Chapter 1613 – Corrupted Spirit Star

Deep in the night.

The Hunt Rankings had unfolded once more in the sky, and it was blazing and brilliant. Numerous dazzling names were like resplendent stars that were studded on it.

Xiao Tianlong and Lu Yan rose their heads to stare at the ranking, and then a wisp of a gloomy expression covered the space between their brows.

It was already the 50th day of the Starhunt Meeting, and merely 10 days remained before this unprecedentedly grand event would come to an end.

In other words, only the final leg of the Starhunt meeting remained.

The situation was extremely pressing!

It was also extremely horrifying and intense!

With Xiao Tianlong’s help, Lu Yan’s ranking had already ascended into the top 50 half a month ago, and she was firmly occupying the 42nd position now.

This was originally an accomplishment that could allow both Xiao Tianlong and Lu Yan to feel extremely proud. Yet now, they weren’t able to arouse even a shred of happiness.

All of this was merely because of a single name — Tie Yunping!

Both of them hadn’t imagined this outer court disciple that they hadn’t taken seriously at all would be able to avoid being eliminated from the Starhunt Meeting and ascend to the 49th position on the rankings in one go!

They were utterly unable to accept this!

“How could that utterly stupid and damnable little girl accomplish this!?” Lu Yan felt extremely conflicted in her heart, and her beautiful face seemed to turn gloomy while her voice seemed as if it was squeezed out from the cracks between her teeth.

“It’s definitely because of that kid called Chen Xun!” Xiao Tianlong’s expression was gloomy. “I never expected that kid would really be an expert. No wonder he was so arrogant that day.”

Lu Yan couldn’t help but look at Xiao Tianlong with a worried expression when she heard this, and she said, “Senior Brother Xiao, the agreement between you and that fellow….”

Xiao Tianlong was slightly irritable in his heart, and he waved his hand and interrupted her. “Don’t worry Junior Sister, our current ranking is far superior to that idiot, Tie Yunping!”

Even though he spoke like this, he was rather worried in his heart. Tie Yunping’s rankings had improved too swiftly, and if it continued according to this speed, then it wouldn’t be long before he would be utterly surpassed. At the time, he would definitely suffer a crushing defeat in the bet.

What did a crushing defeat in the bet mean?

It meant that he, Xiao Tianlong, wouldn’t just have to kneel down and apologize, he would even have to cripple his own cultivation!

How could he accept this?

“Senior Brother Xiao, then what should we do next?” Lu Yan was slightly at a loss for what to do. Her restrained and proud bearing from before had crumbled into pieces at this moment.

“Continue hunting! I’ve already contacted my older sister. Xuan Ta’zi and her are hunting in the depths of Taowu Galaxy right now. We’ll hunt as we move to converge with them. At that time, if something unexpected really does occur, then Big Sister will absolutely not watch without lifting a finger.” Xiao Tianlong took a deep breath and gritted his teeth as he spoke.

“That’s for the best. Senior Brother Xiao really considered everything thoroughly.” Lu Yan nodded her head like a chick pecking on rice on the ground, and she seemed as if she’d found her pillar of support.

“I’m just unable to figure out exactly who that Chen Xun is, and where did he come from?” Xiao Tianlong spoke hatefully.

Lu Yan was stunned, and she instantly understood that Xiao Tianlong’s thoughts had been thrown into disorder by this fact that had taken him by surprise.

At the same time, a wisp of seemingly muddy light struggled before it was absorbed and devoured by a verdant chain, and then it vanished without a trace.


At this moment, Chen Xi clearly sensed that the size of the Dark Parasol Sapling within his body had clearly grown taller by three inches. Its trunk was strong like a rock made of the Grand Dao, its leaves were dark green like glistening jade, and they emanated hazy strands of the glow of divinity that seemed like starlight.

It was Divine Energy, and it was pure, thick, and filled with the profundities of the Dao.

The Dark Parasol Sapling was originally just a sapling.

Yet now, after staying deathly silent for so long, this sapling had finally showed signs of being able to transform into a towering tree!

All of this came from the Avīci Corrupted Qi.

It was also at this moment that Chen Xi was finally able to deduce why the Dark Parasol Sapling would rely on Avīci Corrupted Qi as nourishment to grow.

The Avīci Corrupted Qi was the most corrupted, evil, and dark energy in the quintessence of Chaos, and it could be called the Corrupted Qi of the Dao.

On the other hand, the Dark Parasol Sapling was like a medium that utilized the Corrupted Qi of the Dao as its nourishment, and it produced the purest and more primitive Clear Qi of the Dao.

This entire process was like energies of two extremes were being converted within the Dark Parasol Sapling. As it was said, things will develop in the opposite direction after arriving at an extreme.

To put it more simply, when the crops and fruit in the mortal world grew, they needed sunlight and rain. But most importantly, they required fertilized, and the fertilizer was usually extremely dirty!

The transformation of the Dark Parasol Sapling followed this exact principle. The only difference was that the fertilizer had become the Avīci Corrupted Qi, and the grain and fruit that grew from it had become Divine Energy instead.

“We’re getting closer….’ Chen Xi raised his head and gazed towards the distance.

Actually, Chen Xi didn’t know where the deepest depths of Taowu Galaxy lay. All along the way, he’d relied on his senses towards the Avīci Corrupted Qi to move forward.

Just like this very moment, compared to the other stars he’d visited before this, the air in this star carried a trace of Avīci Corrupted Qi. Especially during the night, the amount of Avīci Corrupted Qi would undoubtedly increase greatly.

If it was any other ordinary cultivator here, that cultivator would probably be unable to resist the assault of such corrupted qi, causing that cultivators Dao Heart to be corroded before the cultivator suffered qi deviation.

However, all of this was obviously unable to pose any difficulty to Chen Xi.

Because his Dao Heart was firm, and most importantly, he possessed the Dark Parasol Sapling!

Not only did the number of ferocious beasts increase steadily as they approached the depths of Taowu Galaxy, even the strengths of those ferocious beasts grew stronger and stronger.

Even if they were merely comparable to Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods, their combat strengths rose steady, and the strength of some ferocious beasts could already compare with top-rate Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods.

Some participants were aware that they were powerless to go against these ferocious beasts, so they resolutely chose to stay in the stars in the outer circle of Taowu Galaxy. Even though there were few ferocious beasts here, but they could still find some, and they just had to spend a little bit more time.

On the other hand, practically all the participants in the top 100 like Su Wan’er, Xiao Ruoruo, and Yi Tian had chosen to go deeper without end.

Because in their opinion, this didn’t just represent that they would be able to encounter even more prey, it was even a rare form of tempering for themselves.

However, there was also a problem with acting in this way, and that was that it was too dangerous!

A slightest moment of carelessness might cause one to be eliminated from the Starhunt Meeting!

“Senior Brother Guan, the Avīci Corrupted Qi here is too strong. Why don’t we slow down for a while?” On a star that was densely covered in black clouds and flowed with strands of grey haze, Su Wan’er gasped for breath while her exquisite face was covered in a wisp of exhaustion that was impossible to conceal.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Wind that was piercingly cold like blades raged through the surroundings, and the grey haze surged. It was like Fiendgods were howling in the gaze, and it was an extremely ghastly and terrifying scene.

“That won’t do. If you want to seize the first, then we have to arrive at Corrupted Spirit Star as soon as possible. All those years ago when I participated in the last Starhunt Meeting, Senior Zhu Xuan had led me to Corrupted Spirit Star in order to seize the first in that Starhunt Meeting.” At this moment, Guan Hongyu that was usually warm and refined had a stern expression on his face, and his eyes flowed with terrifying divine light.

“Corrupted Spirit Star?” Su Wan’er was stunned.

“Exactly. That star is filled with numerous Corrupted Spirits. According to rumor, they were formed from the souls of gods that had fallen to evil, and there’s no end to them. So long as we arrive there, then we’ll be able to annihilate the highest amount of prey in a short period of time.” Guan Hongyu explained.

“Then… is it dangerous?” Su Wan’er continued.

Guan Hongyu went silent for a moment before he said, “Don’t worry, nothing will happen with me by your side.”

Su Wan’er’s pupils constricted because she’d perceived the meaning behind his words, and she was clearly aware that even Guan Hongyu was fearful of that place.

“However, I never expected that the Avīci Hellsword would actually make an appearance during the Starhunt Meeting this time. This is something that has never occurred in the Starhunt Meetings of the past. Moreover, I faintly have the feeling that it’s very likely for the Avīci Hellsword to be hiding on Corrupted Spirit Star.” Guan Hongyu frowned as he said, “However, with the Empress present with the Skyruin Sword in hand, we don’t have to worry about the threat the Avīci Hellsword poses.”

Su Wan’er was stunned once more. She suddenly felt that so long as Guan Hongyu mentioned the Corrupted Spirit Star, then his emotions would become slightly disturbed, and he even became long-winded.

“Let’s go. No matter what, we absolutely can’t just allow someone else to seize the 1st position.” Guan Hongyu seemed to have realized his loss of composure, and he laughed lightheartedly as he spoke.

“Ok.” Su Wan’er nodded.

“Corrupted Spirit Star?” Xiao Ruoruo’s brows knit together tightly as she said, “Do we have to?”

“If you want to fight for the 1st, then we have to.” Xiao Ta’zi who wore a Daoist Robe and had a cold expression nodded.

“Alright. However, let’s wait for my younger brother’s group to arrive first. He made a bet with that Chen Xun, and I’m worried….” Xiao Ruoruo hesitated to continue speaking.

Xuan Ta’zi frowned, and then he nodded calmly and said, “Alright. We’ll only wait for three days, and we have to set out after that.”

Xiao Ruoruo naturally agreed without the slightest hesitation.

“Second Brother, let’s not rush to Corrupted Spirit Star yet. According to the descriptions provided by Yi Kun and the others, I feel that Chen Xun is the person we’re looking for!” On another star, Yi Tian spoke with excitement.

“Oh? That really is something we can wait for.” Yu Xun slowly withdrew a handkerchief before lightly wiping the blade in his hand. The bright, narrow, and long blade in his hand was suffused with an illusory and ethereal glow.

This Divine Artifact was called Divine Suncrow Blade, and it was branded with three strands of the souls of Suncrows. It was a sixth-grade Divine Grade passed down by the ancestors of the Dayi Clan, and it was a top-rate existence amongst mid-rank Divine Artifacts. Its might was murderous and ferocious.

In terms of offensive ability, even some Natural Spirit Treasures were unable to compare to it.

“Second Brother, you… actually agreed?” Yi Tian was stunned as he hadn’t expected that Yi Xun would agree so readily.

“If we don’t deal with him, then you’ll probably be unable to fully concentrate on taking action on Corrupted Spirit Star.” Yi Xun glanced at Yi Tian and spoke indifferently.

Yi Tian smiled embarrassedly, and then he said resentfully, “That kid is truly detestable. Second Brother, you don’t know that if I didn’t utilize the life-saving treasure Ancestor had given me, then I would have almost been unable to return from the Last Days Domain!”

He paused for a moment and continued. “Even if this Chen Xun isn’t that kid, he actually dared to successively eliminate two Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods from our Dayi Clan. This is simply like a slap to our Dayi Clan’s face!”

Yi Xun’s narrow and long eyes narrowed, and a cold glow that was sharp like a blade flowed within them. “There’s no need to speak any further, I already understand.”

His voice suddenly carried a wisp of bone chilling killing intent.

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