Chapter 162 – Taking Revenge

Chapter 162 – Taking Revenge

The Darchu Dynasty possessed a vast territory and abundant resources, and its four territories, namely the southern territory, eastern sea, central plains, and northern barbaric lands covered an area of 50 million km. An unknown number of sects were settled in this area, and many cultivators cultivated in secret here. As the ruler of the Darchu Dynasty, Huangfu Zhong Ling could be said to be supreme and possessed monstrous authority.

Bei Heng was only the Supreme Elder of the number one sect of the southern territory, the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect. In terms of status, he was completely unable to compare to even a thousandth of King Chu’s status. At this moment, when he heard such shocking news, the awe in his heart was obvious. In his eyes, the figures of Bai Wanqing’s group of three had instantly become extremely tall and boundlessly respected.

“Please pass this jade slip to him once he wakes up.” While Bei Heng was shocked to the point of speechlessness, Bai Wanqing had already made a Soundsaver Jade Slip, and she passed it over.

How could Bei Heng dare dally? He hurriedly received it and carefully put it into his storage Magic Treasure before saying with a smile, “Don’t worry Fellow Daoist, leave it to me. May I know if Fellow Daoist has any more instructions?”

Bai Wanqing thought for a moment before withdrawing another command token and passing it to Bei Heng. “This is my token. No matter if it’s you or Chen Xi, so long as you’ve encountered trouble, feel free to come look for me at the Dark Reverie’s Bai Clan.”

The Dark Reverie!

Bei Heng was once again shocked in his heart as a magnificent world of legend surfaced in his mind. That world was extremely beautiful, powerful, and grand, a miraculous place that possessed countless legends and innumerable extraordinary experts, at that place…

When Bei Heng sobered up, Bai Wanqing’s group of three had already vanished. He lowered his head to look at the command token in his hand that was like jade yet not made of jade, completely jade white like snow, and amongst the revolving clouds and mist atop it, a ‘白’ character written in an ancient style was faintly visible. A mere word seemed as if able to freely sweep through everything like a sword and possess boundless weight.

I must keep this command token well, perhaps it’s a great fortuitous encounter for me. Bei Heng carefully kept away the command token before heaving a sigh of relief. When he turned around to look at Chen Xi, his expression had already become warm and amiable to the extreme, and in his heart, he’d even raised Chen Xi’s status by a great length.

Bei Heng knew that he’d benefited from Chen Xi’s great karmic luck today, and that’s why he was able to obtain the favor of the mysterious Bai Clan. How could he dare take Chen Xi to be an ordinary person?

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Right at this moment, countless sounds of objects tearing through the sky rose and fell around Falling Star Mountain, and in practically an instant, a myriad of colorful lights had flown to arrive here.

Bei Heng swept his gaze to the surroundings and instantly understood what was going on.

The commotion from the Starnet Palace activating the Nine-Palace Balefulstar Immortal Slaughtering Formation was truly too huge, and the natural phenomenon of a myriad of lightning coming down in torrents was something that anyone who wasn’t blind would be able to notice.

“Good gracious! How did the Falling Star Mountain become like this?”

“How terrifying! The entire Starnet Palace has actually transformed into a scene of devastation! Who did it? Could it be that it was a Heavenly Immortal? After all, the might of the Nine-Palace Balefulstar Immortal Slaughtering Formation is sufficient to annihilate Earthly Immortal Realm cultivators!”

“Utter extermination overnight, how terrifying of an enemy did the Starnet Palace offend?”

A dense crowd of cultivators flew over in beams of light to float around the Falling Star Mountain. These cultivators were all from the various powers of Dragon Lake City, there were those from the six great clans, three great institutions, and those from the other seven great sects besides Starnet Palace. At this moment, when they looked at everything that seemed to have transformed into ruins, the expression of every single one of them was covered in extreme shock.

The Starnet Palace was a great power with deep hidden resources and reserves and had been inherited for a few tens of thousands of years. It possessed a few tens of thousands of disciples, and even had a great Nether Transformation Realm cultivator like Chai Shao holding down the fort. It was in a period of great prosperity and power, and it was situated at the top of the southern territory’s cultivation world. However, now it had instead been completely transformed into ruins, a place of death in a single day. Who would not be shocked by it?

“Eh? Quickly, look over there! What a terrifying black and white vortex, it’s actually completely condensed from balefulstar lightning. If this were to explode, I’m afraid even an Earthly Immortal would lose their life!”

“Ah! There’re people there!”


Instantly, the gazes of everyone swished over in unison to shoot towards the black and white vortex that covered an area of 3km before shooting their gazes towards Chen Xi and Bei Heng.

“Supreme Elder!”

“Chen Xi!”

When they saw Bei Heng and Chen Xi, numerous exclaims of surprise abruptly resounded out.

Bei Heng raised his eyes to look over. He saw the Sect Master, Ling Kongzi, and the other Elders of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect in the crowd, and then he said in a loud voice right away, “So it’s Ling Kongzi. All of you’ve come at the right time. Now that the Starnet Palace has been destroyed, you lead the Elders and disciples of the sect to search for the treasures and resources within, then send it all back to the sect.”

“Ah! Supreme Elder, this Starnet Palace wouldn’t have been…” Ling Kongzi spoke in astonishment.

“Do what I asked you to do, where’s all this nonsense coming from?” Bei Heng’s brows raised as he berated loudly.

“Understood!” Ling Kongzi hurriedly received his orders. He’d brought along 17 elders this time. As for disciples, he didn’t bring a single one along. After all, the fierce battle in Starnet Palace was too terrifying, and it was extremely easy to meet with an accident. He did this because he was thinking of the safety of the disciples. However, now he’d instead regretted his decision, and he wished for nothing more than to call all the disciples in the sect to make a move together, to fiercely plunder this place completely and empty out all the various treasures that the Starnet Palace left behind.

After all, the Starnet Palace was one of the eight great sects of Dragon Lake City, and its hidden resources and reserves were deep. Now that it had been completely wiped out, exactly how many treasures would have been left behind by it?

Instantly, Ling Kongzi instructed an elder to return to the sect and call for reinforcements before leading the other 16 elders to descend to the ruins of Falling Star Mountain and start plundering.

As the Sect Master of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, Ling Kongzi had come to Starnet Palace to pay a visit to Tie Yunzi on more than one occasion, and he was extremely clear of the location of the Treasure Pavilion, Technique Pavilion, medicinal field, and other similar places. The instant he entered into Falling Star Mountain, he’d followed according to the memories in his mind to dash straight towards these places that stored various treasures. They simply seemed like a group of bandits that raided and plundered. Their experience was abundant, and they deeply knew the three principles of swiftness, accuracy, and fierceness.

This scene was noticed by the surrounding cultivators from the various sects, and their hearts instantly started to burn with greed. The Starnet Palace had been annihilated, yet the resources left behind by it was a piece of succulent meat, who wouldn’t want to take a bite of it?

However, right at this moment, Bei Heng snorted coldly, with a sound so loud that it resounded in the entire heaven and earth like a thunderclap, and it shocked the surrounding cultivators to the point they instantly sobered up from their greed.

When they saw Bei Heng’s gaze that surged with killing intent, the hearts of everyone couldn’t help but constrict, and they completely abandoned the intention to take a share.

Who was Bei Heng?

That was the Supreme Ancestor of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, an Earthly Immortal Realm figure with an aloof status, and with this old freak that possessed terrifying strength holding down the fort, who would dare make any rash actions?

Most importantly, the surroundings cultivators already firmly believed in their hearts that the annihilation of the Starnet Palace was surely related to Bei Heng, and it was even to the extent that it was caused by Bei Heng!

Just think about it, even the entire Starnet Palace had fallen at the hands of this old freak, who would dare pluck the whiskers above the tiger’s mouth? Was that any different from courting death?

Since they were unable to get a share, the surrounding cultivators turned around and left. On one hand, they were afraid that their presence would cause Bei Heng to misunderstand; on the other hand, they wanted to transmit the news of Starnet Palace’s annihilation back to the powers they belonged to as soon as possible. This news was as great as the heavens. The Starnet Palace’s annihilation was related to the distribution and benefits of the powers of Dragon Lake City, and no one dared dally when dealing with this.

“Hmph! At least all of you are sensible.” Bei Heng grunted coldly, then he raised his eyes to look at Chen Xi. He saw that the black and white vortex above him had already shrunk from an area of 3 km to 300 m, and it wouldn’t be long before it would be completely absorbed.

What a freak! The balefulstar lightning that surged within the black and white vortex that covered an area of 3km was simply like an enormous river. How could his thin figure possibly hold so much balefulstar lightning? Bei Heng gasped in admiration.


After a short moment, only a millstone sized black and white vortex remained above Chen Xi as it had been completely swallowed by him like a whale swallowing water, and his eyes that were shut tightly for a long time had slowly opened up at this moment.

Crackle! Crackle!

A wisp of a vortex that contained lightning, wind, the five elements, yin, and yang Dao Insights flashed within his eyes before they once again returned to calm.

What sort of eyes were these?

Deep and clear as if they were the most dazzling stars in the world, and it brought a mysterious attraction that was irresistible to others as if it was even able to suck away one’s soul!

After experiencing the tempering of the Great Yin, Great Yang, wind, and lightning Shaman Energy, Chen Xi’s entire body had become even more flawless. The skin on his entire body was glittering and translucent, smooth and fine, and it was simply even softer than water and whiter than jade. His pitch black unbound hair was suffused with traces of a bright glow, and he seemed as if he’d been reborn from the ashes, as if his body had been completely changed to become extremely perfect.

Even though this body seemed tall and gaunt as if it was too weak to withstand the wind, its hardness was comparable to a profound-rank Magic Treasure, and a casual squeeze with his hand would be able to crush a yellow-rank Magic Treasure. It was extremely formidable.

My qi refinement and body refinement cultivations have both attained the perfection-stage of the Violet Palace Realm, and I’m only a step away from advancing to the Golden Hall Realm. Before long, I’ll be able to enter the Abode, and when Senior Ji Yu sees me again, he’ll probably be shocked, right? After all, only a few months have passed since we met the last time. How could he possibly imagine that I would cultivate so quickly? Chen Xi seemed to have thought of Ji Yu’s astonished appearance and a wisp of a light smile couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth, yet when he raised his eyes to sweep his surroundings, he couldn’t help but be stunned.

The Falling Star Mountain that was originally a beautiful mountain with clear water, and had an atmosphere like the abode of immortals, had now transformed into scorched earth. Crumbling buildings and broken walls, a scene of devastation everywhere, it seemed as if it was in ruins, and the scene was tragic and deathly silent.

At the depths of the ruins, the Sect Master of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, Ling Kongzi, and another ten plus people were unearthing something with excited expressions, yet the figures of Bai Wanqing’s group of three were gone.

Only a short while has passed, how did this Falling Star Mountain turn into such a state? Has the Starnet Palace been annihilated? Where’s Aunt Bai and the others? Chen Xi looked around in frustration, and various questions arose in his heart.

“While you were cultivating, the Starnet Palace was wiped out by that Elder Bai Teng.” Bei Heng seemed to have perceived Chen Xi’s bewilderment and sighed with emotion. “A sect that had developed and existed for a few tens of thousands of years has completely transformed into scorched earth in a single day. The affairs in life change constantly, and it is indeed something to sigh about.”

“Where’re those three people?” Chen Xi wasn’t interested in the annihilation of the Starnet Palace. He’d thought since long ago that since the Starnet Palace possessed an arrogant disciple like Chai Letian, it would be annihilated sooner or later.

“This was left for you by that female cultivator.” Bei Heng passed over a jade slip to Chen Xi, and it was precisely left behind by Bai Wanqing. “The three of them have already left earlier, and they headed for the Su Clan’s Estate, as she intends to remove this enemy for you.”


Aunt Bai wants to help me annihilate the Su Clan?

Chen Xi had just received the jade slip and didn’t even have the time to look at it when he was stunned by Bei Heng’s words.

The Su Clan could be said to be the enemy that Chen Xi hated the most. His marriage contract being torn apart, his grandfather’s death, Chen Hao’s right hand being crippled, the various humiliations and tortures he’d suffered since a young age… Practically all of this was caused by the Su Clan.

It could be said that the final objective of his bitter cultivation and great efforts to become strong all these years was to take revenge. Presently, the Li Clan had already been annihilated by him, whereas, the Su Clan was already heavily injured, and he was closer and closer to his objective of taking revenge.

She… Why is she so good to me? Chen Xi’s feelings were complicated to the extreme, and he instantly didn’t hesitate to execute his Divine Windwing Flight to flash explosively towards the Su Clan.

He didn’t know why he wanted to do this, and it was purely an impulse in his heart, an impulse that was impossible to refrain. It was as if only by seeing Bai Wanqing with his own two eyes would he believe that all this was real.

“This kid!” Bei Heng shook his head, and then he was stunned for a moment. “Right, once the Su Clan is annihilated, the treasures left behind by them would become something that has no owner. I can’t let others benefit from it…”

Instantly, Bei Heng called Ling Kongzi over and ordered him to return to the sect and dispatch disciples over to the Su Clan, whereas, he himself instead swiftly flashed towards the Su Clan.

It wasn’t long before he faintly saw a wisp of violent flames surging into the sky. Shockingly, it was at the direction of the Su Clan!

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