Chapter 1614 – Killing Intent At Dark Tenthwater Star

One day later.

An ocean raged violently with waves that swept into the sky.

This was a star that was entirely covered by a boundless ocean. Gales whistled by while spatial turbulence filled every single inch of space.

The surging waves seemed like furious gods that were roaring wildly, and they shook the nine heavens as they rumbled through the heavens and the earth.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two figures tore through space and arrived here. One was tall, the other short. As they stood atop the turbulent waves, they seemed like mere duckweed that would be drowned by the ocean at any moment. However, as soon as the two of them stood still, they were firm like rocks, and no matter how the wind blew, they remained unmoving.

These two figures were naturally Chen Xi and Tie Yunping.


A verdant glow flashed, and then a divine tree was covered in green leaves and possessed a strong trunk and branches floated into appearance by Chen Xi’s side, and its roots were like nimble tentacles that rooted themselves in space.

The Dark Parasol Sapling!

As soon as it rooted itself here, it emanated an invisible ripple that swept towards the surroundings. The ripple carried a terrifying devouring force, causing the Avīci Corrupted Qi that filled the air to instantly seem as if they were captured by a net, and they were ceaselessly absorbed and transformed into the Dark Parasol Sapling’s nourishment.

This star was already situated at the depths of Taowu Galaxy. The heavens and the earth were covered in a seemingly material grey colored Avīci Corrupted Qi, and it was extremely dense like haze and could be seen all over.

It seemed to be harmless. However, once it invaded one’s body, then one’s Dao Foundation would definitely be tarnished, and it would cause even gods to sink into boundless sin. It was extremely terrifying.

However, this Avīci Corrupted Qi was like a tonic to the Dark Parasol Sapling, and with its presence, Chen Xi didn’t have to worry about the threat posed by the Avīci Corrupted Qi.

If it was any other participant in his place, then it would definitely not be so easy for that person. At the very least, they would have to utilize a good bit of their strength to resist the Avīci Corrupted Qi’s assault.

Chen Xi paid no further attention to it when he saw this, and his formidable will rumbled as it swept out and covered an area of a few tens of thousands of kilometers.

In next to no time, he’d locked onto his target, and he brought Tie Yunping along as he flashed over swiftly.



Wave after wave of shocking beast roars resounded within this expanse of surging and violent ocean, and it shook the sea to the point pillars of water shot into the sky while space fell into disorder.

After that, an Nine-headed Ice Lion suddenly charged out from the ocean. Its nine heads looked up into the sky and roared, and it seemed as if it wanted to shatter the stars within this roar.

At practically the exact same time, a Dragon Turtle that had the body of a dragon and the shell of a turtle floated up onto the surface of the ocean. Its limbs were like pillars that could hold up the sky, and its figure was an entire 5,000km in size, and it simply seemed like a floating mass of land.


This wasn’t the end of it. After the Nine-headed Ice Lion and Dragon Turtle appeared, a long-armed divine ape that was 300m tall, had dense fur, a savage appearance, and a violent and ferocious aura leaped up from within the ocean, and then it opened its bloody mouth and swallowed everything in its surroundings!

These were obviously three overlords that lived at the bottom of the ocean. All of them possessed monstrous auras and violent Divine Energy, and their strengths were sufficient to compare with top-rate Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods.

Right after the three of them appeared in succession, their gazes and wills locked onto the same direction in unison.

There was a man and a woman standing there, and it was naturally Chen Xi and Tie Yunping.

“Our luck isn’t too bad.” Chen Xi smiled as his gaze swept over.


In an instant, his figure vanished on the spot, and when he appeared once more, he was already standing before those three ferocious beasts.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s dense jet black hair and clothes fluttered, and his starry and dazzling eyes flowed with a piercingly cold and profound divine glow.

When looked at from afar, even though his figure was extremely tiny when compared to those three ferocious beasts, his imposing aura seemed like that of a peerless sovereign that ruled the world.


A sword howl resounded as the Talisman Armament left its sheathe!

The battle rumbled and erupted without any reason!

At practically the exact same time, Tie Yunping who stood in the distance had opened her eyes, and her extremely pretty face was covered in a concentrated and serious expression.

Since Chen Xi started to interfere in the hunt, Tie Yunping had witnessed such a battle on more than one occasion. She could only be reduced to a spectator in these battles, but even then, merely observing these battles had caused her to be shocked to the extreme.

In the past, she was already clearly aware that Chen Xi’s combat strength was extremely formidable, and it was more formidable than an ordinary Domain Enlightened Spirit God. However, Chen Xi’s display all along the way here had overturned her estimations over and over again. Up until now, she didn’t dare predict exactly where Chen Xi’s combat strength lay.

Because on this path towards the depths of Taowu Galaxy, the strength of the ferocious beasts they’d encountered had practically been rising steadily.

However, Chen Xi was always able to heavily injure them in a casual manner and in an extremely short period of time, and he’d never failed!

A wave of sorrowful howls from being on the verge of death resounded from afar. The Dragon Turtle’s head had been slashed, causing blood to flow like a waterfall and taint this expanse of the ocean red.

This scene jolted Tie Yunping awake from her deep thoughts, and she practically instinctively acted. She held the indigo sword in hand as she put an end to the heavily injured and dying Dragon Turtle’s life. Her movements seemed to be skilled and natural, and her cooperation with Chen Xi had arrived at an extremely synchronized state.

All along the way, she’d hunted and killed her prey just like this, and her position on the rankings rose over and over again.

Tie Yunping didn’t feel any sense of guilt from this because she was clearly aware since along time ago that practically all the other participants had adopted such a strategy. Moreover, this didn’t break the rules, and the was the most important.

Since it didn’t break the rules and since others could do it, then why couldn’t she?

It was also at this point that Tie Yunping finally understood that Chen Xi wasn’t exaggerating, nor was he comforting or encouraging her when he agreed to help her ascend into the top 10, and he could really accomplish it!

Even if her current position was far from attaining the top 10, Tie Yunping was extremely confident that they continued on like this, then they would definitely be able to accomplish it.


A wave of miserable and painful howls resounded in the sky. The eight of the Nine-headed Ice Lion’s heads had been severed, and the last remaining head was crying out loudly while the snow white fur on its entire body had been dyed red with blood.

Tie Yunping moved forward once more, and with a rising and descending motion, she reaped its life with a calm expression and skilled movements. Not a single ripple had arisen in her heart.

Even though she’d been constantly playing the role of a spectator, she’d similarly learned a great deal, and her mental state had even obtained successive transformations. She stopped fearing those vicious ferocious beasts, and even if her strength was far inferior to those ferocious beasts, it was impossible for her mental state to be shaken by these ferocious beasts any longer.

In the future, this firm and composed mental state would definitely bring extraordinary benefits to her cultivation in the future.

Tie Yunping understood all of this, and she knew that this was what Chen Xi hoped to see the most.


In the distance, Chen Xi put the Talisman Armament away. His clothes that were utterly untainted by blood fluttered in the wind, and he returned in a carefree manner.

On the other hand, at this moment, the last remaining divine ape was already lying on the ocean while barely breathing, and only a trace of extremely weak vitality remaining within it.

Tie Yunping moved forward once more and annihilated it, and then she started to clean up the battlefield in a skilled manner. She extracted the beast cores and retrieved the divine materials from the ferocious beasts’ corpses.

Chen Xi on the other hand paid attention to the changes in the Dark Parasol Sapling while concentratedly searching for their next target.

Everything seemed to be extremely orderly and systematic, and they didn’t waste an extra trace of time.

This sort of swift and direct style of battle and utterly decisive style of doing things was strongly branded with Chen Xi’s personal style.

At the same time, it was soundlessly affecting Tie Yunping, causing her to unconsciously start to imitate Chen Xi.

As it was said, the Grand Dao silently enters one’s life and the Dao is everywhere. When one stayed by the side of an expert for a long time, even a pig would gain intelligence and become a demon.

The veil of night descended.

On this day, Chen Xi led Tie Yunping to hunt and kill another 13 Spirit God Realm ferocious beasts, and her ranking improved once more to the 45th position.

“A mere eight days are left until the Starhunt Meeting ends. If we continue according to this speed, then we’ll probably be far from able to ascend into the top 10.” Chen Xi gazed at the Hunt Ranking in the sky and pondered deeply before he said, “So, we must make the best us of our time and travel forward. I’ve already roughly determined that the deeper we head into Taowu Galaxy, the greater the number of ferocious beasts we encountered would be. This is extremely beneficial to us.”

“Yes, I’ll follow Senior in everything.” Tie Yunping nodded.

Chen Xi was speechless. This little girl seems to respect me too much.

“Then it’s decided. On the way here, I’d heard others speak of a star in the deepest depths of Taowu Galaxy called Corrupted Spirit Star, and it’s filled with inexhaustible Corrupted Spirits. According to my inference, those participants high above in the rankings have probably already locked their sights onto that place.” Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought as he said, “Moreover, according to my deduction, the Avīci Hellsword is probably hiding on that very star.”

“The Avīci Hellsword?” Tie Yunping was shocked.

“There’s no need to worry. With the Skyruin Sword in Empress Yu Che’s possession, the Avīci Hellsword’s threat towards us has been greatly reduced.” Chen Xi smiled, and then his brows raised as he said, “Right, there’s one more thing that you should mentally prepare yourself for beforehand.”

“What?” Tie Yunping was puzzled.

“Could it be that you’ve forgotten the bet with Xiao Tianlong and Lu Yan?” Chen Xi said, “It isn’t just them. I feel the Dayi Clan will definitely not give up just like that.”

Tie Yunping said with shock, “Senior means that they might ambush us on the path ahead?”

Chen Xi smiled as he patted her on the shoulder. “Of course. After you experience countless battles, you’ll notice that the direction of some events can be determined merely based on intuition alone.”

Early in the morning on the next day, Chen Xi and Tie Yunping left, and they sped up their journey towards the Corrupted Spirit Star.

“Third Young Master, we’ve received reports from the front line. The target has already made an appearance.”

“Where are they predicted to make an appearance?”

“Dark Tenthwater Star!”

“Alright, assemble our forces and rush there to set up an ambush!”

After he heard the report from his subordinate, Yi Tian immediately decided and gave the order.

“Dark Tenthwater Star?”

“Yes. Senior Brother Xuan Ta’zi, do you think….”

“Nevermind, we’ll go there ourselves.”

“Thank you, Senior Brother, for fulling my wish!”

Xiao Ruoruo was pleasantly surprised, and she cupped her hands and bowed to Xuan Ta’zi. As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around to look at Xiao Tianlong and Lu Yan who stood at the side, and her expression had already become proud instead. “Both of you come with me.”

When they found out that Xuan Ta’zi would personally deal with Chen Xun, Xiao Tianlong and Lu Yan were extremely delighted, so they naturally didn’t hesitate to agree.

An undercurrent was brewing in an orderly and intense manner, and all killing intent was silence starting to surge towards Dark Tenthwater Star.

No matter if it was the participating disciples of the Dayi Clan or Xiao Tianlong’s group, they’d all determined from various pieces of information that ‘Chen Xun’ would definitely pass through Dark Tenthwater Star!

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