Chapter 1618 – Astonishment

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, yet he said disdainfully, “I’m using to fellows like this, so there’s no need to take him seriously.”

Tie Yunping said, “But… the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple stands behind Xuan Ta’zi, and if they make a move against us because of this….”

Chen Xi smiled as he interrupted her. “Don’t worry. All those years ago when I was still a World Enlightened True God, I’d been pursued by a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God for over a month, but aren’t I still safe and sound now?”

Tie Yunping was flabbergasted, and she almost thought that she’d heard wrongly. Isn’t Senor a bit too ferocious?

“Not to mention that we’ll immediately leave Snow Ink Region after the Starhunt Meeting ends, so even if they want to deal with us, they’ll probably be helpless to do anything.” Chen Xi consoled the young woman before him. In his plans, he really had intended to act in this way.

Tie Yunping nodded and said, “Ok, I’ll listen to Senior.”

After that, her gaze focused onto the bloody injury on Chen Xi’s left chest, and she said with worry, “Senior, your injuries….”

“It’s fine, and it’ll recover very quickly.” As he spoke, Chen Xi swept the surroundings with his gaze and said, “Let’s leave this place first. The commotion created here was too great, and it has probably alarmed a great deal of people.”


Chen Xi immediately executed teleportation and brought Tie Yunping along as he instantly vanished on the spot.

“Xuan Ta’zi was actually defeated!”

“My god, that Chen Xun’s combat strength is too heaven defying. Where exactly did he come from? Why have I never heard of his name in the past?”

“He executed the Roc Divine Technique just now, and it’s very likely that he’s a descendent of the Northern Underworld Region’s Roc Race!”

“I don’t think so. There’s an entire few hundreds of regions between the Northern Underworld Region and our Snow Ink Region, so how could the descendants of the Roc Race possibly come here? Those fellows are extremely proud, and besides the central Imperial Region, there’re very few places that they attach importance to.”

“Let’s not talk about that. Did all of you notice just now, even the Dayi Clan’s Second Young Master, Yi Xun, had only injured that Chen Xun with a surprise attack.”

“Heh! How should I put it? If it wasn’t for that little girl from the Violethell Divine Sect, it would probably not be so easy for Yi Xun to succeed.”

Right after Chen Xi and Tie Yunping left, numerous wills surged over abruptly from all directions, and they enveloped this battlefield and conversed without end.

All of their voices carried shock and disbelief towards the combat strength that Chen Xi revealed. They were very clearly aware that because of the sudden appearance of this Chen Xun, the situation in this Starhunt Meeting… was about to change!

The veil of night descended.

The familiar Hunt Rankings floated up into appearance above the sky and unfolded as usual, and then numerous dazzling names flickered on it.

It was already the 55th day since the Starhunt Meeting had begun, and only five days remained before it would come to an end. No matter if it was those great figures in the starry sky or those cultivators that were scattered all over the various stars in this universe, they’d long since become accustomed to the names on these rankings.

Especially those names in the top 20. Since the Starhunt Meeting began until now, they’d practically not changed at all, and they maintained a fixed situation.

But out of habit, some people still couldn’t help but sweep their gazes towards the names in the top 20 when the Hunt Rankings appeared tonight.

After that, a scene that flabbergasted them appeared. Xiao Ruoruo’s name had actually vanished from the 2nd position!

All of them almost thought that they were seeing things, yet when they looked over carefully once more, it was still the same. The 2nd position on the rankings had already been replaced by Yi Tian who was previously ranked at the 3rd position.

In an instant, countless clamorous voices resounded beneath the veil of night.

“She has vanished from the rankings! Doesn’t this mean that Xiao Ruoruo has already been eliminated?”

“Who was that formidable to actually be able to break through Xuan Ta’zi guard? Was it Guan Hongyu?”

“Perhaps it was the Dayi Clan’s Second Young Master, Yi Xun. After all, the Dayi Clan’s Dao of Archery is peerless, and his strength is on par with Guan Hongyu and Xuan Ta’zi.”

“My god! The situation in this Starhunt Meeting has actually changed at a time like this! It’s truly unexpected.”

Those cultivators scattered throughout the various stars in the universe were merely able to rely on the changes on the Hunt Rankings to infer the development of events, and they were unable to find out exactly who’d eliminated both Xiao Ruoruo and Xuan Ta’zi.

However, those great figures in the starry sky had instantly determined that such a shocking and unexpected event was absolutely not something Guan Hongyu and Yi Xun could accomplish.

Or perhaps it should be said that they would definitely not make a move against Xuan Ta’zi and Xiao Ruoruo at this moment.

“I never expected this, I truly never expected this!” The Spirit Truth Daoist Temple’s Elder Miao Ya muttered while his expression gradually became gloomy.

Right when the Starhunt Meeting seemed to be coming to an end in another five days, Xiao Ruoruo and Xuan Ta’zi had been eliminated at such a critical moment, so how could he accept this?

The expressions of all the great figures in the surroundings became strange, and they revealed expressions of pity, wonder, pleasure, and so on an so forth.

That old fellow, Miao Ya, is probably on the verge of going mad from rage, right?

“Hmm? Wait! It seems like all the disciples of the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple within the top 100 have been eliminated….” A great figure exclaimed with shock.

The others looked over. Sure enough, they noticed it was exactly as that person had said, and it caused their expressions to change slightly. What ruthless and thorough methods. All the participating disciples of the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple were actually eliminated in one go!

Doing this was simply no different than completely offending the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple. Based on their understandings, disciples like Guan Hongyu and Yi Xun would absolutely not act in this way.

Then, who exactly did it?

At this moment, Miao Ya’s expression was already extremely livid from aggrievance. The veins on his forehead bulged while the rage in his heart caused him to be on the verge of going berserk.

How audacious! What ruthless methods!This person simply doesn’t respect my Spirit Truth Daoist Temple at all!

This is absolutely a form of provocation!

Right at this moment, a disciple arrived hastily and said something by Miao Ya’s ears. It caused Miao Ya’s eyes to fuse, and then he was unable to control his rage as he shouted. “It was actually him? How could this be possible!?”

At practically the exact same moment, the other great figures obtained the news as well, and they found out about everything that occurred within the hunting area. In an instant, all of their expressions became extremely colorful.

Chen Xun! It was actually that fellow!

This name, Chen Xun, wasn’t unfamiliar to all of these great figures any longer. Half a month ago, because of Tie Yunping’s mighty rise into the top 100 of the Hunt Rankings, this name, Chen Xun, had appeared within their fields of vision.

Moreover, when Tie Yunping’s rankings rose ceaselessly, it even drew their attention, and they’d long since determined that all of this was because of that Chen Xun.

Yet up until now, they didn’t know anything about Chen Xun’s identity, and they were utterly unaware of exactly where he came from.

Moreover, when they found out that Xuan Ta’zi, Xiao Ruoruo, and all the disciples of the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple were defeated and eliminated by Chen Xi alone, tempestuous waves couldn’t help but arise in the hearts of all these great figures, and they were extremely shocked.

Xuan Ta’zi had arrived at the peak of the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm since a long time ago, and it was practically impossible for him to find a match amongst those of the same cultivation. Yet now, he’d actually been eliminated by an unknown young man, so how could anyone believe this?

The atmosphere became slightly oppressive.

All of the great figures were pondering, and their gazes flickered without end.

“Do all of you still remember that phenomena of the heavens and the earth suddenly descended throughout Snow Ink Region two months ago, and a Spirit God Exalt was born?” Suddenly, Jadesky Divine Sect’s Grand Elder Mo Zhan spoke in a low voice, and it caused all the great figures in the surroundings to be shocked in their hearts.

“Could it be that Fellow Daoist Mo Zhan thinks that Chen Xun might be that young man who just attained the potential of a Spirit God Exalt upon advancing into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm?” All of them spoke with shock.

“If it isn’t that, then how could he have possibly accomplished this?” Mo Zhan took a deep breath and had a heavy expression.

“Impossible!” Elder Miao Ya said furiously, “Even if he possesses the potential of a Spirit God Exalt, he just advanced into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm after all, so how could he possibly be a match for Xuan Ta’zi that stood at the peak of the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm since a long time ago?”

Many people deeply agreed. Yeah, the potential of a Spirit God Exalt is only potential in the end, and it can’t be converted into combat strength.

But in this way, everyone felt even more bewildered. Who exactly is this Chen Xun? Is that new Spirit God Exalt that was born two months ago related to him?

At this moment, Chen Xi’s image had become even more mysterious in the eyes of these great figures from Snow Ink Region.

Amongst the people in the surroundings, only Empress Yu Che had been constantly remaining silent while she stared towards the distant depths of Taowu Galaxy.

The old man, Yun Qing, held the Skyruin Sword while standing by her side in silence. Just like Empress Yu Che, he was completely indifferent towards everything in the surroundings.

“Empress, I suspect there’s something wrong with that Chen Xun’s origins. It must be investigated clearly!” Suddenly, Miao Ya gritted his teeth and spoke in a low voice while shooting his gaze towards Empress Yu Che.

The hearts of all the others shook. Never had they imagined that Miao Ya would lose his composure and act rashly at this moment.

“You mean that the Empress allowed a questionable person to participate in the hunt?” Yun Qing spoke with an indifferent expression and a calm tone.

However, merely these words caused Miao Ya’s expression to change indeterminately. He cupped his hands and said, “I absolutely have no intention to question the Empress.”

“There’s nothing wrong with Chen Xun.” Empress Yu Che spoke abruptly, and her pleasant and low voice seemed to carry a strand of charm that caused the others to be unconsciously convinced by her.

Miao Ya was stunned, and he desired to speak yet stopped. In the end, he remained silent with a gloomy expression on his face.

Empress Yu Che was the Region Lord of Snow Ink Region. She possessed supreme authority and had ruled over the 3,000 universes within Snow Ink Region for countless years. Up until today, no one dared to go against her words, Miao Ya included.

Even if a top power like the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple stood behind Miao Ya, he had no choice but to respect Empress Yu Che.

When they saw that even Empress Yu Che had spoken on Chen Xun’s behalf, all the other great figures were shocked. Could it be that the Empress knew of that kid’s identity since the beginning?

But why didn’t she reveal it?

Could it be that there’s some sort of secret behind all of this?

“Yun Qing, make careful preparations. Guan Hongyu has already stepped foot onto Corrupted Spirit Star. Don’t allow the Avīci Hellsword to injure him.” Empress Yu Che spoke once more, yet she spoke about something else, and it instantly diverted the attention of all the great figures in the surroundings.

The Corrupted Spirit Star.

The place where the Avīci Hellsword hides.

The disciple of Jadesky Divine Sect, Guan Hongyu, has actually arrived there already!

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