Chapter 161 – Bai Wanqing’s Decision

Chapter 161 – Bai Wanqing’s Decision

After the Hidden Dragon Rankings ended, Chen Xi had gone into closed door cultivation at the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s True Heart Peak for a month. Relying on huge amounts of spirit liquid, the formidable strength of his soul, and the various comprehensions he had towards the Heaven Dao, Chen Xi’s ample preparation allowed him to cultivate his qi refinement cultivation to attain the 9th star of the Violet Palace Realm in one go. The great lake in his violet palace was already vast like a sea, deep like a chasm, and nine True Essence stars that were dazzling and resplendent hung above the violet palace lake as they emitted a clear and natural shine. He was only a step away from advancing to the Golden Hall Realm.

Presently, within the Nine-Palace Balefulstar Immortal Slaughtering Formation, Chen Xi had turned danger into safety and obtained fortune from disaster, and he’d broken through to the 9th level of the Violet Palace Realm in his body refinement cultivation. Moreover, he’d used his own comprehension towards the Heaven’s Dao to create his own Shaman Markings, condensing the Wind Shaman Marking and Lightning Shaman Marking. The Shaman Energy all over his body was vast and boundless, dense to the point it was like liquid, and it contained the aura of ten types of different energies. His body refinement cultivation had skyrocketed by more than ten times when compared to before!

No matter if it was qi refinement or body refinement, his speed of advancement had simply arrived at an astounding level, and he could be said to possess astonishing talent that was unprecedented!

But all this wasn’t by a fluke in the slightest.

The path of cultivation relied 70% on diligent cultivation and 30% on luck. How painstakingly Chen Xi cultivated wasn’t necessary to be described in detail, whereas because of the auspicious beast, Pixiu, as a companion, Chen Xi didn’t lack luck. No matter if it was the adventure in the sword immortal’s abode, the battles and slaughters in the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, the closed door cultivation in the Oceanic Desert, the competition in the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda… Chen Xi’s situation could be said to be extremely dangerous in all of these, yet it was precisely because of this that the greatness of the fortune he acquired exceeded the expectations of an ordinary person.

It was exactly under this continuous slaughter, cultivation, and tempering, under the baptism of blood and fire, and under this situation where danger and fortune co-existed, that Chen Xi was able to safely walk to this extent today and attain exceedingly dazzling accomplishments.

Star, wind, five elements, Yin, Yang, lightning… I’ve only just stepped through the gateway of these Dao Insights, yet my cultivation has already advanced by leaps and bounds to such an extent. I truly wonder when I’ve comprehended them to a deeper state and condense my own Dao Territory, to what extent would their formidableness have attained? Chen Xi felt the strong energy that gushed about within his blood, flesh, and skin, and a feeling of confidence as if he could sweep through the world and reign supreme over the elements arose suddenly in his heart.

However, even then, he still noticed that the black and white vortex was still ceaselessly pouring the baleful energy of the stars into his body…

The black and white vortex covered an area of an entire 3km, and the balefulstar lightning that it absorbed and swallowed had practically emptied a quarter of the grand formation. This energy was something the Starnet Palace had spent a few thousand years to accumulate, and sacrificed the bodies and souls of a few tens of thousands of disciples to trigger. It was simply inexhaustible like a boundless sea, and the energy that Chen Xi had absorbed wasn’t even 1/10,000 of its entire energy,  and could be said to be a hair from the backs of nine bulls.


The expanding feeling of his body assaulted him once more and was even accompanied by the intense pain of his tendons and skin being torn apart, and it was like tidewater as it ceaselessly raged and moved about in every pore around his body.

Looks like I have to charge into the Golden Hall Realm of body refinement! Chen Xi grit his teeth and was just intending to circulate his cultivation technique when he suddenly noticed the Chaotic Lifesoil, that was originally quiet and inactive on his Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking, seemed to have suddenly come to life, and it started to swallow the baleful energy of the stars that gushed over from the outside world.

As soon as the Chaotic Lifesoil moved, the Nameless Divine Wood in the Second-Wood Shaman Marking, the Nameless Metal Rock in the Seventh-Gold Shaman Marking, the Nameless Fire Crystal in the Third-Fire Shaman Marking, and the Nameless Water Pearl in the Ninth-Water Shaman Marking instantly seemed to have awoken from their slumber as they started to ceaselessly absorb the energy sent over from the Chaotic Lifesoil.

These five miraculous treasures were obtained by Chen Xi from the Buddha’s Trial pagoda, and they were able to effuse out pure qi of the five elements. That in turn could be transformed into Shaman Energy with the attribute of the five elements to gush into Chen Xi’s body and strengthen his body refinement cultivation.

In the past, Chen Xi was worried that after the Chaotic Lifesoil vanished, the five treasures would lose their effect, yet now it would look like this worry was obviously unnecessary.

The baleful energy of the stars that gushed over from the black and white vortex was like rainfall after a great drought, moistening and strengthening the Chaotic Lifesoil, whereas the energy of the Chaotic Lifesoil indirectly nurtured the other four treasures, a circle that went around and around again, and it was boundlessly profound.

With the Chaotic Lifesoil intercepting the energy that gushed over from the black and white vortex, Chen Xi instantly felt the swollen pain in his entire body swiftly elapse bit by bit, and the comfortable feeling from this was extremely wonderful like he was bathing in a warm spring.

But Chen Xi still didn’t dare make any rash movements, because the black and white vortex was formed from balefulstar lightning. So long as the slightest thing went wrong, it would be possible for it to explode on the spot. Not to mention him, even an Earthly Immortal would be blasted into nothingness by the explosion.

Looks like I can only wait for the energy of the black and white vortex to vanish before I can move around freely. I wonder how Aunt Bai and the others are…? Chen Xi muttered in his heart.


Bei Heng stood by Chen Xi side and didn’t dare make any rash movements either. After all, he was currently within the area that the black and white vortex enveloped, and it was even the core area.

He didn’t know if any movement by him would cause the balefulstar lightning within the black and white vortex to explode, and the only thing he could do now was to wait for Chen Xi to awaken from his cultivation.

When he thought about this, a strand of a complicated feeling couldn’t help but arise in Bei Heng’s heart. Just earlier, he’d thought of leaving behind Chen Xi and saving himself. Yet now, the situation had turned around; leaving Chen Xi who was maintaining the black and white vortex would cause him to suffer as well. In other words, he’d obtained the protection of Chen Xi now, and how could this not make him, who was a 2nd level Earthly Immortal Realm cultivator, not sigh with emotion?

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

It was at this moment that three flying lights tore through the sky to arrive before him. Shockingly, it was Bai Wanqing, Bai Teng, and Bai Gan. The three of them seemed to be extremely afraid of the energy condensed by the black and white vortex, and they stood far away in midair without daring to come close.

Bei Heng was stunned, then he swept his gaze towards his surroundings and instantly noticed that the Nine-Palace Balefulstar Immortal Slaughtering Formation that the Starnet Palace set up had been completely destroyed long ago and had vanished.

Not only that, within the entire Falling Star Mountain, mountains were split apart, the ground was cracked open, a scene of devastation met the eye from every corner, and the entire surroundings were filled with a silent and desolate aura.

Could it be that everyone from the Starnet Palace has been slaughtered? Bei Heng muttered in his heart, and he was secretly vigilant in his heart as he looked at the three people in the distance.

A mere three people had annihilated the entire Starnet Palace, and even the Nine-Palace Balefulstar Immortal Slaughtering Formation was unable to do anything to them. When faced with this level of formidable figures, anyone would have to approach them carefully.

“Amazing! He’s actually using the energy of the balefulstar lightning to cultivate his body. This level of body refinement technique simply beats the word of god. It’s unbelievable!” Bai Teng’s gaze swept past Chen Xi and he nodded as he praised endlessly.

“Chen Xi? It really is this little fellow…” When she looked at his from nearby, Bai Wanqing instantly recognized Chen Xi, and it caused her expression to turn to shock, yet her disposition didn’t change, as it came naturally to her. Not to mention she’d practically watched Chen Xi grow up, so how could she be unable to recognize that the youth that had his eyes closed while cultivating in the distance was Chen Xi?

“Fellow Daoist, you know my Little Brother?” Bei Heng spoke with astonishment. Although he’d discerned that Bai Wanqing’s cultivation was extremely shallow, there was a 6th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert following by her side, so he didn’t dare consider himself as a senior.

“Yes.” Bai Wanqing nodded, and then she realized something and looked at Bei Heng with a surprised expression as she asked. “You and him?”

“I and Little Brother Chen Xi have already become sword brothers, and we treat each other like our own brother.” Bei Heng replied without the slightest hesitation. He was worried earlier that these three people would want to kill him so that there wouldn’t be any witnesses, yet when he heard that Bai Wanqing knew Chen Xi, the strained nerves in his entire body instantly eased up greatly, and he couldn’t help but rejoice secretly in his heart. Fortunately, I didn’t abandon Chen Xi and paid no regard to him. Otherwise, even if I was able to survive, I’d probably suffer the vengeance of these three people.

Thinking like this, Bei Heng was even more unable to see through Chen Xi. Chen Xi possesses an extremely formidable and mysterious ‘Senior Sister’ and now he’s even slightly related to these three people before me. Exactly how great is this little fellow’s background?

“Oh.” Bai Wanqing nodded, and the feelings in her heart rose and fell in an extremely unrestrained manner. She’d truly never imagined that after not seeing each other for only two years, the changes in Chen Xi were actually so great, and he’d actually become brothers with an Earthly Immortal Realm figure. She almost didn’t dare believe her eyes, and she was extremely dazed.

After quite long of a time, she asked. “Since you’re his brother, I presume you’re familiar with the matters related to him. Can you tell me?”

“Of course.” Bei Heng laughed heartily before tirelessly speaking of some of the things related to Chen Xi right away. After he found out that Chen Xi had a special relationship with that beautiful youth that was a woman disguised as a man, he’d spend a great deal of energy to search for and gather information on things related to Chen Xi. Relying on his supreme status and the strength of the entire Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, he’d quickly controlled various information that was extremely full and accurate about Chen Xi.

At this moment, when he spoke of it in public, it was actually extremely smooth and easy. He started from Chen Xi annihilating the Li Clan, to being chased after by the Su Clan, to wiping out the six Golden Hall Realm cultivators and one Golden Core Realm cultivator of the Su Clan, to how Chen Xi turned the tides in the Hidden Dragon Rankings by himself, and how Chen Xi slaughtered the 32 mysterious and unfamiliar cultivators…

No matter how big or trivial, they were all vividly described by Bei Heng, and there were also words of praise towards Chen Xi mixed within. In terms of how interesting it was, it wasn’t inferior in the slightest to the legends of gods and spirit spoken by the storytellers in the teahouses in the mortal world, causing Bai Wanqing to listen with great interest, and her feelings followed along with it to become nervous, excited, proud, resentful, and so on and so forth.

Even the nearby Bai Teng was deeply enthralled, and the gaze he shot at Chen Xi unconsciously underwent a slight change, possessing both astonishment and admiration.

Only Bai Gan, who possessed crimson hair that was like flames, still had an unyielding gaze, and his expression was arrogant and overbearing to the extreme. As for what he thought in his heart, that was a mystery.

“Uncle Teng, I want to go take a look at the Su Clan.” After she finished listening to Bei Heng’s descriptions, Bai Wanqing pondered for a long time before speaking suddenly.

“Young Miss, you promised me that you’d return to the clan with me after we annihilated the Starnet Palace.” Bai Teng sighed. “If you delay any longer, I’m afraid that even I will be unable to bear the Patriarch’s punishment.”

“Uncle Teng, you doted on me the most since I was small. This young man has a deep relationship with me. It’s all because of the Su Clan that he’s suffered so much oppression, and I want to help him.” Bai Wanqing blinked her eyes as she pleaded. “Even you know that once I return to the clan, it would be impossible for me to come here again. So you must agree to this request of mine.”

“It can’t be. Little Aunt, you’re so old already, yet you’re still acting like a spoiled child?” Bai Gan spoke with an expression that was filled with disbelief.

Bai Wanqing fiercely glared at him before looking at Bai Teng once more with an extremely pitiable expression.

“Alright.” Bai Teng shook his head helplessly as he sighed. “Young Miss, what do you want me to do?”

Bai Wanqing’s expression turned into one of happiness before her eyes revealed a trace of decisiveness in killing. “It’s naturally to annihilate the Su Clan, to pull out the weeds by the roots, so as to save Chen Xi from future trouble.”

The nearby Bei Heng’s heart shivered when he heard this. This woman is too terrifying! The Starnet Palace seized away her daughter, and in the end, their entire clan was slaughtered. Now, for the sake of Chen Xi, she’s going to annihilate the Su Clan, this… This is simply a she-devil!

“Alright!” Bai Teng hesitated for a moment before agreeing. “Young Miss, if you still continue to loiter around here after this matter, then I’ll have no choice but to make a move and bring you back myself.”

Bai Wanqing smiled sweetly. “Don’t worry, I surely won’t.”

“Oh, you! The Darchu Dynasty is the territory of the Huangfu Clan after all, yet we’ve killed so many people here. Looks like when Huangfu Zhong Ling pays a visit to the Patriarch in the future, it would probably not be easy to refuse him.” Bai Teng shook his head. Although he was blaming her, yet his tone revealed a dense feeling of doting, and anyone would be able to discern it.

But when these words entered into the ears of Bei Heng, it instantly caused him to seem as if he was struck by lightning. What? Huangfu Zhong Ling is the current King Chu! He possesses great powers over the land and is supreme, yet he actually has been refused when paying a visit to their Patriarch?

My god!

Exactly how terrifying is the Clan behind these three people?

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