instead.

His gaze was icy cold, and he puckered his lips tightly. Even though he was amidst a heavy encirclement, he was still like a rock at the bottom of the ocean. No matter how the ocean water surged at him, he was impossible to move.

But along with the passage of time, Guan Hongyu’s brows had become knit together tightly, and he had a slightly solemn expression.

The reason was that Su Wan’er’s physical strength was already severely exhausted. Her pretty and gentle face was ghastly pale and translucent while her slender and delicate figure was trembling lightly.

Even though she’d bit her cherry lips tightly and remained silent from the beginning until the end, Guan Hongyu was clearly aware that her Dao Heart was suffering intense assault, and it was on the verge of being invaded by the Avīci Corrupted Qi.

This caused Guan Hongyu’s heart to feel heavy. The only thing he could do was to do his best to protect Su Wan’er and repulse the group after group of Corrupted Spirits that assaulted them like waves of tidewater.

“Wan’er, hold on. So long as we persist until dusk tomorrow, then all of this will come to an end.” Guan Hongyu tried his best to make his voice seem relaxed in order to encourage Su Wan’er.

“Senior Brother, I definitely will. Don’t get distracted because of me. Since I was already able to attain such an accomplishment in the Starhunt Meeting this time, even if I have to be eliminated now, I wouldn’t feel unwilling and disgruntled at all.” Su Wan’er forced out a smile, and she similarly acted as if she was relaxed because she didn’t want Guan Hongyu to worry about her.

How could she not be clearly aware that Guan Hongyu’s physical strength had suffered enormous consumptions during the battles on the Corrupted Spirit Star until now?


Another group of Corrupted Spirits charged over fearless, causing Guan Hongyu to have no time to speak and could only fight with all his strength.

However, he was slightly anxious in his heart. If the situation continued to develop in this manner, then would they be able to persist until dusk tomorrow?


Suddenly, Su Wan’er’s entire body suddenly trembled, and she coughed out a mouthful of blood while her spirit, energy, and essence, instantly waned to the limit.

“Wan’er!” Guan Hongyu was extremely shocked. He suddenly gritted his teeth and carried Su Wan’er on his back. “Stop allowing your thoughts to run wild and quickly consume some medicinal pills!”


Because of this instant of distraction, a Corrupted Spirit had seized this instant to charge over, and it struck Guan Hongyu’s figure to the point he staggered back while the vital blood in his entire body roiled violently.

“Senior Brother, watch out!” Su Wan’er couldn’t help but cry out anxiously when she saw this.

“I’m fine.” Guan Hongyu gritted his teeth and executed some sort of secret technique. Divine light rumbled and erupted from his entire body while his figure stood steadily once more, and he forced all the attacking Corrupted Spirits back.

However, after a mere 10 minutes of time, his countenance started to gradually turn pale while he gasped for a breath, and he faintly showed signs of being unable to hold on any longer.

It couldn’t be helped, there were truly too many Corrupted Spirits, and their strengths were formidable while they themselves were fearless of death. So, it was utterly impossible to annihilate all of these Corrupted Spirits. Under such circumstances, no matter how shocking Guan Hongyu’s combat strength was, he was unable to endure such a practically endless battle of attrition.

It was even to the extent that if he was even given a short moment to rest, then the situation wouldn’t have become so grave.

Dammit!As he gazed at the dense army of Corrupted Spirits that approached from all directions, Guan Hongyu sighed lightly in his heart. Could it be that we’re really going to be stopped here?

But I’m unwilling to allow this to happen!

Su Wan’er had been constantly occupying the first position, so how could he be willing to be eliminated here?

Not to mention that the Starhunt Meeting would end at dusk tomorrow, so would anyone be able to give up when success was in sight?


No matter how angry and unwilling Guan Hongyu was in his heart, those Corrupted Spirits were still continuing with their attack, and they were charging over fearlessly. Their emotionless and brutal appearances were simply terrifying.

We must persist until night arrives! We must! Guan Hongyu roared madly in his heart, and his eyes were filled with strands of blood.

At this moment, his physical strength had been completely exhausted, and he was completely relying on his extraordinarily tenacious will to forcefully support himself.

However, along with the passage of time, his will couldn’t help but be slightly shaken, and his consciousness even showed faint signs of becoming blurry.


Suddenly, a terrifying and enormous force struck him, and it blasted Guan Hongyu flying. Moreover, even Su Wan’er who lay on his back had fallen towards the distance with him.

Before his figure could fall to the ground, there were already numerous Corrupted Spirits that had charged over madly, and they were accumulating strength while waiting for him to fall to the ground. The Corrupted Spirits seemed as if they wanted to tear them into pieces.

Can we really not persist until the end…? No matter how formidable he was, Guan Hongyu couldn’t avoid arousing a trace of despair within his heart at this moment.

But right at this instant, a wave of sword howls suddenly resounded by his ear, and they were like the roars of dragons and the rumbling of the Dao. At the beginning, it was extremely soft and weak, yet it suddenly became louder before resounding through the heavens and the earth!

Am I hallucinating? Guan Hongyu was stunned, and he couldn’t help but raise his eyes to glance at the surroundings. However, he noticed to his astonishment that the Corrupted Spirits that were originally charging over madly from all directions actually seemed like crop that were being reaped batch after batch, and they crashed to the ground.

This…. Guan Hongyu’s heart shook, and he almost didn’t dare believe his eyes.

“Senior Brother, this isn’t a hallucination, right?” Su Wan’er’s voice that sounded like she was sleep talking sounded out by his ears.


The sword howl resounded once more. This time, Guan Hongyu finally saw it clearly. It was numerous strands of sword qi that were descending from the sky!

They were murderous, swift, fierce, and covered with the divine radiance of a myriad of Laws. They were graceful like dragons, swift like bolts of lightning, and dense like a torrential storm. They covered this expanse of the heavens and the earth, and they even tore open numerous horrifying rifts in space.

On the other hand, the Corrupted Spirits were instantly drowned by this torrential rain of sword qi….


Guan Hongyu gasped while his consciousness finally cleared up. He finally understood that an expert was lending them a hand!

He suddenly steadied his figure, and then raised his eyes once more to look over. There was actually not a single member of the army of Corrupted Spirits in an area of 5,000km that could stand up!

Moreover, even the pitch black mist in the surroundings had been completely dispersed.

After that, both Guan Hongyu and Su Wan’er saw a young woman’s figure teleporting through the battlefield with a sword in her hand. With sword strike after sword strike, she severed the heads of the Corrupted Spirits on the ground, and her movements were extremely skilled and precise because it was obviously not the first time that she’d done this.

This scene shocked both Guan Hongyu and Su Wan’er, and their minds were slightly muddled. All of this had occurred too swiftly, and it was swift to the point they were slightly unable to recover from their shock.

“Are both of you alright?” Right at this moment, an indifferent voice resounded, and it jolted both Guan Hongyu and Su Wan’er back to their senses.

Both of them turned around and looked over, and they saw a tall figure had suddenly appeared near them and was gazing at them with an indifferent expression.

A flash of understanding arose in Guan Hongyu’s mind, and he blurted out. “Chen Xun?”

In these past few days, he’d similarly noticed the changes on the Hunt Ranking, and he’d naturally heard about everything related to Chen Xi and Tie Yunping.

So, when he combined it with the terrifying ability Chen Xi displayed while slaughtering the Corrupted Spirits in the surroundings, Guan Hongyu didn’t have to think before he determined that this person before him was definitely Chen Xun!

It was even to the extent that he still remembered that he’d met this young man during the registration period for the Starhunt Meeting, and he’d even watched this young man battle from afar. At those times, he had a feeling that Chen Xi was extremely extraordinary, yet he’d never expected that Chen Xi would actually be so extraordinary.

“Yes.” Chen Xi nodded.

“It really is you!” When she heard this name, Su Wan’er was shocked as well, and then she came to a slight understanding yet felt disbelief at the same time. So, this young man before me is that Chen Xun who became the center of everyone’s attention lately!

Chen Xi smiled and didn’t provide any explanation.

He’d made a move to assist them just now because he could accomplish it without difficulty. After all, there was no enmity between them, and Chen Xi wasn’t narrow-minded to the point of taking all participants of the Starhunt Meeting to be his enemy.

“Fellow Daoist, thank you for what you did just now!” Guan Hongyu cupped his fist and spoke seriously.

“Thank you.” Su Wan’er got down from Guan Hongyu’s back as well, and she bowed as she spoke.

Earlier, if Chen Xi hadn’t assisted them, then they would have been directly eliminated. So, they were extremely grateful for such a kindness.

“There’s no need for all that. I only lifted a finger.” Chen Xi smiled, and then he turned around and walked towards Tie Yunping.

Merely a little more than a day remained before the Starhunt Meeting came to an end and coupled with the face that he still hadn’t found the critical factor to allow the Dark Parasol Sapling to complete its transformation. So, he naturally didn’t dare waste any time.

Meanwhile, Tie Yunping had already finished cleaning the battlefield. When she saw Chen Xi walk over, she said excitedly, “There was a total of 239 this time.”

This number seemed to be small, but all of these were existences comparable to the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, and their value far exceeded their amount.

“Let’s continue.” Chen Xi nodded.

When he saw Chen Xi intend to leave just like that, Guan Hongyu couldn’t help but be stunned, and then he seemed to have thought of something and hurriedly said, “Fellow Daoist, wait a moment. The territory of the Avīci Hellsword begins from a distance of 15,000km away from here. Once you approach its territory, it’s equivalent to overstepping your limits, and the consequences are unimaginable!”

Chen Xi frowned, and then he went silent for a moment before he said, “Thank you for your warning, Fellow Daoist.”

As he spoke, he led Tie Yunping to continue forward, and he didn’t intent to just stop here at all.

This caused Guan Hongyu to be stunned. He stared at Chen Xi for a long time before he laughed bitterly and shook his head without end. He was slightly unable to understand Chen Xi’s actions.

“Senior Brother, do you think he intends to subdue the Avīci Hellsword?” Su Wan’er spoke abruptly.

Guan Hongyu was shocked, and then he shrugged and said, “Who knows? But no matter what, we owe him a favor in the end, and we much find an opportunity to repay him in the future.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “Let’s go. Let’s leave this place first.”

Presently, both of their physical strengths were severely exhausted over the limit, so the important matter at hand was to recuperate first.

Dusk arrived, and the originally grey and dim world became even more gloomy.

The veil of night was about the descend. Guan Hongyu couldn’t help but turn around once more, and he stared at the direction Chen Xi and Tie Yunping left while numerous thoughts filled his mind.

Exactly why… are they going over there?

In the starry sky, Empress Yu Che suddenly raised her eyes while her fiery red dress fluttered with the wind. She stared towards the distance before she took a deep breath and spoke slowly. “Yun Qing, everything will come to an end at dusk tomorrow. Tonight is our last chance to subdue the Avīci Hellsword. Are you ready?”

“I’ll definitely give it my all!” Yun Qing’s slightly bent figure had suddenly straightened while his aged face revealed a wisp of an arrogant and resolute expression. He suddenly seemed to possess a strand of indescribably oppressing spirit.

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