Chapter 1620 – Enemies Are Bound To Meet

Tie Yunping was slightly weak. Even if Chen Xi had already helped her drive out the Avīci Corrupted Qi in her body, the damage it caused to her soul and Dao Heart was impossible to repair in a short period of time.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel slightly worried, and he said, “Why don’t we find a place for you to recuperate?”

Tie Yunping shook her head stubbornly and said, “There’s no need. Senior, let’s make the best use of our time to hunt. In any case, I’m already unable to be of any help, so if I still delay us, then it would be unforgiveable.”

Chen Xi patted her on the shoulder in order to display his consolation, and he didn’t speak any further. He was clearly aware that this little girl had a great desire to excel. So, once she made a decision, she would absolutely not change her mind. This was extremely like him when he was young because he was similarly stubborn and persistent.


Chen Xi didn’t speak any further. He circulated his Divine Energy to form a barrier of light that was interweaved into form by dense talismans, and it enveloped him and Tie Yunping.

After that, both of them vanished on the spot with a swish.

Corrupted Spirit Star was extremely large, and it was much larger than Dark Tenthwater Star, it was simply comparable to the area of 10 large worlds.

For safety’s sake and to avoid being noticed by the Corrupted Spirits, Chen Xi utilized the Daoseal Mark to completely conceal Tie Yunping and his own aura, and only then did he start to carefully investigate the situation on Corrupted Spirit Star.

The heavens and the earth on this entire star were filled with dense black colored Avīci Corrupted Qi, and even the mountains, rivers, and lakes that covered the surface of the star were filled with shocking Avīci Corrupted Qi.

Moreover, Chen Xi noticed that the further east he searched, the denser the Avīci Corrupted Qi was. When looked at from afar, it was simply like that area was enveloped by a layer of thick black mist, and it was impossible to see what lay behind the mist.

Looks like if the Avīci Hellsword is hiding on Corrupted Spirit Star, then it’s definitely hiding somewhere in the east…. Chen Xi flew as he deduced, and with the help of his peerlessly formidable will, he’d noticed numerous Corrupted Spirits all along the way. There were thousands of them, and their numbers were so enormous that it was terrifying.

The Corrupted Spirits were like zombies that wandered aimlessly through the black mist, and their auras were deathly, icy cold, and extremely astounding.

However, their sense of smell and senses were extremely acute. Chen Xi had conducted a test, and once he approached an area of 50km around them, then he would be instantly noticed by them. Moreover, even the Daoseal Mark was of no use.

Exactly how many gods have perished here throughout the annals of time and been reduced to completely lifeless Corrupted Spirits?

Did all of them come here for the sake of subduing the Avīci Hellsword?

The more he found out about the Corrupted Spirits; the more shocked Chen Xi felt in his heart. It was extremely difficult to imagine exactly how many gods had actually been buried on Corrupted Spirit Star.

Suddenly, a wave of intense rumbling sounded out from the distant mist.

Someone is in battle? Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and then a strand of piercingly cold divine light erupted abruptly from his eyes before the vital energy in his entire body suddenly became extremely murderous.

After that, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl into a strange smile. “Enemies really are bound to meet.”

In the roiling black mist in the distance.

Over 10 figures were gathered together. All of them had withdrawn various Divine Artifacts and executed a variety of supreme techniques, and they emanated terrifying and monstrous divine radiance.

Shockingly, the Dayi Clan’s Yi Xun and Yi Tian were amongst this group. Obviously, all of them were from the Dayi Clan. Presently, they were gathered together in order to allow them to kill even more prey as they sought to charge higher in the rankings.

In their surroundings, there was a dense expanse of Corrupted Spirits that were ceaselessly surging over like tidewater. These Corrupted Spirits were extremely formidable, and they were actually capable of executing various techniques that possessed might which couldn’t be underestimated.

However, the techniques of these Corrupted Spirits were filled with an aura of evil, sin, and terror, causing it to seem extremely terrifying.

However, no matter how formidable they were, they seemed to be useless when they encountered these disciples of the Dayi Clan that possessed extraordinary attainments in the Dao of Archery.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Numerous blazing and dazzling arrows tore through the sky, and the arrows penetrated the bodies of the Corrupted Spirits before they could come close. Divine radiance erupted from the point of collision as they Corrupted Spirits were transformed into powder.

“All group leaders take notice, you only have heavily injure them and leave the rest to the participating disciples!” Yi Xun spoke via voice transmission and reminded the others.

“Yes!” All of them replied in unison and revealed a powerful imposing aura.

With the protection of Yi Xun, they weren’t afraid at all even if they were encircled here, and they were extremely excited instead.

Because they urgently needed to hunt their prey right now, and since these Corrupted Spirits took the initiative to give their lives away to them, how could all of them not be excited and delighted?

“Young Master Yi Xun, why don’t we group leaders have a competition to see who heavily injures more Corrupted Spirits?” Someone cried out.

The other group leaders were excited as well upon hearing this, and they rubbed their palms together while burning with eagerness.

“Why not? Then let’s begin!” Yi Xun roared with laughter and was filled with heroic spirit as he nocked an arrow. In an instant, he’d successively shot out over a thousand blazing arrows that whistled out towards the Corrupted Spirits, and he seemed to be peerlessly domineering and formidable.

Beng! Beng! Beng!

At practically the exact same moment, the other group leaders acted as well. Arrows tore through the sky and emanated sharp sonic booms as they shot through the surrounding space.

All of these disciples were the elites of the Dayi Clan, and all of them were master archers. Moreover, their ability to persist until now in the Starhunt Meeting and step foot onto Corrupted Spirit Star had along since proven how extraordinary their strengths were.

At this moment, when they hunted these Corrupted Spirits in unison, it was an extremely magnificent sight. Numerous arrows tore through the air like a myriad of divine rays of light that were shooting into the sky. They were extremely gorgeous, blazing, and colorful.

In merely 10 minutes of time, practically all the Corrupted Spirits had been eliminated, and even the black mist that enveloped the heavens and the earth had been greatly dispersed, causing the pitch black and cracked ground to be revealed.

One could clearly see numerous piles of skeletons and shattered bones scattered all over the ground, and all of them were left behind by the Corrupted Spirits that had been killed.

“Second Young Master is still the most formidable. He actually heavily injured over 80 Corrupted Spirits!”

“Yeah, all of us together are far inferior to Second Young Master alone.”

All the other praised endlessly in succession.

Yi Xun smiled lightly yet made no remark.

After that, he frowned as he noticed that the breathing of the people by his side seemed to be slightly hurried. Obviously, they’d exhausted a great deal of strength during the battle from before.

“Second Brother, if it continues according to this speed, then our ranking will probably surpass that Guan Hongyu before the Starhunt Meeting end, right?” Yi Tian spoke with an excited tone.

This sort of slaughter was truly too satisfying, and it allowed him to finally understand why Yi Xun insisted on bringing him here.

“It’s very difficult to say.” Yi Xun shook his head. He didn’t dare underestimate Guan Hongyu because he was very clearly aware of how formidable Guan Hongyu was, and Guan Hongyu wasn’t inferior to him at all.

“Second Brother, why don’t we look for more Corrupted Spirits to hunt and kill?” Yi Tian licked his lips and continued speaking with an excited tone.

“That’s not advisable. Everyone has already exhausted a great deal of their strength, so we must find a place to recuperate. Otherwise, if we continue exhausting our strength like this, then once we encounter danger, the consequences would be unimaginable.” Yi Xun thought for a moment before he refused decisively.

All good things came to those who waited, while impatience was the doom of many. Once one acted impatiently while doing anything, it was very easy for it to cause all sorts of terrible consequences.

When he heard Yi Xun, Yi Tian couldn’t help but feel slightly unwilling. However, he was clearly aware that his Second Brother’s way was the steadiest.

But right after that, his eyes lit up as he pointed towards the distance with excitement. “Second Brother, look over there. Many Corrupted Spirits are approaching from there!”

There was no need for him to point it out because Yi Xun and the others had already noticed this scene as well.

“Hmm? A group of Corrupted Spirits are surging over from there as well!”

“The back! A group of Corrupted Spirits have appeared behind us as well!”

“Dammit! We seem to have been encircled!”

In an instant, all of them acutely noticed that numerous Corrupted Spirits had suddenly surged over from all directions, and all of these Corrupted Spirits were charging towards them.

The number of Corrupted Spirits was at least over 1,000!

In an instant, Yi Tian seemed as if he’d been doused by a bucket of cold water. The excitement in his heart had vanished completely, and his heart was slightly cold.

What’s going on?

All of them were surprised and bewildered, and they were unable to figure out what was going on.

Could it have been caused by the battle from before? But aren’t their numbers a bit too huge?

“We can’t delay any longer. Attack and slaughter open a path to survival!” Yi Xun had a solemn expression as he shouted loudly with a grim voice. He was very clearly aware that once they were encircled, then the consequences would absolutely be unimaginable.


The battle erupted once more. Under Yi Xun’s lead, all of them charged ceaselessly along a completely straight line.

Compared to before, their moods were extremely heavy at this moment, and they were not delighted at all any longer. The only thought in their minds was to first kill their way out of this encirclement.

For a time, arrows tore through the sky, divine light flowed, and severed limbs shot throughout the sky. Corrupted Spirits were blasted to death one after the other, and it was a scene of utter chaos.

15 minutes later, when they were about to kill their way out of the encirclement, Yi Xun’s heart went cold. Because an expanse of dense Corrupted Spirits had surged over once more from afar. They were like sharks that had smelt blood, and they charged over madly as if they didn’t fear death.

Yi Xun was furious in his heart, yet his movements didn’t slow down at all. He still continued to charge forward without end.

However, he’d clearly noticed that along with the passage of time, the Divine Energy of everyone by his side was being exhausted without end, and many World Enlightened True God Realm disciples were even gasping for breath while their physical strength was about to run dry.

If this continued, then even if they weren’t killed by the Corrupted Spirits, it wouldn’t be long before they would be defeated from exhaustion!

This caused Yi Xun’s expression to become even gloomier. He suddenly raised his head with the intention of finding a path to survival. However, the outcome caused his face to turn grim. The black mist had actually been filled by numerous Corrupted Spirits since a long time ago.

“Second Brother, exactly what’s going on? I can’t hold on much longer!” Yi Tian was terrified and furious, and he shouted loudly while he felt panicked.

Even though the others hadn’t spoken, trace of uneasiness and panic had already started to spread in their hearts because this scene was too unusual!

“Shut up!” Yi Xun was angered to the point of berating Yi Tian, and then he shouted in a grim voice, “Let’s charge together! All of you must persist, it’s only a group of brainless Corrupted Spirits. You must not be thrown into disorder because of this!”

All of them didn’t dare say anything, and they restrained their thoughts as they charged and killed with all their strengths.

However, despair arose in their hearts because after the time for an incense stick to burn, they were still unable to kill their way out of the encirclement! The Corrupted Spirits seemed as if they were boundless, and they couldn’t be annihilated completely no matter what!

What exactly is going on?

A wisp of terror couldn’t help but arise in their hearts. Isn’t this Corrupted Spirit Star a bit too abnormal and evil….

“Wait! Someone is scheming against us!” Suddenly, Yi Xun turned around and gazed towards a direction, and as his eyes opened and closed, a terrifying cold glow shot out from within them. “You sneaky bastard! Show yourself!”

As he spoke, he swiftly nocked an arrow.


A bright and golden divine arrow shot out explosively, and it tore space apart as it whistled towards the distance.

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