Chapter 1606 – Avici Hellsword


A wisp of sword qi swept down explosively like a cold flash of light, and it slashed the last White Dragon Deer into two, causing fresh blood to spray like a waterfall and dye the sky red.

Tie Yunping gasped for breath, and her entire body was trembling because she was on the verge of having overused her physical strength.

She’d been in battle with the group of White Dragon Deer for an entire six hours, and she’d suffered countless injuries and encountered innumerable dangers that could have been lethal. Up until this moment, even she felt that she’d been barely able to annihilate all the 100 plus White Dragon Deer.

“In this battle, you encountered danger on 17 occasions and were injured 26 times. This means that if you didn’t possess any external support, then you’d have already died 17 times.” Chen Xi arrived by Tie Yunping’s side and passed a jade slip over. “This is my guidance towards some flaws that you revealed in battle.”

“Thank you, Senior.” Tie Yunping carefully received the jade slip and put it away. After that, she didn’t give it too much thought before immediately sitting down cross-legged and started to recover from her injuries.

Chen Xi started to clean up the battlefield instead, and he extracted the beast cores within the White Dragon Deer’s corpses.

After their initial period of working together, they’d already formed a type of tacit understanding beneath Chen Xi’s absolute control. Chen Xi was in-charge of searching and confirming her targets, and he would protect her from the side, whereas, Tie Yunping was in-charge of taking actions and battle.

In this way, it would just be able to allow Tie Yunping to obtain points in the hunt, the process of hunting would be a rare source of tempering for her.

The veil of night descended before long.

Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he woke Tie Yunping up. “Night has arrived, let’s hide ourselves carefully first!”

As he spoke, he executed teleportation and vanished on the spot with Tie Yunping.

“Night has arrived!”

“Quickly hide.” 

“Corrupted Qi seethes beneath the veil of night, and everything is turned upside-down. At this time, all beasts and monsters go mad, and it’s the most dangerous period of time. Even Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods have no choice but to hide themselves!”

“Quickly! Quickly! Quickly! We can’t continue any longer!”

At this moment, all the participants scattered throughout all the hunting areas in Taowu Galaxy stopped what they were doing, and they started to hide themselves successively while none of them dared to be careless.

This was the rule of the hunt.

But most importantly, it was the most dangerous and terrifying to hunt beneath the veil of night, and even Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods had no choice but to hide themselves.

No one knew the reason for this rule, nor did anyone know actually what sort of terrifying dangers were hidden beneath the veil of night.

“The veil of night has descended….” In the starry sky, Empress Yu Che suddenly stood up while her clear eyes stared towards the distance. An expanse of ink black silently effused out from the deepest depths of Taowu Galaxy, and it covered the sky above every single star.

At this moment, all the great figures stood up abruptly, and their revealed bewildered and solemn expressions.

It was unusual!

Once one attained a cultivation realm like theirs, the capability of one’s senses were natural unlike ordinary cultivators. 

Just like this very moment. When that wisp of ink black darkness swept out, a strand of an indescribably ghastly and terrifying aura had effused out as well.

This strand of aura was too ghastly, and it was filled with a horrifying aura. It was like a exalt amongst demons that was born from sin and evil had awakened from its deep slumber.

“What’s that?”

“Could it be that the rumors are true?” 

“The Avīci Hellsword?”

All the great figures were shocked in their hearts while their expressions changed indeterminately. They’d faintly realized while Empress Yu Che had chosen to hold the Starhunt Meeting at Taowu Galaxy this time.

The Avīci Hellsword! A natural ferocious weapon that was born from within the Corrupted Qi within the Chaos. It represented sin, slaughter, and evil!

According to rumor, the Avīci Hellsword represented the most corrupted Divine Artifact that was born from within the quintessence of the Chaos of Snow Ink Region, whereas, the Skyruin Sword represented the purest.

One was corrupted while the other pure, and they represented two extremes. It just happened to be like how water and fire didn’t mix, and good and evil were irreconcilable.

If the Avīci Hellsword really existed within Taowu Galaxy, then it would be extremely astounded, and it would probably cause the entire Snow Ink Region to be stirred if news of it were to spread.

“Act according to circumstances later.” Empress Yu Che seemed to be completely indifferent towards all of this, and she just stared at the ink black night sky in the distance and spoke in a light voice to instruct the grey robed old man by her side.

As her slender and graceful figure stood beneath the starry sky in a fiery red robe embroidered with phoenixes, a phoenix crown on her head, and a red veil covered her face, she exuded an indescribably supreme dignified aura.

The grey robed old man at the side nodded silently, and his aged and calm eyes reflected the ink black starry sky in the distance while a bolt of lightning surged within them.

Within a narrow, quiet, and craggy cave, Tie Yunping was cultivating in meditation, and her pretty face was covered in a tranquil expression.

Chen Xi stood before the cave instead with his hands behind his back. He gazed at the pitch black sky from afar, and his green clothes fluttered with the night breeze.

After night arrived, a trace of a warning sign arose in his heart, causing him to be unable to enter into a meditative state for a long time. So, he was gazing towards the phenomena in the sky with the intention of deducing the cause for this.

The veil of night was extremely dark, and it was impossible to see any starlight. The heavens and the earth were covered in an expanse of darkness, and it was dark to the point of being horrifying.

Waves of frenzied and bloodthirsty beast howls resounded from the distant forest, and it seemed to be even more terrifying within this ink black darkness.

The air beneath the veil of night is extremely corrupted, and it seemed as if it’s a corrupted purgatory that causes one to be assaulted by a myriad of sins, causes one’s heart to be attacked by all sorts of evil, and cause innumerable desires to envelop one’s body. If one’s Dao Heart isn’t stable, then one’s Dao Foundation would probably be corrupted soundlessly before experiencing utter qi deviation. Chen Xi pondered with a concentrated expression, and his black eyes that were deep like the starry sky were filled with the glow of wisdom.


Right at this moment, a strand of blazing light tore through the sky, and it was reflected in the ink black veil of night. After that, it gradually swept out.

In an instant, it seemed like a bright and resplendent scroll had been unfolded within the veil of night, and numerous names had surprisingly appeared on the scroll.

1st position, Jadesky Divine Sect’s Su Wan’er. 3 Spirit God Beast Cores and 297 True God Beast Cores. 

2nd position. Spirit Truth Daoist Temple’s Xiao Ruoruo. 3 Spirit God Beast Cores and 133 True God Beast Cores.

3rd position. Dayi Clan’s Yi Tian. 2 Spirit God Beast Cores and 157 True God Beast Cores.

Numerous brilliant and dazzling names appeared, and there was a total of 100 names. They represented the 100 most outstanding existences amongst the participants of the Starhunt Meeting this time.

Even the lowest ranked amongst them had killed a ferocious beast comparable to a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, and this obviously showed how extraordinary the natural talent and combat strengths of the participants this time was.

However, most participants were unable to place their names on the rankings, and there was even no lack of those that had been directly eliminated.

Just like this very moment. Surprisingly, the number of participants that had been eliminated was indicated at the bottom of those 100 names, and it was 367!

In other words, on the first day that the Starhunt Meeting had begun, over 300 participants had already been directly eliminated, and they weren’t even able to obtain a rank!

As soon as this list of names appeared, it drew the attention of all the cultivators on all the stars in this universe. For a time, clamorous discussions resounded without end. Especially those participants that were in the top 10, they’d even become the center of attention and became the hottest topics of discussion.

On the other hand, those great figures in the starry sky were unable to restrain themselves as well. They’d either gathered their attention onto the top 10 names or gathered their attention towards the disciples from their respective powers.

“Even though the rankings will be announced once a day, it’s unable to decide the final rankings. However, their display in this extremely short period of time is able to display the strength of some participants. In my opinion, the top three participants in the Starhunt Meeting this time will definitely be born from amongst the top 10.” A grey clothed and thin middle aged man smiled as he spoke. He was the senior of the Dayi Clan, Yi Wen, and he was a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God that had made a name for himself since a long time ago and hadn’t made an appearance for numerous years.

“Fellow Daoist Yi Wen is right. It’s even to the extent that in my opinion, the fight for the top three positions will definitely occur between Su Wan’er, Xiao Ruoruo, and Yi Tian.” Another white haired old man in green clothes that held a cane and had a beard that was split into three locks.

He was an elder at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm from the Spirit Truth Daoist Temple, and he was called Miao Ya. He possessed an extremely high status, and he was renowned throughout the 3,000 universes of Snow Ink Region.

“That doesn’t sound right. In my opinion, all the participants in the top 10 have a chance to fight for the top three positions.” The Jadesky Divine Sect’s Grand Elder, Mo Zhan, shook his head and didn’t agree with Miao Ya’s opinion.

The other great figures spoke successively and joined the discussion. Even though they were unable to come to an agreement, all of them felt that the disciples in the top 10 undoubtedly possessed the greatest chance to charge into the top three positions in the end.

“Fellow Daoist Yun Qing, what do you think?” Suddenly, the Dayi Clan’s Yi Wen moved his gaze towards the grey robed old man by Empress Yu Che’s side.

The other great figures shot their gazes over when they heard this. Amongst the people present, it was undoubtedly Empress Yu Che who had the greatest say in the matter, and the grey robed old man, Yun Ping, was the second.

Even though he was only a Godslave by Empress Yu Che’s side, his strength was unfathomable, and even the grey figures in the surroundings didn’t dare to be respectful to him.

“It’s still too early to say now, and I’m unable to jump to conclusions.” Yun Ping shook his head.

All the great figures couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed because all of them wanted to hear Yun Ping’s judgment of the performance of the disciples from their respective powers.

“Yun Ping, get ready to take action.” Suddenly, Empress Yu Che that had remained silent since the beginning had suddenly raised her head, and her gaze that was clear and bright like water shot out like a bolt of lightning, and it swept towards the depths of Taowu Galaxy.

Everyone felt shocked in their hearts, and they raised their heads and looked over.


Right at this moment, a strand of violent rumbling suddenly arose from the depths of Taowu Galaxy, and the aftershock of the rumbling seemed material and instantly swept throughout the entire galaxy.

After that, a strand of an indescribably icy cold and evil aura suddenly effused out. It caused the hearts of all the great figures in the surroundings to be unable to help but tremble, and their expressions suddenly changed.

What’s going on?

At practically the exact same time, all the participants hiding within the hunting area noticed something. Their entire bodies stiffened while their hairs stood on end, and it was like a great god of devils had set his sights on them.


Right amidst this horrifying atmosphere, a wisp of dark and obscure sword qi that was filled with the grey glow of corruption suddenly shot out violently from the depths of Taowu Galaxy, and it slashed towards the ‘Hunt Rankings’ in the sky.

At this moment, time and space seemed to have been frozen while the world seemed as if it was collapsing. The entire Taowu Galaxy fell into deathly silence at this moment, and only that wisp of grey colored sword qi shot out violently in the sky!

Everyone felt suffocated and as if they’d fallen into an icy pit. This wisp of sword qi was too terrifying. It caused horror to arise in their Dao Hearts, and they were on the verge of being unable to hold on.

What’s that? A wisp of cold lightning erupted explosively from Chen Xi’s eyes, and his expression instantly became extremely solemn. At this moment, he felt a strand of a lethal threat as well.


At practically the exact instant that wisp of grey colored sword qi soared into the sky, a sword howl that was chilly like a dragon roar resounded. It spread throughout the entire universe, and then that strand of sword qi that clear like glass shot into the sky as well before colliding forcefully with the grey colored sword qi.

At this moment, the pure and corrupt of the heavens and the earth had crashed together chaotically.

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