Chapter 1612 – Rising To Fame

On a boundless plain beneath the clear blue sky, a troop of Gold Scaled Horses that were enormous like mountains, had golden manes, and hooves that were like iron pillar were dashing madly. Their hooves resounded like thunder that shook through the heavens and the earth.

Gold Scaled Horses were a type of primeval variant beast, and they were also called Dragon horses. They dashed like the wind and were capable of moving through space and dashing in the starry sky. They had violent dispositions, and they lived of absorbing the souls of others. 

There were over 100 of them in this troop of Gold Scaled Horses, and they were led by the Gold Scaled Horse King in the front of the troop. They dashed through the plains and whistled through the wind with a vast impetus. All the participants that encountered this troop of Gold Scaled Horses all along the way had dodged them, and they didn’t dare bear the brunt of this troop of horses.

This troop of ferocious beasts seemed to only be comparable to the World Enlightened True God Realm in cultivation, but the Gold Scale Horse King in the lead was extremely terrifying.

Not only had this beast’s strength attained the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, it could be considered as a first-rate expert in this cultivation realm. In the past few days, numerous participants had targeted it, but all of them returned in failure in the end, and it was even to the extent that some miserable fellows were eliminated from the Starhunt Meeting. Not a single one of them succeeded.

This obviously showed exactly how extraordinary the Gold Scaled Horse King was, and it was far from something an ordinary ferocious beast at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm could compare to.

Suddenly, a swish resounded as a strand of brilliant sword qi descended from the sky. It was over 30km in length and surged with Sword Insight. It was like an ocean was sweeping over, and it blocked the path of the troop of Gold Scaled Horses.

At practically the exact same moment, a tall figure arrived along with this sword qi.

The troop of horses instantly fell into disorder. The Gold Scaled Horse King in the lead suddenly let out a long neigh, and then it didn’t stop at all before it shattered space with its hooves and emanated rumbling as it charged fiercely towards that figure.

In the last few days, he’d relied on such a violent and barbaric method to eliminate at least 20 plus Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods. This time, it was similarly confident that it would be sufficient to eliminate this lowly fellow.

The only thing that annoyed it was that every time it succeeded; it would be unable to swallow those fellow’s souls. This caused it to be unable to help but surge with rage as it attacked, and even its attacks grew even more terrifying because of this.

“My god! Another fellow is actually courting death and intends to hunt that violent animal!”

“Looks like another group leader is about to be eliminated today….”

Some participants that were extremely far away in the distance had acutely noticed this scene, and all of them couldn’t help but open their eyes wide while they felt either surprise or took pleasure in this figure’s impending misfortune.


However, right at this moment, a wisp of cold light appeared abruptly in their fields of vision. It was dazzling and resplendent, and it pierced their eyes to the point it hurt.

But in merely an instant, this wisp of cold light vanished.

After that, all of them noticed that tall figure was still standing on the spot, whereas, the Gold Scaled Horse King had already charged past him.

It was neighing furiously and dashing madly.

Could it be that this fellow avoided the attack?

All of this were bewildered. However, right at this moment, their pupils suddenly constricted while their expressions froze.

They watched to their shock as the Gold Scaled Horse King’s hooves fell off while fresh blood sprayed from them, and it fell to the ground with a thump and forcefully smashed open a huge hole in the ground.


It let out an extremely miserable neigh of pain, yet it was unable to struggle and get up.


Right at this moment, a pretty figure appeared, and a sword descended. It penetrated through the Gold Scaled Horse King’s head with a single strike, causing a bloody hole to appear as it perished on the spot.

Swish! Swish!

Blood still sprayed violently from the Gold Scaled Horse King’s corpse, and it dyed the sky red. When the other Gold Scaled Horses witnessed this scene, they fell into great chaos, and they let out neighs of sorrow as they fled towards the surroundings.

All the spectators in the distance were dumbstruck, and they still felt disbelief.

With a single strike of the sword, he actually slashed off the Gold Scaled Horse King’s hooves, causing it to completely lose its ability to do combat!?

Besides Guan Hongyu, Xuan Ta’zi, Yi Xun, and a few other existences, could anyone else amongst all the participating group leaders be able to accomplish this?

Who’s this fellow?

Could it be that he’s a genius figure from one of the top powers?

All of them couldn’t help but look over carefully, yet they saw that tall figure leaving swiftly along with the young woman, and they vanished in the boundless heavens and the earth.

All of them instantly exploded into an uproar when they saw this, and they started discussing animatedly.

“Who exactly is that fellow? What a terrifying cultivation in the Sword Dao.”

“I’ve never seen nor head of him. However, I seem to recognize that young woman by his side. During the registration period, her information indicated she’s from the Violethell Divine Sect and called Tie Yunping.”

“The Violethell Divine Sect? Tie Yunping? Who’s he?”

“Investigate! Quickly investigate! Such a figure is actually keeping such a low profile! If we enter into conflict with them, then the consequences would be unimaginable!”

From this day onwards, incidents like this had occurred practically every single day.

Chen Xi led Tie Yunping along as he carried out a slaughter. They ceaselessly approached the depths of Taowu Galaxy, and on every single star that they passed, so long as it was a ferocious beast that Chen Xi had targeted, then it would definitely be heavily injured in the end before Tie Yunping would reap its life.

The two of them advanced just like this. One was in-charge of heavily injuring the ferocious beasts while the other was in-charge striking the final blow. Their efficiency was so high, and their speed was so swift that they simply seemed like a tornado. Everywhere they passed, they could be said to sweep through all obstacles like sweeping dry leaves away.

On the other hand, all the participants that were fortunate enough to witness these scenes couldn’t help but feel astounded in their hearts. They were shocked by Chen Xi straightforward and peerlessly fierce methods in combat.

On the other hand, the discussions related to Chen Xi and Tie Yunping had already become a brilliant scene that had never died down, and it grew more and more intense instead.

In the end, under the investigation of some determined people, those participants were finally aware that the young man by the side of the Violethell Divine Sect’s Tie Yunping was called Chen Xun, and he was a practically unknown name to them.

Yet now, the owner of this name had received the attention of all the cultivators in Snow Ink Region that were watching the Starhunt Meeting. He’d started to reveal his edge and appear in everyone’s fields of visions, and the storm it caused was even spreading without end….

It wasn’t just the hunting area, the attention of all the great figures in the starry sky had started to be drawn by Tie Yunping’s name.

Because in this short period of a few days, the ranking of this female disciple from Violethell Divine Sect had been improving at an unbelievable speed, and it was extremely striking.

For example, at this moment, she was already occupying the 49th position!

However, five days ago, she was merely at the 100th position. It seemed to only be an improvement of around 50 positions, but all the great figures were clearly aware of how unbelievable it was to be able to attain such results during the last period of the Starhunt Meeting. It could even be considered as a miracle!

“Amazing! Truly amazing! In just a short period of five days, she has killed 83 Spirit God Realm ferocious beasts on average every single day. Moreover, her position improves around 10 ranks on average every single day as well. This is simply inconceivable!” Many great figures expressed their surprise and exclaimed endlessly with admiration.

“Everyone, do all of you remember? It was precisely this young woman that the Empress had praised five days ago. Yet now it would seem like her group leader has obviously started to interfere in the hunt as well.” There were some great figures that displayed displeasure as well.

As soon as these words were spoken, it didn’t cause much surprise. Because any person with some sense would be able to realize that such accomplishments were extremely unusual, and it was utterly impossible for that Tie Yunping to accomplish it on her own.

But no matter what, this didn’t break the rules. Otherwise, those participants at the top 10 would have been forcefully eliminated at the very beginning for breaking the rules.

“What I’m truly curious about is exactly who’s that group leader by her side? Why didn’t he make a move when the Starhunt Meeting began? If he acted in this way since the beginning, then this Tie Yunping would probably have a place in the current top 10 positions.” The Jadesky Divine Sect’s Grand Elder, Mo Zhan, seemed to be lost in thought, and he shot his gaze towards the elder from the Violethell Divine Sect, Wang Lu.

This was precisely what the others were wondering about as well. So, since Mo Zhan had asked the question, they shot their gazes at Wang Lu as well.

This was already the second time Wang Lu had received such treatment, yet he felt extremely bitter in his heart, and it was even to the extent that he was speechless and didn’t know how to explain.

Because after he found out that Tie Yunping had ascended to the top 100 a few days ago, he’d instructed some disciples to investigate about Tie Yunping, but the information he received caused him to be astounded.

She was actually an outer court disciple from Violethell Divine Sect, and she’d even just obtained the qualifications to enter the outer court.

Moreover, Wang Lu was especially speechless because no one knew exactly who that group leader by Tie Yunping’s side was.

So, how should he explain all of this to all the great figures in the surroundings?

Even if he spoke of it, those great figures would probably not believe him at all. After all, who could have imagined that a female disciple with mediocre natural talent who had just entered the Violethell Divine Sect’s outer court would actually make such an outstanding display during the Starhunt Meeting?

It was even to the extent that when Wang Lu himself found out about the truth, he felt it was unreal and difficult to believe as well.

“Fellow Daoist Wang Lu, your Violethell Divine Sect really concealed all of this well. All of us actually didn’t hear anything about such an extraordinary disciple that your sect fostered. Now that it’s already exposed, then why continue trying to cover it up?” The Dayi Clan’s Yi Wen spoke slowly, and he was slightly displeased with Wang Lu’s hesitance to speak.

The other great figures chimed in successively as well, causing the pressure Wang Lu faced to instantly multiple, and he felt slightly terrified.

In the end, he caved to the pressure, and he could only grit his teeth and tell then about everything. As for whether they believed him or not, he couldn’t be bothered about it any longer.

As soon as he finished speaking, the surroundings were deathly silent. With the mental state of all these great figures, they couldn’t help but be stunned, and their expressions were extremely colorful.

A female disciple that jus entered the Violethell Divine Sect’s outer court? And her group leader is even an unknown young man?

Who the fuck would believe this!?

In an instant, all of their gazes towards Wang Lu had changed, and their eyes carried a trace of anger. They felt that this fellow was intentionally making an excuse to deceive them. They felt that even if he didn’t want to tell them the truth, but he shouldn’t have come up with such a shoddy excuse!

“Everyone, I swear, everything I said is true!” Wang Lu almost started crying from this injustice, and he patted his chest and swore with a stiff expression.

“In my opinion, the problem is obviously that young man, Chen Xun.” Elder Miao Ya from Spirit Truth Daoist Temple spoke in a low voice.

All of the others pondered briefly before they came to an understanding, and their thoughts instantly moved to this ‘Chen Xun’.

“Go investigate that young man.”

“Quickly! I want to know who exactly this young man is as soon as possible!”

For a time, all the great figures sent out voice transmissions to order their own attendants and disciples to investigate all of this.

It was also this very day that Chen Xi’s name started to enter the eyes of these great figures from Snow Ink Region. Unfortunately, Chen Xun was merely an alias Chen Xi was using….

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