Chapter 1616 – True Martial Devil Vanquishing Aura

This collision shook the heavens and the earth, and it was too terrifying. An area of 50,000km had been transformed into ruins, and it was a scene of chaos, death, and desolation.

After all, Dark Tenthwater Star was filled with Avīci Corrupted Qi. So, the landscape was extremely hard as if forget by steel, and it was comparable to Divine Artifacts.

However, this collision was actually able to cause such terrifying destruction, and it obviously showed how formidable their combat strengths were.

At this moment, no matter if it was Tie Yunping or Xiao Ruoruo and the others, they couldn’t help but become anxious.

Suddenly, a muffled groan sounded out from the surging dust and dirt, and then Xuan Ta’zi’s tall figure appeared. He had an icy cold expression and a murderous aura between his brows.

His Daoist robe fluttered while he held the halberd in his hand, and his entire body was filled with divine radiance, causing him to seem like a boundless exalt that arrived ferocious into the world.

“Friend, it’s already come to this, yet you still don’t intend to utilize a weapon?” Xuan Ta’zi’s expression was gloomy while he felt infuriated in his heart.

In that collision from before, Chen Xi’s barehanded strike had actually forced him to have no choice but to resist with all his might, and even though he’d resisted it successfully, comparatively speaking, he was inferior to Chen Xi in this collision.

“That’ll depend on whether you have the ability.” In the distance, Chen Xi’s tall figure revealed an indifferent and extraordinary bearing, and he naturally carried an arrogant aura amidst his calm expression.

He’d been completely blunt with his words, and he directly implied that Xuan Ta’zi wasn’t qualified enough to make him utilize a weapon. It caused Xiao Ruoruo, Xiao Tianlong, and the others to be stunned when they heard this, and then they gnashed their teeth with anger. This fellow is truly arrogant!

“Haha! Very good! You’re the first person in the entire Snow Ink Region that dared to provoke me like that!” Xiao Ta’zi was furious. He stopped hesitating and strode through space while the halberd in his hand rumbled, and it emanated a myriad of strands of profound light and Dao markings as it assaulted Chen Xi.

He’d stopped holding back, and he utilized his full strength. So, when he attacked, the aura he revealed was completely different from before, and it carried a strand of oppressive killing intent.

In an instant, the heavens and the earth rumbled with the tune of the Dao, and the halberd erupted with gold light that caused Xuan Ta’zi to seem like a primeval god of war from the Daoist Sect.

“Senior Brother Xuan Ta’zi has aroused the intent to kill!” Xiao Ruoruo’s eyes instantly lit up, and she became excited.

The other disciples from the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple were excited as well. They were clearly aware that once their Senior Brother Xuan Ta’zi aroused killing intent, then his might was simply be unimaginable. At the very least, in these past few years, not a single one of his opponents were able to survive before his killing intent!

Xuan Ta’zi’s imposing aura was different indeed. He was covered in killing intent and seemed like a god of war, and his imposing aura had risen explosively by a great deal.

This caused Chen Xi’s eyes to narrow, and then a wisp of a cold arc couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth.

“Kill!” Xuan Ta’zi shouted loudly with a piercingly cold gaze, and he held the halberd in hand as he descended from the sky and seemed to be even more ferocious than before.


The halberd carried a myriad of strands of Dao markings and profound light as it smashed down with surging killing intent, and it caused the heavens and the earth to dim down while this area started to sink and collapse.

“True Martial Devil Vanquishing Aura!” Someone exclaimed with surprise as that person had recognized this technique.

This was a secret technique only passed down within Spirit Truth Daoist Temple, and only core disciples could obtain this inheritance. Once it was executed, it would be like one was possessed by the Heavenly True Martial Exalt, allowing one’s combat strength to rise explosively, shake the heavens and the earth, destroy the stellar bodies, and become all powerful.


Chen Xi’s figure flashed as he executed the Roc Divine Technique, and he was like a bolt of lightning as his speed arrived at its limits, causing others to be unable to lock onto him.

At the same time, he formed seals with his palms and executed a myriad of palm images in an instant. They surged through the sky like thunder, and they were ferocious and of extreme Yang. Moreover, their aura seemed natural and were suffused with a myriad of mysterious talismans.

In an instant, the two of them collided over a thousand times, causing divine radiance to erupt while it seemed as if thunder capable of obliterating the world was resounding and rumbling over and over again.

To everyone’s horror, before such terrifying head-on collisions, Chen Xi who was barehanded actually didn’t fall into a disadvantaged position at all, and they simply didn’t dare believe their eyes.

On the other hand, Xuan Ta’zi was shocking and furious, and he shouted ceaselessly while executing various supreme techniques.


The halberd seemed as if it was burning, and dazzling golden light rose from it as Xuan Ta’zi prepared to attack explosively once again amidst a furious howl.


However, something flashed before his eyes, and then Chen Xi’s figure tore through the thousands of halberd images to appear before him at an unprecedentedly swift speed, and then Chen Xi’s palms carried mysterious talismans and divine light as it charged towards him.

Chen Xi had actually taken the initiative to attack.


The halberd struck nothing but air, and Xuan Ta’zi’s expression turned gloomy as he met Chen Xi’s attack head-on.

In an instant, the myriad of palm images struck onto the halberd. Talismans surged while divine light rumbled, and it resounded endlessly throughout the heavens and the earth.

Xuan Ta’zi’s figure suddenly started trembling violently while his face flushed red. After that, his expression became livid before finally turning pale, and pea sized beads of cold sweat had seeped out from his forehead.

Actually, this was Chen Xi’s true ability. All the collisions from before we just Chen Xi’s efforts to probe Xuan Ta’zi’s strength and limits.

The conclusion Chen Xi came to caused Chen Xi to be slightly disappointed. No matter how strong Xuan Ta’zi was, Xuan Ta’zi could only make a display of his might in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, and Xuan Ta’zi was unable to go against a true Universe Enlightened Ancestral God.

On the other hand, when Chen Xi had just advanced into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm a few months ago, he’d fought a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God like Ye Yan to the point she fled.

Even though Ye Yan was already heavily injured at that time, she was a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God in the end, and a Domain Enlightened Spirit God couldn’t compare to her. However, she’d chose to flee for her life in the end, and this obviously showed how astonishing Chen Xi’s combat strength was at that time.

Moreover, not to mention all of this, merely Chen Xi’s potential to become a Spirit God Exalt predetermined that he stood in a practically invincible state amongst those of the same cultivation realm!

Now, he’d even devoted himself to studying a completely new method of battle that utilized the Infinite Divine Talisman within him at its core in order to match the most flawless Divine Dao Laws of a technique before executing his strength. Thus, his combat strength had obtained a comprehensive improvement.

Under such circumstances, even if he was barehanded, Chen Xi had never taken Xuan Ta’zi to be a true opponent.


Xuan Ta’zi realized that the situation was bad and dangerous. He activated some sort of secret technique that transformed into an expanse of explosive divine radiance, and it blocked Chen Xi’s numerous attacks.

However, his body was still affected by Chen Xi’s attacks and was blasted flying as if he’d been struck by lightning.

This was the result of Chen Xi’s combat strength. It was too formidable, formidable to the point Xuan Ta’zi was unable to resist it at all, and Xuan Ta’zi’s figure trembled without end while the vital energy within his body almost fell into disorder.

“How formidable! That’s the Roc Divine Technique, and he has grasped it to the point of transforming it into his own technique. Yin and Yang convert amongst each other to form supreme divine might, and it can already compare to the ancient Roc!”

“Could it be that he’s a descendent of the Northern Underworld Region’s Roc Race?”

Some of them were shocked, and their pupils dilated while their hearts were unable to calm down.


Xuan Ta’zi had suffered a setback, and Chen Xi didn’t stop at all. His figure transformed into a roc, and he shot explosively towards Xuan Ta’zi like a wisp of bright golden flowing light.,

Xuan Ta’zi let out a shrill cry of pain as his Daoist robe exploded into pieces, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood that flowed down from the corner of his mouth. Moreover, his figure smashed fiercely towards the ground like a meteor.

At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi’s figure caught up to Xuan Ta’zi before swiftly stomping.


Chen Xi’s leg smashed onto his chest and stomped him into the ground, causing the ground to crack apart while countless rocks shot into the surroundings.

In an instant, the surroundings were deathly silent, and Xiao Ruoruo and the others were stunned like statues.

He lost?

The invincible Senior Brother Xuan Ta’zi who’s renowned throughout the world and is practically unable to meet his match in Snow Ink Region… has actually lost!?

Most impossible for them to accept was that Xuan Ta’zi had actually been defeated while his opponent was barehanded!

If they didn’t witness it with their own two eyes, would anyone be able to believe it?

At this moment, even Tie Yunping was dumbstruck. This senior is too formidable!

In the past, she’d already been shocked to the extreme while they annihilated ferocious beasts all along the way here, but when she saw that even a legendary figure like Xuan Ta’zi had been defeated by Chen Xi, the shock she felt caused even her Dao Heart to suffer an unprecedented blow.

Xuan Ta’zi struggled on the battlefield, and he exerted all his might with the intention of struggling free from Chen Xi’s suppression. His livid expression had twisted while his eyes almost split apart from rage because suffused such a setback and humiliation caused him to practically be on the verge of going mad.


Chen Xi exerted strength with his foot and emanated a terrifying force. He stomped firmly onto Xuan Ta’zi’s chest and pinned him to the ground, causing him to be unable to escape.

Xuan Ta’zi felt that his chest was on the verge of breaking and collapsing, and it angered him to the point he coughed up blood. Moreover, the veins on his forehead had bulged and were on the verge of bursting apart.

At this moment, even someone as formidable as him felt powerless, and he couldn’t help but roar grievously. “Bastard! I’ll kill you! Kill you!”

“Senior Brother Xuan Ta’zi!”

“Attack together!”

At this moment, all the others that had fallen into shock seemed as if they’d been jolted awake from a dream. All of them were furious to the extreme when they saw Xuan Ta’zi being stomped onto the ground and unable to struggle free, and they roared furiously in succession as they charged forward.

“Shit!” Tie Yunping’s expression turned grim, and she was just about to charge forward to lend Chen Xi a hand, yet Chen Xi’s voice transmission sounded out by her ear, and he instructed her to just stay at ease and watch the battle.

After that, she saw Chen Xi stand on the spot without moving, and one of his legs was still on Xuan Ta’zi’s chest, but when those disciples of the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple charged over, all of them were blasted flying with a single flick of his sleeve.

They could be said to have arrived swiftly and left swiftly. When facing a ferocious figure like Chen Xi, these disciples who were far inferior to Xuan Ta’zi were simply like punching bags that came looking for a beating, and all of them were blasted flying. They were either coughing up blood and unable to stand up any longer, or they’d been directly teleported out from the hunting area and eliminated from the Starhunt Meeting.

Especially Xiao Ruoruo, Xiao Tianlong, and Lu Yan, Chen Xi had taken ‘very good care’ of them, and he’d bashed them to the point their teeth fell out, their faces swelled up, and countless bones in their bodies broke. In the end, all of them were eliminated from the Starhunt Meeting!

In the end, not a single person could strand up, and the surroundings were covered in a mess.

“AH!!!” Xuan Ta’zi was utterly infuriated. The intense pain in his entire body was far from enough to cancel out the humiliation in his heart. Who was he? He was the leading figure in the younger generation of the top-rate power, the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple, and he was figure that was renowned throughout Snow Ink Region. However, he’d been stomped on the ground right now, and this was even more painful to him that death.

Especially because at this very moment, he was actually only able to watch as those junior brothers and junior sisters of his were defeated, yet he was unable to assist them at all. That feeling powerless feeling of extreme weakness felt like a myriad of ants were ceaselessly devouring the reason in his mind.


Suddenly, a wisp of Daoist profound light swept out from within his body. It was mysterious, profound, and revealed an upright and powerful aura.


The appearance of this strand of aura allowed Xuan Ta’zi to struggle free of Chen Xi’s restrain in the end, and he seemed like a demon god that burned with rage. His hair fluttered wildly while his pupils turned scarlet red like blood.

This was the Supreme Profound Energy of the Daoist Sect, and it was poured into his body by a senior of the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple in order to prevent any accidents from occurring. It could save his life.

Now, he’d utilized it to struggle free of Chen Xi’s suppression instead.

Chen Xi’s figure staggered back while his vital blood roiled, and his eyes narrowed while he felt slightly surprised. He’d never expected that this fellow’s body would actually contain such a terrifying force.

After that, Chen Xi recovered his composure. This wasn’t Xuan Ta’zi’s own strength in the end, and while he was within this hunting area, it was unable to be of any threat to Chen Xi.

“Kid, you’ve utterly offended me, and you’re bound to be unable to escape death!” Xuan Ta’zi’s eyes were scarlet red and bloodshot, and his expression was icy cold. He’d gone completely berserk with rage.

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