Chapter 1610 – Ascending Onto The Rankings

A rain of blood sprayed through the surroundings and poured onto the ground.

The corpses of the three Bluedevil Divine Fish fell to the ground, and they’d perished on the spot.

This scene had occurred too quickly, quickly to the point that it caught everyone from the Dayi Clan off guard, and they couldn’t help but be slightly stunned.

The surroundings were deathly silent.

An extremely perfect trap and kill operation had failed on the verge of success at the critical moment at the end. This caused Yi Kun’s expression to instantly warp and become extremely hideous.

His eyes were scarlet red as he stared fixedly towards the distance, and he gritted his teeth and said, “It’s that kid!”

Everyone looked over and noticed to their shock that a tall and graceful figure was standing in the shadow of an enormous rock in the distance.

It really is him!

All the disciples of the Dayi Clan had extremely livid expressions because they’d already realized that this fellow was taking revenge!

Chen Xi simply showed himself with Tie Yunping when he noticed this, and he revealed a wisp of a brilliant smile on the corners of his mouth as he waved at them. After that, he turned around and left swiftly.

Yi Kun was extremely disgruntled and furious, and he roared in a grim voice. “Chase them! Kill that bastard!”

The Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods flashed out and pursued at full speed. However, the person that was the fastest had suddenly stopped briefly because he saw Chen Xi suddenly turn around with a trace of a ridiculing arc on the corners of his mouth.


A wisp of sword qi slashed over.

That person’s reaction couldn’t be said to be slow, and he didn’t hesitate at all to withdraw a Divine Artifact to forcefully blast this wisp of sword qi into pieces. However, unexpectedly, a trace of unusual fluctuation arose above him at this moment, and then a thought suddenly flashed in his heart. Shit!


A wisp of an extremely mysterious and invisible sword qi appeared out of thin air and slashed down fiercely.


Blood sprayed as a severed arm flew into the air, and then a wave of spatial fluctuation arose. The Divine Slip in this person’s possession had exploded into pieces on its own, and he was forcefully taken away and eliminated!

In an instant, a Domain Enlightened Spirit God had been completely defeated.

When the other Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods witnessed this scene, it shocked them to the point they hurriedly dodged to the side, whereas, Chen Xi had already unhurriedly teleported away with Tie Yunping.

Yi Kun was both disgruntled and terrified. Never had he imagined that a fellow of unknown origins would actually dare to go against his Dayi Clan like this! Up until this point, the Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods from their side had already been lost at that fellow’s hands!

Who exactly is he?

Why does he dare to go against our Dayi Clan in such an unbridled manner? Could it be that he isn’t afraid that our Dayi Clan will get even with him after the Starhunt Meeting?

It wasn’t just Yi Kun, the expressions of all the other disciples from the Dayi Clan changed indeterminately, and they were extremely shocked and furious.

The thing that was most difficult for them to accept was that after suffering such offence, they were actually still unaware of that person’s identity and origins.

This was simply like suddenly being slapped by a person on the streets, and it caught them off guard and made them feel extremely humiliated.

“There’s no doubt that fellow’s strength is extremely formidable, and that Sword Dao of his isn’t something we can compare to. Perhaps only Young Master Yi Xun can deal with him.” One of the Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods took a deep breath and forcefully suppressed the rage in his heart as he spoke slowly.

This opinion obtained the acknowledgement of many others. That strand of sword qi from before had actually forced all of them who were Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods to dodge, and this wasn’t something that just anyone could accomplish.

Coupled with the fact that fellow had successively eliminated two Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods on their side in an instant. It caused them to have no choice but to admit that they were unable to deal with that fellow by themselves.

“Could it be that we should just let it go?” Yi Kun was extremely agitated, and he strode up and down in the sky. He should have been the one to kill those three Bluedevil Divine Fish, yet he’d lost all of them, and he was truly unable to swallow this grievance.

One of the group leaders at the side persuaded. “Young Master, it’s only a hunt. We have numerous ways to deal with him after the Starhunt Meeting ends!”

“I’m unwilling to accept this!!” Yi Kun soared into the sky and howled.

When he saw Yi Kun suddenly soar into the sky, that group leader that spoke earlier couldn’t help but speak hastily. “Young Master, it’s better to be a bit more careful. That kid is extremely ruthless and cunning. Perhaps he might turn around and attack again.”

“Hmph! He dares to turn around and attack again instead of making the best use of his time to flee?” Yi Kun laughed coldly. His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when a strand of sword qi suddenly appeared out of thin air, and it slashed down ferociously with a swish.

In an instant, Yi Kun’s expression changed, and he was terrified to the point of letting out a shrill howl as he directly crashed down from midair like a sandbag.


All the others were shocked in their hearts, and they hurriedly lent a hand. However, to their surprise, as soon as that wisp of sword qi appeared, it exploded with a bang and transformed into a row of words — it’s impolite to not reciprocate, and then it vanished right after that.

When they saw this scene, all of their expressions instantly became extremely colorful. That damnable bastard! He actually made a fool out of us like that! He’s simply utterly detestable!


Yi Kun fell face first to the ground, causing dust and dirt to cover his face, and he’d almost fainted from rage. He gritted his teeth and roared. “I’ll fucking kill you, I definitely will!!”

The Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods hurriedly dashed over and said, “Young Master, be careful. That kid is still nearby!”

Yi Kun’s face froze, and he was instantly terrified to the point of shutting his mouth, and he felt aggrieved to the point his face twisted and turned livid while his entire body trembled.

As he gazed at this unfavorable scene where everyone was in a state of anxiety, one of the Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods couldn’t help but sigh. “Alas! This fellow obviously intends to go against us until the end. If we continue staying here, then it would only become more and more disadvantageous to us. Instead of facing such a situation, why don’t we set out immediately and converge with Second Young Master’s group?”

“They truly are a group of cowards. They actually fled….” Extremely far in the distance, Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head as he watched them transform into streaks that charged into the sky and vanished.

“Senior, that was truly satisfying.” Tie Yunping smiled lightly at the side while her eyes that were clear like gems were filled with happiness.

“Actually, if it wasn’t for me, they would probably have not offended you.” Chen Xi smiled while he was thinking about something else instead.

Tie Yunping was stunned. “Why?”

“Because I’ve killed numerous people from the Dayi Clan in the past. However, they’re not clearly aware of my identity. In my opinion, instead of considering their actions from before as taking advantage of the situation for their own gain, they could be said to be probing my identity.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently, and his deep and black eyes surged with a piercingly cold glow.

There were no coincidences in the world, and there definitely were all sorts of faint connections between all coincidences. The actions of those disciples from the Dayi Clan caused Chen Xi to suddenly realize that perhaps Yi Tian had already started to suspect his identity. 

Tie Yunping was shocked, and she felt slight disbelief. The Dayi Clan was a renowned top-rate power in the Snow Ink Region that possessed monstrous authority, and its forces covered numerous universes.

However, Chen Xi said that he’d killed numerous disciples of the Dayi Clan in the past. This was undoubtedly no different than completely offending the Dayi Clan. So, how could she not be shocked?

“Senior, why… why did you tell me all of this?” Tie Yunping couldn’t help but ask this question.

“I just want you to prepare yourself. You might be regarded as an enemy by many people during the Starhunt Meeting because of me.” Chen Xi looked directly at Tie Yunping. “If you regret….”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Tie Yunping. She said with a firm expression, “Senior, I’ve never regretted all of this. If it wasn’t for you, I would definitely be unable to attain my current accomplishments.”

Chen Xi said, “But you have to be clearly aware that once the Starhunt Meeting ends this time, it’s very likely that you won’t have a chance to return to the Violethell Divine Sect to cultivate.”

Tie Yunping raised her pretty little face and said with a smile, “I’ve wanted to leave that place since a long time ago.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile, and he sighed briefly with emotion in his heart. He was very clearly aware that even though Tie Yunping had spoke in such a casual manner, it was actually a decision of vital important to anyone. Yet she hadn’t hesitated to make her decision, and this caused Chen Xi to instantly decide that he would help this young woman obtain a dazzling position in the rankings no matter what!

In the next few days, Chen Xi led Tie Yunping along to roam through this star. They hunted in the day and cultivated in meditation at night, and no further incidents occurred.

Amidst these bloody and substantial hunts, Tie Yunping didn’t disappoint Chen Xi, and she was already able to go against and annihilate a ferocious beast comparable to the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm by herself.

However, comparatively speaking, the strengths of those ferocious beasts weren’t that formidable, and at the very most, they’d barely attained the standards of an ordinary Domain Enlightened Spirit God.

This couldn’t be helped. The time they had was too short in the end, and Tie Yunping’s natural talent was limited. So, being able to transform to such an extent and being capable of surmounting a realm to annihilate Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods could already be considered to be a supreme fortune. 

In the past, she wouldn’t even dare imagine that she would actually be able to accomplish this one day.

Finally, after the Starhunt Meeting had been carried out for a month, Tie Yunping’s position had finally ascended into the top 100 of the Hunt Rankings!

100th position, Violethell Jade Sect’s Tie Yunping, 9 Spirit God Cores and 290 True God Beast Cores.

That was Tie Yunping’s results, and it could be considered to be dazzling in the Starhunt Meeting this time.

After all, the Starhunt Meeting this time had converged the best disciples in the younger generation within the 3,000 universes of Snow Ink Region, and it was an extremely enormous amount. On the other hand, Tie Yunping was able to ascend step by step to the 100th position within a month of time while relying on her own hard work. She could already be proud of herself.

It was even to the extent that when she saw her ranking, even she herself felt slight disbelief. Her expression was covered in both pleasant surprise and bewilderment, and besides gratitude, her gaze towards Chen Xi even carried boundless respect.

She was very clearly aware that even though she’d accomplish this by herself, she would definitely be unable to attain her current accomplishments without Chen Xi standing on guard and guiding her from the side.

However, as far as Chen Xi was concerned, the gap between Tie Yunping’s current ranking and the top 10 was truly too huge, and it was even to the extent that they couldn’t be compared at all.

For example, the participant at the 10th position was a disciple from the Kingway Sword Sect, and he was called Shi Jian. His current results were 73 ferocious beasts comparable to the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm and 1,200 ferocious beasts comparable to the World Enlightened True God Realm!

When the two of them were compared, then merely the mount of ferocious beasts comparable the Spirit God Realm that he’d hunted and killed were already more than an entire eight times higher than Tie Yunping.

Yet this was merely the results of the 10th ranked participant. 

If it was a comparison with those participants at the top 3 positions, then the gap would be even larger.

“Come, let’s go somewhere else. The Spirit God Realm ferocious beasts have already become extremely scarce, and if you intend to ascend into the top 10, then we have to head even deeper into Taowu Galaxy.” On this day, when the veil of night withdrew and light tore through the darkness, Chen Xi suddenly spoke and decided to leave this star.

“Ascend to the top 10?” Tie Yunping was stunned.

“Do you have a problem with that?” Chen Xi answered with a question. His calm tone carried a strand of arrogance, and it seemed as if he was speaking about an extremely ordinary matter.

Tie Yunping was extremely shocked in her heart, and she hurriedly shook her head. “No… No….”

“Then let’s set out.” Chen Xi smiled, and with a flick of his sleeve, he took Tie Yunping along and instantly vanished on the spot.

I never imagined that this senior was so domineering as well, yet it just so happens that he isn’t disagreeable. Could any woman bear to refuse him…? Tie Yunping muttered in her heart.

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