Chapter 1617 – Crushed

Chen Xi remained carefree because Xuan Ta’zi had actually threatened him with death while within this hunting area, and Chen Xi truly felt that Xuan Ta’zi had lost his mind from rage.

“Do you know why I didn’t arouse killing intent towards you just now. It wasn’t out of fear, and it was merely because I wanted you to taste the feeling of having your dignity trampled on.” Chen Xi smiled as he spoke in a carefree manner.

Xuan Ta’zi’s expression became even gloomier, and he gritted his teeth and shouted explosively. “Don’t you dare act arrogantly! Even if you’re able to leave this hunting area with your life, you can dream of living after you’ve offended me!”

The meaning behind his words was that he refused to stop until Chen Xi died.

Chen Xi had an indifferent expression, and he just said, “Oh.”

He couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath with Xuan Ta’zi. All along his path of slaughter, he’d heard such threats on innumerable occasions, so how could he possibly take it seriously?


That oh was like the sharpest ridicule that caused Xuan Ta’zi to be unable to restrain himself any longer. He held the halberd with both hands as he suddenly attacked. His halberd sliced spare apart, causing an enormous rift to appear, and it seemed as if it was on the verge of splitting the world into two!

For a time, images of the halberd filled the sky, and the phantoms of numerous Fiendgods floated up into appearance. They chanted Daoist scriptures and emanated divine might that struck terror in the heart, and it made this strike seem even more terrifying.

In the distance, Tie Yunping’s heart thumped violently as she watched this scene, and her entire body went cold. Xuan Ta’zi’s combat strength seemed to be much stronger than before, it’s too astounding.


Chen Xi’s figure moved at the same moment as well. He strode ceaselessly through space, and he took the initiative to meet Xuan Ta’zi’s attack by smashing his fist towards it.


His fist that was covered in a myriad of mysterious talismans collided with the myriad of halberd images, causing thunderous rumbling to erupt, and it resounded through the nine heavens while the divine radiance from these attacks exploded into pieces.

Looks like the energy that arose from within him is slightly unusual…. After that, Chen Xi’s figure shook slightly while his vital blood roiled a little, and his eyes had somewhat narrowed yet didn’t contain much fear.

Xuan Ta’zi entire body was suffused with a monstrous aura of the Daoist sect, and his expression was extremely gloomy while his gaze seemed to surge with blazing flames of rage.

Chen Xi had actually blocked his attack once more!

This was his trump card, and it was the energy from a senior in Spirit Truth Daoist Temple that was branded within his body. Once it was activated, it was sufficient to allow him to go against a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God for a short while!

Yet now, he was actually still unable to do anything to Chen Xi….

This caused Xuan Ta’zi to be almost unable to accept it.


He suddenly let out an explosive shout as he swung the halberd once more, and he condensed an even stronger force that was vast and powerful like a surging ocean.

The halberd emanated mysterious Dao Markings and profound light. It was simple and heavy yet seemed to possess the divine might to split the heavens and the earth apart. It was extremely terrifying, and it was obviously not strength that a Domain Enlightened Spirit God could possess.

Chen Xi’s brows raised. Such a technique was slightly similar to the Godslaughter Burst he possessed as it similarly improved one’s combat strength, but it was obvious that Xuan Ta’zi had activated a force that didn’t belong to him.


Xuan Ta’zi charged over in an even more ferocious manner. He seemed like a furious heavenly exalt had descended to the world of man, and the halberd in his hand could destroy everything before it.

Chen Xi’s figure flashed. He didn’t meet this attack head-on, and he executed the Roc Divine Technique, causing wind and lightning to arise together while Yin and Yang fused together, and he instantly flashed away.

In Xuan Ta’zi’s eyes this was like a display of weakness and fear.

“Trying to avoid my attacks?” Xuan Ta’zi sneered.


His movements didn’t stop at all, and he attacked once more with halberd in hand. In a mere instant, he’d already attacked a myriad of times with the halberd, causing sharp glows to adorn the sky like a myriad of strands of starlight flowing through space, and it seemed even more terrifying.

This entire expanse of the heavens and the earth was blasted into pieces, and it was extremely terrifying, causing Xuan Ta’zi to seem like a peerless god of war.

Chen Xi frowned as he dodged once more. He’d originally thought that the energy within Xuan Ta’zi’s body couldn’t be sustained for long, yet the outcome had exceeded his expectations because Xuan Ta’zi’s combat strength was actually improving without end.

He couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart. Exactly what sort of energy is that for it to be capable of possessing such terrifying might?

“What? You’re afraid? Hmph! It’s too late! You have to pay in blood today for everything you did!” Xuan Ta’zi entire body was dazzling and resplendent, and his long hair fluttered while his attacks grew even swifter and fiercer.

“Looks like you’ve already forgotten how you were trampled on and humiliated just now. You truly are one to forget your pain once your wound heals, and you overestimate your ability.” Chen Xi smiled in a carefree manner.

“Kill!” Xuan Ta’zi’s expression was icy cold to the extreme while his gaze was like a blade, and the halberd seemed as if it was burning while extremely dazzling divine radiance seethed on it.

He stopped wasting his breath because he was already furious to the point of wishing for nothing more that to tear Chen Xi apart into pieces right here and now.

Chen Xi stopped dodging when he saw this. He’d already discerned that if this continued, then Xuan Ta’zi’s combat strength would only become even more explosive, and he didn’t want to continue wasting time like this.


In the next moment, boundless divine light erupted from Chen Xi’s body, and the Infinite Divine Talisman circulated at full strength. A myriad of strands of Divine Dao Laws were like divine chains that enveloped his entire body, and then peerlessly blazing Divine Energy rumbled out from within him.

He suddenly stretched out his hand and actually forcefully broke through Xuan Ta’zi offense to grab onto Xuan Ta’zi’s halberd on one go, and his fingers were like iron clamps that firmly confined the halberd. After that, he suddenly exerted strength with his arm, causing this divine artifact to tremble violently.

When she witnessed this scene, Tie Yunping was shocked to the point her entire body stiffened, and she was unable to find another word to describe the shock she felt in her heart. This senior is really too formidable, and he’s strong to the point its indescribable.

This halberd was obviously a Natural Spirit Treasure. At this moment, it wasn’t damaged in their violent struggle, yet it caused Xuan Ta’zi’s expression to change. No matter what, he’d never imagined that Chen Xi would actually be so abnormal to the point of daring to grab his weapon with bare hands!

“Fuck off!” He roared furiously while circulating the strength within his entire body, and the Daoist glow on his entire body rumbled as it surged into the halberd before he struggled ferociously.

Chen Xi’s gaze was piercingly cold. His right hand still clamped onto the halberd while he slanted his left hand like a sword.


A Vorpal Strike suddenly appeared, and it forcefully slashed off Xuan Ta’zi’s arm at the instant he was caught off guard by it.

If he hadn’t dodged in time, then it would have even been sufficient to take Xuan Ta’zi’s life!

However, it was precisely because of this strike that the suddenly pain he felt allowed Chen Xi to swiftly seize away the halberd in his hand, and then his entire body was blasted flying while blood sprayed from the spot where his arm was severed. He was in an extremely sorry state.

“How could this be possible! You… you… who exactly are you!?” Xuan Ta’zi’s face twisted while he was shocked and furious to the extreme.

Chen Xi’s combat strength was too abnormal and was even able to barehandedly resist him while he’d utilized his trump card. Moreover, Chen Xi had even injured him in one go, and this was simply unbelievable to him!


Chen Xi shook his hand and pierced the halberd into the ground.

At the same time, he strode through space while talismans interweaved throughout his body, and then he suddenly charged forward before his foot stomped down onto Xuan Ta’zi.

“Don’t you dare!” Xuan Ta’zi’s eyes almost split apart from rage. He suddenly exerted strength with his last remaining arm, and he seemed as if he was embracing Yin and Yang as he collided forcefully and ferociously with Chen Xi.

Crack! Crack!

A wave of the sound of bones breaking into pieces resounded. The strength of his arm was stomped into pieces, and the force from Chen Xi’s foot caused the bones in his arm to shatter into pieces before blood sprayed from it.

After that, a bang resounded. Just as before, Xuan Ta’zi’s chest was stomped on by Chen Xi, and he was forcefully stomped down from the sky and suppressed on the ground.

This caused Tie Yunping to be horrified. How terrifying! Exactly how formidable is this senior’s combat strength? How could this possibly be the might that a Domain Enlightened Spirit God can exert?

“AH!!!” Xuan Ta’zi shouted loudly with pain. The intense pain was difficult to endure to the point his face twisted, and his entire body shivered. This stomp caused him to practically lose his entire combat strength, and his foundation in the Divine Dao had almost fallen into disorder and collapsed.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but laugh coldly when he saw this. “You only possess such ability, yet you dared….” When he spoke up to here, his brows suddenly rose, and then his expression turned completely icy cold.


Right at this instant, a bronze arrow flew over. It tore the sky apart and carried a sharp aura that could annihilate all things and destroy the world, and it even carried an indescribable penetrative force.

Most importantly, this arrow wasn’t aimed at Chen Xi, and it was aimed at Tie Yunping who stood in the distance instead.

The Dayi Clan again!

Chen Xi was furious as he’d immediately guessed the identity of the person that launched this surprise attack. He’d once gone against the Dayi Clan while in the Last Days Domain, yet now, they actually dared to play the same old trick again, and it was simply unforgiveable to Chen Xi.

At the same time, he was clearly aware that this person was extremely conceited, and the moment of attack was just right and precise to a terrifying degree. Especially the might of this attack, it was terrifying to the extreme and couldn’t be compared to the attacks of the past at all.

Just like this very moment, Tie Yunping’s combat strength had already improved greatly, yet she was actually terrified to the point of being stunned on the spot and unable to move when facing this attack!


Chen Xi teleported and blocked before Tie Yunping at the critical instant, yet he didn’t have the time to block this arrow.

In an instant, Chen Xi’s left chest had a bloody hole pierced through it, and the formidable impact from this attack blasted Chen Xi’s figure flying.


After it pierced through Chen Xi’s chest, the bronze arrow didn’t lose momentum at all and shattered an enormous mountain in the distance. The mountain collapsed, transformed into ash, and vanished completely.

This obviously showed how terrifying the might possessed by this bronze arrow was. If one took a direct strike from it, then one could only wonder and worry if the energy within the Divine Slip would have the chance to teleport and rescue one from death.

“Bastard!” Chen Xi gritted his teeth. A strand of terrifying sharp aura still remained in his left chest, and it was ceaselessly striking his body.

However, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered about all of this. His figure flashed, and he brought Tie Yunping along as he left the spot.

Swish! Swish!

Sure enough, the two of them had just left when numerous bronze arrows tore through the air towards that spot. Space exploded into pieces before it, and it was extremely terrifying. Moreover, it even blasted this expanse of the heavens and the earth apart and left nothing in its wake.

At this moment, Chen Xi finally sensed numerous figures had suddenly appeared and were standing extremely far away from here.

Moreover, the people in the lead were surprisingly the Dayi Clan’s Second Young Master Yi Xun and Third Young Master Yi Tian!

Yi Xun held a simple bronze longbow. His gaze was cold as he looked onto the area where Chen Xi resided, and his vital energy seemed murderous and peerlessly fierce.

However, when he noticed Chen Xi’s will sweeping over, he suddenly smiled lightly and waved the bronze longbow in his hand in a ridiculing manner that was filled with disdain and extremely provocative.

But right after that, he actually didn’t stay any longer, and he led the others to turn around and leave.

Chen Xi’s expression was icy cold, and he was truly infuriated. He couldn’t be bothered about Xuan Ta’zi, and his figure flashed as he teleported towards the distance.

But in the end, he was unable to catch up to them.

Coupled with the fact that Chen Xi was concerned about Tie Yunping’s safety, he could only forcefully restrain the rage in his heart and abandon his intentions to pursue them.

“Those damnable bastards!” When facing bastards that were elusive like assassins and skilled in the Dao of Archery, Chen Xi couldn’t help but gnash his teeth with hatred.

But he was very clearly aware that this was exactly why the Dayi Clan was terrifying. They were bound to be most adept in long-ranged attacks and surprise attacks.

“Senior.” When Chen Xi returned, Tie Yunping hurriedly moved forward to greet him.

“Where’s that fellow?” Chen Xi swept his gaze through the surroundings, and Xuan Ta’zi whom he’d bashed up to the point of completely losing all combat strength had actually vanished.

“He took the initiative to leave himself.” Tie Yunping had a complicated expression, and it carried a wisp of deep worry. “He said that once we leave the Starhunt Meeting, it would be the time of our death….”

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