Chapter 1611 – Decision

Along with the passage of time, the competition in the Starhunt Meeting grew even more intense while the gap between participants ceaselessly enlarged or shrunk down. It changed indeterminately.

However, since the Starhunt Meeting began, the participants at the top 50 had rarely changed at all, and it was very rare for new faces to appear there.

Especially those participants ranked in the top 10. There was a varying degree of distance between each rank, yet there hadn’t been any material changes in the rankings.

For example, the top three were still Su Wan’er, Xiao Ruoruo, and Yi Tian. However, their accomplishments were ceaselessly improving, and they were ceaselessly increasing the gap between them and the participants behind them. So, if one desired to surpass any one of them within a month of time, then it was practically impossible.

“At this point of the Starhunt Meeting, an entire month has already passed, and the top three participants are leading far ahead. It seems like the final top three would definitely be the three of them.” In the starry sky, the Jadesky Divine Sect’s Grand Elder, Mo Zhan, combed his beard, and this opinion of his practically obtained the unanimous agreement of all the other great figures.

At this point of the hunt, merely Yi Tian who was ranked at the 3rd position had already killed more than three times more Spirit God Realm ferocious beasts than the participant in the fourth had. Such a gap seemed impossible to close or even surpass in a month of time.

Presently, these great figures were most concerned about exactly who amongst Su Wan’er, Xiao Ruoruo, and Yi Tian would obtain the 1st position in the end.

“Hmph! Actually, in my opinion, instead of saying that the Starhunt Meeting this time is a competition between the participants, it’s better to say that it’s a competition between their respective group leaders.” Suddenly, an elder from the Kingway Sword Sect grunted coldly, and his voice carried a trace of displeasure. “Anyone with discerning eye can perceive that Su Wan’er, Xiao Ruoruo, and Yi Tian would definitely be unable to attain such achievements by relying solely on their own respective combat strength.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of all the other great figures changed subtly.

On the other hand, Jadesky Divine Sect’s Mo Zhan, Spirit Truth Daoist Temple’s Miao Ya, and the Dayi Clan’s Yi Wen’s expressions had become slightly cold instead.

They were naturally able to discern the meaning behind these words. Obviously, he was saying that Su Wan’er, Xiao Ruoruo, and Yi Tian had achieved such accomplishments because they had the assistance of geniuses in the younger generation like Guan Hongyu, Xuan Ta’zi, and Yi Xun.

Even though this was the truth, being exposed in front of everyone still caused them to feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Heh, you can’t say that. Amongst all the participants in the Starhunt Meeting this time, has any one of them not relief on the help of their group leader?” Mo Zhan chuckled and said, “These are the established practices. If the Kingway Sword Sect isn’t pleased with this, then you could have dispatched a capable group leader for the disciples of your sect, right?”

The elder from the Kingway Sword Sect said with displeasure when he heard this, “I’m just describing a fact. I don’t believe that the accomplishments of all the participants are from the contribution of their group leaders!”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone couldn’t help but smile and shake their heads. This old fellow is really taking things too seriously. He’s obviously exasperated because the disciples of his own sect were unable to ascend into the top three.

“Elder Li Song is right. There’s indeed someone that has ascended into the top 100 without relying on the group leader’s strength.” Right at this moment, Empress Yu Che that had maintained silence all along spoke abruptly, and it caused all the great figures to be shocked. After that, they didn’t dare believe their ears.

Someone actually killed his or her way into the top 100 without relying on the combat strength of the group leader?

Someone couldn’t refrain himself from asking. “May I ask Empress who that disciple is?”

“That young lady that just ascended into the top 100.” Empress Yu Che spoke casually, and then she shot her gaze that was cool like autumn water towards the depths of Taowu Galaxy. The veil of night was about to descend, and the collision between the Skyruin Sword and Avīci Hellsword would occur once more.

Unfortunately, up until now, she still wasn’t able to see any hope of being able to subdue the Avīci Hellsword.

“Tie Yunping?”

“It’s actually a young lady that’s not well known.”

“Fellow Daoist Wang Lu, this young lady seems to be from your Violethell Divine Sect? Amazing! It’s obvious that this young lady’s natural talent is definitely extraordinary since she was able to obtain praise from the Empress herself.”

“Yes, Fellow Daoist Wang Lu, your Violethell Divine Sect’s performance is really dazzling this time. You actually possess two disciples that are ranked in the top 100. It’s truly a cause for congratulations.”

After all the great figures determined Tie Yunping’s origins, they shot their gazes towards a grey haired old man in an embroidered robe.

He was an elder from the Violethell Divine Sect, and he was called Wang Lu. Compared to the other great figures in the surroundings, his status was obviously slightly inferior. However, at this moment, he’d become the center of attention instead.

Those gazes carried surprise, envy, and doubt. After all, the Violethell Divine Sect was only a first-rate power in the 3,000 universes within Snow Ink Region, and there were at least over 100 similar powers within the entire Snow Ink Region. Moreover, this didn’t include those top powers.

Yet now, it was precisely a power like this who had two disciples ascend into the top 100 of the Starhunt Meeting, so it naturally caused the others to feel slightly surprised.

After all, even top powers in the Snow Ink Region like the Dayi Clan, Jadesky Divine Sect, Spirit Truth Daoist Temple, and Kingway Sword Sect only had two or three disciples in the top 100.

Wang Lu himself was extremely surprised as well. Tie Yunping? Why do I have no knowledge about such a disciple in the sect?

He wasn’t aware that Tie Yunping was only an outer court disciple now. His status was lofty in Violethell Divine Sect, so how could he possibly remember the name of an outer court disciple?

However, even though he thought like this in his heart, Wang Lu smiled modestly and said, “Fellow Daoists, you’re too kind. It was just luck, just luck.”

At the same time, he decided in his heart that he would investigate properly after he returned to the sect and find out exactly whose disciple this Tie Yunping was. Moreover, if she wasn’t anyone’s disciple, then he’d decided that he would definitely take her as his own disciple!

Regretfully, no matter if it was those great figures or Wang Lu, all of them were unaware that it was all thanks to another person’s contributions that Tie Yunping was able to attain such accomplishments.

The great figures discussed animatedly in the starry sky, whereas, the cultivators on the various stars that were constantly paying attention to the Starhunt Meeting were in heated discussions about every single participant on the rankings as well. 

Without any doubt, Su Wan’er, Xiao Ruoruo, and Yi Tian had already become the publicly acknowledged hottest candidates to take the crown.

Compared to them, the level of attention Tie Yunping received was extremely inferior.

The veil of night was black as ink.

The collision between the Avīci Hellsword and Skyruin Sword played out once more in the night sky. This was already the 30th time this had occurred in this month, and everyone had become bored of it. 

Because they were clearly aware of the final outcome of the battle. The Avīci Hellsword would definitely be defeated and returned to a dormant state once more.

Only Chen Xi had obtained a great deal of benefits from these collisions.

As expected, the closer I get to the depths of Taowu Galaxy, not only will the Spirit God Realm ferocious beasts we can hunt increase in number, I’ll be able to capture even more of this Corrupted Avīci Qi for the Dark Parasol Sapling to complete its transformation. Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought under the veil of night.

During this period of time, he’d found out from the other participants that the existence that fought the Skyruin Sword every single night was the number one ferocious weapon from within the Chaos of Snow Ink Region, the Avīci Hellsword.

Obviously, Empress Yu Che had held the Starhunt Meeting this time in order to subdue the Avīci Hellsword.

Chen Xi didn’t have any improper desires towards the Avīci Hellsword, but he was extremely interested in the Corrupted Avīci Qi emanated by the Avīci Hellsword.

Because the critical factor for the Dark Parasol Sapling to complete its transformation was entirely induced by the Corrupted Avīci Qi.

In other words, the Corrupted Avīci Qi was entirely nutrients and fertilizers that could allow the Dark Parasol Sapling to undergo a transformation.

For example, during this period of time, since Chen Xi had found out about all of this, he’d taken action every single night, and he’d seized every single opportunity to search for the sword qi from the Avīci Hellsword that the Skyruin Sword shattered, and he provided it to the Dark Parasol Sapling to absorb and transform.

Up until now, the Dark Parasol Sapling had already undergone an obvious change. It was completely lustrous and transparent like jade, its branches and leaves were extremely verdant, and strands of the glow of divinity drifted out from it as it swayed.

Especially the branches and leaves, strands of extremely light divine markings had appeared on them, and it was divine and mysterious.

The benefits from such a transformation was that the speed the Dark Parasol Sapling provided Divine Energy to Chen Xi had attained an obvious increase. Moreover, the volume of Divine Energy had become much more abundant as well.

Even though it was unable to compare to Divine Crystals, it was a sufficiently shocking transformation when compared to the past.

Most importantly, this was merely the initial transformation of the Dark Parasol Sapling. This caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but feel anticipation about what sort of shocking effects the Dark Parasol Sapling would possess after it truly transformed successfully!

The Starhunt Meeting continued.

In the next period of time, Chen Xi led Tie Yunping along to ceaseless hunt ferocious beasts, and they constantly moved deeper into Taowu Galaxy.

During this entire process, there were countless participants that had been eliminated, and it was even to the extent that at the 45th day of the Starhunt Meeting, there were already less than 500 participants that were still persisting in their hunt.

In other words, up until now, there were already a few thousands of participants that had been eliminated!

This numbers seemed to be small, yet it represented numerous disciples that came from the various large powers within the 3,000 universes in Snow Ink Region. Now, they’d been eliminated before the Starhunt Meeting had ended, and this obviously showed how intense it was.

Something worthy of mentioning was that during this entire period of time, Tie Yunping’s ranking had been constantly maintained at the 100th position. Even though she hadn’t moved a step forward, yet she hadn’t been surpassed as well, and she made a firm display.

Only another 15 days remain, but the Dark Parasol Sapling still has quite a distance to go before it’ll be able to transform completely. If it continues according to this speed, then the Dark Parasol Sapling would be unable to successfully complete its transformation even when the Starhunt Meeting ends. On this day, Chen Xi fell into deep thought at night.

“From tomorrow onwards, I’ll help you deal with the ferocious beasts, and you’ll be in-charge of killing them.” In the end, he made this decision and told Tie Yunping about it.

Only in this way would he be able to help Tie Yunping ascend into the top 10 while speeding up their advance, so that he could approach the deepest depths of Taowu Galaxy and fight for a fortuitous encounter for the Dark Parasol Sapling to complete its transformation.

Tie Yunping was obviously shocked. She’d never expected that Chen Xi would actually make such a decision. After all, Chen Xi had never helped her deal with the ferocious beasts in the past.

But in the end, she’d agreed without the slightest hesitation. Because she trusted Chen Xi, and that was enough.

At practically the exact same moment in the starry sky, Empress Yu Che suddenly frowned and said, “Yun Qing, only 15 days remain. It looks like we have to make the best use of our time….”

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