Chapter 1619 – Corrupted Spirit Star

When dawn arrived on the next day, practically all the cultivators paying attention to the Starhunt Meeting knew about this incident.

Xuan Ta’zi, Xiao Ruoruo, and the others had been eliminated, and it was actually caused by a single person, Chen Xun!

For a time, discussions related to Chen Xun had become the hottest topic amongst everyone, and he was so prominent in the limelight that he even faintly surpassed Guan Hongyu and Yi Xun.

After all, Xuan Ta’zi was an existence on par with Guan Hongyu and Yi Xun, yet he’d lost miserably at Chen Xun’s hands. So, how could this not shock all of them?

“The participant Chen Xun’s protecting is called Tie Yunping, and she’s currently ranked at the 40th position. Do all of you think that with Chen Xun’s help, Tie Yunping will be able to ascend into the top three before the Starhunt Meeting ends?”

“It’s very difficult. Only five days remain, so not to mention ascending into the top three, even ascending into the top 10 is practically impossible. The gap between them is too huge.”

“I think that he can accomplish it. Who amongst all of you imagined that this nobody, Tie Yunping, would be able to ascend into the top 100? Who amongst all of you imagined that she would improve her position into the 40th position in one go over a short few days of time? All of this is because of that Chen Xun!”

“Hmph! Since we’re unable to convince each other, then let’s wait and see the outcome.”

Discussions like this practically occurred on every single star, and this obviously showed great was the impact caused by the battle between Chen Xi and Xuan Ta’zi.

Dark Tenthwater Star.

Within a hidden and deep cave.

After recuperating overnight, the injury on Chen Xi’s left chest had already healed, and it didn’t leave any residual effects behind.

Chen Xi stood up and arrived at the entrance of the cave. The Dark Parasol Sapling was rooted in space there. Its verdant leaves swayed while numerous specks of illusory green light rained down from it.

In merely a single night, the size of the Dark Parasol Sapling seemed to have grown again. Its leaves were even more verdant like the purest jade in the universe, and they were suffused with dense Divinity.

Especially its stem and veins of its leaves. Compared to before, the originally simply and blurry markings of the Dao had gradually become clearer.

This was the benefit from absorbing the Avīci Corrupted Qi. The Avīci Corrupted Qi on Dark Tenthwater Star was extremely dense, and there was utterly no need for Chen Xi to search before the Dark Parasol Sapling could ceaselessly absorb nutrients and convert it into its own energy.

It seems… to still not be enough. Looks like I have to head to Corrupted Spirit Star in order to allow the Dark Parasol Sapling to transform completely. Chen Xi observed carefully for a long time, and he noticed that if it merely absorbed the Avīci Corrupted Qi that floated through the heavens and the earth, then it was far from being sufficient to allow the Dark Parasol Sapling to undergo an utter transformation.

In other words, it needed a great fortuitous encounter to transform completely, and in Chen Xi’s opinion, there was only a single choice when searching for such a fortuitous encounter. It was Corrupted Spirit Star!

It was extremely likely that Corrupted Spirit Star was where the Avīci Hellsword hid itself, so the Avīci Corrupted Qi produced there would definitely be extremely shocking.

Similarly, the Corrupted Spirit Star would definitely be the most dangerous place in the entire hunting area!

However, Chen Xi wasn’t fearful of it. Great fortune was usually accompanied by great danger and terror.

Most importantly, if he wanted to help Tie Yunping ascend into the top 10, then he had to head to Corrupted Spirit Star to hunt.

After he straightened out his thoughts, Chen Xi didn’t delay any longer, and he brought Tie Yunping along as he immediately acted.

Corrupted Spirit Star.

It was completely pitch black and covered by a thick layer of black mist that seemed material. The black mist was formed from Avīci Corrupted Qi, and it seemed to be extremely terrifying.

If an ordinary cultivator arrived here, then not to mention stepping foot onto Corrupted Spirit Star, merely the black mist that enveloped its surroundings would be sufficient to take that cultivator’s life.

When looked at from afar, the entire Corrupted Spirit Star was like a black gem that was studded in the deepest depths of Taowu Galaxy, and it revealed a ghastly and mysterious aura.

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

When Chen Xi arrived here with Tie Yunping and gazed at Corrupted Spirit Star from far away in the starry away, they heard a wave of howls and wailing sounding out from the star.

At practically the exact same moment, a strand of an oppressive aura filled with evil, terror, bloodthirst, and sin had enveloped this area like an invisible shackle.

Merely taking a glance at it from afar caused Tie Yunping to feel agitated while distracting thoughts appeared within her mind, and she had a strong feeling and desire to vomit. It was as if even her soul was unable to endure it and intended to fall into oblivion at this moment.

Tie Yunping couldn’t help but feel astounded from this, and her expression became even more solemn. She was very clearly aware that if it wasn’t Chen Xi who’d led her here, then she’d probably suffered misfortune since a long time ago!

“Take this and follow closely behind me. Leave everything else to me.” Chen Xi stared at the Corrupted Spirit Star in the distance as he suddenly withdrew the Dark Parasol Sapling and passed it to Tie Yunping.

Tie Yunping didn’t know what the Dark Parasol Sapling was, but she was very clearly aware that this miraculous little tree could absorb Avīci Corrupted Qi, and this wasn’t something an ordinary precious treasure could accomplish.

Now, when she saw Chen Xi pass it to her just like that, she was moved, nervous, and at a loss for what to do.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile when he saw this, and he said, “Relax, the Corrupted Spirit Star isn’t the lair of a dragon, and even then, you’ll only be eliminated at most.”

Tie Yunping speak with difficulty. “I’m not worried about my safety, and I’m worried about what I would do if I damage this little tree.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he said with a smile, “Not to mention you, even my current strength is unable to damage a single leaf from this Dark Parasol Sapling.”

Tie Yunping was shocked. “It’s that formidable?”

Chen Xi smiled and didn’t explain any further. He took her along as he suddenly transformed into a wisp of golden light, and he tore through the thick black mist that enveloped the surroundings of Corrupted Spirit Star and vanished in an instant.

“Empress, only 137 participants remain in the hunting area now, and the others have all been eliminated. Amongst those remaining participants, 89 are hunting in the outer area of the hunting area….”

“You just have to tell me how many participants have entered Corrupted Spirit Star.”

“If the group leaders and Godslaves by their sides are not included, then a total of 19 participants have already arrived at Corrupted Spirit Star.”

In the starry sky, Yun Qing swiftly reported everything he knew.

“19 participants, 19 group leaders, and a group of Godslaves…. I wonder how many will be able to persist until the end.” Empress Yu Che stood in space with her hands behind her back, and her clear eyes focused towards the distance. “Yun Qing.”


“Give the Skyruin Sword to me.”

“My Empress….”

“Yes, I’ll personally deal with the Avīci Hellsword this time. I don’t have much time left to continue waiting.”


A black sky, black ground, black mountains…. Everywhere that met the eyes, the entire Corrupted Spirit Star was an expanse of pitch black. It was even to the extent that the wind that whistled through the sky and the water that flowed through the rivers were pitch black.

This scene was too ghastly, and it was like they’d arrived at a black colored purgatory. The air was filled with an indescribable pressure that made it difficult to breathe, and even one’s soul suffered from a form of terrifying shock.

When Chen Xi arrived here with Tie Yunping, his expression instantly became solemn. Merely the energy that filled the heavens and the earth caused him to smell a strand of the aura of terrifying danger.

Om! Om!

At this moment, the Dark Parasol Sapling that Tie Yunping held in her hand suddenly became excited and lively. It emanated strands of strange fluctuations as its leaves and branches sway wile hazy green light sprayed down from them. It had actually started to ceaselessly absorb the extremely dense Avīci Corrupted Qi in the air.

Obviously, it had taken the Corrupted Spirit Star to be a natural source of nourishment.

However, in merely an instant, Chen Xi’s expression changed. Because there were numerous vicious and ghastly figures within the reaches of his will, and they were approaching at an unbelievable speed.

All those figures were covered in damage and tattered things. Some wore shattered bronze armor, some were in rags, some didn’t even have all their limbs while the bones in their bodies were exposed. However, without any exception, all of their figures were black and hard like rock while their eyes were empty and filled with death. They were like a group of soulless zombies.

Corrupted Spirits!

They were a type of terrifying spirits that had been formed after one’s Dao Heart fell from being invaded by Avīci Corrupted Qi!

When they were alive, all of them were peerlessly formidable gods, yet in death, they’d transformed into numerous undead spirits that knew only of slaughter and bloodthirst.

At this moment, these Corrupted Spirits had obviously noticed the strange fluctuations emanated by the Dark Parasol Sapling, and they dashed madly towards it.

They were extremely swift, and their teleportation technique wasn’t inferior to any Domain Enlightened Spirit God.


Without any hesitation, Chen Xi raised his hand and grabbed Tie Yunping before vanishing instantaneously on the spot. He didn’t want to go head-on against the Corrupted Spirits before he’d figured out the situation on Corrupted Spirit Star.

However, in next to no time, Chen Xi noticed that these Corrupted Spirits seemed to possess intelligence, and they actually pursued him all along the way. Moreover, during this entire process, more and more Corrupted Spirits were ceaselessly joining the group, and it wasn’t long before no less than over a hundred had converged!

Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow because of this, and then he realized that he’d overlooked something. These Corrupted Spirits might have been drawn over by the Dark Parasol Sapling.

Without any hesitation, he flicked his sleeve and immediately put the Dark Parasol Sapling away into the universe within his body. At the same time, he utilized the Daoseal Mark to completely conceal his vital energy.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before those Corrupted Spirits seemed as if they’d lost their target and became confused. They moved restlessly on the spot yet were unable to lock onto Chen Xi any longer.

I never expected that while the Dark Parasol Sapling took the Avīci Corrupted Qi to be its nutrients, these Corrupted Spirits would similarly take it to be a mortal enemy. In this way, once I withdraw the Dark Parasol Sapling, it’ll probably ceaselessly draw over Corrupted Spirits to attack me…. Chen Xi frowned. No matter how formidable his strength was, he would be unable to resist wave after wave of Corrupted Spirits. Especially when every single one of these Corrupted Spirits possessed strengths comparable to Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods.

After that, Chen Xi’s tightly knit brows eased up as he suddenly thought of a perfect plan.

However, he intended to figure out the situation on Corrupted Spirit Star before he tried this plan, so as to avoid encountering any mishaps at that time.

Shit! I actually forgot that this little girl is powerless to resist the invasion of the Avīci Corrupted Qi. Chen Xi turned his head around and glanced over, and he saw that after she lost the protection of the Dark Parasol Sapling, Tie Yunping was instantly in a bad state.

Her pale face revealed a slightly black aura, and her gaze was dazed and lifeless. Moreover, her entire body was trembling slightly. She seemed as if she was having a nightmare yet was unable to wake up.

Chen Xi didn’t dare hesitate to stretch out his hand and grab Tie Yunping’s hand, and then he transferred a strand of thick Divine Energy to her in order to help her eliminate the Avīci Corrupted Qi that had invaded her body.

When her countenance returned to normal, Chen Xi finally heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. This Corrupted Spirit Star is extremely dangerous indeed, and the slightest carelessness might cause immeasurable consequences.

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