Chapter 1622 – The Last Three Days

Chen Xi was horrified. He practically instinctively circulated his entire strength, and he forcefully suppressed the Dark Parasol Sapling.

The Dark Parasol Sapling was extremely disgruntled, and it emanated a wave of rapid fluctuations as if it was displaying its displeasure.

However, how could Chen Xi dare to allow it to show itself. Once it was targeted by the Avīci Hellsword, then the first to suffer would be him!


Right at this instant, an extremely oppressive and sharp aura swept over. It was like a needle that stabbed Chen Xi’s soul to the point he felt sharp pain from it, and his entire body couldn’t help but tremble.

In his mind, terrifying scenes like purgatory, an ocean of blood, piles of corpses, vicious qi shooting into the sky, and so on and so forth had appeared, and they simply seemed to be on the verge of seizing his Dao Heart and will before completely overwhelming him.


I've still been targeted by it in the end!

Chen Xi was terrified to the point his hairs stood on end, and his soul almost left his body. At this instant of extreme danger, he suddenly bit the tip of his tongue, and he let out a grand roar of the Dao in his heart.


It completely expelled all the scenes within his mind.

After that, he didn’t have the time to think at all. He expelled all the distracting thoughts in his mind and concentrated all his thoughts onto his Dao Heart while meditating on himself. Moreover, he utilized his Divine Dao Laws to boost his defense, and he entered into a strange state where he was barely conscious.

This was a type of method to seal the senses and isolate everything from the outside, and it was done for the sake of preventing his Dao Heart from falling.


Chen Xi had utterly not noticed that at the instant he sealed his senses, a hoarse and evil sword howl resounded abruptly, and at practically the exact same moment, a strand of peerlessly terrifying sword qi and pressure smashed down towards him.

The Avīci Corrupted Qi before its path moved away successively, whereas, the numerous Corrupted Spirits that weren’t able to dodge in time were completely crushed into powder by this strand of sword qi, and they didn’t have the slightest ability to resist it.

If one looked down from the sky, one would be able to clearly notice that a grey and misty sword qi was sweeping over from the east, and it crushed open a terrifying rift all along the way as it ceaselessly swept over at an unbelievable speed. Its target was Chen Xi that was hiding deep within a mountain!

If he was struck by this sword qi, then with his current state, Chen Xi would definitely lose his life.


At this critical moment, a wisp of clear and glistening sword qi swept through the sky.


It forcefully crushed that wisp of grey sword qi into powder, causing a rain of light to spray down. Moreover, this expanse of the heavens and the earth even seemed to have even been smashed into pieces, and there wasn’t a single part of it that remained whole.

After that, a hoarse and evil sword howl resounded once more, but compared to before, it revealed a strand of anger.

But in next to no time, the sword howl was drowned out. Because right at this instant, a myriad of clear and glistening strands of sword qi had descended once more from the sky. The sword qi descended like a storm, and it practically covered the entire eastern area of Corrupted Spirit Star.


Sword qi surged while rumbling resounded. The blazing sword qi tore the veil of night into pieces, and its blazing light surged and illuminated the world.

After a long time later, all of this finally returned to calm.

Empress Yu Che’s slender figure that wore a robe embroidered with phoenixes stood proudly in the starry sky, her face was covered by a red veil, and her clear eyes surged with a wisp of a strange deep and chilly glow.

The Skyruin Sword in her hand had already returned to silence, yet she seemed to have fallen into shock. Moreover, her ink black brows were covered in a trace of surprise that couldn’t be concealed.

“The length of the battle this time seems to be… much shorter than normal?” A great figure frowned and acutely noticed that the battle tonight was slightly unusual.

As soon as these words were spoken, it instantly caused the other great figures to realize that the usually equally matched situation had been overturned, and the Skyruin Sword had obviously gained a slight advantage in the battle.

“Empress, it seems like….” Yin Qing frowned as he spoke in a low voice.

“Yes, something ought to have slightly distracted the Avīci Hellsword during the battle just now,” said Empress Yu Chen.

“Oh?” Yin Qing’s eyes narrowed while he suddenly realized that this might be a favorable turn that would allow Empress Yu Che to subdue the Avīci Hellsword!

“Just wait and see what happens. Three more days are left until the Starhunt Meeting ends. If we’re able to grab onto this trace of a chance, then perhaps I’ll really be able to….” She didn’t finish speaking, but Yin Qing understood what Empress Yu Che meant.

“Empress, do you want me to investigate?”

“No, if you go, then you’ll frighten the Avīci Hellsword away and cause it to fall once more into silence. At that time, I’d have to wait for countless years for another chance to subdue it.” Empress Yu Che’s clear eyes surged with the glow of wisdom. She paused for a moment and suddenly said via voice transmission. “Pay more attention to that Chen Xun.”

Chen Xun? Yun Qing’s eyes narrowed, and then he nodded silently.

Early in the morning on the next day.

Chen Xi opened his eyes, and a trace of fear still remaining in his heart when he recalled everything that occurred last night.

At that time, the situation was truly too terrifying, and if he hadn’t acted in time, then his Dao Heart would have almost been seized by the Avīci Hellsword!

Once his Dao Heart fell to the Avīci Hellsword, then he would be no different than those lifeless Corrupted Spirits.

Looks like the existence of the Dark Parasol Sapling causes the Avīci Hellsword to feel threatened as well, otherwise, it would absolutely not target me on its own…. Chen Xi pondered deeply. He was very clearly aware that since the Dark Parasol Sapling had taken the Avīci Corrupted Qi to be the nourishment for its transformation, it was absolutely not something the Avīci Hellsword could endure.

I must take strict precautions at night from now on. I absolutely can’t allow something like this to occur again! Chen Xi decided.

After that, his figure flashed and left this place.

Merely less than three days of time remained before the Starhunt Meeting came to an end, and Tie Yunping was still around the 40th position now.

So, they had to make the best use of their time and hunt!

After all, Chen Xi had already promised her that he would help her ascend into the top 10.

The hazy world was enveloped in a thick layer of Avīci Corrupted Qi, and it was completely muddy to the point one couldn’t even see one’s own stretched hand.

Suddenly, a strand of a jade green glow of divinity floated up into appearance like a fairy, and it flickered within the hazy mist.

It was like a strand of blood, and it was swiftly noticed by the Corrupted Spirits in the vicinity. Thus, in the next moment, wave after wave of sharp whistles resounded through the mist.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The mist in this expanse of the heavens and the earth roiled violently while at least 40 plus Corrupted Spirits had already whistled through the air and charged over from all directions.

However, once they arrived here, that strand of jade green divinity had suddenly vanished, and they were unable to sense it any longer.

This caused them to be muddled, and they stood on the spot while seeming to be taken slightly by surprise.


Right at this moment, a wisp of sword qi suddenly appeared out of thin air, and it seemed mysterious and sudden.


It sliced open the chest of a Corrupted Spirit, causing it to crash to the ground.

In an instant, this group of Corrupted Spirits became agitated and extremely furious. However, no matter how they tried, they were actually unable to lock onto the location of their enemy.

This caused them to be dazed once more. They stood on the spot like slow-witted idiots, and they seemed to be especially pitiable.

The reason was that even though they possessed combat strengths comparable to the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, their intelligence had been completely corroded by the Avīci Corrupted Qi since a long time ago. They weren’t members of the living since a long time ago, so under the circumstances that they were unable to sense their enemies, they would absolutely not make the necessary reactions like cultivators would.


In next to no time, another strand of sword qi appeared, and it did the same to another Corrupted Spirit that wasn’t able to dodge in time. Its chest was slashed open before it fell to the ground and was unable to get up again.

Those Corrupted Spirits had finally realized that the situation was bad, and their instincts towards danger made them start to flee towards the distance as they intended to leave this strange place.

However, it was already too late. In the next moment, numerous strands of sword qi tore through space and whistled over like a dense group of shooting stars, and they covered the heavens and the earth here.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

For a time, the surroundings were filled with chaos, and the muffled bangs from sword qi tearing through bodies rose and fell. All sorts of divine light flowed like dazzling fireworks through the surroundings, and it was gorgeous and resplendent.

In merely a short moment, all of this had ended, and all the Corrupted Spirits in the surroundings had their chests slashed open and lay scattered on the ground.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Spatial fluctuations arose, and then Chen Xi’s tall figure appeared with Tie Yunping by his side. As soon as she appeared here, she held the indigo sword in hand as she slashed off the heads of those Corrupted Spirits on the ground in an extremely skilled and precise manner.

This was already the third batch of Corrupted Spirits she’d killed today. Because Chen Xi would first make a move to heavily injure them before she killed them, it was simply easier than slaughter a chicken, so she would naturally not encounter any danger.

“Let’s go. There isn’t a sign of Corrupted Spirits in an area of 50,000km around us. We have to change our location.”

After Tie Yunping finished killing all of them, Chen Xi had already investigated the situation in the surroundings and intended to bring her to a different area.

Tie Yunping naturally obeyed all of Chen Xi’s decisions.

They immediately didn’t hesitate to flash off into the distance.

When the veil of night was about the descend, Chen Xi and Tie Yunping had jointly annihilated nine batched of Corrupted Spirits, and they came to a total of 323.

This was absolutely a dazzling accomplishment.

However, Tie Yunping felt slightly numb from all of this. Because during this entire process, Chen Xi had dealt with all the danger while the prey had been dealt with by Chen Xi as well, and all she had to do was deliver the final blow and send their prey to hell. There was no glory in it at all.

However, she was clearly aware that Chen Xi was doing all of this for her, and the gratitude she felt in her heart was indescribable.

It was even to the extent that she’d decided that so long as Chen Xi had a request, then she wouldn’t hesitate to lay down her life for him!

On the other hand, Chen Xi couldn’t be said to feel proud from all the slaughters he’d carried out throughout these days because he’d actually resorted to trickery throughout this process.

Because he’d first utilized the aura of the Dark Parasol Sapling to lure the Corrupted Spirits over, and then he utilized the Daoseal Mark to conceal his aura, causing him to be like an assassin that hidden in the shadows. Lastly, he utilized the most mysterious and ruthless technique he possessed, the Vorpal Strike, to hunt his opponents. Throughout this entire process, he hadn’t gone head-on with them at all, so it was naturally as easy as blowing off dust.

The thing that Chen Xi truly paid attention to was the changes in the Dark Parasol Sapling. During this entire day of time, the Dark Parasol Sapling had been constantly absorbing the Avīci Corrupted Qi in the heavens and the earth, and its transformation had clearly sped up. Moreover, the Divine Energy it emanated had become more and more pure and dense.

It was even to the extent that the Dark Parasol Sapling was presently entirely capable of replenishing almost 50% of the consumption of Chen Xi’s Divine Energy, and Chen Xi didn’t have to consume Divine Crystals any longer.

When the veil of night descended, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate at all to hid with Tie Yunping, and then he directly suppressed the entire aura of the Dark Parasol Sapling. Only then did he seal his senses and fall into deep levels of meditative cultivation.

He did this because he was worried that the terrifying scene from last night would play out once more.

On the other hand, Tie Yunping had similarly started to cultivate in meditation. With Chen Xi by her side, she’d stopped worrying about the danger that might exist in the vicinity.

Both of them were utterly unaware that as soon as the Hunt Ranking appeared in the sky at night, it was actually like a thunderclap that caused a mighty uproar!

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