Chapter 1608 – The Ferocious Beast, Feiyi

On a star that was densely covered in grey haze, the ground was in complete desolation. Numerous collapsed ancient ruins covered the ground, and as wind blew by, sand swept up madly and howled through the air along with the wind. It was a gloomy scene of desolation.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two streaks tore through the sky, and then two figures appeared. It was exactly Chen Xi and Tie Yunping.

“Be careful. Numerous formidable auras are scattered throughout this star. It isn’t just ferocious beasts, and there are numerous participants of the hunt as well.” Chen Xi’s gaze swept the surroundings while his enormous will swept out. In an instant, he’d roughly determined the situation on this star.

Tie Yunping’s heart shook, and she nodded silently.

“A ferocious beast comparable to the Domain Enlightened Spirit God realm resides 22,500km away. Its aura isn’t really strong, so you can try to fight it.” Chen Xi’s eyes flowed with cold lightning as he quickly relied on his formidable will to lock onto a ferocious beast that had concealed itself.


Tie Yunping withdrew her indigo colored sword. In an instant, she entered into a combat ready state, and her fair and pretty face was covered by a murderous and piercingly cold expression.

“Come.” When he saw this, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate at all to flick his sleeve, and he took Tie Yunping along as he vanished on the spot.

This was an expanse of ruins. Ancient buildings had collapsed, and they were branded with the mottled traces of time.

It was very difficult to imagine exactly when these collapsed ancient buildings had been built, or exactly when they’d been obliterated into such ruins.

Perhaps living beings had resided on this star countless years ago, and a cultivation civilization had been born here. Yet now, time had passed like a flash of light, and everything had been reduced to ruins.

“Make your move!” Chen Xi’s clothed fluttered as he pointed towards the ruins in the distance, and he lightly spat out three words from between his lips.


His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when a wisp of peerlessly murderous sword qi that carried blazing Divine Dao Laws shot out explosively from Tie Yunping.

It tore through space as it slashed down forcefully at that expanse of ruins.


However, before the sword qi could descend, the rocks at that expanse of ruins collapsed into pieces, and then a crimson red torrent shot out explosively. The red light flashed, and then this wisp of sword qi was easily melted away! 

This was a monstrous snake with a savage and ghastly appearance. It possessed two crimson red bodies that were thick like buckets, and it was covered densely by scales and mysterious markings. There were six legs that seemed like iron blades on its stomach while a pair of scarlet red wings made out of flesh resided on its back, and it emanated a vicious, ferocious, and violent aura.

The great ferocious divine beast, Feiyi![1]

According to legend, the hiss of this beast was like the cries of an infant. It was born with the ability to control divine flames capable of incinerating mountains, boiling oceans, and melting all things!

This Feiyi before them was obviously even more terrifying. Merely the aura it emanated caused space to be incinerated and all things to transform into ash in an area of 5,000km around it, and even the air warped and was thrown into disorder from the high temperature.

It made it seem as if they were amidst an ocean of lava.

Hiss~ Hiss~

The Feiyi had obviously been infuriated. It carried surging divine radiance and flames as it shot fiercely towards Tie Yunping like a torrent.

The glow of flames shot into the sky while waves of heat swept through the air, and it truly seemed as if the world was about to be melted.

In an instant, Tie Yunping’s entire body stiffened while her pretty face turned ghastly pale. A wisp of astonishment suffused the space between her brows while the Divine Energy within her entire body seemed to have been restrained, causing her to actually be unable to arouse the slightest intention to resist no matter how she struggled!

How terrifying was this?

Merely a strand of aura emanated by it during battle had caused her to be helpless and unable to move.

At this moment, Tie Yunping finally understood exactly how great the gap between her and a Domain Enlightened Spirit God was.


Terrifying waves of heat swept over, and its high temperature seemed simply capable of melting a god into liquid. At this instant, Tie Yunping felt that she would definitely die….

However, right at this critical moment, she felt her sleeve being grabbed onto, and then a might force swept over and instantly took her away.

The Feiyi’s furious and unwilling roars could still be heard from afar, and it was ear piercing.

After a short while, Chen Xi’s calm and tranquil voice drifted out from before a craggy rock that had been severely by the wind.

“In a battle with a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, there must be no fear in your heart, and you must fight with all your might. There were distracting thoughts in your heart earlier, and it caused you to fall into a disadvantageous position instead. According to my deduction, if you performed normally, then you would at least possess over 10 methods to resist that attack….”

When she heard Chen Xi’s calm voice, Tie Yunping whose heart still carried a trace of terror had unconsciously become tranquil, and she listened to Chen Xi’s analysis in a serious manner.

10 minutes later.

Chen Xi asked. “How do you feel?”

Tie Yunping’s expression was calm while a wisp of surging desire to do battle had been lit once more within her eyes. She nodded and said, “Senior, I wish to fight it again!”

Chen Xi nodded. If it was someone with a Dao Heart that wasn’t firm, then that person would probably have collapsed under such pressure of life and death. However, Tie Yunping didn’t collapse.

This young woman’s disposition was so tenacious that even Chen Xi couldn’t help but exclaim with surprise in his heart, and he felt even more admiration towards her.


From early in the morning until dusk, wave after wave of the sounds of battle resounded intermittently in this area, and it had never stopped.

The setting sun burned like flames, and as it illuminated Tie Yunping’s pretty face, a wisp of a firm and pure radiance suffused her face.

Her physical strength was on the verge of utter exhaustion, her face was ghastly pale, and her entire body was drenched in cold sweat. Moreover, her palm that held her sword couldn’t help but tremble slightly.

She’d long since forgotten exactly how many times she’d failed or how many times her life had been in danger. All she knew was that with every single failure she experienced, her chances to defeat the Feiyi grew by a thread, and it even carried immeasurable benefits for her future cultivation.

So, she’d gritted her teeth and persisted all the way, and she’d never given up.

She suffered repeated defeats! Yet she grew stronger with every defeat!

After experiencing the tempering of blood and battle and the trials of sweat and persistence, no matter how ordinary one’s natural talent was, one was bound to not be ordinary in life any longer.

During this entire process, Chen Xi had constantly taken the responsibility of protecting her. Every time Tie Yunping encountered danger, he would lend a hand and correct her careless mistakes in her combat technique.

In his heart, Tie Yunping was currently like a pupa that was trying its best to break out of its shell and transform into a butterfly. Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel slight anticipation towards finding out exactly how far this young woman would be able to go in her path towards the Dao.


Tie Yunping was defeated once more. However, right when Chen Xi intended to take her away to rest briefly before attacking once more, the Feiyi actually let out an extremely furious roar, and then its figure flashed and actually fled towards the distance.

It was truly too aggrieved!

Every single time it was about to kill Tie Yunping, she would be taken away. Then, not too long later, she would charge over and attack once more, and this repeated continuously and simply seemed to have no end!

This caused the Feiyi to be on the verge of exploding with rage. At the same time, a strand of extreme terror towards Chen Xi had arisen in its heart. It was very clearly aware that this young man’s strength was too terrifying, and if this young man made a move, then it would have probably been annihilated a long time ago.

So, it fled resolutely in the end!

“Fleeing?” Chen Xi’s brows raised. He’d discerned that it wouldn’t be long before Tie Yunping would be able to kill the Feiyi by relying on her own ability, and the reason she was unable to accomplish it now was because her exhaustion of strength in these past few days was too severe.

So, Chen Xi had decided that he would kill the Feiyi once Tie Yunping recovered completely. Yet now, it was actually fleeing, so how could Chen Xi allow this to happen?


At practically the exact same instant that the Feiyi fled, Chen Xi’s figure flashed off in pursuit.

“I’m sorry, but you should stay behind obediently!” Chen Xi stretched out his palm, and it transformed into a divine radiance that covered the sky as it enveloped down.


Right when this strike was about to completely lock down the Feiyi’s path of retreat, a sharp whistle from the air being torn apart suddenly resounded. 


An arrow tore through space and shock towards the Feiyi at an unbelievably terrifying speed.

This caused Chen Xi’s expression to instantly turn grim. Trying to take advantage of the situation?


He flicked his sleeve, causing a strand of monstrous divine radiance to sweep out. It forcefully blasted the arrow into pieces, causing a rain of light to descend, and it allowed the Feiyi to escape calamity.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

However, before Chen Xi could make another move, a wave of extremely dense sharp howls resounded abruptly from extremely far away.

You’re going too far! A cold glow flashed in Chen Xi’s eyes, and he didn’t even turn around as it stretched out his hand and grabbed. He grabbed firmly onto an arrow. The arrow was golden, branded with mysterious markings, and surged with Divine Energy. It was mysterious and sharp, and it could easily penetrate through space.

He swung his hand and tossed. 


The golden arrow erupted with divine radiance while its speed was more than double its previous speed, and it was blazing and dazzling as it shot explosively towards the distance.


An enormous bang resounded. A figure was blasted back at the point of impact, and the figure coughed up blood. It was a black clothed young man, the longbow in his hand had exploded into pieces, and he was already heavily injured.

Obviously, this was a participant in the hunt, and even though he was formidable, he wasn’t just a little bit inferior to Chen Xi.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t only this person that had made a move this time. Even though Chen Xi had grabbed a single arrow, there were numerous other arrows raining down violently in a dense mass from other directions.

It faintly seemed as if they’d been laying in ambush in the surroundings since along time ago, and they intended to seize an opportunity to take advantage of the situation for their own benefit.

Especially infuriating to Chen Xi was that a portion of those arrows were actually heading for Tie Yunping!

In the end, Chen Xi could only abandon the Feiyi, and his figure flashed to block before Tie Yunping and deal with all the attacks.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

At practically the exact same moment, the Feiyi’s body was penetrated by numerous arrows, causing blood to spray out, and it let out a miserable and shrill cry as it perished on the spot.

“Hahaha! I’ve finally killed another prey at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm!”

“Congratulations! Congratulations!”

“It’s all thanks to all of your assistance.” 

A wave of clamorous and roaring laughter sounded out from afar.

Chen Xi’s gaze shot over coldly like a bolt of lightning, and he saw over 10 men and woman gathered together. There were participants in the Starhunt Meeting and their group leaders and Godslaves amongst them.

Their combat technique allowed Chen Xi to determine that they were actually disciples from the Dayi Clan.

This was extremely normal. It wasn’t just Tie Yunping alone that was participating from Violethell Divine Sect, and not to mention that there would naturally be no lack of disciples participating from a top power like the Dayi Clan.

“These bastards actually dared to act so brazenly. Then don’t blame me for being ruthless….” Chen Xi’s expression was icy cold as he turned to look at Tie Yunping that similarly had an unsightly expression. “Let’s leave first.”

“Leave?” Tie Yunping was stunned, and she was slightly unable to swallow this grievance.

“Right, since they intend to act shamelessly, then we’ll accompany them in this game!” Chen Xi spoke calmly while a wisp of a cold glow flashed faintly in his eyes.

Tie Yunping finally understood that Chen Xi didn’t intend to exercise forbearance, and he had other plans.

“Both of you stop right there!” However, right when Chen Xi and Tie Yunping intended to leave, a cold and fierce voice suddenly resounded, and it carried a forceful and ordering tone.

Chen Xi frowned while his expression became even calmer and emotionless. He didn’t pay any attention to that person as he led Tie Yunping away.

“Bastard! You’re thinking of just walking away after injuring one of us?” That voice resounded once more. Along with this voice, a golden arrow shot explosively towards Chen Xi’s back, and it was covered in terrifying killing intent.

1. Google ‘肥遗’ for pictures.

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