Chapter 1623 – All The Way East

“Quickly take a look, are there any changes to the rankings?”

“Fortunately, Su Wan’er is still at the first position. With the incidents of Xiao Ruoruo and Yi Tian being eliminated before this, I’m truly worried about whether Su Wan’er would have offended that maleficent existence, Chen Xun.”

“Yes, that fellow really is a maleficent existence. Anyone that encounters him would suffer misfortune.”

“Hmm? Why isn’t Tie Yunping’s name around the 40th rankings? Could it be that she and her group leader, Chen Xun, finally bit off more than they could chew, and they were eliminated?”

“Idiot! Didn’t you notice that Tie Yunping is at the 21st position!?”

“The 21st? My god! Only a day has passed, yet she has already leaped up by almost 20 positions?”

“How abnormal! This is definitely because of that Chen Xun!”

When the familiar Hunt Ranking unfolded beneath the veil of night, it instantly drew the attention of all the cultivators.

When they noticed that Su Wan’er still maintained her position at 1st, many people had unconsciously heaved sighs of relief in their hearts, and when they noticed that Tie Yunping’s ranking had actually risen from the 40th to the 21st, it instantly caused countless uproars.

It was common knowledge that the higher the position, the more intense the competition was. Especially in the top 50, rising a single position was as difficult as ascending the heavens.

But it was precisely amidst such a severe and brutal situation that Tie Yunping’s name had risen gradually like a star, and she’d risen to occupy the 21st position. How could they not be shocked?

“How exactly did she accomplish this?”

“You should ask Chen Xun that question. I’d paid attention to her before this, and the amount of Spirit God Realm ferocious beasts she’s hunted until yesterday was 370. But now, it has already risen to 693. In other words, in a single day of time, she has killed 323 Spirit God Realm ferocious beasts!”

“323! That’s over 300 existences comparable to Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods. How did that Chen Xun actually accomplish that?”

“Unbelievable! Truly unimaginable!”

“If they continue according to this speed, then when the Starhunt Meeting comes to an end two days from now, that Tie Yunping’s rankings might even ascend into the top 10!”

The crowd discussed animatedly, and Chen Xi and Tie Yunping seemed to have become the topics that they took delight in talking about.

Even those great figures in the starry sky were shocked to the point their jaws almost hit the floor, and their hearts were unable to calm down for a long time.

If it was a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God that accomplished this, then they wouldn’t be moved by it at all. However, all of this had been accomplished by a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, and it seemed to be too unusual and even slightly unbelievable!

Exactly where did that kid come from? How could he be so abnormal?

These questions had been constantly lingering in the hearts of these great figures. However, it seemed to be so strong at this moment, and it caused them to be unable to maintain their composure.

Only Empress Yu Che and Yun Qing’s attention were completely locked onto Corrupted Spirit Star, and they were accumulating strength while waiting silently for the Avīci Hellsword to appear.

As expected, it wasn’t long before the Avīci Hellsword emanated a strand of sword qi once more, and it rose above the nine heavens and seemed to be on the verge of slashing apart the Hunt Ranking that had unfolded in the sky.

Empress Yu Che didn’t hesitate at all to make a move, and she withdrew the Skyruin Sword. However, she was slightly surprised because nothing unexpected had occurred tonight, and the battle ended once more in a draw.

This caused Empress Yu Che to be slightly puzzled. Could it be that the trace of a chance for a favorable turn that appeared last night has already vanished?

Or perhaps there’s more than meets the eye?

Yun Qing was similarly puzzled, and he frowned while he pondered deeply in silence.

“Continue paying attention to the situation. According to the deduction I obtained from that great figure in the Imperial Region, this is the best opportunity for me to subdue the Avīci Hellsword, and once I miss it, then it’ll be almost impossible for me to find another chance like this.” Empress Yu Che took a deep breath while her fiery red dress fluttered with the wind. She was like a red lotus that was swaying amidst the night breeze, and she was lofty, proud, and alone.

Yin Qing’s pupils constricted. He finally understood why Empress Yu Che was willing to stop at nothing in order to subdue the Avīci Hellsword during this Starhunt Meeting. It turned out that it was because of the guidance of a great figure from the Imperial Region!

If anyone in this world had the qualifications to provide Empress Yu Che with guidance, then it was definitely those great figures that lived in seclusion within the Imperial Region.

“How was that Chen Xun’s display today?” Empress Yu Che suddenly asked this question.

The Hunt Ranking was floating in the night sky, and Tie Yunping’s position was clear for all to see. So, it was easy to determine Chen Xi’s performance from this. Yet it was very clear that Empress Yu Che wasn’t asking about this.

“That little fellow seemed to possess some sort of precious treasure, and his vital energy is extremely difficult to lock onto. It’s precisely because of this that he constantly occupies a position of absolute advantage when dealing with those Corrupted Spirits. As for anything else, I’m still unable to determine it for now.” Yun Qing organized his thoughts before he answered in a low voice.

“A precious treasure that can conceal his vital energy? No, if it was just that, then he would definitely be unable to draw the Avīci Hellsword’s attention. According to my observation, there’s probably some sort of other secret in that little fellow’s possession.” Empress Yu Che seemed to be lost in thought, and her clear eyes surged with an illusory and misty glow. “Even if we disregard all of this, merely based on that little fellow’s extraordinary origins, it’s worth for you to pay more attention.”

She didn’t tell him what to pay more attention to, but Yun Qing had suddenly realized something. Could it be that the Empress has seen through that little fellow’s origins since a long time ago?

“Understood.” In the end, Yun Qing nodded, and he didn’t ask too much. When it came to some things, since the Empress didn’t say, then it wasn’t something a Godslave like him should know.

Dawn arrived as always, and merely two days remained before the end of the Starhunt Meeting arrived.

According to the Hunt Ranking that appeared last night, there were merely 113 participants that still hadn’t been eliminated yet.

On the other hand, there were less than 10 participants that had stepped foot onto Corrupted Spirit Star, and this included Chen Xi and Tie Yunping; and Guan Hongyu and Su Wan’er.

As for the other participants, most of them hadn’t approached Corrupted Spirit Star out of consideration for their safety, and they’d chose to stay and hunt in the stars outside it.

After all, with their current positions on the ranking, they only had to persist until the end before they could obtain generous rewards.

Corrupted Spirit Star.

At the moment when day arrived, Chen Xi brought Tie Yunping along as he set out, and they traversed mountains and passed through dense black mist.

Throughout the morning, Chen Xi played the same old trick, and he dealt with three batches of Corrupted Spirits that consisted of 93 Corrupted Spirits in total.

Logically speaking, such accomplishments were already something to be proud of, and it was on par with his accomplishments from yesterday. However, Chen Xi frowned and was slightly displeased.

When noon arrived, he suddenly stopped moving, and he stopped acting against the Corrupted Spirits. He raised his eyes instead, and he stared towards the east.

He’s already deduced carefully in his heart, and according to this speed, even though he would be able to allow Tie Yunping to ascend into the top 10 before the Starhunt Meeting came to an end, he would be unable to guarantee that the Dark Parasol Sapling would be able to complete its transformation!

This was the true reason that caused Chen Xi to frown and feel displeased.

“From now on, we’ll approach the east!” In the end, a wisp of resolution flashed through Chen Xi’s eyes as he decided. Earlier, he’d been constantly avoiding the east because he was worried about being targeted by the Avīci Hellsword.

But it was very obvious that such a safe strategy had a flaw, and he would be unable to locate that critical factor that would allow the Dark Parasol Sapling to complete its transformation.

Tie Yunping was stunned, and then she nodded and said, “I’ll follow Senior’s decisions.”

Her experiences during these past few days had long since caused her to arouse a type of unreserved and blind trust towards Chen Xi, so she would naturally not doubt or question his decisions.

“It might be extremely dangerous. But don’t worry, I’ll give it my all, and I guarantee that you’ll be able to persist until the end of the Starhunt Meeting.” Chen Xi spoke in a serious tone.

His vital energy was extremely acute while his will was extraordinarily formidable. He was able to clearly sense that the closer they got to the east of Corrupted Spirit Star, not only would the amount of Corrupted Spirits increase, even the air started to carry a terrifying pressure.

It was the aura of the Avīci Hellsword. It was ghastly, evil, icy cold, and merciless, and it caused Chen Xi to have no choice but to treat it carefully.

Tie Yunping nodded while her pretty little face was covered in a firm expression. It was even to the extent that if Chen Xi asked her to withdraw from the competition now, then she would agree without the slightest hesitation.

because she’d already sensed that after she experienced this hunt that had continued for almost two months now, she’d transformed and improved greatly. So, even if she was unable to obtain the Spiritsoul Pill, she was confident that she would be able to step foot into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm by relying solely on her own hard work.

Thus, at this moment, she’d long since stopped caring about her rank in the Starhunt Meeting.

Chen Xi didn’t speak any further. Once he made a decision, then he wouldn’t waste any more time, and he brought Tie Yunping along as he started to approach the east.

On the way, they naturally couldn’t avoid encountering wave after wave of Corrupted Spirits, yet these Corrupted Spirits were unable to obstruct Chen Xi’s footsteps at all.

When dusk arrived, they’d already hunted and killed an entire 300 Spirit God Realm ferocious beasts, and if they worked hard a little bit longer, then their accomplishments would rival their accomplishments from yesterday.

However, Chen Xi’s mind had no desire to accomplish this. He’d come here to seek the critical factor for the Dark Parasol Sapling to complete its transformation. However, to his regret, he’d still gained nothing up until now.

This was how difficult it was to find a fortuitous encounter. It was illusory and unreal, and it seemed as if there were no traces of it to locate. So, others could only ‘encounter’ it by chance, and they were unable to seek it themselves.

However, all along the way, Chen Xi had noticed that as they moved deeper into the eastern area, the Avīci Corrupted Qi in the air became denser and denser. Presently, it was dense like liquid, and it enveloped the heavens and the earth.

Moreover, the icy cold and ghastly pressure emanated by the Avīci Hellsword had become stronger and stronger, and it was like a sharp sword that hung above their heads, causing them to be filled with anxiety.

It was even to the extent that the combat strengths of the Corrupted Spirits had started to become even more formidable than before. All of them were simply comparable to top-rate Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods, and if Chen Xi didn’t possess the Daoseal Mark to conceal their vital energy, then it would be utterly impossible for them to arrive here with such ease.

Even then, they’d still encountered numerous battles all along the way. Some were unavoidable while some were started intentionally by Chen Xi, and his objective for doing that was none other than to help Tie Yunping improve her ranking. Even if the latter has stopped caring about it since a long time ago.

This was Chen Xi’s own principles, he had to accomplish what he’d promised, and he didn’t hope that others would feel grateful but only sought to have a clear conscience.


After another 10 minutes passed, a wave of extremely intense fluctuations of battle suddenly swept out from the extremely dense grey mist in the distance. It threw the surroundings into disorder, and it caused even space to warp and become chaotic.

Moreover, there were even waves of the roars of Corrupted Spirits resounding from them, and it seemed to be extremely terrifying.

This caused Chen Xi’s to be shocked in his heart while he became vigilant to the extreme, and then he emanated a strand of his will and swept it over. In next to no time, his slanted brows rose while he said with surprise, “So it’s them!”

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