Chapter 1605 – Bloodwing Leopards

Hiss! Hiss!

Numerous dark blue sharp blades that were shaped like crescents covered the sky, and they even sliced space into pieces. In an instant, this entire expanse of the heavens and the earth seemed to have transformed into a shredded piece of paper.

The blades were emanated by numerous swift ferocious beasts that were shaped like leopards and had blood red wings on their backs.

They moved swiftly like bolts of lightning, and they could pass through space. Moreover, the blades they released were even compared to the attacks of World Enlightened True Gods.

Now that they’d converged together into a pack and tore through the sky as they attacked, it was practically no different than a group of World Enlightened True Gods attacking in unison.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A completely round barrier of light arose in this expanse of the heavens and the earth, and it covered Chen Xi and Tie Yunping beneath it. Those blades collided with the barrier of light and emanated deafening rumbling while a rain of light sprayed into the surroundings, and it sliced apart the rocks and ground in the surroundings to the point numerous horrifying rifts appeared.

Obviously, if these blades were to strike one’s body, then the damage it caused would definitely be terrifying.

“The strengths of these Bloodwing Leopards are nothing worth mentioning, and the problem is that they’re acting in a group. You have to reflect on how to hunt and kill them one by one.” Chen Xi had a calm expression as he swiftly guided Tie Yunping.

As the group leader, he could only protect the participate, and he couldn’t interfere in the participant’s hunt. Otherwise, even if he killed those ferocious beasts, Tie Yunping wouldn’t obtain any points from it. 

Tie Yunping puckered her lips and nodded to display her understanding.

Her pretty face was covered in a serious and solemn expression while her gaze shot out like a bolt of lightning, and she calmly observed the movement in her surroundings. Moreover, an indigo colored sword had already appeared within her fair and slender hand, and she’d grasped it tightly.


After a short moment, Tie Yunping suddenly moved. Her figure moved gracefully like a strand of wind, and the sword in her hand carried a wisp of billowing Divine Dao Laws that shook space apart as she attacked.


A nearby Bloodwing Leopard didn’t even have the chance to dodge before its rib was struck forcefully by this wisp of sword qi, causing flesh to split open as bones broke. A string of blood shot out while its body smashed to the ground with a thump, and it let out shrill howls of pain.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Before Tie Yunping could heave a sigh of relief, another three Bloodwing Leopards seized this opportunity to suddenly pounce towards her from afar.

At this instant, a trace of panic appeared in Tie Yunping’s eyes, and she hurriedly raised her hand to go head-on with these attacks, allowing her to avoid danger.

However, to her surprise, after these three Bloodwing Leopards occupied her, the Bloodwing Leopards patrolling the surroundings seemed like sharks that had smelt blood, and they swarmed over!

The situation instantly became precarious! 

The pressure Tie Yunping faced rose abruptly, causing her pretty little face to be unable to help but reveal a wisp of paleness. It wasn’t advisable to have too many enemies to deal with in battle because it was extremely strenuous.

While she seemed to be on the verge of falling into the ferocious beasts’ encirclement, Chen Xi remained indifferent, and his expression didn’t even fluctuation at all. He just watched Tie Yunping.

This young woman obviously lacked true tempering in battle. Her combat technique seemed to be skilled, yet it was extremely complicated and superficial. It lacked the strength to truly kill with a single strike.

Presumably, she hadn’t wasted time while cultivating in Violethell Divine Sect in these years, yet she’d rarely participated in true battles. In other words, Tie Yunping didn’t lack combat technique now, and she just lacked tempering through blood and battle.


It wasn’t long before Tie Yunping incessantly showed signs of being in danger, and she was forced to an even more sorry state. She only had the strength to resist, and she was on the verge of falling within the pack of ferocious beasts.

Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow, but right after that, a trace of a smile suffused the corners of his mouth. Not bad, she had already started to gain an understanding of the true secrets of battle….

Sure enough, in the next moment, a cold bolt of lightning flashed in Tie Yunping’s eyes, and she seemed as if she’d become a completely different person. She wasn’t overcautious as she was before this, and the indigo colored sword in her hand suddenly shook before it transformed into a myriad of dazzling sword images that swept out.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Three Bloodwing Leopards that charged over were caught off-guard. Their necks were chopped apart, causing three heads to shoot into the sky while their bodies rumbled before exploding into pieces, and a rain of blood descended.

On the other hand, even though Tie Yunping was blasted flying by a Bloodwing Leopard that attacked from the side while she performed this attack, the injuries she received were extremely minimal and didn’t affect her combat strength at all.

She couldn’t be bothered to wipe of the bloodstain on the corner of her mouth before her figure leaped up, and she charged forward with sword in hand.

At this moment, Tie Yunping’s clear eyes were bright and burned with the surging desire to do battle. Her entire body emanated murderous and piercingly cold killing intent, and she’d already completely disregarded the distracting thoughts in her mind and was fully immersed in the battle.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion when he saw this. This is the benefit of possessing a tenacious Dao Heart. Even though Tie Yunping’s natural talent is mediocre, her Dao Heart is hard like a rock. The more dangerous a situation is, the better it would be at causing the potential within her to erupt.

10 minutes later, the battle had ended, and besides around eight Bloodwing Leopards that fled upon noticing the situation was bad, all the rest had been annihilated.

The ground was covered in blood and a scene of desolation, and the sky was still suffused with the pungent smell of blood. Tie Yunping stood in the battlefield while gasping for breath. Her pretty face was pale while her entire body was drenched with cold sweat, yet her gaze was extremely bright and carried dense happiness.

It was even to the extent that she felt that it was slightly difficult to believe that she was actually able to hunt and kill so many ferocious beasts compared to the World Enlightened True God Realm all by herself.

Chen Xi smiled as he walked forward, and he patted her on the shoulder and said, “You did well. Rest well. After every single battle ends, the next step isn’t to relax but to make the best use of your time to recover your strength.” 

Tie Yunping nodded forcefully and said, “Thank you, Senior, for standing on guard for me.”

She was very clearly aware that if Chen Xi wasn’t at the side, she would definitely panic, and would absolutely be unable to bring forth such a level of combat strength.

Chen Xi smiled and didn’t speak any further, and he started to gather the Beast Cores within the Bloodwing Leopards instead.

According to the information he obtained before this, the ferocious beasts distributed throughout the hunting areas were roughly divided into two types. One type possessed strengths that were comparable to the World Enlightened True God Realm, and the other type were comparable to the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm.

For example, the Bloodwing Leopards were one of the numerous types of ferocious beasts, and their strengths were comparable to the World Enlightened True God Realm.

The thing that truly aroused Chen Xi’s interest was that these ferocious beasts were completely different to those he’d seen in the past, and it was even to the extent that he’d never heard of these ferocious beasts in the past.

Moreover, the greatest difference between these ferocious beasts and other ferocious beasts was that a Beast Core that was branded with the energy of divinity existed within them!


Chen Xi raised his hand and clawed, and he took out a fist sized object that surged with glistening blood red radiance from within a Bloodwing Leopard’s corpse.

This was a Beast Core, and it contained the quintessence of the Bloodwing Leopard.

Chen Xi sized it up carefully for a moment, and he couldn’t help but nod to himself. Not only can it be utilized like a Divine Crystal, it can be utilized as a treasure for pill refinement and equipment refinement. Its value can be considered to be extraordinary, yet it’s far from being as rare as a precious treasure.

However, in overall, if one was able to gather a huge amount of Beast Cores, then it could be considered as a shocking sum of wealth as well, and it could be exchanged into Divine Crystals or even into other divine materials and treasures. 

37, not bad. Chen Xi finished gathering all the beast cores before he walked towards the side, and then he gazed at the surroundings while pondering deeply.

After they entered that passageway in the starry sky, Chen Xi and Tie Yunping had arrived at an unknown star, and they didn’t even have the time to investigate where exactly they resided before they encountered the sudden attack of those Bloodwing Leopards.

At this moment, as he gazed towards the surroundings, Chen Xi suddenly noticed that he was utterly unable to determine any directions on this star. It seemed as if all the traces of the stars in the sky had been concealed by an invisible force.

Chen Xi’s brows couldn’t help but raise because of this. If I’m unable to determine my directions, then wouldn’t we have to move blindly through the hunting area?

The hunting area covered the entire Taowu Galaxy which was densely covered with countless stars. Once one got lost here, it would undoubtedly cause the hunt to become even more dangerous.

Looks like this is a test because the unknown is the best method to temper a cultivator…. Chen Xi seemed to have thought of something.


Right at this moment, a wave of strange fluctuations suddenly arose in the sky, and then a golden name suddenly tore through the sky like a dazzling shooting star.

“Jadesky Divine Sect, Su Wan’er. The first to hunt and kill a Greenhorned Unicorn and ascend into the rankings!” At practically the exact same time, a voice that didn’t carry any emotion resounded from the horizon.

At this moment, it wasn’t just Chen Xi that heard this, all the participants of the Starhunt Meeting and all the cultivators on every single star had heard it clearly, and it caused them to erupt into countless uproars.

“Fellow Daoist Mo Zhan, your Jadesky Divine Sect is really full of extraordinary geniuses.” An old man sighed with emotion in the starry sky.

“The Greenhorned Unicorn is an existence comparable to the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm. The Starhunt Meeting has just begun yet Su Wan’er has already hunted and killed such a ferocious beast, and this obviously shows how extraordinary her natural talent and combat strength is.” The other great figures sighed successively with emotion as well.

Mo Zhan twisted his beard and smiled as he said, “Everyone, you’re being too kind. The Starhunt Meeting has just begun, and nobody knows what the final rankings will be like.”

Amongst the people present, only Empress Yu Che and the grey robed old man by her side had calm expressions. Their gazes were focused towards the distance, and they seemed to have not noticed everything that occurred around them.

“Su Wan’er is Guan Hongyu’s junior sister, and I heard of her name since a long time ago. According to rumor, she was born with a Five Element Divine Physique, and she possesses extraordinarily supreme natural talent. Now, she was actually able to utilize her cultivation at the World Enlightened True God Realm to annihilate a ferocious beast comparable to the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm in such a short period of time, it truly is shocking.” Meanwhile, Tie Yunping woke up from her meditation, and her pretty face couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of admiration when she heard all of this.

Chen Xi didn’t feel really impressed instead. Early on while he was still at the World Enlightened True God Realm, he hadn’t just killed a top-rate Domain Enlightened Spirit God, he’d even been pursued by a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God. With these experiences, he would naturally not feel much surprise from this.

“Let’s make the best use of our time as well. There are only two months of time, so we have to strive to obtain a good rank.” Chen Xi instructed Tie Yunping. 

“Yes.” Tie Yunping nodded.

“Come with me.” Chen Xi’s gaze swept out and instantly locked onto a direction. In his senses, a group of ferocious beasts that seemed like deer yet weren’t deer, seemed like horses yet weren’t horses, were completely bright silver, and had countless dense cloud markings on their backbones resided on a plain that was 15,000km away.

These ferocious beasts were called White Dragon Deer, and there were an entire 100 of them there. Their strengths were roughly equivalent to the World Enlightened True God Realm, and they just happened to be suitable for tempering Tie Yunping’s strength a step further.

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