Chapter 1609 – An Eye For An Eye

The arrow tore through the sky while covered in dazzling divine light, and it was even more terrifying than the attack from before. Once could faintly notice numerous skeletons of the gods floating up into appearance around the arrow’s body, and they emanated terrifying howls as it shot through the air.

Chen Xi’s face sank, and he was completely infuriated.


He didn’t seem to have made any movement, yet he’d vanished on the spot.


He crushed the arrow into pieces before he arrived in front of that person at an unbelievable speed.

That person’s reaction was quite nimble, and his strength was extraordinary. A pair of silver wings suddenly unfolded on his back, and they slashed down like a pair of scissors that surged with the glow of lightning and rumbled with divine strength.

However, Chen Xi didn’t even spare it a glance as he smashed his fist towards it.


An enormous bang that shook the heavens resounded. With merely this single strike, Chen Xi had forcefully blasted the man back, and the man coughed up blood without end while innumerable bones within his body had been broken.

He opened his mouth with the intention of saying something.


However, a wave of strange fluctuation arose before a strand of terrifying spatial energy surged into appearance, and it directly carried him away to vanish on the spot.

The Divine Slip in his possession had automatically shattered when he was on the verge of death, and it forcefully eliminated him, allowing him to avoid calamity. Otherwise, merely the strength from this strike wasn’t something that he could resist.

Everyone felt terrified, and they fell deathly silent while their expressions changed. Never had they imagined that their companion would actually be dealt with so easily.

Tie Yunping even opened her eyes wide. She was utterly unable to believe that the senior who’d looked after her all along the way actually possessed such a terrifying strength.

“Do all of you still want to play?” Chen Xi’s gaze was icy cold as he glanced at all of them.

No one answered him. The bodies of all the Dayi Clan’s disciples trembled when Chen Xi’s gaze swept past them, and it felt like a sharp blade was cutting through them and caused great terror to arise in their hearts.

The killing intent in Chen Xi’s heart seethed. Right when he was about to seize this opportunity to eliminate all of these bastards, he suddenly sensed something in his heart. His gaze glanced inadvertently towards the distance, and then he remained calm and composed as he withdrew his gaze.

“I’ll spare all of you this time. However, all of this isn’t over yet.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently before he left swiftly with Tie Yunping.

As soon as Chen Xi left, all of them felt a sense of relief. Only now did they notice that their clothes were already drenched from cold sweat, and this caused them to be unable to help but reveal extremely unsightly expressions.

“What formidable strength! Yun Zhong is a Domain Enlightened Spirit God yet was eliminated by a single strike from him. Only our Dayi Clan’s Eldest Young Master and Second Young Master are capable of accomplishing that.”

“Third Young Master instructed us to seize this opportunity to get a clear understanding of his ability and see exactly who he is. Yet now… we’re probably unable to accomplish that.”

“Forget it. Let’s send the news to Second Young Master and allow him to decide on the matter. Let’s just continue hunting calmly. I just want to persist until the Starhunt Meeting ends so that I’ll be able to obtain a Spiritsoul Pill.”

All of them conversed briefly before they made a decision.

“That fellow has really concealed his strength. Looks like quite a huge variable might appear in the Starhunt Meeting this time.” At the same time, a young man in white clothes stood on an expanse of flat ground on a mountain that was extremely far away from the battlefield, and he rubbed his chin while seeming to be lost in thought.

He had a handsome appearance, a broad forehead, and an elegant and refined bearing. Shockingly, he was the leading figure in Jadesky Divine Sect’s younger generation, Guan Hongyu, that was rather renowned even in the entire Snow Ink Region.

“Eldest Senior Brother, is he really that formidable?” A pretty, refined, and graceful young woman who wore a light green dress spoke from the side. A light blue gem hunt between her ink black brows, and it caused her to reveal an even more peaceful bearing.

Since she was able to address Guan Hongyu in such a manner, she was obviously Su Wan’er. 

In these few days of the Starhunt Meeting, she’d been constantly occupying the 1st position, and she’d never been surpassed. This obviously showed exactly how extraordinary her natural talent and combat strength were.

“In short….” Guan Hongyu pondered deeply for along time before he shook his head and said with a smile, “I’m unable to see through him.”

At this moment, Su Wan’er was instantly shocked, and she truly started to take Chen Xi seriously.

Who was Guan Hongyu? He was the pride of the Jadesky Divine Sect, a top figure in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm. It was even to the extent that many people called him the number one expert in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm within Snow Ink Region!

Yet even Guan Hongyu said he was unable to see through Chen Xi, and this obviously showed how mysterious and unfathomable that person’s strength was.

“But I remember that disciple from Violethell Divine Sect, Tie Yunping, hasn’t ascended into the top 100 of the Hunt Rankings until now.” Su Wan’er muttered and was slightly puzzled. Since that young man is so formidable, then why has the participant he’s leading made such an inferior performance? 

Guan Hongyu said calmly, “Because from the beginning until the end, he hasn’t made a single move to help that female disciple at all. On the other hand, most of us….” When he spoke up to here, he shut his mouth and didn’t continue.

However, Su Wan’er still understood, and she couldn’t help but speak with amusement. “This fellow is truly pedantic. Even though the rules say that the group leaders aren’t allowed to assist the participants in their hunt, they can heavily injure the prey for the participant to deal the final blow.”

Guan Hongyu who was usually gentle and pleasant suddenly revealed a solemn expression as he frowned and said, “This isn’t funny. Wan’er, the help of another is only temporary. If you want to become a true expert, then you can only work hard on your own, and this is precisely the core meaning behind the reason why the Empress holds the Starhunt Meeting.”

He paused for a moment, and he suddenly seemed to be slightly flagging with interest as he sighed. “Unfortunately, most of the participants have placed their attention on how they should obtain a better ranking and greater rewards, and it has placed the nonessential before the essential instead.”

Su Wan’er was stunned. She restrained her smile and said seriously, “Eldest Senior Brother, you’re right.” 

A wisp of a helpless arc arose on the corners of Guan Hongyu’s mouth, and he said, “It’s good that you understand. Unfortunately, those great figures in the sect are unable to see through all of this as well, and they’ve firmly locked their gazes onto those rewards. So, we disciples can only go along with the flow.”

Su Wan’er puckered her lips and said, “Eldest Senior Brother….”

“There’s no need to speak any further. It’s fine so long as you understand the meaning of tempering yourself.” Guan Hongyu smiled as he patted her on the shoulder and said, “Alright, we should set out as well. If we want to hunt even more ferocious beasts comparable to the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, then we can only head deeper into Taowu Galaxy….”

“Senior, why did you let those detestable bastards go just now?”

“Someone was watching from the side. Since the situation was unclear, it was inadvisable to make a move against them.”


“Guan Hongyu.”

“It was actually him! You… wouldn’t be suspecting that he’d with those bastards, right?”

“One has to always be on guard against others.”

Space fluctuated as Chen Xi brought Tie Yunping along as he flew swiftly.

“Senior, where’re we going next?” asked Tie Yunping.

“It’s impolite to not reciprocate. Since they’re willing to play the game of taking advantage of others, then we can’t shrink back” Chen Xi spoke indifferently.

Tie Yunping instantly understood that Chen Xi had never intended to let those fellows from the Dayi Clan off!

This caused her to be unable to help but feel a wave of excitement in her heart. Earlier, she was rather irritated in her heart because she was just about to be able to annihilate a ferocious beast comparable to the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm after experiencing great difficulty, but their group had taken advantage of the situation. So, it was impossible for anyone to avoid feeling angry after experiencing such a situation!

“Right! We must teach them a good lesson!” Tie Yunping nodded with force.

“You’re much braver than you were in the past.” Chen Xi teased.

Tie Yunping instantly felt slightly embarrassed, and she lowered her head and muttered. “Senior, if you weren’t here, then I wouldn’t dare to act so boldly.”

Chen Xi smiled as he said, “I had no intention of criticizing you. Come, we’ll make a move in a while. You just have to seize the opportunity to hunt and kill the ferocious beasts.

Dusk, the veil of night was about to descend.

Yi Kun’s group were carefully approaching an extremely vast swamp, this was where the Bluedevil Divine Fish resided.

Bluedevil Divine Fish were a type of primeval variant that possessed peerless physical strength and extremely vicious dispositions. They lived off devouring the blood, flesh, and bones of gods. 

There were three Bluedevil Divine Fish within this swamp that Yi Kun and the others had targeted. Every single one of these fish possessed a strength comparable to the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, and if they didn’t have numerous Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods in their group, they would utterly not dare approach this place at all.

Chen Xi stood in the shadows of a rock near the swamp. After he utilized the Daoseal Mark, his aura had been completely concealed, and he didn’t have to worry about being noticed. 

In next to no time, the battle erupted at the swamp. Upon noticing the aura of Yi Kun’s group, three completely dark blue and strange fish that seemed like calves had charged out explosively from the swamp. Their imposing auras were violent while they emanated surging jet black divine radiance, and they the enormous swamp into disorder.

The group leaders from the Dayi Clan spread out in a composed manner and formed an encirclement that fully surrounded the three Bluedevil Divine Fish.

On the other hand, the participating disciples from the Dayi Clan had been accumulating strength as they waited since a long time, and their eyes were suffused with the glow of excitement. They were just waiting for the three Bluedevil Divine Fish to be heavily injured and on the verge of death before they would attack ferociously and put an end to the lives of these ferocious beasts.


The battle was intense. After a short while, one of the fish let out a sorrowful howl as its entire head had almost been completely blasted into pieces. The intense pain from this caused it to go berserk, and it continued attacking madly with the intention of fleeing back into the swamp.

Chen Xi silently deduced everything about this battle, yet he didn’t make a move impatiently.

At this moment, the group leaders from the Dayi Clan decided to strike while the iron was hot. All of them attacked with all their might, and they heavily injured the other two Bluedevil Divine Fish after a short while.

“Get ready to attack!” One of the group leaders turned his head and shouted loudly.

There was no need for him remind them, Yi Kun and the others were already waiting impatiently since a long time ago, and the hot blood in their entire bodies seethed. So long as he killed these three Bluedevil Divine Fish, then Yi Kun was confident in his ability to ascend into the top 100.

“Everyone don’t fight with me this time. I’ll let all of you have the kill next time!” Yi Kun suddenly turned around and promised his companions.

Even though the others really coveted the kill, they’d already promised Yi Kun earlier that they would allow him to have the kill, so they could only restrain the desire and greed in their hearts.

At this point, Yi Kun was extremely confident in his heart, and he rubbed his hands together while feeling extremely proud of his success.

“Attack!” That group leader shouted once more.

This voice had just resounded when Yi Kun had already roared loudly, and he charged forward with excitement written all over his face. Those three Bluedevil Divine Fish had lost their ability to resist, and they were heavily injured and on the verge of death. So long as Yi Kun came forward and added another attack, he would be able to easily put an end to their lives. 

However, right when Yi Kun had just started moving, he suddenly heard a rumble resound. It was like a thunderclap from the nine heavens had erupted, and it rumbled like a tempestuous wave as it swept through the surroundings.

In Yi Kun’s field of vision, a strand of sword qi that was vast like an ocean moved at an unbelievable speed, and it carried all-powerful might as it rumbled and swept over.

That strand of sword qi was too terrifying. It arrived abruptly with horrifying might, and it forcefully broke through and created a gap in the line of defense created by the group leaders that surrounded the Bluedevil Divine Fish.

At practically the exact same moment, a wisp of indigo sword qi flashed past. 

Pu! Pu! Pu!

It slashed off the heads of the three Bluedevil Divine Fish with extreme accuracy, causing blood to spray as they perished on the spot!

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