Chapter 1607 – Unexpected Change In The Dark Parasol Sapling

A wisp of corrupted sword qi and a wisp of pure sword qi collided beneath the veil of night, and they erupted with a chaotic radiance that swept towards the surroundings.

This scene was noticed by all the cultivators. It caused their entire bodies to tremble while they felt as if they’d fallen into an icy pit because such a collision was too shocking, and it caused a wisp of terror to be unable to help but arise from their hearts.

“The Avīci Hellsword!” All the great figures in the starry sky cried out involuntarily with shock. Sure enough, it was just as they’d guessed, Snow Ink Region’s number one ferocious weapon of legend was really hidden on Taowu Galaxy!

“Empress, you’re…?” All of their hearts trembled, and they shot their gazes towards Empress Yu Che in succession.

She seemed to have not noticed at all. She kept her hands behind her back while slender and snow white neck was raised slightly, and her clear eyes emanated a myriad of strands of cold radiance as she stared towards the battlefield in the distance. Moreover, her fiery red robe swayed with the wind, and it vividly displayed her graceful curves.

On the other hand, the grey robed old man by her side seemed to have transformed into a god of the sword. His grey hair fluttered while he revealed a murderous expression, and his entire body surged with the divine glow of the Grand Dao. He held the Skyruin Sword in hand as he slashed down from high above in the sky.

Swish! Swish!

Numerous clear colored sword qi flashed out. They traversed boundless space and passed through countless stars as they shot over at an unbelievable speed, and they truly seemed as if they intended to slaughter and destroy Taowu Galaxy itself!

At the same time, numerous muddy colored sword qi madly surged into appearance from the depths of Taowu Galaxy, and they rampaged about with terrifying might that was capable of destroying the heavens and the earth.

But in the end, the muddy sword qi was firmly suppressed by the clear sword qi, and it was ceaselessly crushed before transforming into chaotic corrupted qi that rumbled as it dispersed.

The corrupted sword qi finally went completely dormant 10 minutes later. It restrained its aura and went into deathly silence, causing the cold aura of sin that covered the air in the surroundings to vanish along with it. Everything returned to calm.


A chilly sword howl resounded as Yun Qing put the Skyruin Sword away, and his aged face suddenly flushed red before instantly turning extremely ghastly pale. In merely an instant, the imposing aura emanated from his entire body had faded, and it was slightly dispirited while the space between his brows was covered in exhaustions that couldn’t be concealed.

“You did well.” Empress Yu Che spoke in a light voice.

Yun Qing shook his head, and then he said in a slightly regretful manner, “My ability was too inferior, and I wasn’t able to force it out.”

“There’s no rush. We still have many more chances.” Empress Yu Che spoke indifferently while her clear eyes were filled with an expression of supremacy and ferocity.

At the same time that all the great figures heaved sighs of relief from this sight, they couldn’t help but be shocked in their hearts. They finally understood that Empress Yu Che intended to subdue and take control of the Avīci Hellsword in one go during the Starhunt Meeting!

Outside the cave, Chen Xi’s gaze was crystal clear, and it seemed like a deep starry sky that was glowing.

What a formidable Divine Artifact!

After he witnessed everything that occurred in the sky, he was very clearly aware that it was a collision between two Natural Spirit Treasures. One was pure the other was corrupted, and their strength shook the heavens and was beyond imagination.

At this moment, even though the battle had ended, some aftershocks were still spreading through the heavens and the earth. It was shattered sword qi flowing about, and everywhere it passed, mountains collapsed, the ground split apart, and space fell into chaos. It was an extremely shocking sight.

What’s going on? Could it be that Empress Yu Che had another motive in holding the Starhunt Meeting this time? Chen Xi frowned.

Huff~ Huff~

Right at this moment, a strand of an extremely muddle, cold, and fine grey colored light suddenly swept over from afar, and it hadn’t even arrived near Chen Xi when it emanated a strand of an evil, ghastly, bloodthirsty, and terrifying aura.

It was a cold spec of light that the wisp of grey colored sword qi had transformed into after collapsing into pieces!

Chen Xi was shocked in his hand, and he made a grabbing motion with his hand.


The Talisman Armament soared into the sky. However, right when he was about to make a move, the Dark Parasol Sapling in the universe within his body had suddenly shook. It was restless while seeming to be filled with yearning, and it was like a wild beast that had smelt blood.

Hmm? Chen Xi was slightly stunned.


Right at this instant, a wisp of extremely verdant and tiny divine radiance flashed out from his body. It was like a clear and glistening divine chain that suddenly restrained the cold grey light that whistled through the sky towards Chen Xi.


The cold grey glow was from the Avīci Hellsword, and it contained a terrifying aura of evil, sin, and corruption that was sufficient to make Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods trembled at the sight of it. Yet now, under the effect of the clear and glistening divine radiance, the cold grey light had transformed into a gentle stream that was completely absorbed instead.

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. The Dark Parasol Sapling is actually absorbing this corrupted energy? Could it be that it has taken the corrupted energy to be nourishment?

When he’d just arrived at the Last Days Domain, the strength of the Dark Parasol Sapling had been suppressed to rock bottom, and even though the Immortal Energy emanated by it could be converted into Divine Energy, it was extremely limited and utterly unable to satisfy Chen Xi’s requirements in combat.

In other words, after he entered the Last Days Domain, the Dark Parasol Sapling had been reduced to something of little value, and it hardly useful but a pity to discard.

However, right at this moment, this treasure that Chen Xi was on the verge of forgetting had actually awakened unexpectedly, and it easily absorbed that wisp of cold grey colored light. This allowed Chen Xi to immediately realize that this might become a critical factor for the Dark Parasol Sapling to undergo a transformation!

He started to observe the universe within his body. Sure enough, he noticed that after that Dark Parasol Sapling absorbed the energy within this wisp of cold grey colored light, a trace of an extremely slight change had occurred on it. A strand of an imperceptible glow of divinity had appeared on the verdant branches and leaves that covered it. Even though this glow was extremely dim, it was a form of transformation in the end.

Obviously, this trace of slight change had come from that cold grey colored glow!

If it’s able to absorb a sufficient amount of such energy, then it would probably be really able to allow the Dark Parasol Sapling to undergo a transformation…. However, where is this energy from? Why is the Dark Parasol Sapling utilizing it as nourishment? Chen Xi swiftly deduced in his heart. As far as he was concerned, if the Dark Parasol Sapling was able to undergo a transformation, then he might not have to worry about this Divine Energy drying up in battles anymore, thus allowing him to completely escape the restrains of Divine Energy in battle!

I never expected that I would encounter such a fortuitous encounter during the Starhunt Meeting. No matter what, I have to grasp firmly onto it. Chen Xi took a deep breath while a wisp of a firm expression flashed in his eyes.

The Hunt Rankings that had unfolded into the sky had vanished without him noticing, and it wasn’t long before the ink black veil of night receded like tidewater.

A wisp of morning light tore through the darkness. 

In next to no time, the sky was illuminated brightly, and a new day of hunting had begun.

Tie Yunping awoke from her meditation. This young woman’s recovery was extremely shocking, and the reason for this wasn’t because she possessed good natural talent. It was instead because she possessed a firm Dao Heart, so it was extremely easy for her to attain a state of concentration while she meditated.

Chen Xi turned to look at Tie Yunping that was walking towards him, and he asked. “How do you feel?”

“I suddenly noticed that I’d finally gained an initial comprehension of the profundities of battle yesterday. But... it’s far from sufficient.” Tie Yunping answered in a serious manner.

Chen Xi nodded and said, “Then make the best use of your time to hunt.”

In the next few days, Chen Xi led Tie Yunping through group after group of ferocious beasts that resided on this star, and amidst these bloody slaughters, Tie Yunping’s combat strength was ceaselessly tempered and was transforming at all times.

On one hand, it was because of how firmly resolved she was and the fruits of her painstaking efforts, and on the other hand, it was because she had Chen Xi guiding her from the side.

During this entire process, they’d obtained a huge amount of beast cores. Unfortunately, they hadn’t encountered a single ferocious best that was comparable to a Domain Enlightened Spirit God in strength.

“With your current ability in battle, it’s already extremely difficult to obtain any further improvement by killing these ferocious beasts.” On this day, Chen Xi spoke while he gazed at Tie Yunping who was meditating.

“Senior, you mean that you intend to take me to hunt stronger ferocious beasts?” asked Tie Yunping.

“Exactly. Your current strength can almost go against an ordinary Domain Enlightened Spirit God. Even though your chances of victory are extremely tiny, this sort of strong pressure will be sufficient for your ability in battle to improve a step further.” Chen Xi nodded.

“I’ll follow Senior’s instructions.” Tie Yunping wasn’t worried, and she seemed slightly excited instead. Even though the hunting in these past few days had caused her to frequently fall into precarious situations, after every single victory she obtained, she would feel like her entire body had undergone a transformation.

She didn’t even have enough time to feel delighted over this sort of feeling of constantly becoming stronger, so how could she possibly refuse?

As for danger, she’d seen through it a long time ago. How could there be no danger in battle?

“Alright, then we’ll leave this star at daybreak tomorrow.” Chen Xi immediately decided when he heard this.

Meanwhile, the Hunt Rankings unfolded once more in the veil of night.

It was still Su Wan’er, Xiao Ruoruo, and Yi Tian who were in the top three, and it was even to the extent that there had been no changed in the top 10.

The most changes occurred in the rankings below the top 10. Especially the rankings below the top 50 and within the top 100. It was practically changing every single day, and this showed how intense the competition in the Starhunt Meeting was.

At the same time, the Starhunt Meeting was cruel. It was only the seventh day now, yet there were already over 1,200 participants that had been eliminated!

Even though Tie Yunping’s name hadn’t ascended onto the Hunt Rankings, compared to those participants that had been eliminated, she could still be considered to be lucky.

However, if she intended to charge into the top 100, then she obviously had a long path to take.

In next to no time, that strand of a corrupted, evil, and ghastly aura enveloped the veil of night, and then numerous grey colored sword qi soared into the sky and slashed towards the Hunt Rankings in the sky.

As expected, the clear colored sword qi appeared once more and once again defeated the attacks from the grey colored sword qi.

In the past seven days, this similar scene had occurred on practically every single night.

Chen Xi was unable to figure out exactly what all of this meant, but he didn’t stop and rest. Every time this moment arrived, he would take the initiative to search for the cold grey colored light formed from the shattered sword qi, and then he would absorb it via the Dark Parasol Sapling.

Regretfully, even though his gains were great, it was still too little in the end, and it was far from being able to satisfy the Dark Parasol Sapling’s requirements to undergo a complete transformation.

When we leave this star tomorrow, I’ll lead us towards the place where those strands of grey colored sword qi are emanated from. Even though it’s dangerous, I have no choice but to risk it for the sake of the Dark Parasol Sapling’s transformation…. Under the veil of night, the cold wind whistled and blew on Chen Xi’s clothes. Chen Xi stood with his hands behind his back as he looked up towards the distant sky, and his eyes were filled with an expression of deep thought.

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