Chapter 1621 – Decimated

Yi Xun attacked furiously, and the might of the arrow tore open an extremely long rift in space. On the other hand, the Corrupted Spirits that stood near the rift were all pierced and shattered into powder by the might of this arrow.


In the end, the arrow exploded in space around 500km away. A myriad of specks of extremely dazzling shattered light erupted from it and filled the heavens and the earth.

At practically the exact same moment, everyone noticed to their shock that a tall figure flashed into their fields of vision.

That person wore green clothes, had dense long hair that fluttered with the wind, and a handsome appearance. Shockingly, it was Chen Xun!

In an instant, all the disciple of the Dayi Clan came to an understanding. Everything they experienced just now was really caused by someone else from the shadows, and that person was exactly Chen Xun!

In an instant, all of their expressions became extremely unsightly. Never had they imagined that they would actually unknowingly fall into Chen Xun’s trap.

If Yi Xun hadn’t noticed in time, then they would have thought that this situation where the army of Corrupted Spirits swarmed towards them was just an emergency they’d encountered by chance.

“Kill! We must kill that damnable bastard!” All of them were furious, and they hatred Chen Xi to the bone. They roared furiously in succession as they charged towards Chen Xi.

“Shit!” Yi Xun’s expression changed abruptly, and he berated in a stern voice. “Do all of you want to die? Get the fuck back here and work together! If anyone dares to leave the group arbitrarily, then I’ll punish that person severely without showing any mercy!”

He was very clearly aware that once they split up amidst the army of Corrupted Spirits, then it would absolutely be no different than courting death.

All of their heads instantly cleared up when they heard this, and they struggled free from their rage. They didn’t dare to act arbitrarily again, and they converged once more by Yi Xun’s side.

However, they were extremely disgruntled in their hearts. As they gazed at Chen Xi who stood in the distance, it felt even more disgusting to them than eating a fly, and it was extremely painful.

Now, they could only vent their bellyful of rage and aggrievance onto the Corrupted Spirits that ceaselessly charged towards them.

Chen Xi’s figure ceaselessly flickered amidst the army of Corrupted Spirits. After he utilized the Daoseal Mark, it caused the vital energy in his entire body to be completely concealed. So, even if he was just a short distance away, if one didn’t pay attention, then it was utterly impossible to lock onto his vital energy.

Coupled with the fact that he was ceaselessly teleporting, even if he was noticed, he would vanish in an instant, causing the Corrupted Spirits to be helpless against him.

Moreover, during this entire process, he’d frequently emanated strand after strand of the Dark Parasol Sapling’s aura, and it was like bait that drew a steady flow of Corrupted Spirits to surge over and converge here from all directions.

The objectives of Chen Xi’s actions were naturally extremely simple. He intended to seize this opportunity and rely on the might of the Corrupted Spirits to wipe out all the disciples from the Dayi Clan!

“Wait! Why is that kid safe and sound?” Yi Tian suddenly exclaimed with shock.

All the others who were fighting with all their strengths instantly noticed that even though Chen Xi’s figure was repeatedly flickering through the dense army of Corrupted Spirits in the distance, from the beginning until the end, he actually didn’t encounter any attacks.

This caused all of them to be shocked and bewildered. Why is that kid so fortunate and isn’t suffering the endless assaults of these Corrupted Spirits like we are?

Could it be that there are some secrets behind all of this?

“No matter what, let’s converge our energy and kill our way out of this heavy encirclement first!” Yi Xun’s expression was gloomy, and his voice sounded as if it was squeezed out from between his teeth.

However, to his despair, no matter how they charged and killed, the Corrupted Spirits seemed to be impossible to wipe out, whereas, their own physical strength was being ceaselessly exhausted throughout this entire process. Moreover, many disciples were on the verge of exhaustions….

“AH!!!” Suddenly, a disciple let out a shrill cry. A Corrupted Spirit had gotten close to him and torn his entire right arm into pieces, and if the Divine Slip he carried hadn’t exploded by itself and forcefully teleported him away, then his head would have almost been clawed apart.

“Yi Kun!”


All the others were furious and sorrowful, yet they were helpless because there were truly too many Corrupted Spirits, and they were utterly impossible to wipe out.

At this moment, even Yi Xun couldn’t help but arouse a strand of a powerless feeling in his heart, and his eyes almost split apart from hatred. He was utterly powerless and helpless.

After a short moment, another disciple was eliminated from exhaustion.

This was like a fuse, and in the next 30 minutes of time, disciples were being eliminated successively.

With Yi Xun’s ability, he was merely able to protect Yi Tian, and as for the other disciples, he was powerless to protect them.

After another 15 minutes passed, merely Yi Xun and Yi Tian remained, and all the other disciples of the Dayi Clan had actually been eliminated.

Such severe losses simply caused Yi Xun to be on the verge of going mad, and his expression was livid to the extreme. Because a fellow that came out of nowhere had forced them to fall into such a miserable state. All of this caused Yi Xun’s heart to be on the verge of bleeding, and he hated Chen Xi to the extreme.

“Dammit! Dammit!!” At the side, Yi Tian eyes had turned blood red because of this, and he couldn’t help but howl loudly.

“Did all of you even think this might happen when you launched sneak attacks against me?” Suddenly, Chen Xi’s calm and indifferent voice sounded out from afar, and it seemed to be so ear piercing. It caused Yi Xun and Yi Tian to both gnash their teeth with hatred to the point their teeth almost cracked into pieces.

“Comparatively speaking, I’m already sufficiently benevolent. At the very least, I didn’t take the initiative to launch a surprise attack against all of you. Otherwise, how could all of you possibly been able to persist until now?” Chen Xi stood in the distance, and he had a calm and composed expression as he gazed at Yi Xun and Yi Tian who were in an extremely sorry state from the siege of the Corrupted Spirits.

He wouldn’t forget to what sort of hard pressed and terrible state these disciples of the Dayi Clan had forced him into while he was in the Last Days Domain, and he wouldn’t forget the repeated surprise attacks these disciples of the Dayi Clan had launched against him during the Starhunt Meeting.

Now, it was the time he’d made his move and taken revenge!

As for whether doing this would completely offend the Dayi Clan, Chen Xi hadn’t considered this problem at all. Because he had the answer to this question since a long time ago when he was at the Last Days Domain.

“Very good. I’ll remember you. After the Starhunt Meeting ends, I’ll use actions to tell you how severe the consequences of offending my Dayi Clan are!” Yi Xun suddenly took a deep breath while the furious expression on his face vanished, and it was replaced by a resolute and icy cold expression while he spoke word by word. Moreover, every single word he spoke was like a blade, murderous and vicious.

As he spoke, he turned his head to look at Yi Tian. “Let’s leave!”

“Leave?” Yi Tian was stunned.

Yi Xun didn’t explain, and he raised his hand and withdrew the Divine Slip before exerting force with his fingers.


A rain of light sprayed out while a strand of spatial energy appeared, and it directly teleported Yi Xun out.

In other words, he’d chosen to leave the Starhunt Meeting at this moment!

Obviously, Yi Xun knew that there was no hope of them killing their way out of this heavy encirclement, otherwise, he would definitely not act in this way.

“Second brother!” Yi Tian finally came to a complete understanding when he saw this, and he was both shocked and furious. However, in the end, all of this transformed into extreme unwillingness and panic. He instinctively crushed the Divine Slip as well, and he chose to leave as well.

At this point, all the disciples of the Dayi Clan that were participating in the Starhunt Meeting had been eliminated!

This was very much alike to what happened to the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple that Xuan Ta’zi was from. They’d similarly offended Chen Xi, and they were decimated in the end.

Chen Xi witnessed all of this from extremely far in the distance, yet his expression didn’t change at all. He remained silent for a long time, and he shook his head in the end before leaving swiftly.

At night on this day, when the Hunt Rankings appeared in the sky, and when they noticed that the names of all the disciples from the Dayi Clan had vanished from the rankings, it caused another mighty uproar to arise.

Before this, Xuan Ta’zi and all the disciples of the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple had been eliminated, and it was already surprising and shocking to everyone.

Yet now, after less than two days, the Dayi Clan’s disciples led by Yi Xun had actually suffered the same fate and were completely eliminated. This was simply like a thunderclap that resounded by their ears, and it shocked everyone that was paying attention to this hunt to the point of feeling slight with disbelief.

It was too shocking!

After all, Xiao Ruoruo who Xuan Ta’zi protected and Yi Tian who Yi Xun protected were both hot candidates to seize the first position. Yet now, both of them had actually been eliminated before the curtains to the Starhunt Meeting had been drawn!

Who exactly did this?

Everyone felt curious, and a name automatically floated up into their minds — Chen Xun!

Because when Xuan Ta’zi and the others were eliminated that day, it was the work of this unknown young man. Now that Yi Xun and the others had been eliminated, everyone had unconsciously thought of this name.

“It’s that Chen Xun again!” Someone shouted furiously in the starry sky, and it was the elder from the Dayi Clan, Yi Wen. His expression was gloomy while his eyes could almost spray flames, and he seemed to be utterly infuriated.

The hearts of the other great figures were unable to calm down as well. They’d all already confirmed that the elimination of Yi Xun and the others was once again the work of that Chen Xun. However, they were still unable to imagine exactly how this little fellow had accomplished it.

“That little fellow is truly ruthless. Doing this has caused him to offend a great deal of people.” Someone muttered.

The other great figures felt curious in their hearts as well. Yeah, that Chen Xun’s actions have already completely offended the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple and Dayi Clan. Could it be that he isn’t afraid of them getting even with him after the Starhunt Meeting?

Of course, they would absolutely not speak these words out loud. On one hand, it was out of consideration for Empress Yu Che, and on the other hand, if they did speak it out loud, then it would make them seem extremely narrow-mind. Even though all of this was something that everyone understood yet didn’t speak about in public.


Suddenly, a sword howl resounded through the universe. It was hoarse, low, and revealed an evil, ghastly, and terrifying aura.

The hearts of all the great figures in the surroundings shook. The Avīci Hellsword has emerged again!

At practically the exact same time, Empress Yu Che that was constantly remaining silent had withdrawn the Skyruin Sword. Her fair hand swung it lightly, and then a strand of sword qi soared into the sky and emanated boundless light.

Just like before, the two Natural Spirit Treasures engaged once more in battle beneath the night sky.

However, Chen Xi who was on Corrupted Spirit Star saw a scene that was completely different from the past. A grey and hazy divine sword had shot out from the east of Corrupted Spirit Star, and it was enveloped by surging black mist. The sword intent emanated by it was like a ghastly purgatory, and it seized the soul!

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and he confirmed that it was undoubtedly the Avīci Hellsword. Because merely a glance at it caused him to feel a strand of utter coldness from inside out, and even the divine flame that burned eternally in his soul seemed to be on the verge of being extinguished!

This shocked Chen Xi, and he hurriedly restrained his thoughts and didn’t dare take another glance over there. The aura of such a ferocious weapon was too astounding, and it wasn’t something he could resist at his current cultivation.


However, right at this moment, the Dark Parasol Sapling that Chen Xi had kept back into his body actually suddenly started moving restlessly at this moment. It emanated a strand of terrifying fluctuation that actually seemed to intend to charge out of his body and pounce towards the Avīci Hellsword that resided far away in the distance.

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